Venom (1st series) #6

Issue Date: 
November 2003
Story Title: 
“Run” - part 1

Daniel Way (writer), Paco Medina (pencils), Juan Velasco (inks), Guru eFX (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), John Miesegaes (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in cief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

The Suit continues his pursuit of the creature called Venom through the Northwest Territories of Canada. He carries with him Lt. Patricia Robertson, injured in Venom’s last attack. Lt. Robertson insists on contacting the U.S. Army, but The Suit knocks her out again. Venom appears in the small town of Voici, where he slaughters a number of miners. As the superiors of The Suit arrive in a bar asking for information, a short wild-haired man tells them that they obviously aren’t from around here…

Full Summary: 

The Suit carries Lt. Patricia Robertson through the Canadian arctic, as she is exhausted from her first confrontation with the Venom creature. Patricia wakes up, and falls off of The Suit’s back, as she is surprised to be alive. The Suit tells her that they are roughly 75 miles southeast of her previous location, and that the must intercept the creature before it reaches civilization. The Suit tells her to eat, and hands her a can of tuna. Patricia is confused, as The Suit was the one who shot her. The Suit admits to shooting her, and tells her to move quickly. Patricia insists on contacting the U.S. Army about the situation, but The Suit refuses to allow it. Patricia flings the tuna aside and screams that the “thing” killed her friends and is about to do the same thing to civilization. She insists that the U.S. military can do a better job than The Suit, but he responds by pressing a button on his cell phone that knocks her out. The Suit retrieves the tuna and continues carrying Patricia through the Rocky Mountains. He presses a few more buttons, and his phone reads “Target Located.”

As they reach a wooded area, The Suit notices a dead wolf. He scans the area with his phone, and finds an entire pack of dead wolves tied up in symbiotic webbing. He finds a clump of hair in the webbing, and scans it, revealing that it belongs to a Kodiak bear. He scans for the bear, thinking that the bear may be infected by the symbiote. He doesn’t have to look far, as the bear sneaks up to attack from behind. However, a scan reveals that the bear is not infected, and The Suit uses the phone on the bear, sending it away. A mechanical noise can be heard, and The Suit pushes a few buttons, making himself and Patricia invisible. A mysterious ship appears over the area.

On board the ship, the two pilots talk. One woman says that they have negative contact. The other says “No big deal. We’ll find it sooner or later. It’s not like we don’t know where it’s going.”

The Suit and Patricia reappear. The Suit makes a call on the phone, saying that the situation is now more complicated, as there are others searching for the creature. The Suit says that they will reach the settlement by dawn, but the creature may already be there. The Suit looks at Patricia, and says that he has a contingency plan.

Voici, Northwest Territories, Canada:
At a small house in the middle of nowhere, a man named Clem shows up, and another man named Orrie answers the door. A dead bird is in the snow. Orrie tells Clem that he was just killing time until he showed up. Clem and Orrie talk about their poker game, and Clem wonders where everyone else is. Orrie tells him that they’re all in the back. Clem seems anxious that they started without him. Orrie tells him that Clem is the “life of the party!” Clem opens the back door, finding his friends all dead in their chairs. The voice changes, saying “Hey Clem… you still feeling lucky?” Orrie changes into Venom. Clem bolts for the door, slipping on gasoline. Venom calls Clem back, insisting that Clem has one god scream left in him. Clem screams, and Venom slaughters him. Venom then takes Clem’s form, steals his snowmobile, and heads for the town.

Inside Bob’s Bar, the two ship pilots order water. The bartender informs them that there are maybe a hundred and fifty people in the area, mostly pipeline workers. A man at the bar tells them that they “ain’t from around here, are ya?” The women look at him, and ask “How’d you guess?”

Wolverine looks up and says “I just know these things.”

Characters Involved: 

Venom / “Eddie Brock”
“The Suit”

Frankie and Vic / the Twins (unnamed)
Lt. Patricia Robertson / U.S. Army

Wolverine / Logan

Story Notes: 

Venom has undergone some major transformation as of late. In Spectacular Spider-Man (2nd series) #1, it was revealed that Venom has consumed Eddie Brock’s existence somehow, and the resulting creature now has very little restriction on form and mobility, and is now a vampire-like creature, needing to drain the fluids of other creatures to survive.

While “The Suit” has been tracking Venom since issue #1 of Venom (2nd series), it is yet unrevealed whether he is man, mutant, alien, machine, or something else. The only thing known about him is his incredible healing ability and superhuman strength.

Robertson is the only survivor of Venom’s massacre at the Christmastown research post (Venom (2nd series) #5).

Venom and Wolverine have fought once before, in the 3-part “Venom: Tooth and Claw” mini-series.

It is unrevealed how Venom ended up imprisoned in the Arctic to begin with.

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