Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #5

Issue Date: 
October 1981
Story Title: 
Oh, La La… Badoon!

Chris Claremont (writer), Brent Anderson & Bob Mc Leod (artists), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Glynis Wein (colorist), Roger Stern (editor), Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

The Fantastic Four become embroiled in a local event, an alien Shi’ar woman firing her gun wildly on the streets of New York. Actually, she is being followed by invisible Badoon warriors, who kill her and take the three male members of the Fantastic Four prisoner. Only the Invisible Girl manages to save herself and follows the Shi’ar woman’s words to contact the X-Men. At the same time, Storm has been having nightmares about the X-Men helping their friend Arkon against the Badoon. When the Invisible Girl tells them her story and that Lilandra and Arkon are threatened by Badoon, the X-Men decide to help. They teleport to Arkon’s world, which is in the Badoon’s hands as they learn from their ally Sashia. Cyclops quickly formulates a plan. Storm and Sue are to infiltrate the citadel, Cyclops, Colossus and Kitty are their back-up and Sashia, Wolverine and Nightcrawler take out the Badoon’s stargate. Sue and Ororo mange to infiltrate the citadel but, when Sue sees her husband being tortured, she blows their cover and she and Storm attack. Cyclops’ group comes to help but they quickly face the Monster of Badoon, which seemingly takes out Colossus. However, the young Russian proves resilient and quickly rejoins the others. In the meantime, the other group has taken out the Stargate though the effort nearly cost Nightcrawler his life. Seeing that there is no hope for them, the Badoon’s Brother Royal switches on a self destruction automaton, but Reed Richards’ genius prevents the destruction of the planet. Once the heroes have won, the Grand Vizier saves Nightcrawler’s life. During the victory party, Storm and Arkon discuss their feelings. While they have deep feelings for each other, neither of them can bear to leave their people behind, so their love isn’t to be.

Full Summary: 

A typical Saturday evening at the Baxter Building, HQ of the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic is working in the lab, aided by the Thing (and the Torch is watching), when the Invisible Girl comes in, angrily reminding Ben if she didn’t send him to get Reed and Johnny for dinner? Ben apologizes as he holds up a heavy device, but Reed said he needed help.

Oblivious to the exchange, Ben asks Ben to hold still while he calibrates. Sue angrily turns to her husband. She spent all afternoon in the kitchen cooking herself, instead of letting the computer do everything and now there is nobody who is eating. In other word, dinners is ruined!

Ben suggests to Reed he’d better listen. Reed finally notices his wife. Halfheartedly, he apologizes, promising they’ll be finished in a moment. Ticked off she walks out, telling them that, as far as she is concerned, they can live off fastfood. Sounds good, Ben remarks and asks her to order a dozen hamburgers. Sue tells him to order them himself!

Frustrated, she leaves. That moment, Franklin comes running, telling her the red light on Daddy’s big radio is blinking. Sue explains this is a monitor system informing them of emergencies. In this case, it’s the New York police chasing an unidentified woman with a kind of laser weapon. Since it’s nearby, she figures they shouldn’t ignore it.

A little later, they FF jump into action. The Torch flies ahead while the rest follows in the Fantasti-Car.

The Torch soon finds the woman, a Shi’ar pathfinder named D’syndri, currently running for her life. Apparently she is wildly firing at nothing, but the shots are returned apparently from out of nothing. Her foes are invisible and D’syndri can only perceive them, thanks to her laser gun’s scanner.

Seeing only her firing, the Torch considers her a threat and fires some flameballs at her. He informs the others.

Dsyndri’s invisible attackers, horrible reptilian beings of the Badoon, identify the FF and decide to use them to get to the Shi’ar woman. One of them fires at her and then jumps behind the Thing. Instinctively, D’syndri fires back, hitting the Thing.

Mr. Fantastic envelopes the woman with his stretchable body and takes away her weapon and hands it to Sue. He asks the injured woman what is going on. Talking quickly, she states she is Shi’ar. Arkon… Badoon threaten… Lilandra… Danger. Get… Xavier! That is enough, the Badoon decide and finish her off.

Before the FF can react, they too are fired at. Only the Invisible Girl manages to escape, pulling up a forcefield around her on instinct. Now with a single target, the attackers concentrate their fire on her. She sees them in the scanner and shudders.

That moment, police cars pull in. The Badoon decide to leave, having finished their mission by killing the Shi’ar. They decide to take the prisoners along, so the Brother Royal can interrogate them. And so, they teleport away.

A cop addresses Sue. Not in the mood to argue, she turns invisible, wondering if her family is still alive or dead. But if they were dead, why would the aliens have taken them along? Too many question but she knows where to turn for answers. She’ll get Franklin and then speak to Professor Charles Xavier.

Another place, another time, the din of battle is horrible. The X-Men are shoulder to shoulder with their ally, Arkon, fighting a horde of reptilian beings. Storm doesn’t know when the fight started, but she senses it will be over soon. They are on a mile-high tower in Arkon’s capital. Slowly, inexorably, the aliens have driven them up the stairs. Now they cannot retreat any further.

At the climax, Storm awakes, relieved to find she is still alive. It was only a dream, but it felt too real. She still feels the pain from the injuries she received. What is wrong with her?

Later, she sits in the kitchen with a cup of tea and tries to think things through. The dreams started two weeks ago and became worse. They take place on Arkon’s world in another dimension. The X-Men are fighting reptilian beings.

Hearing a noise at the door, she opens it with a gust of wind. In comes an exhausted Sue Richards, carrying Franklin.

After bringing the half-unconscious Invisible Girl to the med lab, Storm wakes the rest of the team. Then they wait in the den while Dr MacTaggert takes care of Sue. Later, the two women join them and Sue tells her story, repeating the Shi’ar’s last words.

Hearing the name Arkon, Storm listens attentively, recalling her dreams while Charles Xavier is shocked to hear the woman he loves – Lilandra – is threatened. Storm begins to tell the others of her dreams. When she has finished, Scott points out that the weapon Sue brought is a Shi’ar blaster.

How does he judge the situation? Xavier asks him. Scott assumes that those Badoon apparently threaten both Arkon and Lilandra. Both are their friends. They have no choice. They must help them. They cannot reach the Shi’ar Empire, so they’ll start with Arkon. He turns to Sue but, before he can say anything, she insists on coming along. Her family and teammates are prisoners there. She will do her part to save them… or avenge them.

Kitty pipes up. She’s a part of the team as well. Can she come along or must she stay? Xavier admits she has proved her mettle. If Cyclops and Storm agree, so does he. The two team leaders have objections but have to admit Kitty deserves her place on the team. Excited, she runs to her room, to get her new costume. Xavier tells the others to change as well and return in 15 minutes.

Soon the team meets again, just waiting for Kitty who makes her entrance in a glittering … something that makes her look more like an extra from Flash Gordon than a super-heroine. Xavier tactfully points out that her ordinary uniform is perhaps a better choice in this case. Pouting, Kitty changes back.

Sue, in the meantime, suggests they ask the Avengers for help. Cyclops already tried but their butler, Jarvis, told him they are abroad. Shall they wait? No, Sue decides. Too much time has passed already.

Cyclops takes the quiver with the bolts Arkon gave him. The golden lightning bolts will transport them to Arkon’s world and only Xavier and Franklin stay behind.

They reappear in what’s left of Arkon’s capital – ruins. Hpwever, they are welcomed by a young, blonde woman they recognize. It is Sashia, apprentice of Arkon’s grand vizier. She and Storm hug like old friends. Nightcrawler asks if Sashia sent the Shi’ar woman to Earth. Sashia explains that D’syndri acted independent of her. She was an escaped prisoner. She asks Storm for forgiveness. She sent her the dreams that tortured her. She hoped to get the X-Men to investigate.

They were attacked and conquered, their ruler imprisoned by the Brotherhood of Badoon. Cyclops wouldn’t have believed that possible, they are a warrior race after all. Sue interjects, asking if she heard anything about the Fantastic Four. Sashia is afraid she didn’t hear anything about prisoners from another world. She asks them to come inside.

Sashia’s story:

Sashia tells them how life was peaceful for some time after the X-Men saved their world. Then, a month ago, the Badoon came. They appeared as though through magic and surprised them. Their first attack allowed them to capture Arkon and the capital. All cities are now in the Badoon’s hands. What s left of their troops is reforming in the forests under the leadership of Arkon’s Warlord.


Decisively, Sashia explains that Storm is considered a demi-goddess among them and Arkon is their leader. If the X-Men free him, he and Ororo would motivate the people to a revolution that could beat the Badoon. Just like that? Logan remarks, smoking a cigar. Not a chance.

Sashia cries, asking what they should do. Give up? Spend their lives in slavery? Storm sends Logan a withering glare and tells him he is tactless. Wolverine shrugs it off. He’s a realist. Like Cyke, who’s just too polite to spell things out.

Sue Richards interjects: What if the Fantastic Four would add their powers to the mix? And possibly even the Avengers. What would their chances then be?

Cyclops asks Sashia how the Badoon attacked? Where do they get new troops from? Sashia explains they are using a giant trans-dimensional Stargate in the wilderness. The Brother Royal’s headquarters is in Arkon’s palace. That is where Arkon, and possibly the Fantastic Four, are kept imprisoned. No man is allowed to set foot in the citadel. But beautiful women are welcome. Some traitors went willingly, most went in chains. None have been seen since.

Cyclops begins formulating a plan. Storm and Sue Richards are to enter the citadel and free Arkon and the FF. Kitty, Colossus and Cyclops will back them up in case of emergency. Sashia along with Nightcrawler and Wolverine is to take out the stargate permanently, so the Badoon can’t send in reinforcements.

He doesn’t mind a challenge, Nightcrawler states, but this is madness! Wolverine agrees. Suicide. There’s too few of them. Cyclops replies they have no choice. The longer they wait, the stronger the Badoon will get. They have to strike hard and fast. Then Sashia’s revolution might have a prayer.

Sashia leads away Sue and Ororo to find some suitable clothes for them. Sue turns back, asking Cyclops for his honest opinion about their chances. They could be better, he admits. Does she want to give up? No, she replies. Whatever happens, she’ll stay to then end. Just like them, he replies simply.

Within the citadel, the three male member of the FF are being kept in special shackles to negate their powers. The Brother Royal tells them the Badoon have been watching their world for years. Their science is primitive but Earth has an incredible number of “superbeings” and Richards will now tell him all about them.

Johnny shouts that Reed won’t betray Earth, none of them will, even if they torture them like they did Arkon (who hangs limply in his shackles). They will see, the Brother Royal replies and the torture begins.

Outside the citadel, Storm and Susan are waiting, wearing cloaks to disguise them. Storm notes that Sue is shivering and asks why she is trembling. Sue admits she is scared. Despite all the years of fighting, she still cannot wholly accept this lifestyle. She envies Storm for her calm and courage. They may have the same name, “Storm”…

She breaks off as she hears a scream from the citadel. Hearing the cry, she fears for her dear ones and wants to jump into action. Storm holds her back. She tells her not tact overhasty. Calm once more, they walk up to the guards, announcing they are here to entertain the Brother Royal. The Badoon announces they must search them first. One examination later, the disgusted heroines are let through.

On the other side of the continent, in the wilderness stands the well-guarded stargate. Sashia, Wolverine and Nightcrawler have joined up with the Warlord and his troops. Sashia, now dressed in battle armor, shows the X-Men the Badoon bases via binoculars. She explains that the stargate connects the Badoon with a station on a world in their dimension. D’syndri said that traitors among the Shi’Ar gave the Badoon the stargate. It is easier to attack Earth from here than from space. As soon as Earth is conquered, the traitors want to start a coup d’état.

Wolverine points out there is only open space surrounding the basis. How do they get there undetected? Nightcrawler states he can teleport, but will need three jumps at least. Sashia explains she will use an illusion spell to disguise herself and Wolverine. She would hide Kurt as well, but her magic is limited.

Tossing aside his cigar, Wolverine remarks it’s too bad that there is always daylight on this world. It puts Nightcrawler at a disadvantage. He prefers the night. So does he. But he guesses they can’t have everything. Let’s get to work.

Nightcrawler tells him to wait. Is he going to use his claws in this battle? He doesn’t have them for show, comes the reply. Of course he’ll use them. This is war and he’s a soldier. The Badoon are the enemy. He’ll show them as much mercy as they would show him. Kurt wouldn’t ask Sashia or the Warlord this question.

Nightcrawler tells him he understands, but Wolverine in turn must understand they aren’t soldiers or ordinary people. They have the responsibility to stand for something greater than themselves. They represent an ideal, a dream. They have to be better. He can’t stop Logan, but he can and will show him what he’s doing and how serious that is. Taking a life, any life, is nothing ordinary and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Perhaps he’s too old to change even if he wanted to, Wolverine admits. Perhaps, Kurt agrees, but he’s too honorable not at least to try.

As they run off, the Warlord muses it is strange that the same qualities that would make Wolverine a hero among his people make him an outcast among theirs. He wishes them luck. Once he gets their signal, he will lead his legions into battle.

In the citadel, the Brother Royal leers at the two women, telling them to please him. The alternative is… horrible as the stubborn fool is discovering. He shows them the tortured Reed Richards on a screen. Sue cries out her husband’s name. Realizing she know him, the Brother Royal calls for his guards.

Sue unleashes her forcefield at them all, vowing they will pay. With the guards taken out, she apologizes to Storm for blowing their cover. But when she heard him boasting about Reed, was too much. It happened though it was too early, Storm sighs. They are still too far from their goal. She fills the hallways with pea soup fog to confuse the Badoon. She quietly thinks Susan shouldn’t feel ashamed for her love, wishing she had someone who meant as much to her as Reed does to Sue.

Outside Arkon’s citadel, the noise of battle hasn’t gone unnoticed by the last three X-Men. They get rid of their disguise and start attacking the guards in front of the citadel. Colossus takes down the door.

Inside, the Brother Royal wants vengeance on the Invisible Girl and unleashes their secret weapon, the Monster of Badoon! From out of nowhere emerges an immense humanoid figure, muscles rippling and possessing a mask with a gaping maw.

In the meantime, in the wilderness Nightcrawler teleports atop the heads of a Badoon patrol and takes them out, grabbing one of their blasters. However, he finds two more Badoon behind him but, as he aims the two shout that it’s them - Sashia and Wolverine! Sashia drops the illusion spell and also fells a Badoon Kurt didn’t see with a thrown knife. However, reinforcements are coming.

In the dungeon beneath the citadel, the Invisible Girl takes out a guard, grabs his blaster and shoots the other Badoon. Storm orders her to keep the guards busy while she uses her lightning bolts to destroy the shackles of the Human Torch, the Thing and the reviving Arkon.

The Thing and the Torch immediately join the fight while Susan, still invisible, addresses Reed, who believes this is another Badoon trick. Sue turns visible, assuring him it is her. Relieved, they hug.

Storm flies to Arkon’s side. He is ashamed that he cannot even stand up to greet her properly, due to the Badoon’s torture. Cue for the Brother Royal and his elite troops to enter and attack.

Upstairs. Colossus and Cyclops are battling their way through the Badoon troops while Sprite stays intangible. Due to the narrowness of the hallway, only a few Badoon can attack at a time. However, that moment, the Monster of Badoon attacks Colossus and hurls him aside.

Cyclops tries to blast the creature, to no avail. The monster blasts him with an energy beam and Cyclops too is taken out. The Monster now concentrates its fire on the sole X-Man standing – Kitty. While she cannot be harmed, she figures she has to help the team. She goads the monster leading it away with her phasing power. It follows by smashing the walls meaning that the roof caves in on it.

However, Kitty has little time to triumph, as the creature quickly frees itself, and plans to attack again. Cue for Colossus to attack it. The monster tries to hit him with its energy blasts. The force hurtles both of them out of the building. And as said building is over a mile high, that is not a good idea. The two warriors have the impact of a small meteor, creating a crater.

Concerned, Kitty looks down, wondering what happened to Peter.

At the edge of the crater, a figure gets up, walking towards the palace. It is Colossus, filled with a berserker rage that would frighten even Wolverine.

Elsewhere, Sashia, Wolverine and Nightcrawler still have their hands full with Badoon warriors, meaning they haven’t managed to get any closer to the stargate. To make matters worse, the stargate activated, meaning reinforcements are sure to arrive soon. Nightcrawler realizes there is only one chance. He teleports up to the gate. He recalls that the stargate focuses nearly unlimited energy in a very instable matrix field. He begins firing at that stargate’s transit field.

Soon, the stargate explodes. The Warlord sees the explosion from the distance, fearing that his friends have just given their lives. He calls his army to attack.

Inside the citadel, a Badoon soldier informs the Brother Royal about the stargate’s destruction. Their main base needs help. What about the humans in the palace? the Brother Royal asks. The soldier admits that they didn’t manage to kill them. The Brother Royal gives the traditional response to bearers of bad news and shoots him. He decides the situation can still be salvaged. The stargate can be rebuilt, as long as their main generator remains intact.

In the meantime in the dungeons, Cyclops and Kitty have joined up with the other heroes an they are beginning to make a dent in the number of their enemies.

Further below, Colossus reaches the palace, also battling is way through. He notices the Badoon seem to defend this part of the citadel especially fiercely and figures he has to find out what they are guarding.

Richards notes that the Badoon weapons don’t seem to run out of energy. He examines one of them and learns they are not independent. They are all receivers, getting energy from an external source. If they can neutralize that source, the weapons are useless.

Arkon recalls that the Badoon sealed the catacombs under the palace and built a generator. It could be that, Reed agrees. Can they get there? he asks Cyclops. Scott fears that they won’t get there soon. Too much resistance.

He can get them there in seconds, the Thing tells them. He has watched the Hulk for years and anything old Greenie can do, he can do better! In other words: It’s clobberin’ time! He hits the wall with all his strength. Shockwaves pulverize massive stone walls and floors. At once, the Invisible Girl surrounds (all save for the Torch) with an invisible force field, while Storm creates winds to brake their fall. Cyclops admits he’s impressed, whereas Sprite pouts that Colossus does stuff like that every day.

Soon they reach the catacombs and find an old friend, Colossus, busy taking out Badoon.

That moment, a holographic image of the Brother Royal appears, warning them this was a Pyrrhic victory. He has activated the self-destruction automatic system of the central unit. In minutes, the reactor will detonate, destroying this world. He will retreat to a safe place to enjoy the spectacle.

Mr. Fantastic frantically examines the generators, giving the others orders. The Thing and Colossus are to keep the contacts from touching and trigger the detonation. Storm is to cool down the overheated reactor whereas the Torch is to create a limited heatfield so Reed doesn’t freeze.

Finally, he orders Sue to form her forcefield into a sphere and follow it around his arm to the device’s center.

Colossus and Thing almost cannot hold the contacts apart anymore… Cyclops fires his blast through the tunnel reaching the reactor core. The shot destroys the ignition mechanism. The chain reaction is aborted, the world saved.

Later, they are greeted by the Warlord and his army. The Warlord informs them that the Badoon are finished and he himself got the Brother Royal. What about the other X-Men? Arkon asks him. That moment, they see the gravely injured Nighcvrawler being carried on a stretcher. Sashia informs them he is badly hurt. Logan adds that, moments before the stargate exploded, he grabbed Sahdia and him and teleported them to safety. It almost killed the elf. That Grand Vizier promises that his arts will save Nightcrawler and asks Sashia to come help.

The Vizier is as good as his word, and soon Nightcrawler is healthy enough to join the celebration where he and Wolverine both flirt with Sashia. Cyclops sits alone, and the Thing and Colossus are about to embark on an epic battle of arm-wrestling, taking bets. Arkon finds himself melancholy.

Colossus looks around, seeing a pretty girl. Thing tells him to get started. The girl wishes him luck. As they start, Colossus belatedly realizes who the girl is and, of course, loses in his surprise as he realizes it is Kitty (who cleans up well thanks to Sashia).

Arkon, in the meantime, goes out on the balcony where he finds Storm. Both admit that they were thinking about their relationship. He wanted to ask her to become his queen, but he won’t. For that would mean a decision that would destroy them both. It would break her heart to leave the X-Men and him to leave his people. He is their ruler; his hand united the warrior tribes and created order. Without him, all that would be undone. He is needed. He cannot leave. But if she asked, he would. They kiss.

She replies that she knows. That’s why she won’t ask. She lives alone because she never met anyone who touched her heart like Cyclops did Jean Grey’s or Reed Richards did Susan’s. She never regretted that choice until now. She will always remember him.

Her thoughts drift back to her youth, being in love with Prince T’Challa. Duty took him away, as it now does Arkon. And she wonders if that will ever change.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Sprite, Storm, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Professor Xavier

Human Torch, Invisible Girl, Mr Fantastic, Thing (all Fantastic Four)

Franklin Richards

D’syndri (Shi’ar scout)


Sashia (apprentice to the Grand Vizier)

Grand Vizier


Arkon’s warriors

Brother Royal

Baddon warriors

Monster of Badoon

Story Notes: 

The story presumably takes place between Uncanny X-Men #150 and 154.

Issue Information: 
Written By: