Ultimate Comics X-Men #32

Issue Date: 
December 2013
Story Title: 
World War X – part four

Brian Wood (writer), Alvaro Martinez (pencils), John Lucas (inker), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), Gabriel Hardman with Elizabeth Breitweiser (cover), VC’s Joe Sabino (letters), Emily Shaw (assistant editor), Mark Paniccia (editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

Jean Grey has set James Hudson loose in Ti’an to be hunted down and prove to the world that Utopia uses terrorists against them. Soon, James is brought to her as prisoner and she learns that Storm killed Farbird in self-defense. When Jean is about to kill James, her friends Liz Allen and Derek Morgan turn against her. In Utopia, Kitty has decided to give Jean one last chance before they are forced to bombard Ti’an. She has Pixie teleport her to Ti’an, where she arrives to find the injured James. While Pixie goes about evacuating Ti’an, starting with Liz and Derek, Kitty gets ready to fight Jean one-on-one.

Full Summary: 

Utopia: Kitty sits outside, taking one last look. She catches herself at that thought, hoping it is not her last look. She fully intends to live here for a long time and in peace. There’s something important to having a home that you built yourself.

A cougar comes to her side and rubs its head against her side. She pets it and wonders what will Utopia look like in six months or six years. When more mutants come and contribute their skills and enthusiasm and love. Is there anything they can’t achieve? She’ll fight for it. She thought they could get there with nonviolence and politics. Perhaps one day they can but not today it seems.

Colossus informs her there is a war meeting and she finds she misses James.

In Ti’an, James Hudson runs for his life while Jean Grey whips the citizens up in a frenzy against him. James is attacked and falls. He drags himself up again, his bullet wound healing. Jean! he cries.

From inside her house, Jean smirks, urging him to go feral. The worse he makes it, the better for her.

He climbs up a wall. Before someone else can attack, Derek Morgan catches James and tells him to stop. Furious, James hits him and continues clawing his way.

Several citizens of Ti’an now attack. A Xorn flier catches him. More and more come and James flails wildly. Suddenly, a superstrong troll-like being named Thurkel runs at him and hits James hard. He stays down. Jean quickly passes on footage to the news, depicting James as a Utopian suicide soldier.

Nearby in the air, Farbird is set to attack and kill Storm on Jean’s behalf. He rams into her, bent on getting his revenge for being forced to stay on the ground for hours. Seriously? she scoffs. He will enjoy this, he promises. Storm’s eyes glow. She attacks Farbird with electricity, which doesn’t harm him but she distracts him long enough to have him ram a plane.

Farbird falls, as do the pilots whom Storm catches. She takes them further down so they can breathe and promises to put them somewhere tropical. She tells them to remember that they are not always such bad guys and apologizes about their plane.

In Ti’an, Jean is shaken by Farbird’s death. Moments later, other loyal citizens drag James in. Thorkel broke most of his bones. He’s probably dead, they announce. Jean’s eyes flare. Some are harder to kill than others. She bows down and touches him with telekinetic energy. What is she doing? they ask, confused. Killing James Hudson, she replies.

Liz and Derek come rushing in. Liz hits Jean. Flanked by the Phoenix effect, Jean calls her a traitor. Murderer! Liz spits back.

In a glade in Utopia, Kitty leads Piotr to meet a hippie girl with pink hair and wings; Megan, also called Pixie, a teleporter. Piotr is doubtful. People are going to get killed, Kitty stresses. And he got the report from Storm. Depending on how the military reacts to losing a thirty million dollar plane… Kitty asks Pixie to take her to Ti’an. And if she doesn’t come back? Piotr asks. Kitty tells him to start the bombardment of Ti’an in two hours. Her orders, her authorization, her responsibility. And she will come back.

Is she really gonna bomb Ti’an? Pixie asks. Not if she doesn’t have to, Kitty replies. First she’s going to talk to Jean, put an end to this. But she finds herself agreeing with Jean on at least one thing: Ti’an and Utopia can’t coexist. They need to be united. One needs to go.

So how does she do this teleporting? Like a magic word or-- Whoa, she shouts when she finds they are in the air. Megan explains she sorta relaxes, lets the feeling flow through her. It’s like pixie dust. What, she gets high? Kitty asks nervously. To her it’s much more spiritual, Megan explains. And then they go.

Bombard Ti’an? Armor asks Colossus in disbelief. They’ve built a terrible weapon, he replies, but then he guesses all weapons are terrible. What the hell? she insists. Piotr explains that Kitty wants to end this war, so they are going to knock Ti’an from the skies. But she’ll make it back in time to stop him, right? Armor hopes. No, she won’t, he tells her bluntly. And even if she did, there’ll be no place for her here. She’ll be a pariah at best, a war criminal at worst. She’s done. She’s sacrificing herself. He has to admire that in a horrible car crash sort of way. One hour fifty-eight minutes.

In Ti’an, a furious Jean Grey lashes out at her friend Liz for daring to question her. Derek catches Liz. She’s insane, Liz mumbles. Glad they think so, Pixie, floating in the air tells them, she’s going to need their help big time. They got to evacuate Ti’an. All of them. Like now!

Good riddance! Jean snaps and wonders who the little gnat-like girl out there is. She’s with her, Kitty remarks as she is cradling James. They are going to talk, she announces. This is going to end today. One way or the other. For the future of all mutants? Jean asks, eyes flaring. Let’s go!

Characters Involved: 

Armor, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Pixie, Storm (all residents of Utopia
Wolverine II 

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