Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #320

Issue Date: 
January 1995
Story Title: 
The Son Rises in the East

Scott Lobdell (plotter), Mark Waid (scripter), Roger Cruz (penciller), Tim Townsend (inker), Bill Oakley (letterer), Steve Buccellato (colorist), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Legion builds a black dome in the Negev Desert, and the X-Men are called in to investigate. The X-Men enter the Dome and battle Legion but they are unable to stop him from opening a portal in time. Storm, Iceman, Bishop and Psylocke are sucked through it with him, whilst Jean Grey, who is left behind sends a distress call to Professor Xavier. In the Shi'Ar palace Lilandra is informed by Jahf, the M'kraan Crystal's guardian, that the end of all is coming soon.

Full Summary: 

In the Negev, the Israeli high desert, Storm attempts to bend the forces of nature as far as they go to attack Legion. However no matter how hard she tries he doesn’t respond. Iceman has created an ice shield protecting himself and Psylocke from the sandstorm. Jean Grey is using her power to try and keep herself upright. Bishop is unable to siphon any of Legions energy to help the team out and they realise that only Storm can pull them through, whilst she thinks about the circumstances, that put the team into the current situation.
(flashback, ca. an hour earlier)

The X-Men arrive in the desert to be greeted by Gabrielle and the Israeli army. They walk through the camp and see the wounded soldiers that have tried to attack Legion. Iceman points out a giant black dome in the middle of the desert and Gabrielle tells them that Legion has created it. A crack research team, led by Dr. Hessen, has tried find out what is happening within the dome. Gabrielle fills the X-Men in on Legion coming out of his coma, loss of his split personalities and the fact their combined power appears to be limitless. Dr. Hessen informs the X-Men that anything that they have sent into the giant psychic bunker gives out, caves in or explodes. Hessen comments that he doesn’t know if the X-Men can help at all. Storm tells him that they will go in one way or another.

Storm manages to attract Legions attention, he then teleports her and himself out of the black dome. Storm and Legion appear in Ororo's own past at the point where an imminent plane is about to kill her parents. Storms tries to rescue them in time, but before she reaches them, Legion teleports Storm and himself back to the present. Storm is angered that he torments her with so cruel hallucinations, but David tells her that the scenario was real. Combining the mutant abilities of his various persolnalities, he has been able to generate chronal energies,, now he plans to go back in time to mutant-kinds most critical moment and remould the present. Bishop attempts to attack legion once more, trying to absorb the energy but is knocked out. Whilst Legion is distracted Iceman and Jean Grey attack him, knocking him to the ground. Storm remembers what Legion said to the team, when they just had enteered the dome.
(flashback, ca. 30 minutes earlier)

The X-Men enter the black dome in the Blackbiurd, but the plane only barely survives the experience. Legion confronts them and with a thought gets rid of the ship, leaving the X-Men standing on the floor. Jean asks whether he feels he is fully healed after getting rid of his multiple personalities. Legion says he is and that he is able to finally show his father the love he has long denied him, that no monument can stand rock solid unless someone fortifies the foundation.

Recalling the word "foundation" Storm realises that Legion is going to go back in time and remake Charles Xavier’s Dream. She tells Psylocke to link her mind to Bishop, who still has some of the chronal energy within him. Psylocke understands that this will bind them to Legion, at which point he starts to timetravel. All the X-Men apart from Jean Grey (who telekinetically anchored herself) are pulled through the vortex with Legion. Before she collapses she telepathically connects with Xavier to tell him the others have departed to elsewhere and -when with Legion.
Out in the reaches of space, above the Shi’Ar throne world of Chandilar, Lilandra sleeps soundly. Suddenly one of the walls explodes and she calls for her bodyguard Gladiator, who she then finds unconscious. Jahf, the Guardian of the M’Kraan crystal informs her that he may well be soon free of his responsibilities as "the end of all" is coming.

Characters Involved: 

Bishop, Iceman, Phoenix IV, Psylocke, Storm, Professor Charles Xavier (all X-Men)

Legion (David Haller)

Gabrielle Haller, Legion's mother

Dr. Hessen
Lilandra Neramani, Shi'Ar Majestrix

Gladiator, Shi'Ar Imperial Guard

Jahf, guardian of the M'Kraan Crystal

Story Notes: 

The Issue is named Part 1 of the Legion Quest crossover, however only the core x-books were numbered, but X-Factor #109 and Cable #20 are equally part of the event.

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