Weapon X (1st series) #1

Issue Date: 
March 1995
Story Title: 
Unforgiven Trespasses

Larry Hama (writer), Adam Kubert (breakdowns), Karl Kesel, Dan Green, Chris Warner (finishes), Mike Thomas (colors), Pat Brosseau (letters), Bob Harras (editor, editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Weapon X and Jean Grey take a ride on a Sentinel that is programmed to deliver its two mutant riders to one of Apocalypse's control towers in sector five of the Mid-Atlantic sea wall. As it arrives, the Infinites guarding the base call for help from the mainland and are sent help in the form of Alex Summers a.k.a. Havok. As Logan destroys the control center, Jean battles Havok. Luckily for her, Logan comes back for her, taking Havok out. The two former X-Men escape on the Sentinel escaping Havok and his supporting Infinites. On their way back to London, they pass many Sentinels heading toward the American mainland to fulfill the next part of the mission. As the two mutants have opened a hole in Apocalypse's security wall, the Sentinels have been sent through the breach to help the humans in America have a chance to escape the mutant tyrant's rule. When they arrive back in London, Logan and Jean overhear the Council talk about their upcoming bombing raid on America. While talking, the Council is attacked by a lava-controlling mutant named Magma. Again acting the savior, Logan kills Magma and then encourages Brian Braddock to begin his attack on America much to Jeans dismay. Meanwhile, at Apocalypse's citadel, Cyclops reports on Sinister's betrayal and the Beast reports on Havok's injuries from Weapon X's attack.

Full Summary: 

Both Weapon X and Jean Grey are riding a Sentinel in order to destroy the defense grid of one of Apocalypse's Mid-Atlantic sea wall defense towers. The Infinites that guard the base are watching the two mutants' descent on a view screen from the tower. One guard says that they should alert lord Apocalypse about these two alpha-mutants imminent attack, while another states that they should not and they should take care of the problem themselves. Ultimately, the director decides to call for help from another Alpha Mutant and have him emergency-teleported to the platform.

The Sentinel bringing the two mutants to their intended target tells them that it has been able to dodge all of the base's laser attacks because of its radar jammer, but now it has lost it and it will be taking more damage. As the Sentinel crashes into its attended target, the two mutants hop from off its back. The Sentinel tells them that its primary objective was to get them here but their amnesty from being destroyed is only temporary. The two mutants take a few moments to note what the Sentinel has told them and of the High Council's short leash they are keeping the two of them on. With this, they head off to find their target.

Weapon X hears Jean's instructions of where their target is and he slashes a hole through the floor to make their way down. Weapon X tells Jean that he smells something dangerous and to let him go first. Weapon X hits the ground only to come face to face with one of Sinister's experiments; a Balrog-class Meta-Cyborg. As the two fight, Jean goes against Weapon X's order and she psi-blasts the cyborg away. Logan chides her for putting herself in danger but both decide it was for the best, so they can get back on schedule.

Somewhere else in the tower, an Alpha class mutant is transported from Apocalypse's pens. The mutant's name is Havok and he is mad. The Infinites tell him of the Sentinel outside of the tower and which Havok easily blasts from the tower. Havok grows angry because he thinks he was only transported there to take care of the Sentinel but when they inform him of the two Alpha Mutants, he runs off to find them.

Jean informs Logan that she feels a very dangerous presence getting closer to them and both decide to leave her behind to face the mutant and allow Logan to keep going towards the towers central core. As Logan leaves Jean, the roof begins to cave in on her and she looks up to see Havok. Immediately, both recognize each other from the time Jean spent in the pens.

In the central control area Logan busts through the wall. Quickly, he takes out the Infinites guarding the Switching Consoles and destroys the consoles.

Nearby, Havok, who is asking where Logan is, is blasting Jean Grey to the ground? In answer to Havok's question, Logan shows up, stomping on Havok's back, crushing him into the ground. Luckily for Havok, Jean tells Logan to leave him so they can get out to the now reawakened Sentinel before it is completely destroyed. While they run, they notice the Sentinel is in bad shape and as they climb on its back, the Sentinel detects Havok approaching their location. Havok reappears as they begin to escape. To prevent Havok from destroying it, the Sentinel releases its hands as a missile weapon. One hand grabs Havok around the waist and sends him back into the teleporter, while the other hand activates the teleporter sending Havok back to where he came from.

In the air and flying back to Europe, the Sentinel and its passengers pass thousands of other Sentinels heading the other way towards America. Jean and Logan realize the second part of their plan, the Great Airlift, has begun. Sentinels and transports are being sent from Europe to rescue as many as possible from Apocalypse's empire. Their part of the mission completed, the two continue their journey back to Europe.

Across the Atlantic in Apocalypse's domain, Cyclops walks up the stairs towards his master. First, Apocalypse asks Cyclops to be silent for a moment as he commands him to recycle all the Infinites responsible for Weapon X and Jean Grey's victory in destroying the tower's control center. With that said he asks Cyclops to continue with his report. Cyclops reports that Sinister has given vital information to two mutant couriers and he has now disappeared. Cyclops loyally tells Apocalypse that he has dispatched soldiers to hunt Sinister down but Apocalypse interrupts and tells Cyclops that he knows and that he has already taken steps to punish Sinister.

Apocalypse walks from where he was standing to Holocaust and Abyss, as Cyclops follows. Beast interrupts their conversation as he reports that Havok has reappeared but he has a Sentinel hand infused to his body, thanks to the teleportation. Beast tells Apocalypse that Havok is in no condition to report on the problems in sector five, but he keeps ranting about a one handed mutant. As Beast continues to work on saving Havok, Apocalypse commands him to do all he can to save him. Abyss jokes of who the one handed mutant might be and Holocaust tells him that they all know who he is. He is the mutant that Cyclops has been keeping an "eye out" for. "LOGAN!!" Cyclops exclaims as he swears a threat against him. Apocalypse ends the conversation in a question about why Weapon X would be needed for such a small attack.

In London, as Big Ben's tower now has a Sentinels legs sticking out from it, Logan and Jean passionately kiss. Logan thinks to himself about how he might love Jean, but he wonders if his feelings are returned from her. Logan and Jean look out across the London skyline only to see many massive blimps that are all preparing to release many bombs on America's soil. As the two walk down the stairs of Big Ben, they over hear the Council talking of the Sentinels transport from America's cost back to Europe. Clapping, Logan congratulates the Council on their gumption. Jean grabs Logan by the collar as he complains about how the Council continues to even ignore their presence in the same building. Jean tells him to be quiet because she wants to hear more of the Councils conversation.

Mariko Yashida begins to talk about how everyone does not agree with the Councils decision about dropping the bombs on America. Having not known of the Councils bombing plans the Logan and Jean are taken aback. Not noticing, Brian Braddock talks of how he is tired of hearing Mariko's whining and it is now time to kill all the mutants in America before they kill them. With that said, an explosion of lava shoots up between them and a fiery mutant appears. As Emma asks Brian who the new mutant is, Brian is blasted by a shot of hot Lava from the mutants hand. She introduces herself as Magma and as she talks of Apocalypse Logan sneaks up behind her and he sinks his claws into her back calling her "dead!" Badly burnt, Logan hears Magma's last words about how there will be others besides her and her life means nothing. As Logan stands above her dead body, he exclaims to the council about how the pain will stop when his healing factor kicks in and his Adamantium cools down.

Angered by the attack, Braddock heads up the stairs to where the now departed Sentinel has left the hole. He looks out upon his Armada of Blimps and exclaims that now is the time to take the fight to Apocalypse. Below, Logan looks up and tells Braddock to go for it. As Jean stands by him, she tells Logan that he does not realize what he is saying. This is the beginning of a descent into madness.

Characters Involved: 

Weapon X

Jean Grey
Brian Braddock, Emma Frost, Bolivar Trask, Moira MacTaggert-Trask, Mariko Yashida (all Human High Council)

Abyss, Holocaust (both Horsemen of Apocalypse)
Balrog Class Meta-Cyborg

Story Notes: 

The Trask Sentinels are programmed to kill all mutants. Only by the Human High Council's temporary amnesty for Weapon X and Jean Grey, did the same Sentinel that protected them not kill them.

The "Great Airlift", the operation name for the Human High Council's massive evacuation of humans from Booth Bay, Maine was seen in Amazing X-Men #1.

Jean Grey and Weapon X were in fact the Couriers for Sinister as was seen in X-Men Alpha.

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