Sabretooth : Mary Shelley Overdrive #4

Issue Date: 
November 2002
Story Title: 
Mary Shelley Overdrive - conclusion

Dean Jolley (Writer), Greg Scott (Artist), JD Mettler (Colourist), Dave Sharp (Letterer) Tony Harris (Cover art), Mike Reicht (Assistant Editor), Mike Marts (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (President)

Brief Description: 

Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth, rushes back to save Bonnie from kalashnikov's soldiers, killing them all. But the cure for the plague was destroyed in the lab explosion, so there is no hope to save her. Sabretooth has no choice but to kill her. He wont let Cyril and Kalashnikov get away, however, and meets them at a helipad, where he kills Cyril and kidnaps Kalashnikov. Creed injects Kalashnikov with a chemical cocktail that will ignite when it touches salt water; and so dumps him out of a plane into the Atlantic. With this long night over Victor Creed decides it's time he went back to work.

Full Summary: 

On the outskirts of New York City one of Kalashnikov’s soldiers is checking out Ruth’s place, where Bonnie is hiding. He is told that the antidote is in a small metal vial, easily concealed. His job is to recover it; kill Creed and Bonnie, then meet at the airfield to take their business elsewhere. The soldier acknowledges his orders; unfortunately, he didn’t count on Victor Creed, aka Sabretooth, charging in on a motorbike, knocking him to the ground. Sabretooth takes an explosive charge that the soldier had planted on a garden gnome in Ruth’s garden, puts it on the soldier, and allows it explode, killing him. Inside Ruth and Bonnie hear the explosion, and wonder if Victor is alright. Outside Piotr reports to Aleksander, telling him to occupy Creed while he kills the girl. Piotr smashes into the house through a window and fires a machine gun at Bonnie, who runs away to escape. While this is going on Sabretooth sneaks inside. Bonnie, hiding in the bathroom and filling up the bath as part of her plan, surprises Aleksander as he closes in on her; she uses a cigarette lighter and a can of hair spray as a vicious weapon, setting his head on fire and grabbing and pushing him into the bath water. She produces a hairdryer and switches it on. “You bitch, I’ll...” he croaks as she drops the hairdryer in the bath, electrocuting him to death. She seems enjoys the kill. Suddenly Piotr’s head smashes through the wall tiling in the bathroom, screaming as Sabretooth pummels him full of bullets from the other side of the wall, killing him. “Victor,” says Bonnie. They hug and kiss. She was so sure he was dead and that she’d never see him again. He tells her to hush, that he’d keep her safe with him. “Promise”? she asks. “I promise,” he answers. When he leaves the room he asks Ruth to see to her. “Of course Victor,” Ruth replies.
At a private airfield in upstate New York Cyril and Kalashnikov are waiting for air transport to arrive. Cyril cannot believe how all their plans have gone to hell, seen as Creed only showed up five hours ago. Kalashnikov sees it as a blessing; all their bacteriological research was destroyed, and they will be set back six months; but he does have a photographic memory, so they can recover. Cyril thinks they should set up in Hawaii to forget this mess, with the great weather and the hula girls and the margaritas...Suddenly Kalashnikov is shot down with a bullet to the head, and Sabretooth appears, machine gun in hand, saying "Could've shot you, too. Didn't want to. Know why?" "No," screams Cyril, shooting tasers at Sabretooth in return. He catches the tasers in his hand and pulls the gun out of Cyril's hand, telling him "Because I'm going to take you apart. By hand." Cyril kicks at him; Creed elbows him in the throat and twists his arms behind his back, snapping the bones in them. Cyril manages to escape, running up the steps that lead to the helipad, threatening to drop him on his head and splatter out his brains. Meanwhile Kalashnikov, near to the helicopter, with a bullet in his head, complains his head hurts. Sabretooth grabs Cyril's leg, who is crawling desperately towards the helicopter. Cyril manages to turn the tables for a second, gouging his thumb into Sabretooth's eye. However, Sabretooth, as Cyril pulls out the taser once again, has a surprise for Cyril; a huge syringe, filled with acetic anhydride, which he stole in the warehouse that held the lab. He shoves the needle end up Cyril's nose, injecting him with the stuff. It kills him.
The helicopter starts to take off, with Kalashnikov inside. Sabretooth wont let him get away, so runs, leaps and smashes into it, causing the vehicle to veer out of control and crash onto the ground in flames. A burnt Kalashnikov crawls out of the wreckage, but Sabretooth walks up to him and slams his head against the concrete floor. Kalashnikov mumbles, thinking he's about to die "At least...tell me...did you do it? Did you stop the plague? Did your girlfriend?" Sabretooth flashes back...
"I'll keep you with me," he tells Bonnie as they hug. "I'll keep you safe. "Promise?" she asks. "I promise," he tells her. He snaps her neck. He leaves her on the couch in the lounge of Ruth's place. "You'll see to her Ruth?" he asks the brothel madam. "Of course Victor," says Ruth.

Victor staggers outside Ruth's place and kneels on the ground, crying out his grief at killing the only woman who he ever cared for and cared for him back.

"No...I didn't save her," Sabretooth tells Kalashnikov, as he continues to hold his head against the floor. "The antidote was destroyed in the lab explosion." He tells him they're going on a little trip.
Over the Atlantic, in a small passenger plane, sits Kalashnikov, his feet in a tub of dried cement. Sabretooth is dressed smart in a suit. Kalashnikov begs for his life, offering to tell Creed where all the billions of money they've made is located if he just lets him live. He tells Kalashnikov the only reason he might have had not to kill him died in his arms four hours ago. Creed explains that the chemical cocktail he poured down his throat while he was unconscious will ignite as soon as it touches salt water; it will burn him from the inside in about five minutes, tops. "Rot in hell," Sabretooth shouts, throwing Kalashnikov out of the plane to his death. "Mr. Creed?" asks the pilot. "Are we still returning to the airfield?" "Yeah, "he replies. "Been a long night. Long night. It's time I got back to work."

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Bonnie Hale





Airplane pilot

Reconnaissance soldier

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