Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #23

Issue Date: 
April 1994
Story Title: 
<BR><em>1st story: </em><BR>Death Threats

1st story:

Gregory Wright (writer), Isaac Cordova (pencils), Don Hudson (inks), Steve Dutro (letters), Joe Rogas (colors), Craig Anderson (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

1st story:

Silver Sable arrives at the office building of lawyer Foggy Nelson. She hires his help to prove Jaques Girard’s innocence. However, she gets called away by Paladin, who has managed to locate and capture Jonathan Lee. While on her way back to the embassy, Silver gets attacked by Deadpool! He has been hired by the Genesis Coalition to bring her to them. It’s a rough battle and Silver ends up getting the help of Daredevil, who doesn’t want shooting maniacs on his streets. The battle moves to the sewers, where the heroes eventually manage to defeat Deadpool. After making a deal with the merc and triple the paycheck he received from the Coalition, he informs Silver Sable who his employers were. At the same time, Larry Arnolds is introduced to the other members of the Wild Pack, which doesn’t go too well. Afterwards, Silver Sable finally makes it to Paladin. After threatening Lee, he has learned that it was the Foreigner who took the money from Silver Sable International, and that he wants to have a leading role in the company. Refusing to let her ex-husband get that power, Silver wants to take more accurate action against the Coalition, and finally put them and the Foreigner out of business.

Full Summary: 

1st story:

The law office of Murdock and Nelson has many prestigious clients. But none is anything like the entering mercenary known as Silver Sable! And she needs to see Matt. Foggy apologizes, and explains to Silver that Matt was found murdered. She finds that very tragic, as Matt was an outstanding attorney. Foggy adds that Matt was a good friend as well. When he opens the drapes in the dark room, he doesn’t notice that outside, a costumed man has been watching the office. But as the drapes open and he notices Silver Sable, he jumps away before Foggy can even see him.

Foggy mentions that Matt would have liked it that if someone as revered as Silver would have called him outstanding, but Foggy is certain that he can help out Sable as well. She stands up and, with a serious look on her face, explains that an associate of hers, Jaques Girard, is having a bit of difficulty with the American government as they speak. Jaques has been framed for conspiracy, treason and murder. Silver Sable mentions that she is prepared to pay any costs that assures victory and will place her own team of investigators at Foggy’s disposal.

Foggy recalls that government cases can be real difficult sometimes. Silver Sable mentions that, if Foggy would win this case, it would surely improve his reputation. But Foggy isn’t interested in that. He suggests that the best place to start is at the beginning. He hates to start with such a redundant question like he is about to ask, but he has to know if Silver Sable has any enemies.

Outside the office building, a silver-colored limousine sits parked. Its driver is carefully eying each passerby, but somehow manages to miss an important one: none other than… Deadpool! It’s Howdy Doody time for Wade. He jumps into the car, but the chauffeur quickly reacts and takes out his guns. He points them at Wade’s chin, shouting that he hates that puppet. Deadpool jokes that everyone’s a critic these days. He guesses that he better makes like a tree, and goes for it. The chauffeur agrees. Deadpool was only kidding. He breaks the chauffeur’s arm, and then gives him a painful headbutt. He jokes that people have got to learn to fire guns instead of just pointing them at people.

At the same time at the Plaza Hotel, one of Manhattan’s finest and expensive places to stay, is also sadly a place that attracts trouble. Terrorists with guns tried to rob it, but luckily have been stopped by Paladin. He found it a piece of cake, and mentions to the crooks that he couldn’t let them get away with embezzling from Silver Sable International as long as he’s on the lady’s payroll. Paladin notices a scared Jonathan, and remembers that he wanted to cut his wages when he was working for Sable.

Jonathan asks Paladin what he’s going to do to him. That depends on himself. Paladin grabs Jonathan by his clothes, and says that they have to know what he did to the money and why he took it. He promises Jonathan that, if he tells him what he wants to know, he’ll let him live. Jonathan claims that it wasn’t him who took the money, but Paladin doesn’t believe him. Paladin tosses the guy down, explaining that he had been following him around for weeks, and now he’s bored. So, they’ll have to do it the hard way now. Paladin wants Jonathan to think about that while he’ll go use his phone.

Back at the office, Foggy’s phone rings. It’s the Symkarian embassy. Silver Sable takes the phone, and understands what the caller tells her. She wants a full report. She stands up and apologizes to Foggy, but she has to leave. Foggy claims to have enough to start on the case, and promises to be in touch. As Silver Sable walks out of the office, she doesn’t notice Daredevil watching her. Daredevil finds it ironic, and thinks that Silver Sable should try to secure the services of his “dead” alter ego, considering their earlier conflict over Eddie Passim.

Silver walks to her car, and instructs her chauffeur to head back to the embassy right now. The door opens, but the chauffeur changes his mind. Deadpool comes out, and holds his gun up. He jokes that the union changed drivers, and no longer has embassies. Silver Sable recognizes Deadpool, despite it has been a long time since they last saw each other. It hasn’t been long enough for her. She grabs Deadpool’s arms, but he wants her to come along quietly. She won’t, and punches Wade. She recalls how much funding he cost her the last time they met. Silver throws Deadpool through the car’s windows, and he jokes that she knows how to hold a grudge. She tells him to just consider himself lucky that she’s in a hurry.

Silver Sable starts the car, not having time for games. She can’t imagine which one of her enemies would have sent Deadpool after her. Had she had the opportunity of spare time, she would beat the answer out of the merc. She starts to drive away, but Deadpool is disappointed that there isn’t even a tag. She apologizes, and drives in reverse, and hits Wade in his back! She drives away.

Deadpool admits that he had forgotten what a temper Silver Sable has. He wonders if she remembers he is practically indestructible, or maybe Sable wanted him dead, or perhaps she didn’t care. Nah, Wade thinks, that would be impossible. A cab passes by, and Wade whistles to stop. The driver does as told. Wade climbs aboard and takes out his sword. He kisses the chauffeurs on his forehead, and threatens with his sword to follow Sable’s limo. The chauffeur’s confused, but Deadpool tells the guy to just move and do as told.

At the same time at the embassy, Larry Arnold is ready for his first day of orientation into the Wild Pack. As he watches other people train, the butler mentions to Larry that, even though he passed all the other tests, he will be taken away on as a member of the Wild Pack on a trial basis. There, he must learn to interact with the team. But the butler warns that some of the team members are not so found of new recruits. Larry finds that out when the members of the Wild Pack start calling him names for being a black man, and also don’t like him because he’s short.

The butler mentions to Larry that this is an extraordinary opportunity for Larry, but he won’t make any promises. The butler walks away, quoting that the streets of Los Angeles aren’t the place for anyone to die. He mentions to Larry that Silver Sable is giving him this opportunity because of his friendship with Quentino. Once the butler is gone, Larry gets into an argument with Crippler, who calls him a boy. Upset by a white man calling him “boy,” Larry punches him to the other side of the room.

Meanwhile on the streets, Deadpool’s cab is closing in on Silver’s limo. He tries to shoot her from the cab, but misses. He jumps towards Sable’s car, and tells Silver that this is about money, and that she should have come quietly. But since she chose to drive over him, Wade feels like an unloved merc, so he has no choice… and shoots at Silver!

Daredevil arrives and kicks Deadpool away from the streets, telling him that they belong to him. Wade is surprised to see him, and cries that two against one isn’t fair. Silver Sable, having survived all of the bullets, jumps furiously out of her limo and shouts at Wade that he will pay for the repairs. That is, if Sable won’t kill him first. She starts shooting at Wade, with Daredevil just barely able to dodge her bullets. The smoke clears, and Silver Sable notices that Wade isn’t dead. They notice Deadpool crawling up after having ducked, and aiming to a sewer hatch. Sable mentions to Daredevil that she isn’t sure if Deadpool can be killed.

She notices the “D” mark on Daredevil’s uniform, and not recognizing Daredevil in his new costume, she mentions to whom the mark actually belongs to. Daredevil mocks that the “D” signs belong to him now. And he shouts to both Silver Sable and Deadpool that he doesn’t want either maniac running wild on his streets. Deadpool notices that it looks like Sable doesn’t have any bullets left. He picks up the sewer hatch and throws it at Sable, but Daredevil intercepts it by kicking it away.

With Silver Sable attracting the wrong kind of attention to him, Deadpool decides it’s best for him to escape, and jumps inside the sewer, mentioning to the heroes that they can follow him if they want to. Having her guns reloaded, Silver gives Deadpool what he wants and she and Daredevil follow the merc through the sewers. However, in her impatience, she doesn’t notice that Deadpool has tossed his sword at her. Luckily, Daredevil has seen it, and punches it away with his billyclub. Silver Sable is amazed by the quick reaction.

At the same time, far below the Earth’s surface, in an old abandoned Hydra base, the Genesis Coalition has secured a stronghold. They have arrested Dmitri, and inform the man that he has outlived his usefulness. They explain to Dmitri that he will be detained until they have decided if they should kill him or use him in a bargaining chip with Baron von Strucker for his treasonous actions against Hydra. Dmitri tries to make Trefkov that he will regret this in more ways than he will ever conceive.

Trefkov isn’t impressed. He thinks he should have trusted Dmitri with anything more than stealing from Hydra. Ernst Sablinovia isn’t sure. Trefkov thinks that it was wise to send Deadpool after Silver Sable, but he would have preferred her delivery as a corpse. Sablinovia corrects Trefkov that he doesn’t know how the Wild Pack works. With her alive, he thinks that they have something to hold over them. Dead, Sable would represent a means for vengeance. And he is confident that Silver Sable’s people loyalty knows no bounds. Trefkov understands. They mustn’t have any interference when they start a war in Bosnia, and blame it all on Hydra. They will take the fall, and the Genesis Coalition will pick up the scraps unimpaired!

Back in the sewers, Deadpool gets tackled by Daredevil. Deadpool quickly gets up again and in return kicks Daredevil away from him. Silver Sable starts attacking, but Deadpool tells her they can still call the battle a draw if she agrees to come along with her like a nice girl. He jokes that there are substantially better bucks for her alive and kicking. Sable won’t do it. She wants Deadpool to think about a way to survive his upcoming decapitation! They reach an edge. An unimpressed Deadpool throws grenades at Silver Sable, rendering her unable to see.

Deadpool wants to finish her off but, thanks to his blindness, Daredevil is unaffected by the grenades, and manages to punch Deadpool and make him fall of the edge. This makes him drop his sword and Wade panics a bit. Silver Sable recovers, and jokes if Wade feels impotent without his swords. She takes out her guns, and starts shooting at him. Now it’s her turn to speak. Wade isn’t so sure about that. He tries to take out his guns out of his utility belt, but… they are gone!

Silver Sable and Daredevil surround Wade, and give him the warning that if he should move, he’ll have a mouth full of bullets next. She wants to know who hired him. Wade touches his head, and notices that his mask is a little broken. He jokes that his masks cost money, and he won’t just tell Silver who hired him for free. Deadpool warns Wade not to push it. Silver Sable notices that this new Daredevil sounds more ruthless than the old one, and wants to know who he truly is.

Wade mentions to the heroes if they want to prevent him from escaping and killing them, they better just kill him. He mentions that the battle was pure business and nothing personal. They offered him a lot of money for Silver Sable, and Wade would sure have hated to lose that. Silver understands, and is certain that an arrangement can be made for the information.

Later, Silver Sable finally makes it back to the embassy. She informs Paladin and Jonathan that, though there was something not right about him, with the help of the “new” Daredevil, she was able to retrieve info from Deadpool. He was hired by the Genesis Coalition. He found it particular that they didn’t want her dead. And for a finale, Wade had the nerve to ask her if she was interested in working with him again. Jonathan is surprised that she said no. Silver corrects that she didn’t say anything. After all, they might never know.

She took triple Deadpool’s commission to drop the assignment and give her the privileged information. She wants a retainer put on Deadpool so he doesn’t show up on the wrong side again. Paladin jokes that Silver has got him, and that she doesn’t need Deadpool. Silver doesn’t respond, and wants Paladin to tell her what was so important that she had to call off her meeting with Foggy Nelson.

Paladin goes to sit behind a fancy desk, and mentions that he hit the jackpot. He has got Jonathan now. After a little persuasion out on a flagpole thirty stories up, he let fly that Silver’s ex-husband, the Foreigner, was behind the embezzling the whole time. It seems he wants a controlling interest in Silver Sable International.

Silver Sable won’t let that happen, and wants to send a message to their old enemy. And she also wants more aggressive action taken to locate the Genesis Coalition. It has been too long since they had a lead on her father’s whereabouts.

Characters Involved: 

1st story:

Battlestar, Crippler, Chen, Larry Arnold, Powell, Quentino, Silver Sable (all the Wild Pack)
Paladin (all the Intruders)



Foggy Nelson

Jonathan Lee

Genesis Coalition members including Trefkov, Dmitri, Ernst Sablinovia (others unnamed)

limousine driver (unnamed)

defeated terrorists (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Daredevil and Silver Sable had a rough disagreement over Eddie Passim in Daredevil (1st series) #320. He faked his own death in Daredevil (1st series) #354 to avoid blackmail.

The Genesis Coalition is after Silver Sable as of Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #8.

Jacques Girard, Silver Sable’s love interest, got framed in Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #20.

Ernst Sablinovia is Silver Sable’s father.

The second short story of this issue is about the Sandman. He tries to earn Silver Sable’s respect after she hired him in the Intruders by saving some people out of a burning building.

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