Wolverine (2nd series) #181

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November 2002
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Frank Tieri (writer), Sean Chen (penciler), Tom Palmer (inker), Avalon Studios’ Edgar Tadeo (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Saida! (letters), John Miesegaes (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Logan arrives at a bar and orders some booze. Besides him and the barkeeper there are only three other customers, telling each other stories at a nearby table. All of them work in some criminal organizations, and they remember what happened when somebody annoyed their bosses, and they had to pay for it. When the third guy wants to tell his story, the other two interrupt him as they notices that Logan is staring at them. They ask him what he wants, fearing that he is a cop. Logan goes and sits with them and buys them a round. He has a story for them too. A friend of him borrowed money from three lowlifes because his daughter needed an operation. However he couldn’t pay them back, and these guys did something to him, so he asked a friend to help him out. Of course this friend is Logan. He keeps telling the story of how he tracked down the three guys bosses, already dealt with them and now has tracked down the three guys themselves. While he describes how he will kill each of them, the barkeeper pulls a rifle, but Logan works him into the story too. The three gangsters are still surprised, as Logan begins to revel in the smell of fear, before he finally does what he came here for. After all three and the barkeeper are killed, Logan proceeds to the basement, where the little girl is being held captive. As they walk out of the bar, the girl asks if Logan is Spider-Man. He answers that he isn’t because Spider-Man is a sissy. Logan also carries a bag, containing the cut-off hand of one of the three guys.

Full Summary: 

Logan is drinking a shot at a bar. There are three dead bodies on the table behind him, one with his hand cut off. The barkeeper is also lying dead on the counter with a shotgun in his hand.

(twenty minutes ago)

Logan walks into the “Chez Bippy’s” bar and orders some booze. The barkeeper asks him if he’s having a though day, Logan answers that it’s looking up.

Meanwhile the only other customers at the bar, three guys sitting at a table, are swapping stories. The first tells the story of a storeowner who wouldn’t pay a mobster named Nicky Dell’adera his protection money. Nicky vandalized the store and threatened the owner. The owner told him how he wouldn’t budge because in his home country if you didn’t stand up you got delivered to your wife in a pickle barrel. The three guys laugh at the fact that Nicky like that idea that much that eventually he gave the storeowner exactly the same treatment and delivered him to his wife in a pickle barrel.

The second guy tells the story of what Joey Fucillo did to Ricky Bertel. Ricky owed Joey ten thousand dollars and had no way to pay the money back. The first guy chimes in and says that this the “part with the Caddy” comes next, but the other man angrily yells at him that this is his story and he can tell it by himself. Being a gambler, Ricky borrowed another ten grand from Joey and did bet it all on one single bet – and won.

Sitting at the bar with his back turned to them, Logan listens to the stories that the three men are telling each other.

The second guy continues his story. Turned out that Ricky still owed Joey a hundred dollars. Joey was so pissed off because he lost the ten grand that he visited Ricky’s house and demanded the original “hunnerd” bucks back immediately. Rick didn’t have them because the bank did not open till the next day. So Joey tied him to the back of his Cadillac and dragged him up and down the Eighteenth Avenue, permanently disfiguring Rick’s face.

It’s the third guy’s turn now, as he begins to tell a story about “Mad Dog” Mike Perretta, but the other two guys keep interrupting him. The third one too wants to tell his story and mentions Perretta’s girlfriend Loretta, whom the others know only too well. She makes Demi Moore look like Roger Moore. The third guy agrees that Loretta is hot, but he wants to go on. One day Loretta was yelled at by her boss, but nobody yells at Mad Dog’s girl, not unless they want to wind up in a wheelchair. Mad Dog went to the firm where Loretta works, but her boss already sits in a wheelchair. Somebody else might have showed some compassion, but not Mad Dog, he just wheeled him over to the win ...

The first man tells him to wait a moment, as he notices Wolverine looking over at them from the bar. As the third guy tries to continue his story, the first guy shushes him and asks Wolverine what he’s looking at. Logan walks over to them and the second man believes him to be a cop, though the first one says “he’s too friggin’ short to be a cop.” The third guy confirms it, he has once seen Logan give a beating to someone, he can’t be a cop. Surely he is somebody’s leg-breaker.

Logan sits with them and buys them a round. All three guys relax and ask Wolverine whom he works for. He answers that he works for a small outfit in Westchester, they wouldn’t know it. Logan says he heard them telling stories and too got one, if they want to listen. The third guy is pretty annoyed as he could not even finish his tale, but the other two tell Logan to start.

Logan tells them about a guy he knows who owns a bar. He has a daughter, a nice kid and good student, a regular Olsen twin. One day the girl got sick and needed an operation. This bar owner didn’t have enough money and was too proud to ask his friends for it, so he borrowed it from some lowlifes. He got in trouble with these guys because he couldn’t pay them back, so he had no other choice left but to ask a friend to help him out. This friend “knows a thing about garbage, an’ how to dispose of it.” He visited Nicky Dell’adera, Joey Fucillo and Mad Dog Perretta and convinced them to cough up some names.

The three men quietly listen, as Logan tells them those guys got off easy compared to the three guys the bar owner’s friend is looking for. He says that the leader of the three is the smartest since he manages to get his gun out before he loses his hand and gets killed. The other two aren’t so good, cause they are still sitting in their seats when they are looking at their own intestines sprawled out on the floor. As the bartender gets a rifle from beneath the bar, Logan says that somebody plays hero and manages to squeeze off both barrels, before ... but the less said about him, the better. Logan asks the three guys if they know where the story is headed ....

Logan begins to sniff the air. The first guy asks him what he is doing. Wolverine answers that he will never get tired of that smell. All three guys are very nervous now and ask frantically what smell he is referring to. Logan simply answers: fear. A splash of blood is seen, accompanied by the SNIK sound of Logan popping his claws ...


Logan descends to the basement, where he finds the little girl from the story tied. He tells her not be afraid as he is going to take her home.

A little bit later, Logan comes out of the pub, the girl on his one arm, a small bag in his other hand. He tells the child that she can open her eyes again. The little girl asks Wolverine if he is Spider-Man. Logan looks at her for a second and answers: “No, darlin'. Spider-Man’s a sissy.”

Inside the bar lie the dead bodies of the barkeep and the three guys, however the cut off hand from the leader of them is no longer lying next to his body ...

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little blonde girl
three mobsters


Story Notes: 

Roger Moore, Demi Moore and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are all actors in Hollywood. Roger Moore is best known for his role as British spy James Bond aka Agent 007, which he portrayed in seven films. Demi Moore, the former wife of actor Bruce Willis, has also had an extensive film career, including Ghost, Indecent Proposal, and GI Jane. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are twin girls who first appeared as the same character, Michelle Tanner, on the sit-com Full House. Due to child laws limiting the amount of time a child can perform on a single day, twins are often used to remain on schedule. The two girls have since had extensive television appearances, including their own series of television movies.

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