Wolverine (2nd series) #174

Issue Date: 
May 2002
Story Title: 
The Logan Files - part 2

Frank Tieri (writer), Sean Chen (penciler), Norm Rapmund (inker), Avalon’s Raymund Lee (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Saida! (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

At the Weapon X compound, the Director learns from Kane that Sabretooth is the one who used his codes and also stole a bunch of materials, including the Logan Files. Brent Jackson shoots his mouth off and, after the Director slaps him, attempts to fight back. However, he learns that he cannot and is knocked out by the Director himself. In Japan, Logan visits the grave of Mariko before going to visit Yukio. There, he learns that she was attacked by both Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike. On her back is a note for Logan to find what he is looking for at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Once there, Logan proceeds to battle both Omega and Lady D. Unfortunately for him, his healing factor is no more, though luckily he is wearing one of Guardian’s old suits. Eventually, the numbers game takes over and the two beat Logan into submission. After that, they take him to Creed, who is holding Amiko captive.

Full Summary: 

In Japan, Logan places a rose on Mariko Yashida’s gravesite and apologizes to her while he kneels before it. He tells her that he ain’t forgettin’ what today is, how could he possibly forget the day she was taken from him? Not t’ mention the vows he made t’ her that day. It’s just that somethin’ has come up, somethin’ worse than usual. An’ he’s afraid his responsibilities t’ her are gonna have t’ take a backseat t’ the ones he has there in the land a’ the livin’.

Somebody, an’ damned if he knows who it is yet, is doin’ the worst possible thing ya can do t’ him. They’re goin’ after his friends, goin’ after his family. An’ what kills him, what eats at him the most is that so far he’s been absolutely powerless t’ prevent any of it. Nightcrawler was the first. Thank God the X-Men were able t’ fish Kurt outta the East River when they did. Another couple a’ minutes and, well, he was in a real bad way. Fact is, he was so touch-an’-go that Jeannie couldn’t even go in there telepathically t’ find out what happened.

Then, there’s the Hudsons. Plane they were in “mysteriously” crashed an’ blew up an’ it’s just on the lucky chance that Mac had his Guardian suit on that they’re still alive an’ kickin’. But that ain’t all. Amiko, his foster daughter is missin’ an’ judgin’ by what was already done t’ Yukio, that don’t bode too well at all. He then tells Mariko that he’s been through a lot, seen a lot, lost a hell of a lot more but let him tell ya. In no way, shape or form did it ever get much tougher than this.

Entering a hospital room, Logan finds Yukio lying face down on a gurney. When he enters, Yukio asks Logan if that is he and tells him that he shouldn’t have come. Logan replies that he’s been doin’ things he shouldn’t have his whole life, too late t’ stop now. Yukio says she’s serious, she doesn’t want him to see her this way. Crippled, helpless, having failed in her duty to protect Amiko. She asks that he goes so she can be alone with her shame. Logan informs her that she’s talkin’ nonsense. Regardless a’ what happened, there ain’t no more capable hands he could a’ left Amiko in that hers. But he has to know, what happened?

Yukio replies that Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike are what happened. Shocked, Logan thinks to himself that they’re together? Like just one a’ them ain’t bad enough. But what gives? Them two ain’t exactly what ya’d call social butterflies, so what could it be that brought ‘em together? Composing himself, Logan asks Yukio what happened to Amiko. Yukio tells him to lift up her shirt and he’ll get his answer. Opening her shirt, Logan sees the words “Want Amiko alive? Bellagio Hotel, NV ¿ R + L.D” dug into Yukio’s back. Enraged, Logan tells Yukio that they’re gonna pay for this, he swears it. An’ as fer Amiko, she best believe…

Yukio tells Logan to spare her the bedside vengeance speech; she has full confidence he’s about to do that which he does best. There is something else, however. When Logan tells her anythin’, just name it, Yukio informs him that the damage to her spine is substantial. If truth be told, she may never walk again. And if that is indeed the case, she wants him to kill her. Logan tells her not to even talk like that. Yukio replies but she must. As a fellow warrior, he understands better than anyone. If she can no longer do the things she used to, if she can no longer be the woman she once was, she’d rather be dead. With his face in his hands, Logan tells Yukio not to ask that o’ him. Yukio replies if not him, there are countless others who will have no problems with… Logan stops her and tells her he gets the point but he needs to think about it.

At the Weapon X compound, Kane informs the Director that he found what they’re looking for but he can guarantee he’s not going to like it. The Director tells him that he asked him for answers not to hold his damned hand so out with it already, if he pleases. Turning around from his monitor, Kane replies it was Sabretooth. The Director asks Sabretooth? You mean to tell him it was that Neanderthal who somehow managed to steal his command codes and used them to engage their newest secret weapon, Sabretooth for God’s sake?!

Kane adds that’s not all he used them for. Upon further digging, he’s discovered he not only embezzled funds from the program but also copied a number of their most sensitive files, including something called the Logan files. Visually upset, the Director utters ‘oh no.’ Seeing his reaction, Kane asks the Director what exactly are the Logan files.

Entering the room, Brent Jackson tells Kane not to even bother. He’s got a better shot of finding out where Hoffa’s buried. But it does mean that Creed’s gone after his white whale, ‘now don’t it Ahab?’ That must really stick in his craw. The Director tells him that he can assure him he’s in no mood for his usual smart attitude. Jackson shoots back that he better start getting in the mood. He warned him about Sabretooth, now didn’t he? But nooooo, he was the one who was going to handle him he said. The Director was the one who was content to let him run rampant, killing innocent humans by the truckload. And now it’s all come back to bite him in his uptight, chopped up keister! Now he’s got copies of their files, which need he remind him, contains information on just about every freakin’ mutant on the damned planet. Not to mention his precious Logan files. Having heard enough, the Director back-hand slaps Jackson across the face.

Piloting his aircraft towards Las Vegas, Nevada, Logan thinks to himself there he is. Mutant powers mysteriously gone, about t’ face two a’ his deadliest enemies with the life a’ his foster daughter hangin’ in the balance an’ he can’t help it, he’s in a freakin’ daze. Yukio, what she just asked him; hard as he might, he just can’t get it outta his mind. An’ Amiko – bad enough he ain’t been much of a father t’ that girl, but now fer her t’ be used against him like this. He best snap outta it an’ fast, the openin’ bell’s about t’ ring.

With that, Logan lands his aircraft in front of the Bellagio, much to the chagrin of the parking attendant. The attendant angrily asks “Buck Rogers” if he’s kidding. If he wants to play space cadet, the Star Trek experience is at the Hilton, but this here’s the Bellagio and they don’t tolerate. Enraged, Logan grabs him by the collar and tosses him into a nearby trashcan. As he does he tells him did he ever catch him at the wrong time.

With a purpose, Logan proceeds to enter the Bellagio. Once he enters, he sighs that he might as well be lookin’ fer a needle in a freakin’ haystack. But what’d he expect? Omega an’ Lady D t’ greet him at the door? Sometimes he forgets how much he’s come t’ rely on his enhanced senses. Normally, it’d be no problem t’ see the nearby poker players hand from where he is standing or overhear a guy’s lame rap to a lady or smell the combination of tobacco an’ Bengay comin’ from the old lady at the slot machine. But now, maybe his best bet’s just t’ stand around an’ let them come t’ him.

Just then, Omega Red wraps his coil around Logan’s neck from behind and flings him through a nearby window. Omega tells comrade Logan what a pleasant surprise it is to see him. He did not realize he enjoyed vacationing in Las Vegas as well. Grabbing hold of Omega’s coils, he viciously pulls him towards him and tells him that he knows what he’s there for an’ he’s got about five seconds t’ hand her over before the “surprises” start getting decidedly unpleasant.

At that moment, Lady Deathstrike arrives and slashes Logan across the chest. As she does, she tells him that he is an arrogant fool to face both of them without his vaunted healing factor and without the aid of his many friends. This will be over with before it even gets started. Reaching for a busted column, Logan throws it into Deathstrike’s chest which knocks her backwards. Rising to his feet, Logan proceeds to tell her that he believes she stands corrected. Who says he ain’t getting’ by with a little help from his friends? Ripping open his jacket, he reveals one of Guardian’s suits. He figured he’d have t’ compensate fer his missin’ healin’ factor which is why he borrowed a spare suit before he left Canada. An’ sure, it ain’t fully functional, but it should protect…

Seeing his opponent becoming woozy, Omega mentions to Logan that he was saying something about being adequately protected? Logan then realizes that Omega’s shootin’ his death spores in the air which are makin’ him woozy. An’ sure as hell, Lady D ain’t givin’ him a chance fer no breather. Instinctively blocking one of Lady D’s strikes, Logan hates t’ say it, but she was right. He let his emotions get the best a’ him. He shoulda never tackled them head-on like this. Even with the added protection a’ Mac’s suit, he’s severely overmatched.

With that, Lady D extends her claws and slashes Logan across the face. Logan, however, is able to kick her away and knock her into Omega. When he does so, he realizes that if he’s got any legit shot a’ findin’ Amiko an’ gettin’ them both out in one piece, he has to switch up the ol’ strategy. Taking the opportunity, Logan runs off down the hallway.

At the Weapon X compound, the Director straightens his tie and tells Jackson that he wishes he hadn’t forced him to do that. He does so abhor violence, as he well knows. Picking himself up off the ground, Jackson exclaims that he hit him and tells him that he’ll kill him and calls him a miserable freak. Before he can reach the Director, Kane rushes in and grabs Jackson by the neck stopping him from attacking the Director. The Director then tells Kane to let Jackson go. Once he does, Jackson goes to hit the Director but discovers that he is unable to do so. The Director asks him what the matter is, can’t he seem to lay a finger on him? Cracking him in the face with a chair, the Director adds that he doesn’t appear to have any difficulty in that department, he wonders why that is.

Standing over the beaten body of Jackson, he asks could it be because unlike him, he wasn’t implanted with a chip that prohibits any aggression towards a superior. He thought he had mentioned he was fitted with one during his last physical. Silly him, it must have slipped his mind. As Weapon X agents drag Jackson off, the Director informs him that he’s suspended until further notice for insubordination and sends him to the brig.

Turning his attention to Kane, he tells him to prepare a team for transportation. Sabretooth cannot have gotten… Kane replies that’s the other thing, they can’t. Sabretooth also used his codes to lock them out of the transporters. The Director exclaims “good God,” did he at least leave the toilet seats before he left? Kane replies that actually, it’s not as bad as he thinks. It might very well provide the opening they need to nail him. Sabretooth’s been using their teleporters to whisk himself all around the globe with Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike along for the ride. Deathstrike in particular is relevant there. Creed most likely acquired his codes through her extensive cybernetic know-how. Only Lady D didn’t account for him, Kane. Although they’ve hidden their tracks well, he’s managed to rig it so that the next time they teleport anywhere… The Director finishes his sentence for him – Sabretooth will be theirs.

At the Bellagio, Logan continues to run away from Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike. As they give chase, they laugh at his plight. Lady D even mentions that perhaps this is what he is truly the “best there is” at. Heading through the doors of the Cirque du Soleil, Logan says to himself that they can keep on laughing. Ya’d think by now they would’ve learned that there’s always a method to his madness. Entering the room, the evil duo don’t initially find Logan, but circus performers. Lady D remarks that he couldn’t have gotten far.

Just then, Logan appears from beneath the bleachers, kicks Omega in the chest and takes the mask off of Lady D’s face. As he does, he mentions that he couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t affected by Omega’s death spores and asks if the mask could have somethin’ to do with it.

Immediately, Logan puts on the mask. Just in time as Omega releases his death spores, which causes Lady D to cough. Popping his claws, Logan feels the pain shooting through his body. Without his healin’ factor, they are killin’ him. He then realizes that the mask will take care a’ him but he still has to do somethin’ about Omega’s death spores. Otherwise, everybody else in the room is dead.

Before he can decide what he is going to do, Omega’s coil knocks him to the ground. When it does, Logan finds a hat that doubles as a tinder-box. Blowing it in the direction of Omega, Logan remarks that he seems t’ recall one little tidbit about them death spores a’ his, they’re pretty damned flammable if memory serves. Just then, Omega calls out in pain as he catches fire.

Grabbing hold of a nearby curtain, Logan points out that his memory ain’t as screwed up as people say it is and starts to climb up to the ceiling. Before he can get too far, Lady D recovers and proceeds to stab Logan in the foot with her claws. When she does, Logan calls out in pain and realizes that she recovered much quicker than he thought she would. Using his claws, Logan cuts the curtain below him which causes Lady D to fall to the ground.

Reaching the top, Logan mentions that she did her job though, his foot’s killin’ him. He then figures out that this is what it feels like when yer wounds don’t heal right away. Cutting a hole through the wooden roof with his claws, Logan lies down. He needs a second to recuperate, the loss a’ blood is makin’ him weak. Before long, Omega appears and Logan sees that Deathstrike wasn’t the only one t’ recover quicker than he thought. Picking him up, Omega asks him why a man make holes through ceilings when he can just take the elevator instead. Tossing him through a window, he says that on second thought, he seems to have found an even faster way to travel than that.

Landing in a nearby fountain, Logan knows that he’s gotta get up before they… Just then, Logan is brutally attacked by the combined forces of Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red. As he blacks out, he thinks to himself that it looks like he failed Amiko, they’re too much, it looks like he failed them both.

Shortly, a battered and beaten Logan is brought to a suite at the Bellagio. When he opens his eyes, he sees Creed sitting on a couch before him with Amiko. Creed mentions look who finally decided t’ join the party.

Characters Involved: 




Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike

The Director, Kane, and Brent Jackson (all Weapon X)


Various patrons and workers at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (all unnamed)

In Memories:

Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Beast (all X-Men)

James MacDonald Hudson and Heather Hudson (all Alpha Flight)

Story Notes: 

Mariko Yashida was killed mercifully by Logan and his claws way back in Wolverine (2nd series) #57.

Nightcrawler, the Hudsons, Yukio and Amiko were targeted by Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike last issue, Wolverine (2nd series) #173. In that same issue, Logan lost his mutant powers after being shot with a mutant power cannon. It is learned in this issue that Sabretooth himself targeted the cannon at Logan, using the Director’s codes.

Jimmy Hoffa was an American trade unionist and former president of the Teamsters. He disappeared in 1971 and his body has yet to have been discovered. Some believe he may be buried in New York Giants stadium.

“Ahab going after the white whale” is a reference to the novel “Moby Dick.”

Buck Rogers is a fictional space character that is primarily known for his appearance in the TV show “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.”

Bengay is a heat rub used to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Cirque du Soleil is a performance group that is known for its elaborate performances.

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