Wolverine (2nd series) #187

Issue Date: 
May 2003
Story Title: 
Down the Road

Daniel Way (writer), John McCrea (artist), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt (letterer), Avalon Studios (colorist), Warren Simons & John Miesagaes (assistant editors), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Coming up to a bar, Logan sniffs the air and a curious expression crosses his face. Logan decides to get off his bike and head inside for a quick drink. While inside, he meets up with an old drunk. Strangely, Logan requests a ride with him and the new acquaintances hop into the drunk’s truck and speeds off to the west. On the ride to the drunk’s destination, Logan brings up a question about the two dead bodies in the back of the drunk’s truck. The old man tells him that they were a couple of men that had done him wrong. Telling more stories, the old man does not see an oncoming semi and barely misses getting the two of them killed, as he swerves off the road. Logan demands the keys from him and the two continue on with their journey. On the way, Logan tells the old timer that he noticed that one of the men was shot in the back. The man confesses that they were just a couple of hitchhikers he had killed a couple of days ago. After a brief conversation, the two of them end up at their destination and Logan gets out to allow the man the ability to do what he came there for. The two men stand near a bridge that has been condemned and serves now as a dead end over looking a large drop. The old man is there to kill himself but does not have the guts to do it, so Logan drives him over the cliff to help him.

Full Summary: 

Logan pulls up to a bar named the Red Onion Saloon and sniffs the air around a parked truck. Making an “hmm…” sound, he cracks his neck and walks into the bar. Inside, Logan walks past a drunken codger that seems to have a few of the patron’s attention with his drunken ramblings. He talks to them about how he told his honey the collard patch was infested with sharks. A brawly looking man tells him that he would like to buy him another beer and the drunk tells him that it’d be okay.

Logan stays silent and walks to the bar and gestures for a drink, as the old drunk continues to ramble. He hears as the drunk tells the brawly individual that he needs to be heading west, but he could never pass up on an offer of a free drink. Standing from his chair, the old man tells them that he has to go to the bathroom first, because he has already got a “skid-mark” started. Laughing, the brawly man sits on a stool next to Logan. Logan stands to his feet and silently follows the old drunk to the “turlet,” as the drunk had called it earlier. Logan asks him which way he is going and the old man asks how he is supposed to take that question, as he washes his hands. Logan grimaces and tells the old timer that he didn’t mean it that way, just he heard he said he was going west and hoped he could hitch a ride with him. Splashing water on his face, the old man puts his cap back on his head and, with a drunken grin, agrees.

Leaving the saloon, they pass Logan’s bike and the old man swings his keys on his fingers, watching his new passenger with intent-filled eyes. Logan hopping into his truck, the new acquaintances head towards the west, in silence. A decorative pig hangs from his rearview mirror and the old drunk looks at Logan, telling him that he is about the “borin’est” man he has ever met. Logan, with his eyes still on the road, tells him that he is not a man of many words. Pulling a beer from a stash in his truck, the old man tells Logan that he’s not much of a talker either, unless he is drinking.

The old man passes Logan the beer and he tells Logan that he does like drinking with company, though. Logan, putting the bottle to his lips, tells him that some things are not good to do alone. After taking a swig of the old man’s alcohol, Logan lets out a loud hacking sound. The old coot, with one eye nearly closed shut from alcoholic contortions, tells Logan that he got some of his grand dad’s whisky in him, a secret recipe he made. Logan asks if the whisky is going to make him go blind? The old timer tells him that he does not know, but he reckons the two of them are going to find out.

The old timer tells Logan that his grand dad’s name was James Beam and he was a “helluva fine distiller o’ corn.” Logan tells him that his story is full of holes, because he knew James Beam and he was a much better liar than he is. The drunk tells Logan that he should not be making fun of his lineage, unless he wants to scuffle. Laughing, the old man tells Logan that he was just joking, because he had really found the bottles hidden in a stump when he was taking a “whiz.” He tells Logan that he does love a good story, though. Logan uses that opportunity to pose a question to the drunk, he asks him about the body under his tarp in the bed of his truck. Grinning, the old man tells him that there are two bodies under the tarp. Logan questions him if they were hitchhikers and the drunk tells him that they were two boys that had done him wrong. Logan passes the whiskey back to the old man and questions him on why he is out on the highway with them. “Blowin’ the flies off,” the drunk teases. Logan tells him that he is very funny and the drunk replies that he should not forget that he is handsome too.

The drunk asks Logan if has ever heard the one about the… “TRUCK,” Logan screams! Suddenly, the drunk looks up to see a semi heading straight for him and he barely misses it by heading off the road. Unfortunately, the truck plows head straight into a tree and Logan sits up and looks at his bleeding forehead. As his wound begins to heal, he reaches over and tells the drunk that, from here on out, he is driving. Logan tells the drunk, as he maneuvers the truck back on the highway, that he may want to kill himself, but he is not going to take innocent bystanders out with him.

At Sunny’s Grocery/Gas/Liquor, Logan picks up some more beer and wakes the sleeping drunk so the two of them can head on. The old man asks Logan how he knew there was a dead person in the bed of his truck. Logan explains that he could smell it on him. The old man turns to Logan and tells him that it is funny, because he can smell death on him as well. Logan continues to drive; he tells the drunk that he noticed one of them was shot in the back. The drunk explains that the man was trying to get back in his own truck. Logan frowns and states that the men were not armed then? Logan questions him about what they did anyways. The old man says that those no good men…he cannot continue and he finally reveals that they were just hitchhikers he had picked up a few days ago. The man tells Logan he does not know why he did it. Logan flicks his toothpick out the window and tells the man that he does know too. Looking down at his whiskey, the old man tells him that he reckons he does know.

Driving further towards the west, the old man tells Logan that they are nearing the end of the road. Logan states that there also low on gas. Taking a swig of his whiskey, the drunk says that they are about out of whiskey too. The truck stops at a bridge to nowhere. The bridge is closed; off the back of it lays a great drop to the rocks below.

Logan gets out of the truck and the old man asks Logan a question. He asks Logan why, after all these years, has no police officer looked for him, but what he is really wandering is if Logan was looking for him. Logan looks down at the man, as the old timer moves over to the driver seat, telling him that he is always looking for him. Grinning, the old man tells Logan that it took him long enough and he drives forward a couple of feet but, suddenly, stops the truck. Logan walks up to the truck and opens the driver seat. The old man looks up to see him and he tells Logan that he cannot go through with his attempt. Logan tells him to move over and he will drive. The man offers him the last swig of his whiskey and Logan tells him that he had enough to drink already. The old man looks down at the bottle, as the trucks wheels squeal, and he tells Logan that he has had enough already too.

The truck nearing the bridge, the old man seems shocked and afraid, he tells Logan that he appreciates what he is doing and that he’s sorry for dragging him into this. Logan tells the old man to trust him, because he will be just fine. With that said, the truck barrels through the road closed sign and off into the air. The dead bodies fly out of the back of the truck and the truck burns up as it collides with the ground.

Characters Involved: 


Unknown Drunk

Patrons of the Red Onion Saloon

The bodies of two dead hitchhikers

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