Ultimate Spider-Man #87

Issue Date: 
February 2006
Story Title: 
Silver Sable: part 2

Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Mark Bagley (pencils), Scott Hanna (inks), Justin Ponsor (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Tom Valente (production), John Barber & Nicole Wiley (assistant editors), Ralph Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

At school, Peter is happy about his new relationship with Kitty Pryde and thinks about it. He is approached by Kong, who worries about Flash, whom he hasn’t seen all day. Flash himself is still being held hostage by Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. They aren’t sure what to do about him, since he saw their faces and could mean trouble. Flash manages to knock them out and escapes to his mom’s workplace. They contact the police, who inform the media about it and they now want to do something about Spider-Man, even describing Flash as a hero. Peter meets up with Kitty and has a fun time with her, hanging out at his home and telling her about the time he fought the Rhino. Mary Jane warns Peter about what’s going on with Flash and he goes back to school. There, the TV media has gathered, looking for info about Flash’s incident and the true identity of Spider-Man. During the commotion, Peter has an argument with Mary Jane about Kitty. As classes begin, Peter goes inside the school, but is stopped by the police, who want to hold a random bag check. Peter is shocked, fearing they might find his Spider-Man costume inside!

Full Summary: 

(Midtown High School)

At the library, an angry Mary Jane notices Peter staring in front of him, smiling. She hates the fact he’s smiling, because she feels miserable they broke up, and wants to know why he’s smiling so much.

Peter thinks about the fact he’s actually dating an X-Man, namely Kitty Pryde, and pats himself on the back for it. But he thinks about the fact he has to find out somehow what the “Kitty” part in her name stands for: Catherine or Cathleen probably, he thinks. He wonders if he could tell his aunt about the fact he’s dating a celebrity like Kitty, thinking it could happen he simply met her at the mall because she’s cute and funny. He thinks he doesn’t necessarily have to tell her aunt that means he’s Spider-Man. But he does worry though. How many odd things have to happen at their home before Aunt May puts two and two together? He hopes if he tells May about this, she won’t figure out that his best friend Harry is a big bad green goblin and that one of his best friends was killed in their own backyard.

Kong approaches Peter, asking if he has seen Flash around. Peter jokes his underwear is still in place meaning he didn’t get a wedgie yet today, meaning he hasn’t seen Flash. Flash jokes this might be Peter’s chance to form his own identity. But Kong does worry though, as Flash hasn’t answered his cell phone all day, and he always keeps it around himself. Kong decides to try contact Flash one more time, but still doesn’t get an answer even after 7 attempts.

(Silver Sable’s secret base)

Sable wants to know who of her Wild Pack is going to take responsible for the mix-up of kidnapping Flash Thompson and not the real Spider-Man, as that was their job which she thought everyone understood. She reads Flash’s passport and is upset they made a mistake. Quentino confirms she did saw Spider-Man landing near the dumpsters at the school, making Sable wonder what went wrong.

(a few hours ago)

Spider-Man decides to land behind the dumpsters at the school, not realizing he’s being followed by Quentino. However, as he is about to land, Peter notices Flash eating his chocolate bar nearby and panics. He sticks on the walls and, unnoticed by Flash, shoots some webs at his backpack and climbs inside the school through a window. On that very moment, Chen and Powell rushed in, thinking Flash was their suspect and electrocuted him.

(Silver Sable’s secret base)

Powell doesn’t know what went wrong and still thinks their mission is a success, making Sable even angrier and wanting to slap him. Quentino wants to know what they are supposed to do with Thompson, fearing they’ll have to leave the country again because he saw their faces. But she refuses to go under the knife again, not after that Latveria thing. Quentino suggests they’ll just dump him back behind the school. Powell wants to get rid off him like Sable ordered and tells Chen to help him, but he refuses to whack a kid as that wasn’t their job.

Flash wakes up again and slams Powell on his back, making him fall against the others! He makes a run for it. Sable tries to shoot at him, but misses. The Wild Pack rushes outside the building but, once they are on the square, Flash is already gone. Silver Sable panics.

(Midtown High School)

Peter walks out of the school, alone, when he suddenly notices Kitty hanging around! Surprised, he asks her what she’s doing there, wearing those cute sunglasses on her face. Kitty smiles that she was bored sitting around at the X-Mansion, so she guilted Storm into flying her there so she and Peter could spend some time together, and surprise him. Peter admits he really is surprised, making Kitty joke that means her job there is done.

Kitty wants to know what they are going to do. Peter smiles he’ll call work and claim he’s sick. Kitty tells him he doesn’t have to do that. Peter knows but doesn’t care. Kitty takes his arm and suggest they leave, admitting her sunglasses aren’t the smartest disguise. As they leave, Peter doesn’t notice that Mary Jane has seen him and is shocked.

(a bar)

Silver Sable and her Wild Pack are sitting at a bar, listening to the news. Reporter Chris Busse explains the events concerning Flash Thompson, that he simply ran to the place his mother works and told her what happened to him, and she contacted the police. Sheriff McNeely promises he doesn’t know who Spider-Man is, as he has never met the guy, but promises he’ll take measures. He even thinks that Flash is a hero for being able to run away from his kidnappers.

Chen thinks they can’t whack the kid now anymore, because he probably described their faces to the police. Powell wants to know what they are going to do now. Quentino asks if Powell called back yet, but he hasn’t and Sable isn’t happy about it.

(Roxxon Corporation parking lot)

Roxxon steps into his limo, ready to go home. As he steps inside, Sable is already waiting for him! Roxxon doesn’t want to talk to her. Sable explains they are in a delicate transaction right now and thinks Roxxon needs a commitment. Roxxon wants to know if he’s supposed to pay Sable for her blunders. Roxxon shouts at his chauffeur, Michael, to get out of the car and he does so. Sable admits that her reputation means everything to her, and wants to finish the assignment. Roxxon doesn’t even have to pay for it. Roxxon agrees and gives Sable and her team three days to finish the job, and if she won’t succeed, Roxxon will send in someone else.

(Queens, Peter Parker’s home)

Peter and Kitty are hanging out at his room. While Kitty looks at some pictures Peter collected from newspaper interviews about his career as Spider-Man, he tells her about the time he fought the maybe eight-feet tall Rhino. Kitty is impressed; even though she saved the world a couple of times, she never fought a rhino before. The phone rings. Kitty asks if Peter has to take it, with him thinking it might be his aunt. But it’s Mary Jane. Hesitating, she asks Peter if he saw the news. He didn’t and asks what’s wrong. Before saying anything more, MJ hangs up the phone.

(Later, at school)

A news reporter approaches the crowded school, where she talks to Flash about his kidnapping, wanting to know what happened. Flash explains he overheard they were after Spider-Man and thinking he went to this school, or perhaps was one of his teachers. The TV interviews Liz, explaining she knows Flash for years now and is confident he isn’t Spider-Man. The principal promises to hold an immediate meeting to discuss the school security, and didn’t even know Flash’s parents said on TV they were considering a lawsuit against the school. Tandy Bowen claims that everyone knows Spider-Man goes to this school. Kong admits he is Flash’s best friend, and that he was also in the recent Spider-Man movie, surprised the reporter doesn’t recognizes him.

Peter is shocked by the commotion. MJ approaches Peter, asking if he knew people were trying to kidnap him. Peter didn’t and thinks this is a whole new nightmare, but asks her to keep it down, because of the many microphones. Whispering, MJ asks if Peter knew people knew he went to high school here, with Peter joking he isn’t known for being able to keep his masks on during fights. MJ laughs that Flash is probably going to get rich off of this, and all he did was cry over to his mommy. Peter wants to know why MJ hung up like that, with MJ sadly replying she knew he had company. Peter understands, with MJ angrily replying she isn’t retarded.

The principal stops everything by shouting classes began five minutes ago and all the students have to go inside. Peter does so, but alone, thinking what he’s supposed to say to MJ. He believes he can’t be with her, because she can’t protect herself from danger, but Kitty can because of her powers. Suddenly, he gets stopped by a few police officers, wanting to hold a random bag check and open his. Peter is shocked, afraid they will discover his Spider-Man costume inside it!

Characters Involved: 


Mary Jane Watson

Flash Thompson (Freddie Thompson)

Kong (Kenny McFarlane)


Chen, Powell, Quentino, Silver Sable (all Wild Pack)

Mr. Roxxon

Michael (Roxxon’s chauffeur)

Tandy Bowen

Ross Andru (Principal of Peter’s high school)

several other high school students & teachers (all unnamed)

Police officers patrolling the high school (all unnamed)

on TV:

Sheriff Mike McNeely

Chris Busse and other news reporter

Flash Thompson’s mother (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Spider-Man fought the Rhino before he fell in love with Shadowcat in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1. The “Kitty” part in Kitty Pryde’s name actually stands for Katherine, but Peter doesn’t know that at this point.

First actual appearance of Tandy Bowen in the Ultimate Universe. She was first mentioned to exist in Ultimate Spider-Man #78. In the mainstream Marvel Universe, Tandy Bowen is the super-heroine Dagger. It’s unclear at this point if Tandy, besides being a student at Peter’s school, is also a super-heroine, but most likely not.

Harry Osborn, changed into a attacking goblin like his father, Norman, can be found throughout Ultimate Spider-Man #72-79. Gwen Stacy was killed in Peter’s backyard in Ultimate Spider-Man #62.

Included in this issue is also the fourth part to the storyline of “Ultimate Vision,” which takes place after Ultimate Secret #1-4.

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