Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1

Issue Date: 
September 2015
Story Title: 

Sam Humphries (writer), Alti Firmansyah (artist), Jessica Kohlinne (colorist), VC’s Joe Sabino (letterer), Yasmine Putri (cover), Christina Harrington (assistant editor), Jake Harris (editor), Mike Marts (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)

Brief Description: 

Star-Lord, one of the few survivors of Earth 616, has found refuge in the Quiet Room, where he is a successful singer. He misses his friends and his fiancé, Kitty Pryde, when he notices a double of Kitty entering. Said Kitty works for Valeria von Doom’s Foundation, finding objects from outside Battleworld. She has set up a deal with Gambit the Collector and hands him several of Longshot’s lucky blades, in exchange for such an object. That’s when Peter addresses her. Believing the deal to be suspect, Gambit flees with both the object and his prize. Kitty is furious at Peter until she realizes he is also from outside Battleworld. She then handcuffs him to herself and intends to take him to the Foundation.

Full Summary: 

The Quiet Room, run by Blackagar Boltagon, one of the hottest spots in the city. And its current hottest singer is one Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (with alternate Guardians as his band), wowing the crowd with his interpretation of Walk Disney songs.

He recalls how everything died, except for a small group of heroes who fled on Reed Richard’s life raft to end up here on Battleworld. Where they say Dr. Doom is God. In the chaos, he got separated from Reed and the others and now he hides out in Manhattan’s most exclusive club.

The crowd cheers after his rendition of Part of Your World. He thanks them and promises they’ll be back after the break.

They don’t have Disney movies here, so they all think he is some kind of musical genius. He wishes his old band could see him now.

Dodging the groupies, Peter tells them he prefers to drink alone and heads out to the balcony. Steven! a voice calls out. It’s his friend, this world’s Drax, sporting a rock-a-billy hairdo. Now here’s a picture: swinging Steve Rogers drinking all alone! He tells “Steve” about all the ladies who would like to find him. Peter isn’t interested. Drax suggests he give in. Maybe it’s just what he needs. Peter sighs he’s good.

Drax muses he knew a Steve Rogers a few domains over. He wasn’t nearly as glum. And he had a shield. Peter retorts the Drax he knew didn’t make jokes. And he definitely did not have hair. Drax laughs at the idea of a bald alter ego. He reminds him his next set starts in five minutes. Buck up, one day his princess will come!

A slender, young woman with long, curly, brown hair, dressed in a starry gown and carrying a violin case walks in and brushes off a waiter. Kitty Pryde! a red-eyed overdressed man in a booth greets her. He thought the champagne would be warm before she arrived. It’s a St. Croix. Excellent vintage!

She joins Gambit the Collector and tells him he shouldn’t have bothered. This is business. It doesn’t have to be he grins. How’s life as an agent of Valeria von Doom’s Foundation? That depends, she replies. Did he bring the anomaly? Did she bring the reward? He retorts. It’s in the case, she tells him. That’s not what he is talking about. She cannot pay him unless she can verify the anomaly’s provenance. But that’s the question, is it not? he muses and hands her what might be some hairs or bits of fur. Where is the anomaly from? They are about to find out, Kitty replies and places the sample into her reading device, which verifies the origin is unknown.

Jackpot! Gambit shout enthused. Imagine an object so exotic not even the heralded Foundation knows where it comes from. An artifact so unusual it is perhaps proof that the Gospel of Doom is not entirely legitimate. Perhaps the relic is even… heretical?

Kitty tells him to keep his pants on. They don’t know where it came from—yet. Scientific examination by the Foundation will prove it’s part of God Doom’s creation, just like the others. He’s earned his reward.

She hands him the violin case. Inside are three knives carved from the one of Longshot himself. Milled by Doom’s weapon masters to Valeria’s specific instructions. Verified to possess Longshot's "lucky” properties. And absolutely one of a kind! Gambit cries happily. Three of a kind Kitty corrects him. The perfect addition to his collection, he continues.

Hand over the anomaly first, Kitty orders. Not so fast, he replies. There is much champagne yet to drink, cherie. He puts his hand over hers.

On stage, Peter tells the band he is changing the set list. They are doing that song. No smart ass remarks! The song goes out to the best girl in the galaxy! Peter announces. It used to be their song: I know youuuu... I walked with you once upon a dreeeeaaam! I know youu…

Suddenly, he sees Kitty sitting in the booth with Gambit and realizes it’s her. Kitty Pryde. The best girl in the galaxy. His love. His fiancée. “Everything dies,” they said. And everything died. Including her. But he’d trade all of existence… for one more day with her. He leaves the stage.

Gambit tries to seduce Kitty, who responds by threatening him with her claws. He reminds her of the night in New Avalon. That was one night. And a mistake! she snaps. Now let’s make the damn trade and go their separate ways!

Peter interferes, telling Gambit to back off. Gambit reminds Kitty he told her to come alone. She’s never seen him before, Kitty snaps. Gambit points out he knows her name and he suspects a setup. Kitty swears. Gambit changes his mood, announcing the more the merrier. Why doesn’t he have a seat and enjoy some champagne? He grabs the bottle, charges it up and throws it at Kitty and Peter. Grabbing both the anomaly and the blades, he runs off.

Angrily, Drax confronts him. Nobody roughs up swingin’ Stevie Rogers in his cub. He was hoping these would last longer, Gambit grins and throws a charged up Longshot blade at Drax, who deflects it with a knife. The blade ricochets against several other objects until it severs the chain holding up a chandelier which falls… on Drax. Now that was lucky! Gambit laughs and runs out.

Stop him! Kitty shouts. He took the blades and the anomaly! Valeria will have her head for this! She begins to follow, but Peter grabs her wrist and pulls her toward him. A moment later, he kisses her. Another moment later, she socks him. Some of his blood falls on the analyzer.

What is wrong with all the men today? Kitty asks disgusted. Who the hell does he think he is? Peter groans he is Peter Quill and, crazy as it sounds, she is his—

The device pings, claiming Peter’s origin is unknown. Grabbing his wrist, Kitty asks who he is and where he comes from. It’s kind of a long story, he replies evasively. A moment later, Kitty has his wrist shackled in a handcuff to hers. A living anomaly - will wonders never cease? He is coming with her— to Doomgard.

Characters Involved: 

Kitty Pryde (from the domain of Apocalypse)

Gambit the Collector

Black Bolt
Polaris, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane

Story Notes: 

Star-Lord is one of the few survivors from Earth 616. At the end of Secret Wars #4, Dr. Strange scattered the survivors all over Battleworld.

More about the Quiet Room can be learned in the Attilan Rising limited series.

Star-Lord is singing “part of your world” from the movie The Little Mermaid.

Kitty probably means Doomstadt not Doomgard (which is where the Thors live).

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