The Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen

Issue Date: 
April 1995
Story Title: 
The Age of Apocalypse: The Chosen

Ian Churchill, Salvador Larroca, Steve Skroce, Val Semeiks, Tom Lyle and Tim Sale (pencilers), Scott Hanna, Sergio Melia, Bob Wiacek, Terry Austin, James Pascoe, Dan Panosian and Tim Sale (inkers), Ashley Underwood (colorist), Ronnie Lawler (designer), Steve Alexandrov (computer imaging), Jaye Gardner (assistant editor), Kelly Corvese (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

One of the Madri walks into the innermost sanctum of Apocalypse because he wants to learn his fate. The Madri is taking a great risk by doing this, but he sits down at a monitor and opens the files that only Apocalypse’s eyes should see. Each file contains pictures and descriptions of Apocalypse’s allies and enemies. Based on their powers, personality and loyalty, he divides them into Chosen, who will make up the new world order, or Forgotten, who won’t survive the culling. The Chosen are Magneto, Rogue, Cyclops, Sinister, Storm, Quicksilver, Abyss, Mikhail Rasputin, Holocaust, Weapon X, Jean Grey, Colossus, Angel, Sabretooth, Wildchild and Bishop. The Forgotten are X-Man, Aurora, Northstar, Beast, Gambit, Sunspot, Lila Cheney, Jubilee, Guido, Havok, Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler, Destiny, Mystique and the Human High Council. Finally the Madri finds that his own entry is marked as Chosen and he is relieved. However unknown to the Madri Apocalypse observed him the whole time and after changing the Madri file to Forgotten he kills the Madri dupe.

Full Summary: 

In New York City Apocalypse has built his fortress. Twenty years ago a man died, who, had he have lived, who would have stood in the path of Apocalypse’s ascension. Apocalypse rules this land and everyone on it; all humans will one-day die because of Apocalypse’s orders. Even some forgotten mutants will be killed but if you are lucky to be one of the Chosen, count your blessings, because you will be saved of Apocalypse’s cullings of the weak. The Madri, who are the eyes and ears of Apocalypse, have up to now been the most loyal and obedient to Apocalypse. Now though, one of the Madri members will risk everything by traveling to the inner sanctum of Apocalypse and reading files supposed to be seen only by Apocalypse. Also it means risking his very own life, he needs to know if the Madri are among the Chosen. The member of the Madri turns on the screen and the people he sees along with Apocalypse’s brief descriptions of them are as follows:

Magneto & Rogue – Chosen
Apocalypse believes that if the circumstances were different Magneto and him would be partners and not enemies. If he did not believe in following the dream of his dead friend Charles Xavier. Both him and Apocalypse go around gathering pawns to use against each other. Yet, while Apocalypse’s army counts thousands, Magneto’s is just a few. Apocalypse knows that one-day soon him and Magneto will face off in a final battle where only one will survive.

X-Man – Forgotten
Sinister’s little secret experiment using Cyclops and Jean Grey’s DNA to create the most powerful mutant on Earth. Apocalypse though wonders if Sinister is so loyal to him then why would he create X-Man in secrecy? Apocalypse surmises that X-Man was created to be Sinister’s assassin and the person to try to kill Apocalypse. It will be with great regret, Apocalypse says, to have to kill X-Man.

Cyclops – Chosen
Cyclops is the favorite adopted son of Sinister and since his birth Sinister has pampered him, making Cyclops the General of an elite mutant force. Apocalypse wonders though if Cyclops, whom Apocalypse thinks could be the next Horseman, is loyal to Sinister, the mutants in the pen, or himself. Apocalypse thinks that he must carefully observe this one.

Havok – Forgotten
Havok has the potential to be as great or greater then his brother Cyclops but his envy and jealousy get in his way. Plus Apocalypse has heard rumors that Havok may be in love with a flatscan and ultimately his passion and his hatred will be his undoing.

Sinister – Chosen
For one hundred and fifty years Essex has been Apocalypse’s loyal servant. Lately though Apocalypse has noticed betrayal in Sinister’s eyes. Sinister was content as long as he was allowed to do his experiments and be left alone, but now that it is time to remove the chaff from the wheat, Sinister has become too much of a father to his experiments. So if his experiments survive they end up orphaned.

Storm – Chosen
How can a Goddess concern herself with mere mortals, Apocalypse says? Is it her love for Quicksilver that makes her stay with Magneto’s X-Men? How can she deny the truth that all mutants were meant to be Gods?

Quicksilver – Chosen
How long will he run from the truth, Apocalypse thinks? He has endured much, first his mothers murder, then his sister’s. How can he love another? What will happen if Storm falls in battle? One day he will have to choose either follow his father’s path, which leads to death, or follow Apocalypse’s path which leads to survival.

Northstar & Aurora – Forgotten
Both mutants represent everything right with today’s mutants; they both follow orders with unwavering loyalty. Both though seem to be taken with themselves and Apocalypse says that their headiness will probably cause them to be among the first to fall.

Beast – Forgotten
McCoy at one time was a successful geneticist who only wanted to experiment on himself. Now though Apocalypse sees the potential in the Beast to even surpass Sinister in genetics. Beast has a darker side with no morality. If only, Apocalypse thinks, he could separate the Beast’s brain from the body… perhaps he can.

The Four Horsemen – Chosen
Abyss, Holocaust, Mikhail Rasputin and Sinister, the vanguard of his army of tomorrow. These members think Apocalypse trusts them more than anybody else, but he does not. Apocalypse only seeks to use them to usher in the new era of Earth where Apocalypse is King.

X-Calibre – Forgotten
Nightcrawler, Mystique and Destiny are cowards barely worth an entry in the archives. They operate the Infernal Gallop to the secret refuge they call Avalon. These members are neutral joining neither side, though side the day will come when they will find there is no hiding from Apocalypse.

Human High Council – Forgotten
The fittest the humans have to offer, they are the leaders of the masses in Eurasia. If even they were to destroy him Apocalypse’s dream would eventually conquer them.

Weapon X & Jean Grey – Chosen
These two lovers are only loyal to themselves. Jean Grey was once captured by Apocalypse’s henchmen and was on her way to becoming a high official in Apocalypse’s army when Weapon X came in to save her. Both only trust each other and both are blind to their absurdity of their situation.

Gambit and the X-Ternals – Forgotten
Gambits little band of mutants are more like annoying pests then anything else. Gambit seems to bring faith that the underdog can win and faith is a dangerous thing. The only thing Apocalypse wants from them is Lila Cheney, a mutant teleporter with the ability to take Apocalypse and his dream to the very stars.

Colossus – Chosen
He has been with Magneto a long time, first as a student on Wundagore Mountain, then as a hero to his own people in Russia. Colossus is now a mentor to the next generation of Magneto’s mutants. Colossus was devastated when his brother turned traitor and became one of Apocalypse’s horsemen. Now with a kill or be killed attitude he searches for his sister along side his wife Kitty Pryde and Apocalypse sees great potential in his future.

Angel - Chosen
When will this one come down from his lofty perch? How long does he think Apocalypse will turn a blind eye to the secret business he conducts there, human and mutant living together? Come what may though Apocalypse believes that this Alpha mutant will rise to the top of any heap he is thrown into.

Sabretooth & Wildchild - Chosen
Two mindless savages who have found comfort in each other both find pleasure in pain. Sabretooth was once a loyal member to Apocalypse’s army and he wonders if the symbiotic bond Sabretooth and Wildchild have formed with one another has caused Sabretooth to turn to Magneto’s side. One day, Apocalypse thinks, he will welcome Sabretooth back into his fold.

Bishop – Chosen
Madman? His is a world that Apocalypse wants to know because thanks to him Apocalypse knows that no matter what future, Apocalypse will always win, and just the timing will be different though.

Charles Xavier – Forgotten
It is misnomer to classify Xavier as one who is forgotten. Why is it that death was not the end of this one, Apocalypse says? Instead Xavier’s dream lives on in every mutant rebel he faces today. Apocalypse next says that he wonders how it would have been if this one survived?

Madri – Chosen

The Madri sees that he has been chosen, and he gratefully says that they will serve Apocalypse loyally forever. However Apocalypse, who had been standing behind the Madri all along, tells the Madri that although they will be with him till the end, he needs to be taught a lesson and Apocalypse changes the Madri from Chosen to Forgotten and then Apocalypse kills the Madri.

Characters Involved: 

As images in Apocalypse’s files:
Bishop, Magneto, Rogue, Quicksilver, Sabretooth, Storm, Wildchild (all X-Men)
Colossus, Jean Grey, Weapon X (former X-Men)
Lila Cheney, Gambit, Guido, Jubilee, Sunspot (all X-Ternals)
Destiny, Mystique, Nightcrawler (all X-Calibre)
Charles Xavier
Aurora, Beast, Cyclops, Havok, Northstar (all Factor X)
Abyss, Holocaust, Mikhail Rasputin, Sinister (Four Horsemen)
Brian Braddock, Emma Frost, Moira MacTaggert-Trask, Bolivar Trask, Mariko Yashida (all Human High Council)

Story Notes: 

The X-Ternals are misspelled as “Externals“ in this issue.

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