Storm (2nd series) #6

Issue Date: 
September 2006
Story Title: 

Eric Jerome Dickey (writer), David Yardin & Lan Medina (pencils), Jay Leisten with Sean Parson (inks), Matt Milla (colorist), Mike Mayhew (cover art), Randy Gentile (letterer), Rich Ginter (production), Cory Sedlmeier (associate editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

The younger deRuyter brother tries to beat up T’Challa, however the boy proves to be the better fighter and gets away. DeRyuter is joined by the brother he betrayed and his servant. However, the Bull doesn’t kill his traitorous brother due to the fact that he is his brother. In the village, Zenja opens the vibranium coffin trapping Ororo, to get her revenge on the other girl. Ororo is timid at first but, when she realizes the other girl means to kill her, she manages to fend her off with lightning bolts. The Bull attacks Ororo and uses her as a hostage to get T’Challa to surrender. Both youngsters are brought to his helicopter to be transported away. With them as his prisoners, he intends to use T’Challa to get to Wakanda’s riches, whereas Ororo could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Ororo uses a lockpick to get herself and T’Challa out of the chains. When the younger deRuyter brother madly attacks with his helicopter, the youngsters attack their captors. In the chaos, the Bull and T’Chall fall out of the helicpter and Ororo dives after them, managing to save T’Challa. The Bull ends up paralyzed, the others dead. Later, T’Challa and Ororo resume their journey together, with Ororo now being a lot more confident than she was in the past.

Full Summary: 

Zenja uses the knife she stole off the man she killed to begin prying the vibranium coffin open. She will get Ororo to feel her pain, she vows. Like her, she can open any lock. Within the coffin, Ororo screams and screams.

Elsewhere, the younger deRuyter brutally shoves T’Challa to the ground, ordering him to wake up, so he can beat him unconscious again – so he can beat him into his grave! T’Challa responds with a well-placed kick to where it hurts the most.

In the village, panicked villagers flee and some of them through carelessness cause a fire.

Having finally opened the coffin, Zenja slaps Ororo and disdainfully tosses her out of the helicopter. Ororo asks after teacher and the other thieves and Zenja angrily informs her that they are all dead, because she had to have that camera. She points to the body of one dead man, explaining that that one tried to rape her and father is dead, because … Why did Ororo come to their village?

Weakly, Ororo asks why the other girls hate her so. Because she is not special! Zenja screams. Clutching her knife, she orders Ororo to run, so she can slaughter the slowest zebra. For her father’s death… for every death she will pay. Ororo just stumbles and falls, causing Zenja to exclaim that she is pathetic. And to think her father wished Ororo were his child. He sacrificed all of them to protect her. That old fool. He only said one thing that ever made sense. Always kill your enemies.

The younger deRuyter lies on the ground, beaten. A shadow falls over him as the Bull’s servant informs him that his brother would like to have a word with him. Standing next to him, pumped full with tranq darts, yet still standing upright, is the Bull.

Elsewhere, Ororo finally desperately fights back by tossing lightning at Zenja. With the other girl stunned, Ororo becomes aware of the conflagration threatening to consume the village. Timidly, she asks for rain. Nothing happens, until suddenly the Bull tosses his unconscious brother next to her.

When deRuyter make a grab for her, Ororo panics and again channels lightning. Still standing, the Bull remarks how remarkable it is that she can do this at such a young age. When she is rested, she will be more powerful than the windrider that eluded their father.

T’Challa joins them. The Bul captures Ororo and grabs her by the throat. This is how he wins battles? T’Challa scoffs. By attacking a woman? No, the Bull retorts. This is how a weak man loses a battle. Because of a woman. T’Challa has no choice and the Bull’s servant chains them both. What about his brother? the servant inquires. The Bull chooses to leave him and to spare him. He is his brother, after all.

Later, T’Challa and Ororo find themselves chained prisoners in the back of DeRuyter’s helicopter. Why are the doing this? Ororo asks angrily. DeRuyter’s servant explains that her boyfriend is the key to Wakanda and therefore the key to Vibranium. Money, wealth, power. And she appears to have the ability to control the weather. If her emerging power can be harnessed, she could create lightning, hurricanes, monsoons, destroy enemies as well… All of that power and no need for a single silo to store a… He supposes he’d call it a weapon of mass destruction. And with Wakanda’s unlimited money and never dwindling resources, he who owns both her power and Wakanda’s technology could rule the world.

Around three decades ago, there was rumored to be another like her in the country, only the wind rider vanished after his employer’s father attempted to capture her. deRuyter orders him not to talk to her. She asked, the man replies. He didn’t want to be rude.

Ororo turns to T’Challa and wonders if she will always be hunted like some sort of animal. T’Challa repeats what the other man stated. They want to use her gifts and Wakanda’s natural resources to enslave the world. Will that be possible, Ororo asks fearfully. Where evil lives, anything is possible, he replies. Taking a hidded pin from her hair, she wonders if they will experiment on her, dissect her. Evil owns no boundaries,T’Challa replies. They want to make slaves of them, he adds.

With the men focused elsewhere, Ororo uses the pin to open the chains binding her and T’Challa. As he looks at her wonderingly, she points out with a smirk that she picks more than pockets. She owns the fire of a warrior, he admits admiringly. In her world, every day is war, she replies simply. He tells her to focus her gifts. She tries as her eyes begin to glow but slumps back in exhaustion.

Holding her, T’Challa tells her she is too weak. They will have to wait until they are closer to the ground… until they land. Ororo points out that then there will be more men like them. She will not become a slave to their wishes. She will not allow anyone else to die. He tells her that she is a strong woman. She replies that she will always remember that he made her a woman. She was already a strong woman when he met her, he replies.

From below the villagers and Zenja stare at the flying helicopter.

Was she? Ororo asks imploringly. They kiss and she feels no longer afraid. She knows that, if they fail, she will go to her parents a woman, a warrior, and not a thief.

Suddenly, another helicopter comes closer. It is deRuyter’s brother and he’s firing at them. That moment, T’Challa hits the Bull, telling him his brother is the least of his problem.

Storm hits the pilot in the face with the chain. All the while, the helicopter still being fired upon by the younger de Ruyter. In the chaos, Ororo attempts to electrocute the Bull and both he and T’Challa fall out of the helicopter. Ororo looks at them, trying to focus her powers, when the pilot swerves the chopper to break her concentration. He intends to give up to the younger deRuyter, who is still firing at them. Ororo focuses and hits deRuter with her lighning moments before the two helicopters collide. She dives after T’Challa.

The younger deRuyter falls in the wreckage, still intent on killing his brother. Ororo, in the meantime, focuses her gift. Finally, she stops asking it and demands the winds obey and manages to rescue T’Challa at the last moment.

Still in the air, the Bull reaches for them. Her eyes aglow, Ororo once more throws lightning bolts at him, while the winds brace her and T’Challa’s descent. They land amidst the horrified villagers. Seeing the conflagration around them, Ororo demands rain from the skies and gets it.

Zenja point at her with her blade, shouting Ororo is the devil. Instead of cowering, Ororo tosses a small lightning bolt at the puddle of water Zenja is standing in. She commands the other girl to run, repeating Zenja’s taunt not to be the slowest zebra.

Ororo looks at the people around her. A small girl finally walks up to her and addresses Ororo, asking if she is God. She came from Heaven. Is she God? Ororo is speechless. The girl points at the smirking T’Challa. Is he “Mr. God?” Finally, Ororo begins to laugh.

Grabbing a lockpick from her hair, she opens her chains. She and T’Challa watch, as the villagers carry the deRuyters and the servant away. Impossibly, the Bull is still alive, though with a broken back. T’Challa suggest that perhaps Teacher was right. Always kill your enemy… Ororo tells him to stop. She has seen too much death.

Later, Ororo and T’Challa pack their belongings. Ororo looks at the jewel she inherited from her mother, musing that the men had said that there was another wind rider before her. All her life, she had to prove herself worthy. She just wanted to be accepted for who she is, wanted someone to look at her normally. She takes T’Challa’s hand.

Later, the two of them are walking across a crowded market. Ororo looks at a tempting wallet and T’Challa automatically tells her to behave. With a smug grin, she asks him what she told her about talking to her like a child? She is a woman. He repeats his order, calling her “woman.” The two continue teasing each other and Ororo is sure that she has found what she was looking for. Her first true friend, her first love, the love that will outshine all the rest.

Characters Involved: 

12-year-old Ororo Munroe

teenage T’Challa


Andreas deRuyter aka “the Bull”

Younger deRuyter

The Bull’s servant


Story Notes: 

T’Challa and Ororo split up due to his obsession with his father’s murderer law, as hinted at in Black Panther (4th series) #14.

The mentioning of other “wind riders” may be connected to Ororo’s maternal family, whom she learns of in Uncanny X-Men Annual #1.

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