Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #289

Issue Date: 
June 1992
Story Title: 

Scott Lobdell (Plot), Whilce Portacio (Pencils), Scott Williams (Inks), Tom Orzechowski (Letters), Joe Rosas (Colors), Bob Harras (Editor), Tom DeFalco (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

In the mansion, Storm begins Bishop’s orientation into the X-Men. Bishop, however, still has problems adjusting to the fact that he is actually with the X-Men of legend. Archangel continues to brood over his transformation. Mystique tries to reach out to Archangel but does nothing more than taunt the man, who lashes out at her. Storm, Bishop and Forge investigate the ruckus but Archangel leaves the mansion in anger when Xavier tries to reprimand him. Storm blames Mystique, who is defended by Forge. Forge storms out and Storm gives chase. Forge confronts her about their relationship and wants her to leave the X-Men with him, but insinuates that she has problems with having a life outside the team. In a move that catches Storm off guard, Forge proposes to her. Meanwhile, Iceman and Opal have dinner with Bobby’s parents but Mr. Drake does not keep his opinion on their interracial relationship quiet, which angers Bobby. Suddenly, Bobby’s old rival and Opal’s cousin, Hiro, arrives and tells them that Bobby’s parent’s lives are in danger. Suddenly, the Cyburai appear and announce that they have come to kill the Drakes.

Full Summary: 

In the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Storm shows Bishop a picture of Professor Charles Xavier and the five original X-Men. She tells Bishop that this is where the dream began. While the roster has changed over the years, every student who has graduated to the X-Men has remained dedicated to the dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans. Smiling, Bishop tells Storm that she is preaching to the converted. Though she may not approve of his methods or the techniques he learned in the future, their goal is still the same. After last night’s incident with Styglut, he is now fully aware that there is much he needs to know about this era.

Storm tells Bishop that he will feel more comfortable in the mansion if he didn’t speak with such reverence in his voice. Embarrassed, Bishop asks if it was that obvious. Storm tells him that it was very noticeable and also adds that, when they are not in combat, he may call her Ororo. Bishop is about to tell her his name but, at the last minute, he tells Storm that she can just call him by his codename. Annoyed, Storm leaves the room and tells him that he can have it his way. Bishop is about to say something, but Storm tells him that his orientation is concluded for the day. Bishop thinks to himself that he is just as ill-prepared for interpersonal relationships in this time period as he was in the future. That was even before he tried relating to a goddess.

Several floors below, Iceman stands in Forge’s workshop in a suit with a tie in his hand. While Forge concentrates on fixing the machine he is working on, Bobby whines that this is the first meeting between Opal and his parents and he wants it to be perfect. Without even looking up from the console he is working on, Forge tells Bobby that it is not that he doesn’t want to knot his tie; it is just that he cannot. Bobby laughs and makes a joke about how a mutant who can make anything out of anything else is all thumbs when it comes to ties. Forge smiles and tells Bobby that he can barely keep himself from laughing. In a more serious tone, Bobby tells Forge that he knows that they are not best friends but, if he needs someone to talk to, then he is there. Forge tells Bobby that he has no time to talk. Bobby walks out of the room and tells Forge to take some advice from a former all-work-and-no-play accountant; Forge needs to get out more.

At that same moment outside the Xavier Institute, Jean Grey and Professor Xavier sit together on a hill overlooking the estate. Jean recants a tale from when she was sixteen. They had just defeated Magneto or Juggernaut and Professor Xavier would send them to bed, but Jean would always sneak out to this very log she sits on now. Sometimes she would spend the whole night trying to figure things out; why did they keep on risking their lives to protect a world that fears and hates them?

As the sun sets, Xavier asks Jean what answer she came with. Jean tells Xavier that she wasn’t fighting for the mutant-phobes or the genetic supremacists, who thought being different was wrong. She was doing it for herself. Xavier asks Jean if she ever hated him for taking away her childhood. Jean asks the Professor what child can he think of that would give up the chance to fly to the stars or battle alongside Asgardian thunder gods or American super soldiers. Xavier gave them all more than he took away. Xavier looks down to the ground and tells Jean that he hopes so. Jean reminds him that his life hasn’t been free of sacrifice either. Xavier agrees, but says no more. Jean then asks the Professor if he wants to talk about it. Xavier smiles and says no. Jean hugs Xavier’s arm and says that it’s fine, for now at least.

At the home of William and Maddy Drake on Long Island, a silent figure sits on a hill and watches as the parents of Robert Drake, a.k.a. Iceman, get ready for a night out with their son and his girlfriend, Opal. Inside, William puts on his jacket and tells Maddy that he doesn’t understand why a good-looking boy like Bobby is complicating his life by dating an Oriental woman. He already has enough problems being a mutant. Maddy sighs and tells her husband that his racist thinking is old. Annoyed, William tells his wife that there is nothing old-fashioned about moral. Maddy turns off the light and tells her husband that Bobby is happy with Opal. Isn’t that what’s important, she asks. Under his breath, William wonders what kind of name is Opal. “It’s a rock, for crying out loud!”

Outside, the silent figure in the hill watches the Drake’s leave their home. Suddenly, an officer catches the stalker from behind and shines a flashlight on him. The stalker, Hiro, calls himself a fool for being so involved in his prey that he forgot about the world around him. The officer takes out his gun and points it at the Japanese man. He laughs and asks if he is one of those Teenage Mutant Ninja fans. Not amused, Hiro tells the man to put the gun away. Also not amused, the officer tells Hiro to leave the big talk for the dojo. In case he didn’t notice, he is under arrest. With one punch Hiro knocks out the guard and tells him that an arrest would complicate matters. As the Drake’s drive away in their car, Hiro tells the officer that he has more important things for the evening; things of life and death.

At the mansion, Archangel finishes tying Bobby’s tie as Bobby brushes his teeth. Archangel smiles and tells Bobby that he will do anything to help true love run its course. Bobby tells Warren that he knew he could count on him. He was quite the clothes horse in his day. Warren repeats those last few words and Bobby realizes his mistake. He tells Warren that he didn’t mean anything by that and then asks if Warren is still dating Charlotte. Between the two of them, says Warren, dating a “blue-skinned angel of death” is probably not in Charlotte’s best interest. Bobby asks Warren if he and Forge go to the same support group of something. Bobby leaves and thanks Warren once again. Warren tells him to have fun and then, under his breath, he tells Bobby not to do anything he would have done.

A familiar voice from behind tells Warren that that is his problem. Warren turns around to be face-to-face with himself, only the other Warren has his original wings and white skin! The second Warren tells the real one that his problem is self-image. Just because his wings were surgically removed and Apocalypse recreated them as blades of death is no reason to be so despondent. Warren demands to know the identity of his imposter, for he is the only Warren Worthington. Warren touches the second one and realizes that he is real. The imposter tells Warren that he is glad to hear Warren say who he is, for he was worried that Warren had gotten so far into the “Archangel” thing that he forgot who he really was. Enraged, Warren tells the imposter that, since he is real, that means he can hurt him for reminding him of things that can never be again.

Warren chokes his imposter and slams him against the wall. In between shallow breaths, the imposter asks Warren if he shouldn’t have gotten used to it by now. Even more enraged, Warren punches the imposter and tells him that he had everything and, in one night, Apocalypse took it all away. He ruined his life and changed everything about him. The second Warren repeats that his problem is self-image. “Take it from me,” says Mystique, as she reverts back to her normal form.

Archangel is shocked to see Mystique, who angrily tells Warren that it is she, all bruised and everything. Storm, Bishop and Forge rush into the room and Storm tells Mystique that she probably gave Archangel just cause for hurting her. She then demands to know what happened. Forge thinks to himself that, maybe if she weren’t fawning over Bishop, she would know. A telepathic image of Xavier appears and he tells Mystique that she is a guest of the mansion because of Wolverine. She should behave appropriately. Mystique tells Xavier that she was only trying to help. Xavier tells her that they will manage without her help. He then tells Warren to see him in his study immediately. Angry, Archangel smashes through a window and out the mansion, telling Xavier the he will not see him.

Storm confronts Mystique and tells her that, though she has many skills, including murdering and stealing, she has no degree in psychology. Mystique smugly smiles and tells Storm that she was trying to cheer Archangel up, or was she just the only person to notice that he is totally depressed? Bishop begins to tell Mystique that Storm is only trying to explain that it is not her place to try and help Archangel. Annoyed with Bishop, Forge tells Storm and him to back off. Mystique doesn’t need to be reprimanded for trying to reach out to Warren, which is more than any of them have done in the past few months.

Bishop tells Forge that underlings should not contradict their superiors in front of non-personnel. Shocked at being called an underling, Forge tells Bishop that one more comment like that and he will be picking those words our of his teeth for a week. Some of them, like himself and Mystique, are able to define their lives outside the blue and gold teams. He is here as a favor to Professor X, not because he cannot bear being apart from the X-Men. Shocked at Forge’s anger, Bishop tells him that it wasn’t his intent to undermine anyone’s authority.

Storm tells Bishop not to apologize. Forge was merely projecting his own frustrations unto him. Forge reaches his boiling point and asks Storm what she knows about his frustrations. What does she know about anything other than herself? Forge storms out of the room, as Storm calls out to him. Mystique jokingly tells Bishop that he has great problem solving skills. He is going to fit in wonderfully with his teammates. Bishop tells Mystique that she started this mess. Inadvertently, replies Mystique. She shape shifts into Bishop, who tells her that, if this is her only trick, then it is getting old rather quickly.

Storm follows Forge out of the room and tells him that she doesn’t know what this is about but she doesn’t appreciate his disrespect. Forge tells her that it is about them. Storm is confused. Forge tells her that they haven’t had a moment alone since he came to work with Xavier. Storm tells him that she has responsibilities to the team. Forge asks her about her responsibilities to the man she loves. Has she forgotten their time alone in the Adversary’s world? She said she loved him there. Was it the truth, or was it easy to say that since they were trapped in the middle of nowhere and she thought that there would be no consequences. Storm asks Forge how he can question if she has feelings for him. It is not the response Forge was hoping for, but at least she admits she has feelings for him.

Both close their eyes and Forge apologizes. His remarks were uncalled for. Storm tells him that whatever he said was true. Forge tells her that it doesn’t have to be this way. Let the rest of the world think that she is an untouchable goddess. He knows better than that. He has seen the woman inside the warrior. So you say, replies Storm. The truth is, she doesn’t know what is inside of her anymore. Forge asks her to let him prove it to her. Storm asks Forge about what he is saying. Forge tells Storm that he wants to take her away from the X-Men. For years he has seen her courage in saving the world. Her strength has propped up the others. Is she strong enough to take a chance on herself? Forge pulls Storm close to him and kisses her. They slowly unlock their lips and Forge puts his finger to her top lip. He tells her that he knows this is sudden, but she doesn’t have to answer right away. “Ororo, will you…” stutters Forge, “…marry me?”

Bobby and Opal reach La Casa Mia, an outdoor restaurant on the harbor of Long Island. The waiter shows Bobby and Opal to where the Drakes are sitting. As they walk, Opal tells Bobby that she is nervous. Bobby tells her to relax. He has the greatest parents in the world. They will lover her. The two reach their table and Bobby introduces Opal to his parents. Opal tells Mrs. Drake that it is a pleasure to meet her and Mrs. Drake tells Opal to call her by her first name, Maddy. Opal extends her hand to Mr. Drake, who doesn’t look up from his menu and recommends the veal to her. Opal is taken aback, Bobby is enraged and Maddy is disappointed in her husband.

Mrs. Drake gets up and apologizes to Opal and tells her to sit down. Bobby tells his mother that it is not all right, but Opal tells him to let it go. Bobby refuses and tells his dad that he has stood up to Sentinels and he will not stand down to some old man with a chip on his shoulder. He then asks his father what this is about. Mr. Drake looks up from his menu and tells the couple that he thinks that what they are doing is obscene. He thought he brought up his son to be better than that. Mr. Drake then looks past Opal and Bobby with astonishment on his face. Everyone turns around to see Hiro, clad in armor, behind them. Hiro tells the Drakes and Opal that he hates to break up the dinner, but they are all about to die and he thought that they should know.

Opal is surprised to see her cousin, Hiro, there. Bobby gets up and tells Hiro that it is bad enough that he tried to kidnap Opal once, but it is low to threaten a guy’s parents. He would have expected more from an “honor-freak” like him. Hiro tells Bobby that it is not his intent to kill them. Rather, he is there to save them. Bobby turns into his ice form and asks Hiro, who he is saving them from. Suddenly, there is a flash of light in the sky and the team knows as the Cyburai appear. One of their number tells Bobby that Hiro is referring to them, for he knows that, for vengeance to be enacted, Bobby Drake’s parents must die!

Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Bishop, Iceman, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, Storm (all X-Men)

Forge (X-Men ally)

Mystique (X-Men houseguest)


Opal Tanaka

William and Maddy Drake

Various unnamed Cyburai

Unnamed police officer

Story Notes: 

This issue takes place one day after Uncanny X-Men #287. In that issue, Bishop found and killed Styglut, the last remaining criminal from the future, though the battle caused extensive damage. Also, Opal received a letter about Hiro’s return, but did not tell Bobby.

Warren’s wings were removed in X-Factor (1st Series) #15.

Wolverine brought Mystique to the mansion in Wolverine (2nd Series) #52.

Forge and Storm’s time on the Adversary’s world was seen in Uncanny X-Men #226.

Opal was kidnapped by Hiro in X-Factor (1st Series) #63-64.

Issue Information: