Vengeance #3

Issue Date: 
November 2011
Story Title: 
Every Little Thing

Joe Casey (writer), Nick Dragotta (artist), Brad Simpson (colorist), Rus Wooton (letterer ), Gabriele Dell’Otto (cover), Rachel Pinnela Executioner warns him not to call the place a clubhouse again. Angelo asks who the others are. Egghead, Radioactive Kid, Black Knight and Mako (assistant editor), Tom Brennan ( editor), Tom Brevoort (executive editor), Axel Alonso (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (Exec. Publisher)

Brief Description: 

In 1944, the Red Skull leads a strange, secret camp in Poland. In the present, Ms. America leads the Brak’n’hüd astray by displaying the In-Betweener’s energy signature, while the In-Betweener explains to her teammates how those creatures want to kill him and destroy the Balance. America is about to be overwhelmed but gets some unwanted help by the Final Defenders. Two other Defenders, Kyle Richmond and Nighthawk, confront Old Larry about his true identity. The Teen Brigade warn the crippled Doctor Octopus that there is a hit order out on him. He is not interested, seeing as how he has paid other villains to protect them. One of them, the Sandman, beats the Young Master Black Knight. Ultimate Nullifier intervenes on her behalf, only to have his act of chivalry backfire, as her teammates turn on him and Radioactive Kid burns his face.

Full Summary: 

In mind-link with the In-Betweener:
He’s not sure that he belongs here, Beak mutters, touching a book called The X in Sex Ed.

The secret of survival is balance, the In-Betweener announces.

Trapped by an illusion of Mr. Fantastic, Ultimate Nullifier shouts, asking if someone can pull the trigger on the end of the world?

It was like another life, the In-Betweener continues, but he feels its echoes in his head. He guesses nothing turns out the way he thought it would, because they are all out now. Like your bedroom overrun with spiders.

She never shoulda grown up! an illusion of her father shouts at Angel Salvadore, holding a belt in his hand. She is sick!

Underwater, Ultimate Nullifier fights an octopus.

Elsewhere, Ms. America attacks something muttering about being out as bait.

In mind-link with the In-Betweener:
The other Teen Brigade members are having weird flashbacks and possible glimpses into the future, as the In-Betweener continues to explain about the balance. Forget about the abstract concept they are taught at school. Naïve assumptions of good and evil. Those are for babies’ bedtime stories. Balance has everything to do with order and chaos.

He’s talking to them about balance? Nullifier shouts. Does he know who he is?

He is not really feeling this, Beak groans, looking like his former mutant self. Angel asks him to hold her hand. She is having weird flashbacks.

Is that his ugly inner self? Ultimate Nullifier asks Beak, or is he just projecting some kind of subconscious thing? Angel shoves Nullifier and orders him to back off. He compliments the wings she is displaying again.

The In-Betweener explains that, in this place, they exist as everything they’ve ever been. Just relax and let it carry them along. Makes accepting the truth much easier.

It started as a place to figure things out, he explains. To take a little breath once in a while. He can’t remember where they sprang from. Some unholy lifeforms obsessed with the same balance that runs all of existence. Creatures of shadow and death, they are the Braak’n’hüd. The final solution was to absorb them into his own physical being. To once again become the environment that had been created to contain them. Like he said in another life. Ultimate Nullifier points out, they are vulnerable and the In-Betweener reminds him they gave Ms. America his energy signature to distract their foes.

In the meantime, their physical bodies are sitting in a diner, deep in trance.

In the other place, Angel complains they shouldn’t have come here. Ultimate Nullifier compares it to the best gameshow ever played. They can interpret it as they want, the In-Betweener explains. All he knows is the Balance is being threatened.

By an octopus? Angel shouts looking at the energy character in front of her. The In-Betweener warns, the Braak’n’hüd are not the only ones seeking to destroy the Balance. This will involve choices on their part. Some that are against their better judgment. Barnell still doesn’t get why the Braaknwhat are after him. Revenge, the In-Betweener replies. He remembers he couldn’t contain them forever. When they burst free, he was shattered from the inside out. Even in this form, only his extermination will satisfy them.

Beak points out the universe needs him to be healthy. Order and chaos. It’s a chocolate and peanut butter thing, right? Angel adds. They have a certain way of doing things, Ultimate Nullifier points out, as he grabs one of his guns. As long as that’s clear. Order AND chaos….

The In-Betweener explains the Balance has to be maintained or all of reality collapses. It’s down to them. Sounds about right, Ultimate Nullifier agrees. Another shot at greatness, another notch on the belts of the heroes people never knew about. Assemble, Motherforbushers!

Old Larry returns to his home in the Bowery, hopeful about the Teen Brigade. He realizes someone has broken into his home and asks if they are giving him options. Of course, Agent Young, Nighthawk announces. He can either come peacefully…

Larry attacks as he shouts at him not to call him Agent Young. His choice, Nighthawk replies and fights back as he rattles down the fact he knows about Larry.

A man standing in the background sighs as Nighthawk wipes the floor with the older man. Larry warns Nighthawk he doesn’t know who he is dealing with. Actually he does, the man in the background, Kyle Richmond, corrects him. He suggests they walk out, get a drink and talk. Must be more comfortable than getting beaten up by someone ten years younger, right, Larry? Or should he say Jack Truman?

1944, Poland:

The Red Skull is having a very special camp built. His people assure him the reactors will be ready by nightfall. He demands up to date reports about the lightning squads delivering the final families from Kaluga. From this point on, there will be no more communiques sent from within these camps. Nothing to betray their locations. Even der Fuehrer must never know.

The men open the doors to a hangar as the Skull scoffs they think they are special. They have been scientifically engineered to go forward and inherit the Earth. A sad Russian power fantasy that ends right here. To begin, they shall effectively deal with the first generation of eugenic test subjects. He looks e of hovering naked prisoners, children all. And then they will deal with their sorgenkinder.

Right now:
Ms. America is being overwhelmed by Brak’n’hüd, proving their plan worked. That moment, a flying chariot of fire appears in the sky carrying Daimon Hellstrom, Krang and the She-Hulk, following a threat Hellstrom dreamed about. She-Hulk jumps down to join the fray. Hellstrom booms these beasts are not worthy one iota of mercy, and they are the first line of defense. Hellstrom also flies downwards blasting them and Krang urges him to burn them out of the sky.

America flies downward to catch She –Hulk, while scoffing about the first line of defense remark. Does she know her? She-Hulk asks. America doubts it. They watch the Brak’n’hüd fly off. America figures the magic has worn off and they’ve realized she isn’t who they thought she was. She flies She-Hulk toward to the chariot and suggests next time she keep her seatbelt on. She-Hulk asks who she is but America just flies off. She-Hulk worries about how young she looks.

Beak and Angel, in the meantime, are confronting Dr. Octopus. Angel is aggressive, Beak more polite. Octavius assures them he is a mere shadow of what he was, though Angel doesn’t buy it and Octavius begins to bluster. She warns him this crib isn’t secure and he has a fat target on his back.

The whole thing is watched by two Young Masters. Executioner feels sorry for Octopus. He was great once, he laments. Radioactive Kid suggests they put him out of his misery. That moment they are called by Black Knight, who informs them there is big trouble. Namely that Doctor Octopus got himself protection, she shouts, as she tries to dodge the car the Rhino throws at her.

From a rooftop, another protector, Electro, watches the events, until he is shot by Ultimate Nullifier.

Inside, Angel and Barnell assure Doc Ock that they have their people in the field looking out for him.

Outside, Ultimate Nullifier beats up a depowered Electro. Egghead rises through the rooftop. He is messing with their mandate, he informs him, or making it easier for them. He can’t decide which.

Inside, Doctor Octopus still blusters at Angel and Barnell, threatening them if they interfere in his plans. Barnell makes it clear they aren’t interested. The universe for some reason still wants him in it.

Outside, Black Knight has beaten Rhino and, not far away, Ultimate Nullifier takes out Egghead.

Black Knight finds herself attacked by the Sandman and about to be saved by Nullifier. Instead of a ‘thank you’ he gets hit by her sword. The other Young Masters join the battle and Radioacvtive Kid touches Nullifier in the face with his burning touch…

Characters Involved: 

Angel Salvadore, Barnell Bohusk, Miss America Chavez, Ultimate Nullifier (Teen Brigade)

Kyle Richmond (former Nighthawk)
Krang, Nighthawk IV, She-Hulk, Son of Satan (Defenders)
“Larry Young” aka Jack Truman

Doctor Octopus
Black Knight V, Egghead II, Executioner II, Radioactive Kid, (Young Masters)


In 1945:
Red Skull

Story Notes: 

Sorgenkinder: German for ‘Sorrow’s children.’

Written By: