Ultimates 2 #12

Issue Date: 
August 2006
Story Title: 
The Avengers

Mark Millar (writer), Bryan Hitch (pencils), Paul Neary & Bryan Hitch (inks), Laura Martin (colors), Chris Eliopoulos (letters), Nicole Boose & John Barber (associate editors), Ralph Macchio (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Joe Simon & Jack Kirby (creators of Captain America)

Brief Description: 

Captain America and Abdul face each other in combat, not wanting any one else to interfere with their business, no matter what the outcome will be. Meanwhile, the battle between the other Liberators and the Ultimates continues. The Hulk has rejoined the side of the heroes and takes out most of the Crimson Dynamo units in Washington, and later kills the Abomination. Tony Stark deals with the situation in New York, where Stark, even though he fights while drunk, manages to clear the skies. Quicksilver gets back up on his feet and uses his great speed to take on Hurricane, causing her bones to fall apart, which of course kills her as well. The Ultimates get the help of Captain Britain and his companions, who take out the Schizoid Men and free the other captured heroes. The X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and Defenders now join the battle as well. Janet injects herself with a serum Hank gave her earlier, and grows in massive size, just like he did, and takes out Swarm. Hank himself switches sides, and reveals that he was just infiltrating in the Liberators. He has his Ultron robots help the Ultimates out in the battle as well. The battle between Steve and Abdul ends as well, with Cap winning by killing Abdul. With most of the Liberators taken care of, one member remains: Loki. Loki decides it’s time he gets his hands dirty and angrily attacks the Ultimates. Along the way, he reveals his father, Odin, really has send Thor to save the world and did everything he could to prevent that. Wanda wants to end this madness, and uses her powers to send forth Thor! Thor lands in front of his evil half-brother and is ready for a battle.

Full Summary: 

Washington, DC…

The Hulk uses his massive strength to lift up the huge armor of a Crimson Dynamo unit. Next, he throws the Dynamo down and smacks it down! Nearby, Abomination is surprised to see Banner. Abdul, standing triumphantly over a fallen Captain America, orders his teammate to deal with the Hulk. Abomination jumps right towards the Hulk, ready for action.

Cap tries to get back up on his feet and spits blood out of his mouth. First things first, Cap asks for his opponent’s name, but Abdul doesn’t understand. As he takes his shield out of his backpack, Cap explains he likes to know a man’s name before he puts him into the ground. Holding his double-sized laserstaff in his hands, Cap’s foe introduces himself as simply being Abdul al-Rahman and states that he was a farmhand in the northwest province of Azerbaijan. Abdul’s afraid he has no interest in these super hero codenames, and asks Cap if he doesn’t think it’s a little immature to indulge in such childish conventions.

Hawkeye, holding shards of glass into his hands, attacks Abdul, angrily mocking him that Darth Maul wants his lightsaber back. Hurricane protects her leader and kicks Hawkeye away from him. Abdul shouts that nobody else gets involved in the battle between him and Captain America, no matter what happens next. That also suits fine with Cap. Abdul strikes first, but Cap blocks the laser using his shield.

Meanwhile, the Abomination tries to slam the Hulk into the ground. He shouts at Banner that he’s bigger than he is, but also stronger and, unlike Banner, still has his genius intellect. In other words, Abomination shouts while trying to crush Banner’s head: he’s screwed!

The White House...

Hurricane has already used her swift abilities to run towards the White House and continues to punch Hawkeye. She wonders if this is what Clint does: flailing around like a spastic. Hawkeye is no match for her and gets beaten. Hurricane kicks him down, shouting at Clint to get back up as she was told he was fast.

Quicksilver wakes up and when he sees his teammate under attack, he runs away from his sister, Betty and Fury and rushes to Hawkeye’s aid. He punches Hurricane away from Clint, and shouts at her that if she attacks him again he’ll rip her head off. The fight goes so fast that only Pietro and Hurricane herself can hear what’s being said. Pietro wants Hurricane not to pretend she can’t hear him, because he can tell she has been kitted-out.

Dodging some of Quicksilver’s moves, Hurricane mocks she can sure hear him. And, she admits, she has been looking forward to this battle since scientists first sliced her open. They all know about Quicksilver and that strange sister fixation he seems to have. She mocks Pietro, wondering what’s wrong with him, thinking his father never told Pietro he loved him. Hurricane punches Pietro away from her and strikes at Hawkeye again, informing Pietro that, at the speed they’re moving at now, she could just blow Hawkeye up by just touching him.

Pietro smiles he can give Hurricane “fast” if that’s what she wants. He quickly moves to her again, punching her away from Hawkeye once more. He wonders what kinds of limits Hurricane’s creators put her up to back home... Mach five? Or Mach ten? Pietro reveals he was already hitting those numbers when he still had pimples! Quicksilver continues to run real fast, tearing Hurricane up from the inside. Hurricane begs Pietro to save her life, but he ignores that. Pietro asks Hurricane if she can feel her bones rumbling like she’s riding on a freight train. That’s in fact her molecules dancing, and also what happens when somebody threatens Pietro’s friends! Pietro grabs Hurricane tightly, and her body completely falls apart!

As Hawkeye falls on the ground, Wanda asks Betty what just happened and where her brother went to. Clint sees an exhausted Pietro gathering his breath, and jokes at him to stop messing around and give him a hand up. Pietro just stares at Clint.


Captain America punches Abdul into his face, correcting that Abdul should have killed him when he had the chance. Abdul gets back up and punches Cap now, shouting at him to stop talking. He tries to hit Cap again with his laser, but Cap protects himself using the shield. The impact of the laser on the shield causes the laser to break apart. The two combatants continue to hit each other, and Abdul manages to punch Cap’s shield out of his hands. Cap in return kicks Abdul, who drops one of his lasers, which falls on the ground. Both Cap and Abdul now uses the lasers as weapons, which strike on each other.

Abdul shouts at Cap to strike him down, if he dares!

At the White House...

Fury reminds Betty and Wanda they’ve got to move, as they’ve got to save the President. They’re the only ones who can get the president out of Air Force One! Betty doesn’t understand what Nick is talking about, as he can barely stand and only has one arm. Fury gently touches Betty’s shoulder, asking her if she remembers that pistol her old man bought for her eleventh birthday. Betty does. When Fury asks Betty if she still knows how to use it, Betty guesses so, and picks up a shotgun from the floor. She starts shooting with it, and so does Fury with his gun. He yells this is outstanding. Wanda joins the battle as well and fires her hexpowers on the Schizoid Man duplicates.

Outside, Swarm sees she’s not only just fighting the Wasp now. She can’t have Janet’s little friends save the warmonger-in-chief, referring to the president. She knocks Janet down, wondering if Fury and the others realize what they’re up against. Janet stares at Swarm in disbelieve.

New York...

More Schizoid Man duplicates are wandering across the city, and see some civilians approaching them. They wonder what those men are doing here, as it’s past curfew and shouldn’t be out. One of the gentleman, a man with blond hair wearing glasses and a blue suit, explains that they’re actually trying to find the Fantastic Four and asks the Schizoid Man if he has any idea where they are. The Schizoid Man tries to block the view of the helicopter behind him, in which the chained Fantastic Four members are sitting in, and shouts at the man to get out of here, as this area is off-limits to civilians.

The gentlemen take off their clothes, admitting they aren’t civilians. They’re a supersoldier task force from the European Union! The earlier man takes off his glasses as well, assuming the Schizoid Men didn’t read super-hero comics back in Mother Russia. They just used something called secret identities. The man rips his suit open as well, revealing the uniform of... Captain Britain!


The Hulk has regained the upper hand in his battle against the Abomination. He defends that he’s smart too and, while punching the villain, Banner asks him what the square root of six million, two hundred and eleven is, and also if the Abomination knows the formula for to make Coca-Cola. A pummeled Abomination begs the Hulk to spare him, but he doesn’t listen. The Hulk lifts up a destroyed Crimson Dynamo armor, and throws it on the Abomination!

Nearby, Fury and his companions have managed to rescue the president out of the Air Force One jet and kill the Schizoid Men guarding it. Fury informs the president that the fight-back’s spreading all across the country, and that the Union’s already in their camps and busy freeing all the other superhumans. The president refuses to go anywhere until he knows for sure the VP’s okay. Betty promises the VP’s fine and that Hawkeye just put the VP’s family into a chopper less than two minutes ago.

Swarm attacks the heroes using her bees and insects, thinking she has now something else to keep an eye out to. Betty tells her friends and the president to get into their jeep and leave this one to Janet. Fury doesn’t get what Janet will do about this, mockingly wondering if Janet can talk to bugs now, too. Wasp thinks Fury is insane when he says that. She’s injects something in her arm with a little something Hank gave her earlier.

A second later, the Wasp grows into a humongous size and steps her foot down onto Swarm, taking her out! Wanda flies up to Janet, complimenting that was incredible. Janet looks forward, and is shocked when she sees the destructions over by the Union Station.

There, the remaining Crimson Dynamo units declare a change of plan: this is a suicide mission now! They will shoot everything they can! Loki, standing calmly nearby without interfering, doesn’t agree with the Dynamo (or whatever he calls himself). Loki thinks their little invasion is all going pear-shaped. As some innocent people get killed, Loki starts floating up in the air, and thinks it’s time to get his hands dirty.

The leader of the Crimson Dynamo orders his companions to aim and shoot as many civilians as they can, and wants this place to look like a desert. It’s time to give the American’s death like they’ve never seen before! But suddenly, a blue light appears above, and the leader gets struck down by a blast! The citizens look up in the skies, and are surprised to recognize a familiar face. A voice warns the terrorists that, even though he might be utterly wasted, he’s still an excellent shot. Iron Man Six is now activated and ready to save the day. All of the Dynamo units fly up, and attack Tony Stark, who is sitting in a huge, red Iron Man suit!

Meanwhile, the Hulk continues to battle Abomination and compliments Stark. He likes it when he makes little men explode; it makes him laugh. He rips off Abomination’s arms, who begs again to spare him. Instead, Banner punches the creature down. The Abomination doesn’t understand how Banner does it. He wants to know how the Hulk could beat him when he’s so much smarter. It doesn’t make sense to him. The Hulk tells Abomination that he just thinks too much. The Hulk gives the Abomination one final punch, which instantly kills him.

The huge Janet continues to take out more Schizoid Men and wants to be informed about the situation on the ground. Hawkeye fires some arrows at more duplicates, explaining that it’s thinning out. Quicksilver punches more Schizoid Men out, saying the same thing. At the same time, the battle between Abdul and Captain America continues. A second later, a proud Iron Man reports that the Washington skies are clear and that he will now be setting course for the streets of Manhattan.

Manhattan streets...

One of the Ultron robots informs Hank that his fellow Liberators are in trouble. The Ultron are with enough units to help them out, and one asks if they should switch from crowd control to intervene. “Definitely,” Hank replies. But the Ultrons have to make sure that they’ll help the Ultimates. It’s, ah, time they let the Ultimates know they were infiltrating the Liberators. The Ultrons ask Hank if he’s serious about that. Hank shouts at them to stop wasting time, as he wants these terrorists closed down ASAP! The Ultrons listen to their creator and start fighting the Schizoid Men duplicates.

Quicksilver makes it to Hank, telling him nobody will believe this. Hank swears on his mother’s life what he just said is the truth.

Captain America keeps punching an almost defeated Abdul and tells him to give up. Abdul falls down, not seeing the point in giving up. If he does that, Cap will humiliate and execute him before his fellow officers. Cap tells Abdul not to be ridiculous as that’s not the way things are done in this country. Abdul smiles Cap is the one being ridiculous one, and has more Schizoid Men outnumber Cap. Abdul gets up, promising he really wanted a fair fight. But Cap can’t expect him to walk away with nothing. Not after everything the Ultimates did to the people he loved.

Janet sees Cap in danger and asks Hawkeye to use Cap’s shield to help him. Hawkeye can’t, as Cap is too far away from him. The Schizoid Men move Cap’s neck in Abdul’s sight, who is ready to use his laser to finish the legendary hero. Abdul promises he takes no pleasure in what will come next. He only does this to wake the American people up. Hawkeye gives Cap’s shield to the Hulk, who throws it at Abdul. The shield hits Abdul rips the arms off of his body!

Cap gathers his strength again and punches the Schizoid Men off of him! He takes Abdul’s laserstaff and slashes it around, killing all of the duplicates. Abdul asks the Captain what comes now: one of his John Wayne guips? Cap doesn’t answer and kicks Abdul in a fountain, and goes to stand triumphantly over him. Abdul asks if this is where Cap cracks a joke, and if this is where Cap finishes him with a witty barb. He wonders if Cap even appreciates why they did this thing. Cap doesn’t answer, and instead sticks the laser right into Abdul’s chest, killing him! This done, Steve says there will be no jokes made.

Some time later, all of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Defenders and Spider-Man are rescued and join the battle, taking out most of the Liberators.

Meanwhile, the Ultimates have regrouped. Hawkeye explains that satellite uplinks are operational again. SHIELD is in control again and all US bases have been removed from enemy hands. Cap asks about any word on New York. Fury explains that according to Tony, New York is secure but, with that said, Tony did sounded kinda drunk and seemed to be singing while he was shooting things.

Without warning, the sky suddenly turns completely red! A voice declares he will be singing too in a moment. It’s Loki! Floating in mid-air with lightning striking down behind him, Loki reveals that his father sent Thor to bring peace to the world and that he did everything he could to disrupt that. He really did. But it seems the people of the world have no appetite for World War Three and so he must take a more direct approach.

Cap wonders who Loki is, but Wanda knows about him. Loki confirms it’s really him. He’s the half-brother of the wretched Thor and forgotten son of Odin. But he’s had enough of simply tinkering behind the scenes. He has been forced now to show his hand and thus the Ultimates will suffer as no man has ever suffered. Wanda doesn’t think so, not unless she stops Loki. Loki isn’t impressed by the little Scarlet Witch. After all, all she can do is bend probability, and Loki doesn’t see what harm that could do against a god of mischief.

Wanda waves with her hand, smiling that maybe she could increase the odds of someone showing up to kick Loki’s ass. More lightning appears in the skies, and Loki panics. The skies turn back to normal, but now its starts to heavily rain. Thor lands, and holds his hammer proudly in front of him. He asks Loki if he’s looking for trouble...

Characters Involved: 

Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp (all Ultimates)

Hulk, Thor (former Ultimates)

Betty Ross, Nick Fury (SHIELD agents)

Abomination, Colonel Abdul Al-Rahman, Crimson Dynamo, Hank Pym, Hurricane, Loki, Perun, Schizoid Man, Swarm (all Liberators)

Ultron robots

Colossus, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Captain Britain, France, Italy, Spain and others

Nighthawk, Spider-Man, the Thing (other heroes)

President George W. Bush

Story Notes: 

This issue is giant-sized and 38 pages long. The story title is based on what the Ultimates are being called in the proper 616-universe.

Darth Maul is a villain from the Star Wars movies who indeed has a similar laser staff as Abdul has.

When Captain Britain uses his “secret identity” he looks just like the DC comic character Clark Kent. When Brian rips his suit open revealing his super hero costume, he also does something Superman usually does when leaving for action.

John Wayne was a famed actor from the 1940s, 50s, 60s & 70s. He mainly starred in patriotic themed movies and has been characterized as portraying idealized versions of Americans and America in general.

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