Thunderbolts (1st series) #152

Issue Date: 
March 2011
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Jeff Parker (Writer), Kev Walker (Artist), Frank Martin (Colour artist), Comicraft’s Albert Deschesne (Letterer), Frank Martin and Greg Land (Cover Artists), Damien Lucchese (Production), Rachel Pinnelas (Assistant Editor), Bill Rosemann and Brennan (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief), Dan Buckley (Publisher), Alan Fine (Executive Producer)

Brief Description: 

In the Raft, the Thunderbolts watch a video of Hyperion, who explains he understands why people are wary of him. After saying he just wants to help people, Moonstone tells everyone he is lying. Cage says he needs his power because MODOK and the Leader unleashed a doomsday plan on an island of giant creatures. Some of the creatures are headed for Japan and the Thunderbolts are needed to stop them. The team meets their new member, Hyperion, in Man-Thing’s habitat and they teleport to Japan. When they get there, they immediately see four creatures headed for the mainland. Before Cage can give orders, Hyperion flies off and tackles them by himself. He knocks one down but is caught off-guard by the breath attack of a flying one. He is thrown back to the shore, where Cage gives orders to the rest of his team. Moonstone tackles the flying one and tricks it into using its breath attack against one of the other creatures. Mach IV and Cage attack an armored one but are caught by the creature’s tongue. Juggernaut and Songbird team-up to take out a lobster-like creature. The flying creature manages to attack Moonstone and she is knocked unconscious and dropped into the ocean. Songbird saves her and defends herself against the flying creature’s breath attack. Unfortunately, she is knocked unconscious by Hyperion and both women fall into the water. Mach IV is struggling with the tongue and almost breaks free until Hyperion uses his powerful breath to blow him backwards and into the creature’s mouth. Juggernaut is knocked away by one of the other creatures, leaving Hyperion as one of the few remaining Thunderbolts. He turns towards Man-Thing and uses his heat vision on him.

Full Summary: 

(The Raft)

Hyperion says that he understands that there are other Hyperions in the multiverse who have been to this world but there has been a mistake. Those men weren’t heroes and he doesn’t blame the government, as it’s normal for them to be worried about someone as powerful as he is. He appreciates the opportunity to show them he is not what they think he is. He will help them deal with this threat and any others that arise; he just wants to do what’s right.

The Thunderbolts are watching a screen with Hyperion speaking to the camera. As the man looks sorrowful on the giant monitor, Moonstone simply crosses her arms and tells everyone else he is a lying piece of %*&#. Songbird explains to the others that in some realities he is the Earth’s greatest hero and in others he is their biggest menace. They aren’t sure which one they have there but supposedly he was making trouble in Asia a few weeks ago. Luke Cage says that Blue Marvel brought him in but Hyperion claims it is all Russian spin. Frankly, though, Cage doesn’t care as they need his raw power.

Moonstone asks why and Cage brings up a new screen on the monitor. He explains that MODOK and the Leader created a doomsday plan in case they were beaten by the Hulk… which they were. A global treaty animal reserve for mega-life has been compromised. The island itself is being dealt with but a number of giant creatures are headed for Japan. Moonstone asks if they have to leave them alive, to which Cage replies she will be lucky to come back alive. They are to stop them with no cost to human lives. Songbird tells him it sounds so simple and then ushers everyone to the habitat to meet their new teammate.

They enter Man-Thing’s habitat to see Hyperion floating above Man-Thing, Mach IV and Fixer. The new Thunderbolt says that he understands the idea behind the teleporting but if they all got on a vehicle he could carry them there in minutes. Cage says that they roll by Man-Thing and then tells everyone that they have been briefed on each other and there is no time for training. Hyperion says he is there to work with them all and as long as they share the common goal of the mission things will be fine.

Juggernaut looks at him and asks if the cape means he can fly. Hyperion confirms it does, which prompts Moonstone to tell him that she and Songbird fit that role in the team. Ghost goes up and informs him he has seen recent videos that show him destroying a large portion of…Hyperion cuts him off and says that was another version of him. He came to save people but other Hyperion switched places with him.

Mach IV says they are ready to go and so Fixer has Man-Thing teleport everyone away. After they depart, the Fixer says that all the Thunderbolts are gone and so now would be a good time to do a scan. A mysterious voice comes over the radio and tells him they agree.

(Yokohama, Japan)

As the team arrives, Mach IV says that he was just checking the news feeds from Asia and they are cutting it close. Songbird says she was hoping they would intercept the creatures farther offshore. They all look up to see four enormous creatures making their way to the shore. Three of them are wading through the water and one is flying above them. Hyperion asks if they have any less obvious defenses like venom but Cage says he doesn’t know. All that he heard from Rogers was that they were looking to do as much damage as possible.

Cage starts to yell orders but Hyperion takes into the sky and says that he will deal with them. The others should stay by the bay and protect the innocents. He flies off and confronts the first creature. He uses his sub-zero breath to turn a huge wave into ice, creating a natural barrier. The creature tries to catch him in its jaws but Hyperion is too fast and he zips out of the way. He loops back round and says that he wants to take the biggest one out first. He doesn’t know if the creatures are bright enough to get a message from this but he will show them what happens when they mess with Hyperion. He slams into the side of the creature’s head, causing it to topple over into the water.

He then turns his attention to the flying monster heading right for him. He uses his atomic heat vision to blast its wings. But the fire barely does any damage. Instead, the creature opens its huge jaws and unleashes a bright blue energy beam at him. Hyperion screams in pain and is stunned for a few seconds, giving one of the other creatures enough time to smack him with its claw. Hyperion is tossed back to the shore and lands with such force that he creates a small crater. As he stands up, Moonstone sarcastically congratulates him as Cage tells him they have a better idea what the creatures can do now.

As the creatures near the shore, they start to rip through the ice-barrier with ease. Ghost says that the high salt content made the sea water a poor choice for a wall. Cage tells Moonstone to go irritate the bird one and make it fire its energy beams at the creature with a fin on its head. He and Mach IV will go to work on the armored one. As Mach IV lifts him into the air, Cage yells for Juggernaut and Songbird to go crack the one that looks like a lobster wide open. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have anything for Ghost to do on the mission, other than observe.

Moonstone flies up and gets the flying creature’s attention by bouncing on its head. She wonders why Cage thought that she would be good at irritating it, even though it comes with ease. She slams into the creature’s head again, taunting it some more. Finally, it begins to ready another energy attack and so Moonstone swoops down towards the creature with a fin on its head. She dodges out the way as the energy beam slams into the other creature’s head, causing it to turn towards the flying one.

As Mach IV nears the top of the armored creature, he asks Cage what the plan is. Cage replies that he will hit it a lot and Mach IV should fire whatever he thinks is going to work. As Mach IV flies around it, numerous eyes on the creature’s head spot him and a tongue whips out. It grabs Mach IV by the legs, causing him to lose control.

Songbird and Juggernaut make their way along the shore to meet the red, lobster-like monster. Juggernaut says that he needs some ground to run on to build up a charge and he could wait till the creature reaches land. Songbird says that she will give him a runway and screams, creating a solid pink runway right up to the creature. Juggernaut propels himself along it and slams into the monster with an enormous amount of force.

As the fin-headed monster fights the flying one, Moonstone simply watches and eggs them on. They suddenly look at her and the flying one hits her with an energy beam. A little way off Mach, IV is struggling with the tongue and Cage says he should drop him if it will help. Mach IV is almost free but then a strong wind comes from somewhere and he loses his position. Before he can use a gun, the creature that had him clamps its jaws down and eats them both. Not far away, Hyperion finishes using his strong breath to create the wind.

Juggernaut and Songbird race towards the fin-headed monster as it has made it to the shore. Songbird tells Cain to take care of it, while she helps Moonstone. Juggernaut runs under one of the creature’s feet and holds it in the air, causing the creature to trip and fall into a building. It swings its tail and smacks Cain, sending him flying through the air.

Moonstone is trying to escape the energy breath of the flying creature. She is having trouble trying to out maneuver it and the breath finally catches her legs. She screams and falls into the water, sinking down in an unconscious state. Songbird dives into the water and fishes her out, carrying her limp body upwards. Before she can figure out what to do with Moonstone, the flying creature swoops down and unleashes another breath attack. Songbird uses her powers to create a force field that deflects the breath.

Suddenly, a blur whips past her and knocks her unconscious. As she and Moonstone fall into the water, Hyperion says that with another two down it looks like he will be the only Thunderbolt left. A little way off, Man-Thing simply stands and stares at him. Hyperion turns to him and tells him that he shouldn’t judge him as he is King Hyperion. With that, he fires his heat vision at Man-Thing.

Characters Involved: 

Ghost, Hyperion, Juggernaut, Man-Thing, Moonstone (all Thunderbolts)

Fixer, Luke Cage, Mach V, Songbird (Wardens)

Four giant creatures

Story Notes: 

The situation with MODOK, the Leader and the Hulks occurred in Hulk #28.

This version of Hyperion, dubbed “King Hyperion,” was first seen in the Exiles series working for the Weapon X team. He later jumped into the 616 reality where he fought the Winter Guard and Blue Marvel in Age of Heroes #3.

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