Thor – The Mighty Avenger #4

Issue Date: 
November 2010
Story Title: 
Boys’ Night Out

Roger Langridge (writer), Chris Samnee (artist), Matthew Wilson (colorist), VC’s Rus Wooton (letterer), Michael Horwitz (assistant editor), Nathan Cosby (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Thor and Jane Foster are still trying to figure out how Thor can get home to Asgard when they are visited by Thor’s old friends, the Warriors Three. The three hint at Thor’s punishment at the hands of Odin but are surprised that he seems to be amnesiac. While they can’t really offer help, they do invite him to a night out. On their way to Trondheim, they get hopelessly lost, finding themselves in the UK. Thor becomes aggressive when asking for the way in a British pub and gets into a fight with another patron – Captain Britain. Unaware that Thor is at fault, the Warriors Three join in the melee until things are cleared up (and Cap wakes up again). Afterwards, the night turns nicer as they all share drinks and Thor returns to Jane, having at least made a new friend.

Full Summary: 

Outside Bergen, Oklahoma.
The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost briefly appears and three men land roughly, grouching. They get up in search of their quarry…

Not far away in her apartment, Jane Foster and her houseguest, Thor, are hitting the books, trying to find information about the Rainbow Bridge. Thor has already given up when there is insistent knocking at the door. Is he certain he doesn’t remember anything about his arrival? she asks. His first memory was walking next to the road, already wearing the coat. There is a gap in his memories he cannot account for.

Annoyed at the insistent knocking, Jane stalks to the door to see two smiling (and one grim) men in outlandish outfits. “It’s for you”, she tells Thor.

Happily, Thor greets his three old friends, the Warriors Three, in Asgardian. The Dashing Fandral admonishes him to speak the tongue of their host. Grim Hogun explains wise Odin has sent them to check on Thor’s progress, if indeed progress was made. Hugging Fandral and Hogun, Thor asks how they can speak English. Fandral made them study Hogun explains, mainly to impress the ladies. Volstagg adds he made them read the biography of Casanova six times. Happily he holds Thor up, commenting on his clothes. Has he gone native on them?

Noticing grim-looking Jane, Fandral kisses her hand and Thor introduces his three good friends, Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim and Volstagg the Valiant. He asks the Warriors Three if the bridge is there. Looking for an easy way to shirk his responsibilities? Fandral scoffs. Volstagg gently reminds Thor he is here for a reason. He doesn’t know! Thor exclaims and asks them to tell him. Surely he hasn’t forgotten his argument with his father, his punishment… Fandral tries to remind him. Looking at Thor’s uncomprehending eyes, Hogun believes Thor. Volstagg adds that Odin banished him to Midgard in order to teach him humility after what he has done. They would say more, but Odin has threatened to curse anyone who mentions it. Thor sinks down. His transgression has been rendered literally unspeakable whatever it was…

The Warriors Three gather in a conference. Fandral wonders if Thor’s amnesia might be a trick of Odin. Volstagg agrees, but Hogun believes such stratagems to be beneath Odin’s dignity. Other forces are at work here.

They turn to Thor: they cannot enlighten him but at the very least they can lighten his heart, Fandral offers. They invite him out for a few hours, have a drink, see the sights. Jane agrees. She’s going to go and see a few friends herself.

Outside, Thor suggests a few eating establishments. Fandral chides him for his lack of ambition. When he suggested they see the town, he did not mean this town. He takes out a horn, the Bukkehorn, and blows it and soon a flying chariot pulled by two goats comes, the Thunderer Fandral christens it. Thor recalls seeing it a child. They climb aboard. Volstagg suggests a tavern in Trondheim, Norway, he has wished to revisit for nigh on a thousand years. Its splendid mead made even Hogun smile. And off they fly…

Later they have landed in a city, hopelessly lost as they were guided only by a map from Viking times. While the Warriors Three haggle and bicker, Thor gets out of the chariot to ask where they are. Quitter! Volstagg protests. Hogun calls his friend back. He is asking directions like a woman! Volstagg protests. Fandral explains Thor is showing humility by admitting he does not have all the answers. Not much humility but it’s a start!

Inside a nearby pub, three friends sit and drink, Brian Braddock and his friends Alan and Celine, discussing the merits of beer and whose round it is. They look up when Thor enters the pub, figuring these are students hijinks. Brian figures he has friends outside and looks. What he sees are the Warriors Three, still bickering. Blimey! he mutters, we’re only being invaded by Vikings… He makes a transparent apology that he needs to go to the bathroom. His food isn’t agreeing with him.

At the counter, an impatient Thor tells the barmaid he doesn’t want a drink or any pork scratchings. He wants the way to Trondheim! They haven’t got a waiter named Trondheim, she replies. They don’t really call the waiters… Angrily, Thor pounds on the counter. He has been stuck in a chariot for two hours with a trio of bickering ninnies and he is not in the mood for idle chatter! Trondheim! Just point! The scared woman apologizes.

Suddenly, Captain Britain taps Thor on the shoulder and asks if he would mind stepping outside for a minute. There’s something they need to clear up. Thor begins to smile. Step outside? Oh, yes! He hits Captain Britain outside and, a moment later, walks after him. Fight! The Warriors Three cheer.

While Cap suddenly finds he has four foes inside the pub, Brian’s friends Celine and Alan talk. Brian is nice, Celine observes. Alan agrees. Not at all stuck-up for a toff, Posh, upper class. A title and everything. When he was researching his book he ran across Brian hanging out with a camp of travelers. Little did he know he was lord of the flippin’ manor. Celine asks if Alan shouldn’t check on Brian. He’s been in the loo a long time. It’s okay, Alan shrugs. He’s Captain Britain. He thinks his friends don’t know but he’s terrible at keeping it a secret, so they pretend they don’t notice. Another drink? he asks Celine who accepts.

Outside, Cap is cowed as Volstagg sits on him. Fandral pleads with him not to kill him. The very idea, Volstagg scoffs. He brought up five children that way. He believes the local expression is “time out,” Thor adds helpfully. Hogun asks what the stranger said to Thor. He must have insulted him; that is why they are pounding him to jelly, right? Did he try to take his hammer? Fandral asks. Nothing like that, Thor admits. He challenged him, asked him to “step outside.” Is that all? Hogun asks, doubtful, while Volstagg shouts their assistance is required: the little fellow is about to blow!

The other three pile up on them. Chaos ensues with the result that the Captain escapes and comes flying down at them. He hits the ground hard. Groaning Cap gets up to see four not amused Asgardians standing in front of him. Well, that worked, he mutters. Nevertheless, he gets up to face them. All right, so they’ve got him on the ropes, he tells them defiantly. He doesn’t suppose he can stop them knocking seven hells out of him but he can tell them he won’t give up. This is Britain and they have a tradition of fighting on. Agincourt! Trafalgar! Dunkirk!

Okay, he amends, they gave up on Dunkirk but the point stands. They gave up with dignity. “For we shall defend our island! We shall fight you on the beaches… We shall fight you in the fields and in the streets… we shall fight you in the hills! W shall never…” he begins to black out. “Surrender” is his last word.

When he wakes up, a smiling Thor looks down on him. The Warriors Three behind him are downing their drinks. Cap finds they are all in the pub. Thor welcomes him back and tells him they started without him. Their valiant young man returns from the vale of oblivion, Hogun announces. And here they were fearing Saturday night would be a failure! Volstagg cheers. Such times! Such bravery! Well, as long as there will be no more trouble, he must be going, Cap tries to excuse himself. Alan suggests he stay (hugged by Volstagg). These guys are such a laugh! Thor orders drinks for all and insists he stay. Oh, what the heck, Cap agrees. Just a quick one then…

Lots of drinks later, Thor and the Warriors Three stagger out of the pub, dimly remembering they were going somewhere. Covered with lipstick kisses, Fandral tells Thor he likes his Captain friend. What a lovely fellow. His friend? He though he was Fandral’s friend. He is lovely though, Volstagg decides. Lovely lovely lovely. Anyway, they cleaned most of Thor’s gastric extrusion off his nice suit…

As they get back to the carriage, Hogun points out that they shouldn’t be driving in their condition. His condition is most pleasing to him, Thor replies, thank you very much. Volstagg points out it doesn’t matter. The goats will navigate. They home. He also remarks Fandral and the serving wench were getting along nicely. Becky’s a charming girl, Fandral agrees, but he suspects she might be a witch. She attempted to place a curse on him by making strange marks on a piece of paper and slipping it into his pocket, fortunately he spotted the ruse and burned it in time.

Thor suggests they get going but already they are back in front of Jane’s house. He thanks them for the night. Volstagg is regretful about not being able to take him home to Asgard, but Odin is most strict about such matters. They shall inform him of Thor’s success. Thor wishes them farewell. Then: for Odin’s sake! How did the Captain put it? “You are my best mates, you are!” he tells them and hugs them.

Fandral gives Thor the Bukkehorn, explaining its enchantment works three times for each owner. After that, the hornbearer must offer it to another worthy soul, lest it crumble to dust. His time with the horn is over. He knows Thor will use it wisely. And with that they disappear.

Thor enters Jane apartment. She isn’t there yet and has left him a note that she’s out with her friends. A little later, she arrives, slightly tipsy. Both sink down on the couch. She tells him she had a nice night with the girls Had a drink. Didn’t talk about him at all. Where did he go? Just a tavern in an old part of town… Sounds nice, she mutters. It was, he reminisces. He made a friend…

Characters Involved: 

Jane Foster

Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg (Warriors Three)

Captain Britain
Alan and Celine (Cap’s friends)


Story Notes: 

“Thor the Mighty Avenger” is not in continuity.

Casanova was a world-famous lover.

A bukkehorn is an ancient Norwegian musical instrument, made from the horn of a ram or a goat.

Trondheim is a nice Norwegian city.

Cap refers to the battle of Agincourt of 1415, where a small English army led by King Henry V won against the larger French army. At the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the British won against Napoleon. They didn’t do as well in the battle of Dunkirk in 1940, during World War II.

“We shall fight them…” is quoted from a famous radio address given by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in response to the battle of Dunkirk.

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