Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #310

Issue Date: 
March 1994
Story Title: 
"... Show Me The Way To Go Home ..."

Scott Lobdell (writer), John Romita Jr. (penciler), Dan Green (inker), Chris Eliopoulos (letterer),
Steve Buccellato (colorist), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

It’s the day of Scott’s bachelor party, and the male X-Men, current and former members, are in a bar, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Scott. While they are waiting most of them tell each other some jokes, while Bishop, being from the future, is confused about the concept of a bachelor’ party and Gambit is agitated by Sabretooth living in the mansion. Just as Scott and Sean leave the school to join the others, they hear an alarm going off, and turn back to investigate. In the Danger Room they find Cable, watching a holographic projection of the day Scott had to send him, as a baby, to the future. Cyclops tells Sean to go ahead, while he needs to sort this out with Cable. Nathan blames Scott for not caring about him, it didn’t seem like he was thinking about the impact this decision would have on the baby. Scott however intends to prove otherwise and shows him another projection, of how shortly after the event, he was overwhelmed by his guilt and angrily lashed out with his powers. They are unaware of the X-Cutioner sneaking into the mansion, piggy-backing on Cable’s body-slide. He sets out to find the comatose Emma Frost in the med lab and kill her as punishment for her crimes. From the basement, Sabretooth picks up his scent and alerts Cyclops and Nathan. Together they are able to stop the X-Cutioner, who teleports away, though Cable is not sure why they even defend the White Queen who tried to kill the X-Men several times. Scott explains that when they stop to show compassion for the enemy they become the enemy. Cable realizes that he has been wrong about Scott and that he is indeed a caring person. He tells him that he is proud to have him as a father, and that he will attend the wedding. As he teleports away, cable drops Scott off at the bar where the others are waiting for him.

Full Summary: 

The Danger Room's intruder alarm wails throughout the mansion as Scott Summers and Sean race to see what is the danger. Sean comments that they were on the way to meet the others at Scott’s bachelor party, and Scott reminds him that the Danger Room is one of the mansion’s most secure areas, so they have to be prepared for everything. The two are surprised to find that there is a program running, one that Scott would like to forget. It is the moment of his greatest disappointment, the failure of the primary responsibility of his son. The holographic Scott asks the Askani woman from the future if his son will be returned to him once he is cured only to learn that this is impossible. His son will be lost to him forever if they choose that path. It was the most difficult decision he has ever had to made and he doesn't want to relive it again so he sends an optic blast to the hologram and orders the computer to abort the program immediately.

He then demands to know who is responsible for the running of the program only to find that the person responsible is none other than Nathan Summers, better known as Cable, Cyclops' son centuries removed. He tells Cyclops that although he knows that they were on their way out, he was hoping that Scott could spare a moment to talk to him. Banshee gets very angry, bringing up his daughter Siryn, who he feels, has been corrupted by Cable in recent weeks, and threatens Cable, but Cyclops calms him down and tells him to go without him and he will catch up shortly.

In a bar in Greenwich village, Bobby, Hank, Warren, Kurt and Bishop are awaiting the arrival of Scott and Sean so they can celebrate Scott's bachelor party. Bobby states that this is unbelievable, they can count on Cyclops to lead them out of any trouble during their battles, but when it comes to something as easy as showing up on his own party, he manages to muck up. Warren jokingly says that Scott must have gotten cold feet, and once more Jean will have the chance to become Mrs. Warren Worthington III instead.

Being from some seventy-five years in the future, Bishop is unsure what the whole concept of a bachelor party, as marriage was discouraged by the X.S.E. – the rationale being one should dedicate his life to his work. Nightcrawler asks if Bishop is like that all the time, and some of the others prepare to explain it to Bishop, but Bobby remarks that he is tired of hearing Bishop tell them how he is from the future; he lives here and now and he should try to accept that.

Back at the mansion the mysterious X-Cutioner makes his way into the confines of Xavier's undetected by anyone. He notes to himself how he was able to monitor Cable's “body-slides“ and piggyback to the heart of the mansion. Thanks to his Sidri cloaking device the alarms don’t go off, and he hopes that the rest of his mission will go as smoothly, since he doesn’t want to risk facing the X-Men while he searches their headquarters for one mutant in particular.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Cable are discussing the fact that while Cable has received Scott's wedding invitation, he is hesitant to attend considering the fact that he feels Cyclops abandoned him, his only son, two thousand years into the future. He tells Scott that if he wants to make amends he is going to have to start small. Cyclops informs him that he hardly dumped him and how it was the most difficult decision he has had to make in his life. Cable had been infected with a techno-organic virus and the only way to save him was to give him over to the Askani. Cable replies that they both just saw the holographic simulation and how Cyclops dispassionately made his choice, it didn’t look like he was considering the impact this decision would have on the baby’s life. Cyclops is in disbelief that Cable could feel this way and orders the computer to run a personal log.

Back at the bar Warren is pondering what would be a good reason for Jean and Scott not to marry. He concludes that unrequited love surely is no just cause, and realize that noone could be happier for Scott and Jean than he. Gambit joins the group and asks Warren what he makes of Xavier's decision to allow Sabretooth to live at the mansion. Warren tells him that he don't know what Gambit‘s connection with Sabretooth is and that he doesn't care. Everyone makes mistakes and they are not overly proud of that, but it is more than obvious that Sabretooth being at the mansion is making Remy nervous. Warren tells Gambit to do something about it, but leave him and the others out of it before walking away with his drink. Meanwhile Bobby sits at the bar and is being asked for his ID, the bartender doesn’t believe that he is already twenty-one. Gambit takes a seat next to him and asks him the same question, what does he think of the decision Xavier made in letting Sabretooth live at the mansion.

From his cell in the basement, Sabretooth picks up the scent of individuals in the mansion. He recognizes Cyclops, Cable, and two more in the med-lab. He recognizes the woman’s scent, but he can’t make out the other individual and understands that it has to be an intruder.

In the Danger Room, Scott and Nathan are watching the program run. It shows Scott and Jean shortly after the baby was transported to the future. Scott was updating the computer files with the events on the moon, while Jean tries to get him to rest. They were going over the matter of the techno-organic virus that was slowly killing the baby. Still recording the files, Scott tried to find the right words to describe what had happened, but he couldn’t. While allowing Askani to take the boy was the only way to save him, it doesn't lessen the burden on his heart and mind. Finally letting out his boiled up emotions, Scott lashed out with his optic blast and destroyed the computers, asking why he couldn’t save his own son, when they risk their lives every day to save a world full of people that hates and fears them. He wished that he would have died and not his son. Cable sees the images that play before him and states that he wishes that it could make thing different but it doesn't. Scott knows this, and didn’t expected it would.

The two are interrupted by a hologram of Sabretooth who is warning them of the intruder that has made his way into the med lab. Cable wonders what Creed is doing at the mansion, and Scott explains that it’s a long story. Sabretooth tells him to make it short, as the intruder is heavily armed. Indeed the X-Cutioner has blasted open the door of the med lab and proceeds inside.

In the bar, Forge has now joined the group as well and they are laughing about one of Hank’s jokes right as Sean enters. As they all are impatiently awaiting, Forge asks Banshee where Scott is. Sean tells them that he is running a diagnostic check on Cerebro and he said he would be along shortly, but that he is supposed to buy the next round. He thinks to himself that Scott has now got him lying to his friends and how he hopes that he is doing the right thing.

In the lab, the X-Cutioner is standing over the incapacitated body of Emma Frost as he thinks to himself about some of the horrible things she has done. According to the dossier of the late FBI agent Fred Duncan, she is a mutant with blood on her hands. Only recently she was on hand when nearly a dozen young Hellions were murdered and for this ultimate crime – for failing the children – he decides that she must pay the ultimate price. He charges his fist with energy and is just about to deliver Emma a fatal blow when an optic blast slams into his chest sprawling him backwards. Cyclops and Cable rush into the room, charging into battle together, like father and son. Scott can’t help but to feel some sort of relieve at him and his son acting like a family.

Cable proceeds to grab the unwelcome visitor. He tells X-Cutioner that he is making quite a name for himself by executing Tower, trying to do the same to the Mastermind, and now breaking into the mansion to try and get to the White Queen. The X-Cutioner informs Cable that he couldn't have done it without him and bodyslides out of Cable's grasp only to reappear behind Cyclops. Cable is shocked to see his technology exploited by the opponent who gloats that he can piggyback his signal and follow anywhere that Cable has teleported. Cyclops notes that this is just one more bit of technology that the X-Cutioner incorporated into his self-anointed quest, but Cable is more interested in ending the threat the villain poses and slams a piece of machinery into the startled X-Cutioner.

Scott checks on Emma, while Cable wonders why the X-men are tending to her as she tried to kill the team several times. The X-Cutioner comes around, and couldn’t agree more with Cable. He says this is the reason for why she has to die and charges up to attack. However, Cyclops and Cable are up to task and simultaneously blast X-Cutioner causing him to teleport away and to safety. With the danger now removed, Cable again finds Scott at Emma’s side. He asks that if the X-Cutioner would have been too wounded to leave, would he bee looking after his injuries too ? Cyclops explains that the day they stop showing compassion for their enemy is the day they become the enemy.

Taken aback by the statement, Cable remarks to Scott that he was wrong about him and how Cyclops is the person he had always imagined him to be... a person, who he is proud to be able to call his father. He then admits that he never hated him but he just wanted to know that Scott was as angry as he was that they were separated at birth. Scott answers him that he missed him every day of his life and of Nathan's as well. Nathan tells his father that they could bond all day long but he has a life to get back to and Scott has a bachelor party to attend. He offers to drop Scott off somewhere, while he bodyslides.

A blinding flash of light appears at the bar, and Cyclops appears in front of the other X-Men. Scott states that he is sorry that they are late and Bobby questions him as to who they are and accuses Scott of hitting the booze without them. Scott the realizes that Cable is not at his side, as we had hoped. However he then feels a piece of crumpled paper in his hand, a paper that must have been slipped there by Cable while they were in transit. He recognizes the paper as the wedding invitation that he gave to Cable and clearly marked on it are the words “I'll be there!“ For Scott it is an affirmation that the day will bring the promise of a better life for not only him and his wife but perhaps father and son as well.

Characters Involved: 

Archangel, Banshee, Beast, Bishop, Cyclops, Gambit, Iceman (all X-Men)

Forge, Nightcrawler (former X-Men)

Emma Frost, comatose patient



In holographic projection:

Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey (all X-Factor)

baby Nathan Christopher Summers

Charlotte Jones

Karnak (Inhumans)


Story Notes: 

Baby Nathan suffered from a techno-organic virus that would have killed him if Scott had not sent him off with the Askani. The scene the holographic projection is based on happened in X-Factor #67, right after X-Factor’s battle with Apocalypse on the lunar surface.

Following the Muir Island Saga, Banshee’s daughter Theresa, aka Siryn, joined X-Force, a proactive strikeforce that the media classifies as a terrorist group. Obviously Banshee does not approve of her being part of X-Force and blames Cable.

“Body-sliding“ is what Cable refers to when he uses the systems of his space station Graymalkin to teleport.

The Sidri are alien race of space bounty-hunters, often employed by the Shi’Ar.

Cyclops discovered that Cable was his son in Cable (2nd series) # 6-8.

Part of Gambit‘s hatred for Sabretooth is revealed in X-Men (2nd series) #33, though there is lots of more history between them, which later was shown during the trial of Gambit in Uncanny X-Men #350.

Emma Frost, the Hellfire Club’s White Queen, has been comatose ever since she was blasted at by the Sentinels in Uncanny X-Men #281, in the same battle the Hellions died either at the hand of the mutant hunting robot or because of being drained by Trevor Fitzroy. Briefly Emma‘s body was inhabited by the consciousness of Jean Grey [Uncanny X-Men #282-284] and it seems that ever since, Emma has been taken care of in the mansion’s med lab.

FBI agent Fred Duncan was a close friend of professor Xavier who helped him set up the school. He later died under mysterious circumstances that were never fully cleared up.

Shortly after killing Tower, the X-Cutioner had targeted Mastermind for extinction in Uncanny Annual #17, however the X-Men intervened with his plans. It didn’t do Mastermind any good though, as he succumbed to the Legacy Virus in the same issue.

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