Ultimate Spider-Man #106

Issue Date: 
May 2007
Story Title: 
Ultimate Knights: part 1

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils), Drew Hennessy (inks), Justin Ponsor (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Rich Ginter (production), John Barber (associate editor), Ralph Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Peter tries to get some stuff out of his house but is stopped by Damage Control, who, on command of Nick Fury, are trying to restore Peter’s half-destroyed home. When they get confirmation Peter is who he’s claiming to be, he’s allowed inside, where Peter recovers his Spider-Man costume. Later, he and MJ go to the hospital to visit Aunt May, who has accepted Peter is Spider-Man. They all agree to talk about it more once she’s released from the hospital. Until then May draws their attention to the TV, where a reporter tells viewers that today’s most popular super-hero is no longer Captain America, but… Spider-Man! Peter and MJ later go to visit the Fantastic Four again, where Reed and Professor Storm do some check-ups on MJ. During the exam, Sue and Peter agree that Spider-Man’s popularity is just Nick Fury manipulating the media to make up for how he has been treating Peter in the past. Peter next goes to the Daily Bugle to see if he’s still got a job. Jameson wants to fire Peter, until he learns what happened to Aunt May and changes his mind. He even agrees to let Peter work on the weekend edition so he can earn more money, seeing as his participation ensures an exclusive. At the same time, Shang-Chi unsuccessfully tries to infiltrate the Kingpin’s army, in the hope he can take him down. Shang-Chi is discovered and shot, but I subsequently rescued by Daredevil. Daredevil explains to Shang-Chi he’s putting a team together, who’s goal it is to take the Kingpin down for good. Daredevil later goes to Peter’s school as Matt Murdock and convinces Peter to meet him on a rooftop later that night so he can explain to him what he and his new friends are planning to do. While in class, Peter and MJ talk about this until the principal interrupts Ms. Jones’ class. He wants to introduce a new girl that will be attending the class from now on. And that someone is… Kitty Pryde!

Full Summary: 


Peter and MJ stand before what was once Peter’s home, now partially in ruins. Peter wants to get his things, but is prevented from doing so by Damage Control. While Thunderball glares at MJ, Peter does his best to explain who he is, however the uninterested Wrecker tries to make Peter understand that they’re on a job here. Bulldozer looks at some papers and reads Peter’s name on it, hence confirming his identity. So vindicated, MJ asks who’s paying for all this, to which Wrecker reveals that Nick Fury is. To this, Bulldozer jokes that means a lot of cash for them. Wrecker jokes that first the Ultimates tear up Manhattan, and then this happens. Bulldozer jokes that they sure are having a good time, which Wrecker can only confirm.

Peter again asks if he can go get his stuff now and Bulldozer tells him he can, but warns him to be careful in there and not to die. While Peter leaves, Bulldozer tries to flirt with MJ. However when she explains to him she’s only 15 years old, he pulls his arm away from her. Still, he whistles at her, remarking he’s still impressed at her beauty.

Peter makes it to the attic, which is relatively untouched by the bedlam that is his life. “Small favors,” he mocks. He opens a suitcase in which his Spider-Man suit is stored, and some web-shooters. He puts them all in his backpack. He finds his phone, but it’s dead. He hates that he now has to call Kitty and tell them they’re no longer dating, so she can come over here and beat the wholly snot out of him for being a snake, which Peter believes he is. And he also realizes that with every minute that goes by that he isn’t telling her this, it’s only making the situation worse. He also wonders how long this “Damage Control” will take.

Later, at the hospital, Aunt May’s room…

MJ has told May about Damage Control, and that they said it’ll be done when it’s done. At a table, Peter is enjoying some hospital food and jokes he doesn’t know why people are so down on it, because he thinks it’s delicious. Aunt May asks MJ if she knew Peter was Spider-Man, which she confirms it before May can end her sentence. Worried about the subject, Peter warns the two to talk in code.

May asks Peter why he told MJ about his identity and not her. MJ smiles it’s because she’s Peter’s friend. Peter adds that MJ is his only friend, but she corrects that’s not true. Peter also says that, if he hadn’t told MJ, Aunt May would surely ask her right now if he told her, so he warns May to get used to not doing that kind of stuff.

May realizes they have a lot to talk about, which Peter agrees, but not until she’s better. May understands. He then asks his her how she’s feeling, and May replies that she’s getting antsy and bored. Peter thinks that’s a good thing. Turning her attention to the TV, May asks the kids if they knew that commercial television is horrible. They sure do. May wants to show Peter something else that’s been on television today. When he acts confused, May suggests he just has a look at it. He turns on the TV, and a female reporter happily cheers out Spider-Man mania is now sweeping New York City!

She shows footage of Spider-Man fighting the Hulk. She further indicates that a new Reuters poll says that the most popular super hero in New York is no longer Captain America. It’s the masked, mysterious wall-crawler, Spider-Man. Some think it’s the due to the success of last summer’s reality movie coming to DVD, but others say it’s Nick Fury coming out in public in support of Spider-Man’s recent activities in Queens. Whatever the case, she concludes, Spider-Man is everyone’s favorite hero. For now.

Elsewhere, in a large office building downtown…

The Kingpin, sitting behind a large round table with his employees, asks them why they are showing him the show where Spider-Man is praised as a hero. He thinks they’re trying to upset him. They explain that recently Fisk has purchased a holding firm called GG Enterprises, which owns C and C Licensing. And they own the global licensing rights to Spider-Man. And Spider-Man is Q-rating through the roof right now, which means Fisk owns the licensing rights to Spider-Man.

Kingpin isn’t sure how to react to that. His employees further explain that Spider-Man started out as a low-rent wrestling circuit. This wrestling company called Hercules Wrestling, Inc actually owned the name and license and put out T-Shirt, which one of the employers shows to the Kingpin and also a Spider-Man figurine, and adds when that movie came out last summer and did huge business, the studio stepped on Hercules Wrestling, Inc’s neck and didn’t let them put any Spider-Man stuff at all. The wrestling company ended up in bankruptcy and, well, now the Kingpin owns the place.

He has about a nine-month window for merchandising on his wave of popularity. The employee further reads on his files that says there’s an estimated cash value of the investment and what the return is, based on some of the figures they have from Tony Stark’s Ultimate franchise and what the army has made off Fantastic Four license. Kingpin just cares this means he owns Spider-Man. The employee smiles that Fisk owns the important part: he owns the likeness. Kingpin thinks about it for a while, and smiles to his employee to take any sublicense offer, and any media offer as well. They’ll go to town and the flood market. The employee believes that means they’ll run the business into the ground. “Exactly,” Kingpin grins.


Peter and MJ are waiting on a bus stop. She refuses to take the bus, but Peter doesn’t want to talk about it. MJ reminds Peter he owes her, but he doesn’t know for what. She just wants him to put on the costume and go. He doesn’t want to as the webs are expensive, and he has to conserve. MJ jokes they couldn’t be more expensive than taking the bus. Peter replies he isn’t comfortable with crossing this line with her, but MJ jokes she really doesn’t know what line Peter is referring to at this moment. Peter agrees and, a short while later, he and a thrilled MJ are web-slinging through town.

Later, at the Baxter Building…

Peter and MJ walk inside and Johnny sarcastically welcomes the most popular super hero on the planet. Peter also wonders what’s up with that. Johnny thinks they might be dealing with a clone of the most super hero on the planet. Peter warns him to not even joke about that. Seriously. Sue says hi to Peter, thinking it’s probably Fury manipulating the media for Peter, trying to quell his guilt for how he has been treating him. Peter thinks so, too. Reed says hi to MJ, wanting to do some follow-up checks on her, as she went through what they refer to as a traumatic genetic event. He and Doctor Storm just want to do some test.

Peter asks how long these tests will take. “About an hour,” Reed answers. MJ wants to know if it’ll hurt, but Reed claims it won’t… not even a little. Peter asks MJ if she’s cool he swings across the street. She is, and Peter promises to be back in a couple of minutes. He just needs to check if he still has a job at the Daily Bugle. MJ understands. Peter puts on his Spider-Man mask and leaves.

A few moments later…

Peter stands for his computer, which has a warning note on it to go see Jameson ASAP! He immediately walks to Jameson’s office, where Jonah is having a discussion with Ben Urich. Jameson tells Urich that readership is falling in every newspaper in America, and that newspapers across the country are folding up shop. So, he can’t believe Urich just send him in such a ridiculous article. Ben defends that Project Pegasus is a real thing, and that it’s not his fault readership is down in every newspaper in America. Jameson jokes it is, because he says so.

Peter interrupts the two, after which Jameson says h can’t believe he finally came back. Peter tries to explain himself, but Jameson just tells him that he’s fired and learned a hard life lesson. Peter is shocked to hear he’s fired. Robbie overhears it, and says “again?” Jameson recalls that Peter came here looking to learn life lessons. If you don’t show up at work, you get fired. It’s a life lesson and Jameson just taught it to him. Today, Peter is a man, he jokes. He can leave now.

Peter defends that it’s not his fault, as his house got attacked and his aunt had a heart attack. Ben thinks Peter is referring to the Ultimates thing, but Peter corrects he lives in Queens. Ben understands now Peter is talking about the Spider-Man thing. Jameson remembers Peter’s aunt as she’s the one that yelled at him that time. Peter remembers that too, and confirms it. Jameson asks if she’s okay and Peter explains his aunt had a heart attack and is recovering. She’s in the hospital now, and he was just there. Jameson dislikes it, but agrees not to fire Peter. Peter smiles, as he was wondering if he could get a raise.

Jameson strains to keep himself from yelling and is having the hardest time doing. Peter explains that it’s just that his aunt is in the hospital now; he could use the extra money. Urich asks Peter if he was home when the attack occurred, which Peter confirms. When Jameson asks Urich what he’s doing, Urich smiles that he’s on it: front-page, world-exclusive interview. It’s Spider-Man versus the Green Goblin! The Bugle has the exclusive story and an eyewitness account! Jameson goes to sit behind his computer and jokes that’s why Urich gets to keep his job. Peter smiles and reminds Jameson about the tiny raise he just asked for. Jameson promises Peter he can work the weekend edition now. Peter is thrilled, and calls Jameson an awesome guy. He doesn’t know why everyone says he’s such a…!

Jameson looks angrily at Peter, who tries to think of something to say other than what he was about to. As Urich and Robbie look on in silent shock, Peter finally corrects himself, and just thanks Jameson for the job.

The Kingpin’s parking lot…

Fisk and his employees meet up with a costumed villain, dressed in red and yellow colors. When the Kingpin asks the guy what he can do, the villain proudly replies that he kills people. In that case, Fisk smiles to the villain, he can kill the guy standing next to him. That guy is confused. The villain too, asking Fisk if he wants to kill the guy now. Kingpin explains to the villain that he’s looking for work as his fist, and this is what he would like his fist to do.

The villain looks even more confused now. Kingpin asks the “villain” who he really is. Or, more to the point, if he is a local or federal undercover? Kingpin tells his other thugs that the “villain” just physically attacked him, and they can kill him now. He’ll even hand out a nice bonus to whoever defends him. The thugs all smile and take out their guns, and point them at the villain. A battle begins, and the shooting as well, but the Kingpin is the one who ends it by punching the villain against a car. Injured, he tries to get up, but the Kingpin rips off the villain’s mask, and he is revealed to be… Shang-Chi!

Kingpin doesn’t know who Shang-Chi is and demands to know his name. Shang-Chi introduces himself and promises to bring the Kingpin down. Kingpin barely even cares and tosses Shang-Chi against another car. He orders his thugs to finish this, and they all open fire! However, once they have stopped, Shang-Chi’s body has vanished, with nothing but a pile of blood left behind. The thugs asks Kingpin what to do, but he just tells them not to make their problems his problems, and to just go find him. Kingpin tells his other employee, Mister Rose, that he has worked hard to get where he is in his world, and wants to work on a screening process. Rose agrees.

Shang-Chi runs for his life and opens a door. He enters a room, where he falls down. One of Kingpin’s thugs catches up on him and warns the others he found Shang-Chi. However, before he can finish the call, a red billy-club gets tossed against the thug’s head! The club returns to his owner’s hand… that of… Daredevil! Daredevil admits he appreciates the enthusiasm Shang-Chi displayed here, but there are much smarter ways to take out the Kingpin. And, he adds, he’s not the only one in this city who would like to do that. Daredevil introduces himself, mentioning that is what the media call him, and that he’s putting a little something together that he thinks Shang-Chi would be perfect for.

The Baxter Building…

Reed and Doctor Storm confirm that MJ is okay. Peter asks MJ if he told them about her nightmares. She dislikes talking about that, but Peter believes it’s important. When Sue asks what kind of nightmares MJ’s having, Peter explains MJ’s just having them, but she also sees things sometimes that aren’t there. “Like what?” Sue asks. MJ really dislikes talking about it, but explains that, for a second, once, she saw the clone who kidnapped her, when it was really Peter she was seeing. It only happened once. She hadn’t slept in a long time and thinks that’s the reason. Doctor Storm believes it’s post-traumatic stress, and Sue agrees.

MJ doesn’t know what that means. Sue explains MJ went through a traumatic event: she was victimized, verbally and physically. MJ asks if that also happened to Sue. She denies it, but the Thing claims it did happen to him, a fact that surprises Reed. Ben explains that last month he thought he saw Mole Men in their kitchen… but they weren’t there. It was just for a second. Johnny is surprised to hear about it, too. Doctor Storm explains it’s just Ben’s brain working it out. Ben thought so too, that it was just thanks to the crazy stuff they’ve seen lately. Peter thinks that means it’s normal. Sue corrects it’s not normal, but they may want to keep an eye on it. It can’t take over MJ’s life, and a therapist wouldn’t be a bad idea. MJ sadly says that it actually would be a bad idea.

Later, at the entrance of the school…

MJ jokes they’re definitely hanging out with cooler people now that they know the Fantastic Four. Peter tells her Johnny wants to double-date. MJ agrees, but Peter quickly adds that Johnny also wants them to find him a date. MJ guesses that “cooler” isn’t the right word here. Someone wearing red glasses stops Peter politely, asking if he can speak to him for a second. When Peter asks him who he is, the man introduces himself as Matt Murdock, attorney-at-law. He wants to talk to Peter. With a stern face, Peter asks MJ to go inside. She wants to know what this is about, but he tells her to just go and that he’ll meet her there.

Peter asks Matt again who he is. Matt reminds Peter he already told him and asks if he recognizes his voice. Peter admits he does… kind of. Matt promises Peter he can calm down and that they are friends. Peter claims he is calm, but Matt smiles he knows Peter’s lying. He can hear Peter’s heart and smell his perspiration. Peter now does recognizes Matt’s voice but can’t really place him. Matt knows what to do. What if he told Peter that “he’s a baby who has no excuse for being in a costume and you should get your immature butt home before he gets himself, or more importantly, me, killed?” Peter finally realizes he’s dealing with Daredevil, and is shocked.

Matt compliments Peter’s a smart boy. Peter wants to know what this is all about, but also wants Matt to get out of there. He also notices he’s blind. Ignoring this, Matt says has an offer for Peter, but Peter angrily tells Matt he can’t come to his school like this and talk to him like this. He has a life! He wants to know how Matt found him. Matt explains the world thinks Spider-Man goes to school here. And he has heightened senses and just… listened for Peter. Peter’s not really comfortable with this, no matter how cool the way Matt found him is.

Matt explains that his offer for Peter is to meet him on the rooftop across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, tonight. Eight o’clock. In costume. When Peter wants to know why, Matt just says it’s a good thing. Peter wants to know what he’s talking about. Matt explains they’re going to kill the Kingpin. Peter is shocked and confused. Matt walks away, reminding Peter to meet him at eight o’clock.

Minutes later, in class…

Peter’s teacher introduces herself as Jessica Jones. She’s a senior here at Midtown and she’s the student executive producer of the school’s television network. And they’re looking for volunteer staff members for their school TV broadcast. Not listening to what Jessica is telling them, MJ writes on her book the question of who the guy was Peter that was talking to. At first, Peter tries to say he doesn’t know but MJ doesn’t believe him. When Peter then explains it was Daredevil, MJ almost doesn’t believe it and thinks that’s really cool. MJ wants to know how Daredevil found Peter, but he promises to tell her after class.

MJ asks Peter if he ever called Kitty. When he says he didn’t, MJ smiles and ask Peter if he is planning on breaking up with Kitty… “right?” Peter just looks at MJ without saying anything back. MJ writes that Peter’s making it worse. He knows that.

Still lecturing, Ms. Jones further explains that their broadcast will look really good on the student’s college transcript. On that moment, the class gets interrupted by the school principal. He apologizes, but they’re having a new student joining the class today. It’s kind of an unusual situation. The girl is kind of well-known and she’ll be joining their school. He’s sure that the girl’s addition to the class will spark some discussion, but she assured him she’s up for that and open to anyone who may have questions for her. All the students smile, including Peter and MJ.

The new girl enters the class, and is revealed to be… KITTY PRYDE?! The principal welcomes Kitty to Midtown High School, and thinks this will be good for everyone. Peter is shocked once again. Kitty notices Peter, and a tear falls out of her eye.

Characters Involved: 


Mary Jane Watson

Aunt May

The Kingpin

Rose (one of Kingpin’s employees)

Kingpin’s henchmen

J. Jonah Jameson

Joe Robertson

Ben Urich

Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing (all Fantastic Four)

Dr. Franklin Storm

Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball, Wrecker (all Damage Control)




Ross Andru (principal of Peter and MJ’s school)

Jessica Jones (Peter and MJ’s teacher)


various people (all unnamed)

On TV:


The Hulk

female news reporter (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Kitty found out that Peter and MJ kissed each other last issue. She left the Xavier Institute after Professor Xavier’s death, as seen in Ultimate X-Men #78-79.

Peter told MJ he was Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man #13.

Spider-Man fought the Hulk in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2-3.

Project Pegasus was first mentioned in the limited series “Ultimate Power.” What is known about it so far is that it involves SHIELD agent Wendell Vaughn and the Serpent Society.

Daredevil began forming a team against the Kingpin in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2. Besides Shang-Chi and Spider-Man, Moon Knight is already convinced to tag along.

First appearance of Jessica Jones in the ultimate universe.

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