Venom (1st series) #8

Issue Date: 
January 2004
Story Title: 
“Run” - part 3

Daniel Way (writer), Paco Medina (pencils), Juan Velasco (inks), Guru eFX (colors), Cory Petit (letters), Sam Keith (cover), John Miesegaes (supervising editor), Joe Quesada (editor in cief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Venom attempts to merge with Logan unsuccessfully. It is revealed that the twins are actually cybernetically enhanced and created to trap Venom into merging with one of them. Venom attaches itself to an old man to escape, and the twins blow up the town of Voici to cover the incident up. Only the Suit and Logan survive, but Venom is nowhere to be found.

Full Summary: 

As Frankie holds a gun to Lt. Robertson’s head, she sees a flash of light behind her, which is distracting. Robertson takes advantage, sweeping Frankie’s legs and kicking her in the head. The kick reveals that Frankie’s hair is actually a wig. As Robertson picks up the gun, Frankie tells her that it was a bad idea – the gun is empty. Robertson runs.
As Venom was about to merge with Wolverine, The Suit fired his weapon, knocking Logan out. Venom says that he wanted Logan. Suit replies that this is that reason for rendering Logan useless. Venom replies that Logan will heal. Suit replies that he has all the time he needs, as too many have died, and it is time to end this. Vic fires a shot at Suit, making him drop his weapon. Vic removes her wig, revealing cybernetic enhancements. She claims that none have suffered more than she has. Venom looks over its shoulder, seeing Vic: “Prettyyyyy…” Suit explains that Vic has been modified so that if Venom joins with her, she will take control of the symbiote. Vic replies that she has been waiting for Venom her whole life. As Venom ponders the situation, an old man walks out of the cookhouse, trying to go home. Everyone freezes, as Venom grins. Vic tries to kill the old man quickly before Venom can attach itself to him, but Venom wraps itself around Vic’s bullet, which hits the man, allowing the symbiote to take over a new host. Venom uses the opportunity to escape through the cookhouse. Rats and insects begin to consume the bodies outside.
Vic warns Frankie that the symbiote is on the move again. The Suit grabs Vic by the throat, but Vic showers him with bullets, knocking him down. Frankie replies on the headset for Vic to duck and cover. Frankie steers their airship in, firing a cannon at the Suit. Vic climbs aboard, and the two struggle with the knowledge that the creature now knows what they are for. Frankie says that she will contact “The Arc” to find out what to do. Vic warns that he will kill them for failing. Frankie replies that if The Suit knew about them, then there is a leak somewhere, and that information enough will keep them in “his” good graces. Vic says that they don’t know about a leak. Frankie replies “she does” and points menacingly at Lt. Robertson, who is stashed in the back of the cockpit.

Logan gets up off the ground, calling for round two with the Suit. The Suit is knocked out, with nano-robots crawling on his body.

On the ship, the twins send a message to “The Arc,” saying that they have new disturbing information and need to know how to proceed. The reply comes immediately – “Climb to 42,000 feet. Initialize ‘Plan B’ protocol. Await Authorization.

On the ground, Wolverine picks up one of the miniature robots. Wolverine says that he knows what they are… “what are you up to now, Reed?” The robot delivers a powerful shock, and Logan drops it. The ship flies overhead.
Frankie asks: “Do you think the Canadian government is really gonna let us do this?” Vic replies: “Do you really think they’d say no… to him?” The screen flashes: “Authorization granted. Proceed.”
The twins smile at each other, and Frankie pushes a button. A nuclear weapon is launched at the town of Voici, and Wolverine looks up, saying that “This just ain’t my day…” The town goes up in a mushroom cloud.
The resulting explosion causes navigation problems on the ship, and while the twins struggle to get it under control, Lt. Robertson grabs a wrench and hides it, waiting to attack.

As the ship gets under control, the twins say that they will wait for the blast cloud to clear, then they will touch down and finish the job. The creature will have no other option but to attach itself to them, if only for survival.

The nano-robots come together, patching the Suit up. He uses his cell-phone device to contact home, saying that he has a plan involving the mutant humanoid.

As Wolverine attempts to heal in a crater, the Suit charges his phone and gets up, looking undamaged.

Characters Involved: 

Venom (symbiote only)


The Suit
Lt. Patricia Robertson

Frankie and Vic – the twins

Story Notes: 

At the end of the last issue, Wolverine was shown in the final panel to be little more than a skeleton. However, at the beginning of this one, he still has his skin.

It is still unrevealed how or why the symbiote needs to consume multiple individuals.

Just as Wolverine suspects, the Suit is a mechanical product of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic.

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