Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #465

Issue Date: 
December 2005
Story Title: 
Chaos Rules, Season of the Witch (part 4 of 4)

Chris Claremont (writer), Chris Bachalo (penciler), Florea, Holdredge, Irwin, Mendoza, Olazaba, Parsons, Rapmund, Townsend & Vey (inkers), Studio F (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters), Sean Ryan (assistant editor), Nick Lowe (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

At Braddock Manor, Captain Britain and Megan, wage battle against Karima Shapandar and her Sentinels. Captain Britain is taken out, and Meggan continues the fight alone, using her elemental powers to destroy several of the robots. Meanwhile, the other residents of the manor, Wisdom, Courtney Ross, Linda MacQuillan, and Justicer Bull, attempt to hold their own against the Sentinel onslaught.
Captain Britain regains consciousness and pleads with Karima to understand that they are trying to save the universe. Without warning, the psychic rapport that he shares with Betsy once more flares to life. He sees his sister attacking the Marauders, Rachel defeating the Blob, and Nocturne possessing Banshee. Karima takes advantage of Brian’s momentary distraction to flatten him. Courtney Ross is caught in the cross fire and killed.
The heroes have no time to mourn as fresh Sentinel troops march in to storm the manor. Linda and Justicer Bull tackle the Sentinels while Brian and Meggan head off the save the world from certain destruction.
They arrive at the scene of the recently concluded battle with the Marauders. There, Betsy explains to Brian that they must seal the “X” shaped breach. Their conversation is interrupted as Karima shows up having defeated Justicer, Linda, and Wisdom. Rachel calls on the name of the Phoenix as she and Betsy synchronize their talents to deflect the combined attack of the Sentinels into the trans-temporal breach. With a great flash, the landscape is laid barren. The heroes have only minutes to finish sealing the breach. Meggan enters the rift to stem the forward momentum of the temporal tsunami that is approaching. As she harnesses the power of Otherworld, the heroes on the outside of the breach work together to seal it closed. Brian watches in both awe and horror as Meggan glows with power and is then taken by the onrushing wave. The heroes seal the breach and watch as Brian mourns the passing of his wife.

Full Summary: 

Karima Shapandar launches an attack against Captain Britain. The battle is give and take with the upper hand moving between Brian and Karima. Why wouldn’t you listen? We could have used your help!, Brian yells as he drops an entire Sentinel on her head. So distracted is he by the defeat of Karima that he notices too late the attack of the remaining Sentinels. The robots’ artillery fire puts Brian out of commission and levels much of his majestic manse.
Meggan goes down, but gets back up. I’ll teach them to underestimate an elemental megamorph. With that, she launches a ruthless attack against her enemies. Sprouting claws over two feet long, Meggan cuts and slashes her way through the robots. Timing it just right, Meggan allows them to get a lock on her, and, as they fire, she becomes intangible allowing the artillery to pass right through her. In mere seconds, Meggan has taken down three mechanical malefactors.

One of the Sentinels crashes into the manor nearly crushing Courtney Ross, Peter Wisdom, and Linda MacQuillan. Wisdom, whose orders are to protect Courtney and Linda, orders them to take cover. Linda demonstrates that she can take care of herself by ripping off the Sentinel’s finger and forcibly shoving it up his nose. The badly damaged robot flees, exploding into the ground in a fiery fury.

With a shimmer of mystic energy, Linda’s clothing changes and she stands ready in costume as Captain U.K. How did we get sidetracked? Suddenly her memory is triggered and she remembers the cosmic mission she was given by Roma. Courtney and Wisdom are astounded as yet another red, white, and blue-garbed heroine makes an entrance. Justicer Bull commands the Sentinels to stand down your weapons and surrender! Or suffer the consequences. Karima refuses to surrender, and one of the Sentinels crushes Justicer Bull beneath his ferrous foot.

Justicer Bull is not defeated so easily. The Sentinel garbles and gurgles and Justicer Bull exits in an eruption of circuitry, nearly removing the robot’s head from its shoulders.

Disrespect for the law and for its officers will not be tolerated, she proclaims as she once again drops the remains of a Sentinel squarely onto Karima.

Brian once again tries to reason with Karima, explaining to her the nature of the coming temporal tsunami, but he is interrupted by a reoccurrence of the strange psychic synchronization that occurred earlier in the night. In his mind’s eye he sees all the events that are currently happening to his twin sister Betsy. Brian watches in amazement as Betsy, Rachel and Nocturne battle the Marauders. Rachel neutralizes Blob, Nocturne uses Banshee to take down Callisto and Caliban, and Betsy slashes T-Rex with her katana.

Brian’s fascination with this psychic phenomenon distracts him just long enough to allow Karima to gain the upper hand. She knocks him across the lawn and raises her weapon. Without hesitating, Courtney Ross shouts Brian’s name and steps directly into the line of fire. The blast kills her instantly. Brian shouts her name as she falls to the ground, but it is too late.

Wisdom hurls a volley of hot knives directly into Karima as Brian tenderly lifts Courtney’s remains from the ground. Even though she is married to him, Meggan sees Brian’s display of affection for his first love and allows her jealousy and fear to convert her exterior into a disfigured horror. After only a moment of self-pity she gathers her emotions and strides to Brian’s side to mourn Courtney’s passing next to the man that loves her. Their impromptu memorial is interrupted by Wisdom’s sceram…Majesties! We have a problem…the Sentinels have regrouped…

Captain UK and Justicer Bull grab Wisdom and head off to fight the remaining Sentinels while Brian and Meggan head off to stop the temporal tsunami. The royal couple streak off into the night and land in front of Excalibur’s old lighthouse just in time to see Rachel, Betsy and Nocturne polish off the remaining Marauders. Brian and Betsy embrace and then the group turns to address the large tear in the fabric of reality at the base of the lighthouse that Roma wants them to seal. Before they can even formulate a plan, however, Karima Shapandar appears with her Sentinels.

When all the Sentinels appear to shut down, the team realizes that Karima has supercharged herself with the now deactivated robots’ power. She launches a full-scale attack that only the synched telekinetics of Rachel and Betsy can deflect. The nuclear beam bounces directly into the causal tear and explodes with a nuclear flash.

The landscape is barren. Only Meggan, Brian, Rachel, Betsy, Nocturne, Juggernaut and Blob remain. The rest having been outside of Rachel’s protective bubble appear to have been vaporized. Groggy and hurting, the remaining heroes gather themselves and address the problem still remaining. The causal tear has shrunk considerably but is still wide open and must be sealed.

Thinking outside the box, Cain grabs the Blob and uses his ample derriere to plug the glowing “X”. It doesn’t really do the job, so Cain pushes that much harder.
In the remains of the Starlight Citadel, Saturnyne tells Roma that the time has come. She must nullify Earth 616. Roma watches as the heroes struggle to seal the tear and gives them just a few more moments. Once again, she uses Meggan to communicate her message. On earth, Meggan morphs into the image of Roma to warn the heroes that time is up…the breach must be sealed now!
Brian and Meggan take a moment in the shadows and then the team launches into action. Brian rips Blob from the breach…Meggan rushes through the portal and crosses into the cosmos…Nocturne adds her strength to Betsy, possessing her, who works together with Rachel and Brian to literally pull the breach closed.
As the crack grows smaller Brian watches his wife from the other side. With both horror and awe he sees her as she glows with the light of Otherworld and faces the temporal onslaught with dignity…This, my love, is what I was born to do…she throws herself into the wave and vanished into its cosmic radiance...Rachel seals the tear. The breach holds, and gradually fades into nothingness.
Brian just stares…Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?...Rachel is shocked. She asks Brian if he realizes what he has just done. Betsy answers for him…He knows
Brian merely looks into the stars…Thank you, Meggan…Sleep well, my love…

Characters Involved: 

Marvel Girl III, Psylocke (X-Men)

Captain Britain and Meggan (rulers of the Omniverse, former Excalibur)

Juggernaut, Nocturne, Pete Wisdom, Captain UK, Justicer Bull, Courtney Ross (X-Men allies)
Roma, Celestial Guardian of the Omniverse

Opal Luna Saturnyne (Omniversal Majestrix)
Caliban, Callisto, Banshee, T-Rex, Blob (all Marauders)
Karimar Shapandar and her Sentinel Guards

Story Notes: 

The cosmic abnormality causing so much trouble in this issue is, of course, Wanda Maximoff’s reality warp on Earth 616. Read issue summaries on the House of M for more details.
Nocturne possessing Betsy is an artistic mistake, as Claremont spent the last issues of Uncanny, establishing that Betsy is now immune to any kind of psychic interference. Actually the script called for Nocturne possessing Rachel.
The story of Captain Britain (as well as Juggernaut, Nocturne and Pete Wisdom, to name just a few) is continued in the pages of New Excalibur.

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