Ultimate Comics X-Men #27

Issue Date: 
August 2013
Story Title: 
Natural Resources – part 4

Brian Wood (writer), Mahmud Asrar (pencils), Juan Vlasco (inker), Jordie Bellaire (colorist), Dave Johnson (cover), VC’s Joe Sabino (letters), Emily Shaw & Jon Moisan (assistant editors), Mark Paniccia (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

While the battle for Utopia between the mutants and the army begins, Jean Grey confronts Psylocke, who freely admits to being behind all this, having planned to destroy Utopia since day one. Jean senses she isn’t the real Psylocke and that this is connected to something called Project Mothervine. Psylocke holds her own and still manipulates the others until Jean manages to take her down with the help of Farbird. With Psylocke’s influence gone, James realizes that they cannot win this war with aggression. Rogue takes this as a cue and tells the Sentient Seed to help them. Vines burs from the ground, attacking the soldiers…

Full Summary: 

In the air, a soldier tells General Ross that the signal is strong. They have all the Utopia mutants identified. Ross tells him not to use the word ‘Utopia’. It’ll only get in the way of what they are doing. This is government land. No more than a hundred mutants, he figures. Can he maintain surveillance? It is their one advantage. They can flank them, drop suppressives, even hit them with active fire, if necessary. His drone will be their eyes.

From the jungle, Rogue watches the siege, figuring they will be coming soon. She is sure the Sentient Seed will protect them.

In the ,village everyone is preparing things or getting ready to fight. James especially is impatient, wishing for the battle to start, as does Shola.

Outside, Ross talks with a fed, asking if his men are ready. The fed replies that the 12-hours-grace period was over-generous. Ross explains they are talking about human beings. What Congressional order 334 does is unprecedented in this nation’s history. He is doing this by the book. Because at some point, they will be testifying before a more sympathetic future Congress. Or the courts. He hears there is one called The Hague, which takes a keen interest in human right abuses… He gives the order to move out.

Now! Rogue orders and as the first soldier steps into the jungle the temperature rises and they don’t get any heat signatures anymore. Surveillance is lost. Ross orders everyone in hard and fast. All force is hereby authorized!

In the jungle, Psylocke and Jean Grey circle each other, both sensing it’s begun. Jean realizes that Psylocke is behind all this. She’s impressed. What about Kitty? Inconsequential, Psylocke replies. But not to Jean. Interesting. She isn’t who she says she is. And she isn’t alone. She senses Farbird, a limited intelligence who is carrying a torch for Jean.

Jean is angry Psylocke can read her. Psylocke mimics Jean’s telepathic voice and sends Farbird back home, overriding Jean’s attempt to contact him. She brings Jean down and raises her psychic katana. Jean’s eyes glow with fire and she kicks Psylocke. Is she that arrogant to think she is the only omega level out here today?

A group of soldiers closes in on the village, shooting down one mutant. Surrounded by a bear-like forcefield, Armor attacks them, shouting at the soldiers to leave them alone. Storm follows up with her winds. Stun weapons aren’t working, one soldier decides and fires at Storm. Blackheath goes ballistic.

Did she hear that? Psylocke asks, Gunfire. They sense Storm is still alive. Psylocke goads that she can try with another soldier or Jean can quit Utopia and stay out of her operation. Who is she? Jean bursts out, not the real Psylocke, she can see that now.

Psylocke announces she’s been working to take Kitty Pryde and this god-forsaken Utopia down since day one. Everything: the bombings, the defections, every double-cross and every shot fired by those soldiers. Are Jean’s reasons for being here so charitable and honest? she mocks.

Blackheath hits, kicks and head-butts several soldiers. Does he have some hidden street-fighter ability? Storm, who is mostly okay, asks. Nah, he just loves her, he admits. He didn’t mean to undermine her by going a bit caveman here. Storm tells him to shut up and kisses him.

A soldier asks another one to hand him a grenade. The other who is influenced by Psylocke announces he has a better idea. He firebombs the jungle.

Jean threatens to kill Psylocke, who is unimpressed.

Elsewhere, the citizens of Utopia find themselves surrounded by the soldiers. They are ordered in view of Congressional order 334 to stand down. This land is hereby reclaimed by the government, as are their persons. This will happen. He suggests they comply.

In the jungle, Psylocke asks if Jean can feel the flames. This is the death stroke for both her and this miserable Utopia. Maybe once the place is destroyed and its population in chains, she’ll pay a visit to Tian?

Jean’s eyes flare with rage. She calls to Farbird, who slams right into Psylocke. He was never fooled by Psylocke’s impersonation of Jean. Who is she? he asks. Jean tries to scan her. The only word she is getting is Mothervine.

Near the village, James suddenly awakes as if from a trance. He realizes that this fight is the wrong way to go. He wasn’t thinking clearly, he tells the others. They wouldn’t survive another war.

Maybe they won’t have to fight one, Rogue announces. Utopia, now! she orders and giant vines burst from the ground.

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Blackheath, Kitty Pryde, Mach Two, Rogue, Shola Inkose, Storm, Wolverine II and others

Sentient Seed

Jean Grey


General Ross

Story Notes: 

Mothervine is a project to artificially create mutants which James learned about in the Ultimate Comics: Wolverine limited series.

The ‘fake’ Psylocke reveal is the consequence of writer and editors not realizing at the start that the real Psylocke perished during Ultimatum.

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