Wolverine (2nd series) #140

Issue Date: 
July 1999
Story Title: 

Erik Larsen (writer), Leinil Francis Yu (penciler), Dexter Vines (inker), Joe Rosas (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/AD (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Based on information that Logan received from someone that Magneto was at a local junkyard, he and Nightcrawler have traveled there. Upon their arrival, they encountered a bunch of robotic creatures. After dealing with them, the duo went to a restaurant where they discussed recent events that happened in the X-Men’s lives. After Logan got into a fight there, Solo and Cardiac arrive to exact revenge on what Wolverine did to them a while ago. After a brief tussle, Nightcrawler is able to intervene as the voice of reason and the battle is stopped. At the X-Mansion, Professor Xavier is giving Marrow a hard time when she storms out. Upon hearing what happened, Logan attempts to reconcile but Xavier tells him that he’s not a teacher; so do him a favor and continue playing his role and he’ll carry on doing his.

Full Summary: 

Surrounded by scrap metal, Nightcrawler points out to Wolverine that they are in a junkyard and that he said there were reports that Magneto has been… Wolverine tells him, the elf, that’s true, he has been right there. Nightcrawler tells him that Magneto has the entire nation of Genosha at his command. He’s busy quelling a rebellion and dealing with a Legacy Virus outbreak there.

Based on that, they both know this “report” is bogus, it makes no sense. Wolverine replies that the guy, Magneto, is three sandwiches short o’ a picnic, not every one of his moves makes a whole lot o’ sense. So even if it’s darn near impossible that Magneto’s been seen around these parts, he figured it was worth checkin’ out. He adds that Magneto’s a killer an’ maybe everybody else is willin’ to let the situation in Genosha lie, but he ain’t. Nightcrawler tells him fair enough, but with his hyper-senses, he should be able to…

Just then, Wolverine cuts him off and tells him that he hears something. When Nightcrawler asks him what it is, Wolverine tells him trouble. At that moment, the duo is surrounded by a number of robotic beings. Some of them have the looks of Transformers, others that of a dinosaur. Another still looks like Magneto himself. Nightcrawler points out that it appears his eyewitnesses were not entirely mistaken. This “Magneto” looks to be mechanical, and he’s got a number of pseudo-henchmen with him and they don’t appear too happy to see them.

As Nightcrawler does his best to avoid the robot’s attacks, Wolverine instead heads directly into the thick of things, claws at the ready. While he does so, Wolverine mentions to Nightcrawler that he must’ve gotten soft spendin’ all that time with Excalibur. The Kurt Wagner he remembers would’ve liked these kind o’ odds. He asks what happened to the swash-bucklin’ spirit o’ his.

In the midst of asking the question, Wolverine realizes that he’s cornered and a robotic headless orange-rocked Thing is holding a car over his head. Before it can toss the car into Wolverine’s direction, Nightcrawler appears out of nowhere and proceeds to kick the “Thing” in the back. As he does, he tells Wolverine that he is still largely intact although tempered by a slightly more pervasive instinct for survival. When the “Thing” yells out that it’s *bzzzzt* clobberin’ time, it hurls the car in the direction of Wolverine.

At the last second, Wolverine is able to get out of the way as Nightcrawler calls out to him to look out. When the car hits, it causes an explosion. Teleporting to safety, Nightcrawler thinks to himself that Wolverine was primed for a possible confrontation with the real Magneto and that now, he’s in a berserker rage. Anything he says at the point will more than likely fall on deaf ears, meaning his only real choice is to join the festivities at hand in his own inimitable fashion. By teleporting a hunk of debris into the middle of the “Thing’s” chest, he should at least slow it down.

On the other side of the fence encasing the junkyard, a bunch of teenagers watch what is happening through various holes in the wooden fence. One of them tells the others that a mutie just killed the Thing. Another of his friends pipes in and says that’s not the Thing, he doesn’t even have a head. Still another asks if they should call the police.

Inside the junkyard, Nightcrawler tells Wolverine that it seems they have attracted an audience. Wolverine tells him to let ‘em watch and immediately goes after “Magneto.” Slicing off his head with his claws, Wolverine says that he will give ‘em a glimpse of what should’ve happened when they knocked heads with the real Magneto last time instead o’ lettin’ him sail off into the sunset so that he could rule his own flamin’ country. After destroying “Magneto,” Wolverine states that it’s not hardly as satisfyin’ as takin’ out the real deal but it’ll do! Just then, he is attacked by more robots and he states that they keep breakin’ them up and the y keep comin’ – beauty.

As Nightcrawler teleports away from another large robot, the pile of metal and junk crumbles and proceeds to bury the robots underneath. When Logan mentions to Nightcrawler that he got a little carried away, he is informed that it was the robot that toppled over the mountain of cars. He, Nightcrawler, merely provoked him.

While the dust settles around them, Nightcrawler asks Wolverine if he has any idea what that was all about. Wolverine tells him none and that it doesn’t look like any o’ the robots are in good enough shape ta fill them in. Whatever, it’s not a complete loss. They got themselves a better workout than the Danger Room usually dishes out. Nightcrawler says no Magneto, but there’s obviously more to this thing than meets the eye. Something tells him this wasn’t an isolated incident and that they haven’t heard the last of this.

As Wolverine begins to hear a police siren approaching, he replies that he’s got that right but that they better scram. The last thing he’s in the mood for is answerin’ a load o’ questions fer New York’s finest. Besides, there ain’t nuthin’ let to see there. Tucked away, beneath the scrap metal, a lone figure sits quietly dressed in black and wearing a mask, observing what has happened.

Standing outside a local restaurant, a plain-cloths Logan informs a plain-clothed Kurt that it felt good fightin’ by his side again and that he’s glad to have him back on the home team. Now what does he say t’ about grabbin’ some grub, he’s so hungry he feels like he’s been kicked in the gut. Activating his image inducer, Kurt mentions that it’s not like him, Logan, to get sentimental, can this be a side of him that he’s never seen before. Logan tells him to not let it throw him and they enter the restaurant. As they enter, an individual in disguise thinks to himself that the police band reported a melee and that it led him right to Wolverine, it’s payback time.

At their table, Kurt tells Logan that it’s good to be away from the school for a change. Logan replies yeah and even better ta be out from under Charlie’s nose. He adds that there’s no one he respects more than him an’ recent experience has given him better insight into his willingness to turn the other cheek but he’s not crazy about the current state o’ the X-Men. All this training reminds o’ the way things used to be, when he first hooked up with the outfit and he, Kurt, knows as well as anybody how much he likes that.

Kurt then reminds him that Professor Xavier means well. Logan says maybe so but ever since he decided to take more of an active role in how the team runs it seems like they’re his glorified errand boys. Kurt tells him that he thinks the Professor is just doing what he thinks is best for them all, especially considering their present circumstances. They’ve all been deeply affected by everything that’s happened in the last few weeks. From Magneto’s latest bid for world domination and Joseph’s sacrifice to stop him to being thrown back in time and forced to fend for themselves on the home world of the alien Skrulls. Things will return to normal eventually. Or at least as much a semblance of “normal” as the X-Men can be allowed.

Logan reluctantly agrees. Kurt then adds that actually he, Logan, has really been racking up the frequent flyer miles where space travel is concerned. It must have seemed like déjà vu getting hijacked into space again so soon after he returned from that Prison World. Logan says yeah, that was a real hoot. Havin’ Galactus in the mix both times out was an especially nice touch.

At that moment, Logan gets up from the table and tells Kurt that he’s got to make a call. As he starts to walk away, he asks Kurt if he wants him to grab him another brew on his way. Just then, Logan runs into a large man and accidentally knocks the man’s beer onto him. Logan then tells the man that he really ought t’ watch where he’s goin’. The large man sarcastically laughs and says watch where he’s going, he ran into him and calls Logan a stupid looking runt. One of his buddies points at Logan and tells him to say he’s sorry or he’ll make him sorry. Logan calmly tells him that he’s welcome to try. From the table, Kurt puts his hand over his face and says this is not good. The poor overgrown fool has no idea what he’s getting himself and his friends into.

Across the restaurant, the large man tells Logan that he gets it, the little shrimp thinks he’s a tough guy. He… Before the man can get another word out, Logan punches him out. Once the big man has fallen to the ground, the man’s buddies begin to attack Logan. One by one, Logan proceeds to take them out. While he does, he says lemme get this straight, the biggest jerk o’ them is sprawled out on the floor with one punch an’ now the rest o’ the feebs think takin’ him on is a good idea? And here he thought the big guy was the dumb one. He sees nitwits are traveling in packs these days. When one of the man’s buddies breaks a chair over the back of Logan’s head, Logan loses control and pops his claws. Seeing that, Kurt calls out to him to stop.

Before he can act any further, Solo leaps into action and lunges at Logan with his knifes bore. He then tells Logan to back off and that if he’s gonna pull out the sharp stuff, then at least have the decency to take on someone who’s armed. Looking up at the man, Logan wonders who he is. Solo tells him that he terrorized the city once before and got away from him but while Solo lives, terror dies. Logan replies back with a claw slash to Solo.

Watching what is going on, Kurt thinks that he didn’t think it was possible for the situation to get any worse but once again, Logan has surpassed even his expectations. He realizes that he needs to stop this, and quickly. Continuing their battle, Solo tells Logan that he doesn’t know why he’s still allowed to walk the streets after hacking up everyone from the Avengers to the New Warriors but he’s going to see to it that he’s stopped for good. Kurt then notices that Logan isn’t say anything and wonders if it is because he just thinks that Solo wouldn’t listen. After Logan slashes Solo again and Solo stabs Logan, Kurt remarks that this has dragged on too long and teleports Solo outside.

Outside, Kurt begins to tell Solo something but Logan appears and tells the elf to get out of his way, the sucker’s is his. Solo immediately tells him to die psycho killer and opens up fire upon the feral mutant. Instinctively, Logan ducks behind a dumpster to avoid the gunfire and then tosses it at Solo which causes him to stop shooting. Logan then proceeds to leap at Solo. Before he gets there, Cardiac arrives on the scene and electrocutes Logan with his staff. Picking himself up off the ground, Logan recognizes him as Cardiac and rushes towards him, claws at the ready.

Before the battle can escalate any further, Kurt calls out to Solo and Cardiac to stop and tells them that this is all a huge misunderstanding. Cardiac asks if he is one of the X-Men too. Solo holds his gun up and remarks that he doesn’t know or care, right now he dies. Logan tells him that better men than he has tried an’ he’s not dead yet. Kurt then yells at them that’s enough, it was not Wolverine who attacked him that night. Logan stops in his tracks and asks Nightcrawler what he is doin’.

Nightcrawler tells Wolverine that he’s putting an end to this, the men before them should know the truth. Wolverine wasn’t himself when he ran amok in the city. His mind was under control of an alien entity bent on using him for her own purposes. Cardiac asks if this is true and Solo asks if he’s supposed to believe this bull. Every time one of them goes nuts, they blame it on an evil twin or some mind-controlling alien and he’s just supposed to take his word for it and let muties off the hook just like that? Solo then tells him that he’ll give Wolverine the benefit of the doubt but to listen closely. He doesn’t like him and when they cross paths again, he won’t back off so easily. Wolverine replies that’s fine by him ‘cause neither will he.

At that moment, the sound of a police siren emits through the night air. Cardiac remarks that he followed their trail from the police scanner band radio. He assumes that Solo did as well. The police arrival is their signal to leave. From what he understands, the two of them were already involved in some trouble tonight so they might want to avoid answering any difficult questions. Before he leaves, he thanks Nightcrawler for keeping his cool; it’s been a pleasure. He then tells Wolverine to stay out of trouble. The next time they meet, he’d prefer to do so as friends. Wolverine tells him “happy trails ta him too.”

Once Cardiac leaves, Logan tells Kurt that they should at least pay their tab before they take off. He doesn’t wanna damage his sparkling reputation. Looking at him, Kurt asks him if that is all he has to say for himself. Logan tells him that there’s not much else to say. As the two of them walk away, Kurt tells Logan that he could have stopped that fight anytime. This isn’t a game, these are people’s lives. They’re owed an explanation no matter how ridiculous it may seem. There’s no point in simply assuming that they won’t believe him. And to engage in conflict for his own private amusement is not only foolish, but wrong. Sometimes he doesn’t feel like he knows him. That his past, so shrouded in mystery, helped to mold him into something so guarded and closed off that nobody can ever truly know or comprehend what he is all about. But there was one thing perfectly clear this night, one thing that everybody could plainly see. He’s still yet to reconcile what happened between them and Magneto. Logan replies that some things shouldn’t be reconciled.

At the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Marrow starts to run out of Professor Charles Xavier’s office as a non-powered Colossus looks on. As she does, Marrow tells Xavier that she’s had enough. Everyone else gets to go out and have fun and all she gets to do is more of his pointless exercises. She tells him that she’s not a child so stop treating her like one. She handled herself fine alone and she can do it again. Xavier calmly tells her to be reasonable. He’s singling her out only because she is the newest member of the team, the least disciplined. Her recent injury and transformation make it all the more imperative that they concentrate on honing her already formidable instincts into…

Marrow tells him that she’s sick of jumping through hoops and takes off. When she does, Colossus takes off after her. Stepping into the office, Logan says to Xavier that he seems to recall those very words comin’ from yours truly and adds that he still has th’ touch. He then tells Xavier that he knows he’s on his side, they all are. They’ve all had a tough time dealin’ with Magneto gettin’ Genosha. But did he ever think that all these new procedures he’s been implementin’ might be havin’ the opposite effect then he intended. Marrow’s a feisty little number but she’s got a point. Maybe it’s time he lightened up on all of them.

Xavier replies by telling Wolverine that he’s a skilled warrior and a cunning technician. He’s a good friend too when he’s not too busy letting his belligerent attitude disguise his wisdom and generosity. But he’s not a teacher. So do him a favor and continue playing his role while he carries on doing his. Once Xavier has left the office, Logan tells the elf, Nightcrawler, to just keep walkin’.

Characters Involved: 

Colossus, Marrow, Nightcrawler, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Professor X

Solo and Cardiac

Mysterious figure at the junkyard (unnamed)

Various robotic creatures at the junkyard (all unnamed however some of them have the appearance of the Thing, Magneto, Transformers and dinosaurs, among others)

Various patrons of Deck’s restaurant (all unnamed)

Various residents of New York (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Magneto dealing with a rebellion and a Legacy Virus outbreak on Genosha was documented in the Magneto Rex limited series.

Nightcrawler was the leader of the now-defunct Excalibur prior to returning to the X-Men in Uncanny X-Men #360.

Logan and Professor Xavier mind-melded in X-Men (2nd series) #88 and Uncanny X-Men #369, giving Logan a better understanding of Xavier’s willingness to turn the other cheek.

Magneto’s latest bid for world domination, Joseph’s sacrifice to stop him, being thrown back in time and forced to fend for themselves on the home world of the alien Skrulls occurred in Uncanny X-Men #366-370 and X-Men (2nd series) #85-90.

Logan’s trip into space with Aria was depicted in Wolverine (2nd series) #135-138.

Logan took on many of New York’s heroes, including Solo and Cardiac, in Wolverine (2nd series) #134 while under the control of the female alien Aria.

Marrow’s recent injury and her subsequent transformation occurred in X-Men (2nd series) #88 and #90 respectively.

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