Ultimate Comics X-Men #21

Issue Date: 
March 2012
Story Title: 
Reservation X – part 3

Brian Wood (writer), Carlo Barberi w/ David Baldeon(pencils), Juan Vlasco w/ Jordi Tarragona (inkers), Jesus Aburtov w/ Javier Tartaglia (colorists), Michael Ryan (cover), VC’s Joe Sabino (letters), Emily Shaw & Jon Moisan (assistant editors), Mark Paniccia (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Tony Star and Kitty Pryde announce that the mutants intend to make the sentient seed that will solve world hunger available to everyone for free. As expected, the world starts discussing the seed. While the president only has positive things to say about Utopia, a clandestine group of politicians plans the mutants’ destruction. In Utopia, not everybody is happy. Some feel that Kitty is making it all about her, and others, especially Mach Two and her group, don’t see why they should give the humans anything. Stark warns Kitty that she needs defenses but she is set on her pacifist course. As expected, that night Utopia is attacked. Iron Man and several of the mutants, among them Jimmy, defend them. Kitty lashes out at Jimmy for undermining her pacifist efforts, but Iron Man warns them it’s going to get worse. In Tian, Karen Grant is trying to convince Liz Allan and Derek Morgan the idea with the seed will never work. Derek and Liz remark that some mutants in Tian openly say Kitty Pryde should be their leader.

Full Summary: 


Tony Stark is holding a press conference. What has America given the world? he asks. An example! From the time of revolution to their struggles through depression and recession, their scientific and civil right accomplishments, they have shown the world the benefits of hard work. They have demonstrated there is peace in commerce. Every generation brings with it new avenues to success and prosperity. These new Americans would like to offer a gift to the world: something to benefit them all. Hope for millions of people, humans and mutants alike. He introduces Kitty as a symbol of a new era of global change.

Kitty begins talking, announcing they have something to offer the world. They might see it as an olive branch. It’s also a seed.

Not far away, Psylocke bitches she can’t believe it’s all about Kitty. Storm and Blackheath and Zero are just as much – Storm shushes her.

Kitty announces they may have come to Utopia thinking this lonely place was anything but a paradise. That’s what she thought too. That’s what they all thought. Since they got here life hasn’t been easy for them. But no one ever promised them an easy life.

So much of the conflict in the world happens when resources are scarce. Here in Utopia, they have some of the most talented, unique and capable people anywhere. They used those talents to come up with a solution.

How many times can you fight the same fight? A wise man once told her you have to put down the gun. Which means you have to let go of prejudice. She believes that the world can be changed. She believes that an act of charity is a seed that can sprout into goodwill. So that’s what they are offering the world. She holds up the sentient seed, announcing that this seed will grow in any climate. It immediately adapts to any conditions, programs itself according to its surroundings. It can thrive in any type of soils. They’ve named it the sentient seed. And it will end world hunger.

As expected, the media discuss the mutants’ gift.

On VNN, two anchormen argue, one calling it a gift, the other pointing out the farmers’ point of view, believing someone will be making money.

NBS tells how some groups have threatened legal action against the mutants for the dangerous mutant seed, which they believe could be harmful to humans. According to one expert, it may even turn children into mutants.

MNBCN: Tony Stark announces that Stark Industries will perform any necessary testing before distributing the seed. Kitty assures the press that they aren’t the enemy. The seed is a gift freely given in the hope that one day the world will see mutants as friends and partners, not enemies.

At another press conference, Carol Danvers, chief of staff to the president, calls this a stunning display of patriotism, a triumph for modern science and an inspiring act of charity. A reporter asks about the economic impact of the seed. Carol commends the mutants for their contribution, not only to their nation but the world.

A shadowy group watches the conference. Pointless rhetoric, they decide and call it a science fair project from a group of kids. It goes against their interests, another man observes. They were led to believe by members of this group that the Cure was more divisive than they are seeing evidence of at the time. They cannot proceed as planned with a volatile mutant population. The reservation should have brushed them into the shadows. There are what, twenty, left. They can make it fewer, one man suggests.

The next morning, Stark welcomes Kitty and Jimmy in his private jet (seeing as how Utopia doesn’t have a five star hotel). Although, after the events of the day, who knows? Tony jokes and adds the charitable hand needs a strong arm. Kitty remarks they’ve done the world a favor. They don’t need to be a military entity. Tony clarifies they need to be willing to defend themselves. Perhaps even from internal threats. Kitty remarks they are still getting their sea legs. Mach Two and the others will understand. They are all committed.

Jimmy warns her that they were insubordinate. She isn’t a dictator! Kitty insists. Tony tells her they leave the internal politics to her but this seed makes them a major player in the world market. They need to be savvy. They must be prepared for backlash. If they prepare for battle, they invite war, she remarks. Tony retorts war never waits for an invitation.

Jimmy is sure they can defend themselves. Tony warns them their enemies won’t use non-lethal means. Kitty announces they don’t want to fight anymore. If they aren’t an example to the world, they aren’t anything! The seed is their opportunity to be peacemakers.

Jimmy agrees with Tony. They need to be ready. It’s this simple, Tony announces. If you discover gold, you put it in a safe. Allow Stark to provide some surveillance and basic non-lethal perimeter defenses.

Outside, Blackheath bitches, what’s next? A press tour? They created the thing and Kitty gets the credit. Don’t they get a say? Storm reminds him Kitty is the face of Utopia. She looks normal. Stark’s just being a business man. Business at their expense, Sam retorts, and he doesn’t remember Kitty consulting them. Zero points out Stark is doing what they wanted, to get the seed out there. Sam insists he didn’t vote for that. He didn’t vote for the seed and he didn’t vote for Kitty to be queen of the mutants!

Zero reminds him the point is to help make peace. Peace is his silly ideal, Sam snorts. Did the world reach out and offer it to them? No!

Ororo calls him a bitter man. He reminds her she was in the same camps as him. Maybe he’s bitter but he’d call it realistic. The world was content to look the other way while they were abused. Until Kitty came along, Ororo reminds him. Her royal highness! he snorts. At some point, she is going to start to give orders and make demands. All “great leaders” do.

In Tian, Karen Grant while meditating discusses matters with Liz Allen and Derek Morgan, who point out that Tony Stark is still in Utopia. Karen calls him a media diva. He smells a profit and is using them. This’ll blow over with the next news cycle.

Liz points out that Kitty is too smart to fall for any of that. Her alliance with Stark might be legit. What if this thing of theirs takes off? Derek agrees. They need to do something. The mutants in Tian are starting to talk.

People will always find something to talk about, Karen smiles. As long as they keep monitoring the situation, they will be fine.

Derek insists that the mutants here are talking about how Kitty fought down the Sentinels. They are passing around copies of her manifesto. They haven’t been truly unified in Tian since the war with the City, Liz adds. Derek remarks some people are saying that after what she’s accomplished Kitty should be the leader of Tian.

Karen warns them not to fall for the hype. She won’t last. Utopia won’t last.

Somewhere in the desert of Utopia, outside the settlement, Mach Two, Warpath and Psylocke sit around a campfire. Warpath bitches it’s disgusting how Kitty makes the humans a peace offering after they cast them out on this patch of desert. They shouldn’t have stopped fighting them. They should have beaten them, beaten them to the ground and kept on beating them. If they had bled the humans dry, they wouldn’t be meeting in ditches, would they?

And now their self-elected leader invites them to the dinner table, Nomi agrees. Psylocke asks if she has better ideas. She’s thinking, Nomi replies. They can’t rush into anything. They have to lay this trap carefully.

Warpath asks why wait when Nomi can suppress Kitty’s phase power. Betsy offers to provide a distraction. Nomi refuses. What does killing her do? They are the bad guys then. They need to humiliate her. They need to discredit her.

Psylocke whispers in her ear she’s been communicating with someone who can help. She is en route now and if they can turn her it will be the key to unraveling Kitty’s world.

Nomi announces that Kitty is a traitor both to their kind and to their future. She is not one of them. Warpath agrees. If revenge on the humans is their plan, Kitty’s gotta get taken care of first. They need to get her out of the way. Extinguishing the fire, Nomi bitterly replies he doesn’t have to remind her. Kitty Pryde’s been holding her back since New York.

Later at night, Black choppers land outside the settlement and armed men get out. Tony is alerted and immediately dons his armor. They picked the wrong jet to sneak up on, he announces.

The noise wakes the mutants. Kitty runs out to find Micromax, Iceman, Black Box and Jimmy already fighting. She tells them to stop, but Bobby points out that the bad guys are too busy shooting to listen to her.

One man tries to shoot, Kitty who phases. When Iron Man takes him out, the man fires at the jet. Shooting at Kitty was one thing, Tony announces. But that’s his favorite jet! With little effort, he takes the others out.

This is all wrong! Kitty shouts. They had a deal for protection. Captain America promised that the integrity of their borders would not be compromised. Who sent them? When the men don’t answer, Jimmy threatens one of them, but Kitty takes out her anger on Jimmy. This was a refuge, she snaps. They were building peace and he slashed and cut and fought! She’s working with every ounce she has in her and he doesn’t care! He just tears at their peace with his claws!

What did she expect him to do? Invite them for coffee? he shoots back. They came here with guns! She wants this new country, this brave new world, but isn’t willing to get her hands a little dirty. Well, someone has to and if it won’t be her hands it will be his claws!

Enough! Iron Man orders. He defended them but draws the line at babysitting. There are people in history who have changed the world, he tells Kitty. If she wants to be one she needs to know that change doesn’t come easy. He tells Jimmy while they must have a defense, they can’t run into a fight without knowing who the players are. These guys are mercenaries. Killers with experience. If someone hired them to send a message, then this is going to get much worse before it gets better.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Black Box, Blackheath, Iceman, Jimmy Hudson, Kitty Pryde, Mach Two, Magma, Micromax, Psylocke, Rogue, Shola Inkosi, Storm, Warpath, Zero and others(residents of Utopia)

Iron Man

Karen Grant / Jean Grey

Firestar, Guardian

Carol Danvers

Clandestine group


Story Notes: 

Tian’s war with the City occurred in the pages of Ultimate Comics: Ultimates.

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