Sabretooth : Mary Shelley Overdrive #1

Issue Date: 
August 2002
Story Title: 
Mary Shelley Overdrive - part 1

Dean Jolley (Writer), Greg Scott (Artist), JD Mettler (Colourist), Randy Gentile (Letterer), Pete Franco (Assistant Editor), Mark Powers (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (President)

Brief Description: 

While killing a man and his bodyguards Sabretooth investigates something that smells peculiar. He comes across some soldiers that are about to kill a blonde woman. The Soldiers know about Sabretooth's unbreakable bones, so damage his ligaments instead. Sabretooth manages to escape and rescue the woman. He takes to his place where he confronts here to find out why they want to kill her, but she doesn't know so she stays the night. In the morning Sabretooth tells her that they smelled like they were dead, and before he can go and get some new clothes he is shot down with tranquilizer darts.

Full Summary: 

Sabretooth has massacred two bodyguards, and stands over the man they were protecting, who offers to pay Creed double what “they’re” paying him. Sabretooth kills him anyway. In the hallway of the apartment building Sabretooth is lighting up a cigarette when he smells something peculiar. When he investigates he ends up on the roof, where an armed soldier is secretly watching a blonde woman tend to her plants. Something about the soldier is strange to his senses. Suddenly there is a knife stuck in his throat, pinning him to the wall. The soldier reports the witness to his superiors via walkie-talkie, and he is ordered to kill him. But Sabretooth attacks him first, slashing his face to pieces, and he pulls a machine gun out and proceeds to pump bullets into Creed’s chest. The woman notices the battle now as Sabretooth and the soldier fight, and he and his comrades reveal they’ve heard of him and his mutant powers. They know his bones wont break, so proceed to snap his tendons and ligaments instead, causing Sabretooth vast pain. Soon the soldier is tired of the fight, and decides to end it. But Sabretooth manages to knock out two soldiers by bashing their head together. Then the reinforcements arrive. Sabretooth is too quick for them though, and runs past them, grabs the woman, and jumps off the roof with her in his arms. The soldiers decide not to follow just yet; they have the woman tagged after all.

At Sabretooth’s place he demands to know who those bastards were and what they were and why they want her dead. She doesn’t know, but he thinks she does, so tells her he’ll gut her if she doesn’t...Then she kisses him, and claims she loved all the fighting and the gunfire. He doesn’t take much seducing, and soon the two are having wild sex all through the night.

The next morning, the woman guesses that Sabretooth is a mutant, because all his scars from last night have vanished. She explains she was apartment sitting yesterday, and that she is just a lowly lab tech and she has no idea what they want her for. She thanks him for saving her life; Sabretooth is angry though, as he’s a killer, not a hero! The woman than goes on about the only dangerous thing she’s ever been involved in has been burning herself on a curling iron. Sabretooth tells her that the soldiers had a weird scent; because they were dead, and that his claws hardly even scratched them. He tells the woman she knows she’s not lying to him, as he would be able to smell it. He tells her he’ll need new the dead soldiers burst into the apartment from every direction, and shoot Sabretooth full of tranquilizer darts. When he collapses they blast him full of bullets as the woman screams in terror.

“Miss Bonnie Hale, correct?” says Leonid, a soldier. “Don’t worry, we’ll make this quick.”

Characters Involved: 



Bonnie Hale



Leonid’s lieutenant

Story Notes: 

This is a Marvel PG+ rated comic, and is the first X-related title with that rating.

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