Wolverine (2nd series) #50

Issue Date: 
January 1992
Story Title: 
Dreams of Gore: Phase Three

Lethal Larry Hama (script), Murderous Marc Silvestri (pencils), Dangerous Dan Green with help from Hilary Barta and Tom Palmer (inks), Punishin’ Pat Brosseau (lettering), Stompin’ Steve Buccellato (coloring), Brutal Bob Harras (editor), Terrible Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

In New York, Wolverine makes his way to the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier, where Nick Fury is. Once there, he makes Fury give him his security dossier from the CIA, threatening the director with what knows. In another location, the leader of Hydra is interested that Wolverine knows this as well. The next day in Washington, D.C., Wolverine makes his way to the Pest Control Office. He demands to see “the Professor” but is denied entry. Before he leaves, he tells them that he’s heading to the warehouse in Windsor, Ontario. Later that day, Professor Xavier, Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey board the Blackbird and head up to the warehouse in Windsor. Investigating the building alone, he finds sets of various locations: a backwoods saloon, senior prom, hotel room, terrorist hideout and others, all “scenes” of his past. As he walks through, he realizes that his memories have been one big lie. He is given hope when the one memory he doesn’t see is that of the cabin he shared with Silver Fox. Inside the Blackbird, Xavier and the others begin their review of the information Wolverine got from Fury. Over time, they find a list that contains the names Wolverine, Sabretooth, Fox, Kestrel, Vole, Mastodon and Wildcat. Inside the warehouse, in a command center, the Professor and Hines watch Wolverine as he walks through the warehouse. After some time, Wolverine happens upon Shiva, a robot designed to kill him. Wolverine is able to take it out with relative ease, however another one quickly takes its place. Inside the command center, the leader of Hydra, Silver Fox, confronts the Professor. She learns that her memories as well were fabricated. Eventually, Wolverine is able to defeat Shiva. When he makes it to the command center with the other X-Men in tow, he finds the Professor dead. Before he died, he released all of the remaining Shiva. Their new primary target – Sabretooth. Wolverine doesn’t really care, much to the surprise of Jean and Jubilee. Xavier tells them that the reborn Wolverine may be a far different person than the one they know. Heaven help them all.

Full Summary: 

On the streets of New York, Wolverine thinks to himself that he has unanswered questions and plenty of them. Heck, most of his past is an unanswered question. As he drives his motorcycle onto the sidewalk, a lady asks him just who he thinks he is? Wolverine replies that, if he knew the answer to that question, he wouldn’t be there. As he continues to drive into the building, one of the patrons of the restaurant inside calls out for someone to get his license number. Wolverine sarcastically asks him if he’s going to sue him, warning him his lawyer is a psychotic mutant. He then scoffs at his own statement, mentioning is that a redundancy, or what?

When he finishes driving up the stairwell, he calls out for the people on that floor to hold the elevator. He tells all of the other people to get out of the way, save for a lady on the elevator herself. He recommends that she step back; he doesn’t want her long legs brushing up against the hot tailpipe. He then asks her to hit the top floor button for him. From outside the elevator, a man calls on his radio and informs the person that he is security seven. He tells them that he’s coming up in elevator #3, but he’s going to have to transfer to a freight. The passenger cars don’t go all the way to the roof.

Then – Wolverine asks Forge, since he’s Mr. Know-it-all around there… Forge cuts him off and asks him what he wants to know. Wolverine replies that he wants to know how they re-supply the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier.

Now – On the elevator, the lady tells Wolverine that it’s against the law to smoke his nasty cigar in there and that he really should be taking his greasy machine up in the freight elevator.

Then – Forge informs Wolverine that, mostly, it’s airlifted by big transports, except for the water and jet fuel. That thing has three reactors and a squadron of JP-4 guzzling fighters. He tells him to do the math. They usually pipe both aboard at night from ships at sea, but since the Middle East brouhaha diverted half the fleet, they’ve been resupplying from a covert urban site. He then asks him why he is asking.

Now – Wolverine informs the lady that the cigar ain’t lit, the scoot ain’t greasy, and the freight ain’t his cup of tea. Besides they’re expectin’ him to take the freight.

Then – Wolverine tells him that he’s just askin’. He then asks him if he wouldn’t happen to know where that covert site is, would he? Forge replies that it’s the top of Citicorps building in mid-town Manhattan. He then asks Wolverine if he’s going to frontal assault the S.H.I.E.L.D. hellicarrier with his motorcycle? Wolverine tells him yep, that’s exactly what he’s plannin’ to do.

Now – Aboard the hellicarrier, a S.H.I.E.L.D. troop tells Colonel Fury that they seem to have a controllable compromise in the security envelope… He is cut off by Fury, who asks him if he’s tryin’ to tell him that some hairy mutant gave the guards the slip? He then asks the lieutenant if he thinks throwin’ in that word “controllable” will mitigate his attitude about this cluster foul-up? The lieutenant replies that he is prepared to take full responsibility… Fury tells him that he better get his young keister in gear and un-compromise that security envelope. He then angrily asks if he is makin’ himself clear?

Down in the building, the leader of the squadron of guards informs the lieutenant that he heard Colonel Fury chew him out and that he shouldn’t sweat it. They have the freight elevator covered. However, when the elevator doors open, they find it empty. In another area of the building, Wolverine is pushing his bike up the stairs. The guards are baffled and comment that they said he was on a motorcycle. The freight elevator is the only way he could get up there, unless he took the stairs.

On top of the building, Wolverine revs his engine on his motorcycle. He mentions that he always knew that watching those Evil Kneivel specials would come in handy some day – a real wealth o’ practical information. Jumping his motorcycle off the roof, he directs it towards the hellicarriers bridge and command center, much to the dismay of the guards below. Aboard the hellicarrier, Fury has his back to the window and his ears plugged with his fingers. His pilots tell him that there’s no need to duck. The armored lexan laminated windows can take a direct hit from a titanium jacketed depleted uranium 30 mike-mike cannon slug and that this erstwhile intruder is going to splatter like a bug on a windshield. Fury asks him if he’s ever heard of adamantium?

As Wolverine comes flying towards the command center, he pops his claws and slices the window in front of him. As he brings his bike to a stop in front of Fury, he tells him that he has a bone to pick with him. Fury replies that he bets he does but how is he gonna keep all the highly motivated young turks from throwin’ down on him like a month of Sundays? Wolverine tells him that he’s gonna tell them to lay off. Fury asks him why would he do that? Wolverine tells him that it’s ‘cause the director o’ Central Intelligence is gonna want him to, the man’s got a lotta juice. When Fury asks him why, Wolverine tells him ‘cause he’s gonna get on the direct line to him and tell him that Logan knows all about El Tigre and Emilio Garra and what they were doin’ in Cuba in 1963 and maybe, just maybe, he should think twice about lettin’ the old canucklehead read his own security dossier.

As Fury gets on the phone he supposes if anything happens to him, a letter will get dropped off at the Daily Bugle. Wolverine replies that it will. Fury informs him that it may take a while, after which Wolverine replies him that he’s got ten minutes. Nine minutes later, Fury informs Logan that his file’s comin’ through on the fax. He then asks him that he sure does like walkin’ the razor’s edge, doesn’t he? Wolverine replies, “How else are you gonna know you’re alive?”

In a building in New York, an office worker calls out to his supervisor to check out what he found. A flag just went up on their monitoring scanner down in Maryland. He asks him if he knows the program they run that picks out the anomalies in the retrieval system of National Security Agency’s computer banks? It just paid off in spades. Parson’s supervisor tells him that he did a very good job and that he needs to go show it to the boss. These are S.H.I.E.L.D. files that haven’t been pulled for over twenty years. As he walks down the hall, he asks Parsons if what he has is the only hard copy. Parsons indicates that it is. His supervisor then tells him to erase all records of it in their system.

At the boss’s office, Parson’s supervisor knocks on the door and informs the boss that their penetration of the NSA computer system has yielded a class three anomaly. The DCI used his priority code to pull a set of records that have been dormant for two decades. The cross-reference sent up a flag in their monitoring system, a flag the boss personally wrote into the program on October 5, 1972. The flag activator is the name “Logan.” The boss replies that they are perfectly capable of remembering their own actions.
The green hooded boss then asks if their penetration device detected anybody else flagging and monitoring this file and cross-references. Parson’s supervisor informs them that their high impendence monitor traced a data flow to another system that matches the file volume exactly. It’s a desk-top system at the Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C., the Pest Control Section of all places. After hearing this information, the boss tells him to go back to his desk. The logo on the floor of the office is that of Hydra’s.

The next day in Washington, D.C., Wolverine is in an office building, with its receptionist asking him who he thinks he is. He can’t just barge in without an appointment. This is the United States Department of Agriculture… Wolverine cuts her off and angrily tells her that he’s not there to lobby for soybean subsidies; he just wants to jaw with the bald-headed professor-guy, who’s the director of the Pest Control Section. You know, the skinny fella with rimless specs…

He is cut off by the receptionist who tells him that there’s no such person, no suck section. She then tells him to get his knuckles off of her desk. Wolverine asks her izzatso? Then the file he got from the NSA must be wrong. He guesses this Pest Control Section was never set up twenty years ago as a front for a real nasty dirty tricks project. He also guesses that guy he smells cowerin’ behind the door couldn’t possibly be the Professor, sometimes known as “Andre” in his dreams. The receptionist, unfazed, blocks the door with her own body and tells him to get away from the door. She adds that, if he’s thinking of force, he should know that there’s steel plate under the wood veneer. Wolverine picks his right hand up, pops his claws, and asks her if she’s ever heard of adamantium.

After sticking his claws through the door, right near the receptionist’s shoulder he tells her to ask the Professor. He knows all about it. When he removes his claws from the door, he tells her that if he wanted to go one-on-one with the Prof, that sissy lil’ door ain’t stoppin’ him. As he turns to walk away, he tells her that he’s gonna nail him, but he’s gonna do it legal with all the hard evidence he’s gonna track down, startin’ with that warehouse up in Windsor, Ontario. He also adds that she can tell his pal Hines that if she wants to tail the ol’ hairy mutant, she’s gotta stay down-wind.

On the other side of the door, Hines is scared to death. She asks the Professor if he heard that, not even Shiva can stop him. The Professor, holding a gun, tells her to stop her gibbering, they have work to do. Approaching Hines, he holds her chin up with his right hand, a claw, and tells her to pull herself together and procure them transport to Canada. Hines asks they’re not going back there, are they? The Professor replies that they must, they want to be sure Shiva does his job.

That afternoon, Professor Xavier, Jubilee, Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey are all aboard the Blackbird. Wolverine is in his yellow and blue costume. Xavier asks Wolverine that the NSA faxed him this entire file? There are over fifty thousand pages of documentation and equal number of photographs, diagrams, charts, maps and EKG printouts. Wolverine replies that after the first hundred pages he had ‘em run off floppy disks through the modem – he took two shoe-boxes full o’ disks. Xavier tells him that certainly makes them easier to work with.

He then asks him if he thinks he’s being a bit precipitous, zooming up to Canada before they’ve even had time to sift through the mass of data properly. Wolverine tells him that he’s read enough to know there’s precious little in that file about his personal past. Reams o’ stuff about Project X an’ how it was a CIA op sheltered in Canada through a covert deal. He did find that copy of the warehouse lease in Windsor. Set up through a dummy crop disease research group that gets its funding through the Pest Control Section. He then asks coincidence?

Also why does he have this crazy memory o’ Windsor starrin’ Silver Fox, Sabretooth, and a cast o’ terrorists? Xavier answers a particularly vivid dream perhaps? Wolverine tells him no way, he walked through that place, he knows it. At that moment Jean looks at Wolverine and she is concerned. He has changed his costume and his very mannerisms. It’s as if he’s reverting to the man the X-Men first met years ago, and that frightens her. Finished with her thought, she tells Xavier that they are making the final approach to the target in ultra stealth mode and re-vectoring thrusters for VTOL. She then tells Wolverine that the warehouse is right below them.

As they hover over the warehouse, Wolverine starts to get out. Jubilee asks if she can go but he tells her that she can’t come with him, this is something he’s gotta do by himself. Jubilee protests but Wolverine tells her that Xavier and Jean are right there and, if they can’t tell if somethin’s gone wrong, he’s in more trouble than he can get out o’ with her help.

From an adjacent roof, Hines and the Professor are watching what is transpiring. Hines mentions to the Professor that Wolverine brought his friends with him, she thought he said he’d come alone. The Professor tells her that they are only simply transport and that he won’t take them down into his murky past with him. From a hover vehicle, one of the Hydra troops informs their leader that the Pest Control people have arrived and that they are maintaining a surveillance from the adjacent roof. The leader tells him that is just as they expected and for him to keep track of both parties. The troop replies as they command and then adds “Hail Hydra.” The leader responds, “Yes, yes – hail and all that.”

Inside the warehouse, Wolverine notices lights and backdrops. Some of the backdrops are numbered and named. #135 – backwoods saloon. #69 – senior prom. #122 – hotel room. #243 – terrorist hideout. Wolverine realizes that the whole floor is a big soundstage. Everythin’ you need to make movies is there except for the cameras. He wonders if that’s what his past is, a cheap movie?? He angrily slices away at one of the backdrops and immediately recognizes it as the terrorist hideout from his weird memory flashback. The place he raided with Sabretooth. Where Silver Fox tried to... It really was in Windsor. Some of what he remembered was true.

Just then, he steps on a pair of glasses that were on the floor. He recognizes them as Andre’s glasses, the Professor’s glasses. He wonders whose they are and then realizes that somethin’ is different there. Scattered on the floor are San Francisco newspapers and fliers and that calendar. Upon closer examination of the calendar, it has a picture of scenic Castroville California – “home of the giant artichoke.” He wonders what happened to the picture of the cabin. There was a calendar picture of the cabin he lived in with Silver Fox... He opened his eyes after he hit the floor and this calendar was right in his face. He was starin’ at the cabin when Mastodon came crashin’ in through that window with the wind blowin’ in behind him off the river. When he walks over to the window, he looks out and is dismayed. He sees a backdrop for San Francisco and wonders what’s going on there. That place wasn’t in San Francisco. He wonders whose memories these are anyway.

He slices through the next backdrop and finds the saloon where he went eyebrows to knuckles with Sabretooth for the first time. It is all the way he remembers it, down to that slice o’ cake with the pink frostin’. The next backdrop is that of a sawmill. He notices that somebody with claws had a knock-down drag-out to beat the band in there, but he doesn’t remember it. The next backdrop is one of a senior prom for Castroville Senior High. It is one he knows he never went to. He then starts to wonder how many of them were there getting’ their memories scrambled in that joint?

The next backdrop is somebody’s living room he never saw before. The next, a computer lab that doesn’t ring any bells. The next, a jungle. He remembers every jungle he’s ever been in and this ain’t one of them. When he slices through that backdrop, he discovers that he’s checked ‘em all out and the one he was dreadin’ findin’ wasn’t there. No cabin, that little place in the woods where he lived with Silver Fox. There’s a chance that the one shinin’ golden time in his life was real. With that thought, a smile creeps across Wolverine’s face.

Inside the Blackbird, Xavier tells the rest of the X-Men that he just picked up a mind-blast of the most pure and utter happiness from Wolverine. They needn’t diverge precious energies to monitoring his state of mind when they have megabytes of data to sift through, most of which is exceedingly banal trivial nonsense. Jubilee yawns and says that she’s bored already. Cyclops informs them that Forge wrote up a bunch of new programs to analyze the data. They set up comparison fields, match numbers, list anomalies and run flag searches. With enough hands on the keyboards, this may not take as long as they feared.

As Jubilee looks out the window she says that she doesn’t even like staring at a computer screen if Mario is running across it in his raccoon suit. She then asks if Wolvie is having such a great time down there, why are they stuck up there without even an in-flight movie? Those turtles have a pizza-warmer in their van; you’d think they’d have at least a slushy machine… She is cut off by Cyclops, who tells her that’s enough and sits her down at a computer and orders her to sit down and start crunching numbers and lists.

On another side of the warehouse, the Professor and Hines are in an alley. Hines mentions to the Professor that the stench is unbearable. The Professor informs her that it is synthesized and custom-tailored to discourage vagrants and burglars. Once inside the warehouse, Hines mentions that Wolverine is five flights above them on the top floor. She asks the Professor if he thinks he’s figured it out yet. The Professor looks at her and sarcastically asks if she meant that they reuse the same sets to save money? He then opens up a secret room. When he enters he asks if she means that all of the subjects of the project have overlapping false memories. He tells her that she is ascribing powers of deduction to this subject that are out of proportion to his known capacities.

Once inside the room he is pleased. The central command center seems to be intact. He adds that he hopes the tubes haven’t burned out in the low-light surveillance cameras. Hines asks why they need a command center; she thought Shiva was self-activating. The Professor replies that he is but he thought it best to have some options available after activation. With that, he pulls a control panel out of his coat and plugs it into the command center. The panel has switches for cancel, reset and default. Once the command center is up and running, a picture of Wolverine going down some stairs is shown on the screen. Hines asks if he has found Shiva yet. The Professor tells her that he hasn’t even stumbled on the random intruder eliminator yet.

Up on the stairs, one of the steps goes out. As Wolverine starts to fall through it to a pit filled with punji sticks, he thinks to himself ain’t that somethin’. The ol’ canucklehead falls for the ol’ “trap-door” in the stairs” bit and goes tumblin’ down the ol’ rabbit-hole. Only it’s a sure bet that there ain’t no Wonderland at the bottom o’ this shaft. Acting on instinct, Wolverine is able to stop himself by jamming his claws into the wall. As he looks down, he sees the punji sticks with dead decayed bodies impaled on them. He wonders to himself what is at the bottom o’ the stairs that somebody don’t want anybody to see this bad?

As he pulls himself out of the stairs he mentions that isn’t that a kick in the head? It’s something’ he’s seen before. Before him stands a giant vault. He remembers that he saw this same vault door in that dream-trip he took through his own suppressed memories but it was at the Project X complex. He wonders what it’s doing there. He knocks on the door and realizes that it’s solid and there’s no way he can cut through it.

In the command center, the Professor and Hines are watching what is transpiring. The Professor mentions to Hines this is what stopped the other one. He couldn’t get into the vault. They were able to reprogram him and put him back into the pool. He adds that it’s a shame to lose this one. He’s so special. The Professor then observes Wolverine staring at the keyhole. He wonders if he is going to make the connection. The other one never even found his key. He then watches Wolverine pull the keychain out of his uniform. The Professor exclaims that he kept it and he had it with him. He adds that this one is quite exceptional and that he never ceases to surprise him. It’s a shame, really, to terminate this subject.

As Wolverine uses his key to open up the vault, he sees somebody inside. He asks who he is. The answer comes by way of a fist to his face. The giant robot looking creature tells him that he is Shiva, and he is the destroyer! Wolverine jumps to his feet and asks if that is supposed to impress him, because it sure don’t. With that, he slices the Shiva’s arm off and then slices him in the torso. As he does he tells it to let him see him do some destroying. In the command center Hines is shocked by what she is witnessing. The Professor tells her that it’s just a temporary setback. After clicking the reset button, he tells her that they will now see what Shiva is all about. Back in the room, Wolverine walks away from the destroyed Shiva. As he does, he mentions that you put a fancy suit on an android and he thinks he’s hot stuff. He wonders if that is an axiom. It should be, he thinks.

In the Blackbird Cyclops tells Xavier to look at what showed up in the last sort. Xavier is amazed. It is the very proposal for the Weapon X program. It’s purpose, to create a pool of super-soldiers, awareness of their own powers selectively mind-wiped from their memories. The candidates were then warehoused in the general population until they were needed and then reactivated and controlled. He wonders where the mutations come from. Did they… He is cut off by Cyclops, who tells him to look at the memo about suppression of aging factors.

Back inside the warehouse, another Shiva robot emerges. Like the first, it exclaims that it is Shiva, and it is the destroyer. Inside the command center, the Professor tells Hines that Shiva is the program; the killer robot is just its tool. He adds that Shiva learns from its mistakes; you can’t fool him the same way twice.

Back on the main level of the warehouse, Wolverine mentions to Shiva behind him that he pulled himself back together. Shiva replies that he has his sound-dampers on and asks him, Logan, if he has been up-graded with infrared detectors. Wolverine tells him that he can smell the solder on his hot circuit boards. He then asks Shiva that he knows his name? As Shiva connects with a punch that knocks Wolverine through the backdrop and into the saloon set. Shiva tells him that of course he knows his name. He is his primary target. He is first on his list.

In the Blackbird, Jubilee informs Xavier that she found a list. On this list are the names Wolverine, Sabretooth, Fox, Kestrel, Vole, Mastodon and Wildcat. Xavier wonders why Wolverine’s name is first on the list. Jubilee replies it’s because he’s excellent. Xavier tells her that may be but it might also be prioritization and if so, for what?

Inside the warehouse, Shiva continues to pound on Wolverine. As he does, he tells him that which the project creates, the project must be able to destroy. The scales must balance; order must be restored. Wolverine replies that he had him pegged for a neatness freak. He adds that, if he wasn’t a robot, he’d say it was lousy potty-training.

Inside the command center, Hines tells the Professor that she doesn’t understand. He can just order up another Shiva every time one gets destroyed? The Professor tells her to not be ridiculous. They have a limited budget. They have a finite number of back-ups, but they are quite sufficient. Besides, Shiva is a dedicated program. He has a hidden ace. He is armed with triggers.

As Wolverine continues his battle with Shiva, he tells him that he put him through the chop-shop once and he guesses it didn’t stick. This time he’s making sure that none o’ the king’s horses put him back together again. Before he can strike again, Shiva connects with a slash to Wolverine’s chest. As he does, he tells him that he’s pathetic and predictable. He leads with the left and follows up with a left uppercut. He then asks him if he can survive his mistakes long enough to benefit from them. Before long, they tumble into the set that housed the terrorist hideout.

Inside the command center, the Professor informs Hines that the security committee felt that the project was too dangerous. They had to have safeguards. After all, they were putting perfect killing machines back into the general population. They needed a fail-safe. He just hopes they didn’t underestimate the survivability of the subjects. As he talks, the hooded leader of Hydra appears behind him and knocks Hines out with the butt of their gun. They then hold the gun up to the Professor’s face and tells him, or should they call him Andre, not to even twitch and keep that hook where they can see it. The Professor asks, “Andre? That name is from a subject scenario. How did they…”

Before he can answer, the hooded figure looks up at the screen and says they know the room they are fighting in. The Professor asks that they know about the Windsor set? The hooded figure asks Windsor? That was their apartment in San Francisco. When the hooded figure removes their hood, the Professor recognizes her as Silver Fox and mentions that they lost track of her twenty years ago.

On the main floor of the warehouse, Wolverine is able to connect with a slash to Shiva’s torso. He then tells him that he messed up. He can come up with moves he’s never scanned. He’s got moves like Carters got little pills. Shiva replies that his resistance to termination is futile. He is equipped with triggers which are electronic pulses that activate neuro-synthetic implants in his cerebral cortex. Implants which activate a cataclysmic memory backlash. All his suppressed trauma, every excruciating moment of searing pain in his life. Every bullet wound, sword cut, laser blast, every second of loneliness, heartbreak, and shame – all vividly recalled with chilling clarity and horrible detail.

As Shiva talks, the images of being shot in the chest while on a mission with Sabretooth, his Army days, ninjas and Cole, Malcolm and Reese all appear before him. Shiva continues his assault and they end up the set that had the senior prom. Shiva tells Wolverine that he can’t run away from it and he can’t defend himself while his own memories betray him.

In the command center, Silver Fox recognizes the gym and the decorations. That was her senior prom. Something happened that night that she had forgotten…

Shiva continues his assault on Wolverine. He tells him that his trigger program can do much more than simply parade his suppressed memories through his consciousness. He can have them all at once. Instead of having his nightmares one after the other, he can combine them all in a temporal nexus. In Wolverine’s mind, the floor becomes full of spikes and the figures of Lady Deathstrike, Shingen, Ogun, and Ogun-possessed Kitty Pryde, and Sabretooth all face off against Wolverine. As they do, they say KillRipDieTearRipMurderPupilKillFatherMurderSon. They then attack without mercy.

As Wolverine is on the ground he howls in pain. Shiva tells him to howl, bellow like a low beast. A beast who knows that death is near. Wolverine replies that he is not beast, not animal. He is human, Logan and he can’t kill him with memories. With that, Wolverine jams both claws deep into Shiva’s chest.

In the command center, Silver Fox remembers back to her senior prom. She wonders how it could have been buried all these years. She was at her senior prom when one of her friends told her that her date was in trouble out in the parking lot. When she went out to the parking lot, she found Logan being beaten up by three thugs. When the thugs leave, Silver Fox went over to console him but he told her to get her hands off of him and for her to go home. He doesn’t want to see her anymore.

In present time, Silver Fox knows that Logan would never have done that. She adds that it was a lie that never happened. She then asks what about their cabin? The Professor becomes infuriated. He replies “that blasted cabin implant.” It leaks through the suppression program in every subject. He laments that they don’t remember their integral weapons systems but that idiotic cabin… He then lunges at Silver Fox to try to get her gun. As they fall over the unconscious Hines, the gun goes off.

Inside the Blackbird, Xavier informs Cyclops that he tracked that mysterious list through its sub-headings. It was stored in a file marked “termination parameters for Project X.” He’s afraid it’s an elimination priority. Jubilee replies that Wolvie’s first on the list and that they better get down there.

In the warehouse, Wolverine continues to slash away at Shiva. Shiva tells him that he is designed and programmed for survivability. He has back-up systems for his back-up systems, unlike him. He is a task-specific program. His only purpose is to destroy subjects just like him. Wolverine replies that nobody else is just like him. He’s bad to the adamantium-laced bone. The more he hurts him, the badder he gets!! Wolverine is able to get in a claw slice to Shiva’s arm and then follows it up with a slash to the left side of his body. When he does, he tells Shiva that it’s time to lay down robot and die or shut-down or whatever a machine does when it takes the oblivion express to nowhere-village.

He then asks Sheba, what kind o’ name is that for a robot? As Shiva stands before him, half alive, he replies, Spak. Ssshiva. Pop. The terrible asssspect of rrrr. Cosssmic dissssolution. He is rrrrrr. A prrrrogrram, non pop. A robot… He tells Wolverine that he cannot rrrrr. Essscape him. His pop. Legion. Wolverine replies that he’s just a pile o’ scrap-metal and he ain’t even sorted for recycling.

Just then, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Xavier and Cyclops arrive. Jubilee calls out to Wolverine but he informs her to stay back. With that, Wolverine delivers the killing blow to Shiva, much to the dismay of Jubilee, who tells him to watch where he scatters that junk. Wolverine tells her to leave him be.

At that moment, a scream is heard. Jean points out that it’s a woman, to which Wolverine adds that it’s coming from downstairs. When they reach the control center, Jubilee points out that the man looks like he war ripped apart by claws. Wolverine ignores her and mentions to Hines that he remembers her and asks her what happened and who did this to the Professor. Hines replies that, when she came to, he was dead. His hook was activating the reset and default switches on the Shiva override. When she looked up at the screen, they were all filing out. They were chanting a name, like a mantra, Sabretooth. Xavier adds that the Shiva program just moved down the list to the next name…

He is cut off by Wolverine who, as he lights up a cigar, says that it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy and that it’s his problem, now. Jean asks him about all those other code-names on the list. Some of them could be mutants who have no idea what they really are. Jubilee adds that they won’t know that something is coming after them. They might even be people they know. She asks him how he can be so cold, how can he just walk away? Doesn’t he even care? Xavier provides the answer. He fears that the Wolverine that was reborn tonight may be a far, far different man than the one they have known. Heaven help them all.

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Wolvernie (all X-Men)

Professor Xavier


Nick Fury

Various S.H.I.E.L.D. troops (all unnamed)

Various Hydra troops (all unnamed)


The Professor

Shiva (various versions)

Silver Fox

Hydra bureaucrat

Various office workers (Parsons is the only named one)

Various civilians (all unnamed)

In Wolverine’s memories:


Cole, Malcolm, and Reese (all Reavers)

Lady Deathstrike



Kitty Pride (possessed by Ogun)


In Silver Fox’s memories:

A younger Silver Fox and Logan

Various attendees at her senior prom

Three thugs that beat up Logan (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Evil Kneivel an American stuntman, best known for his public displays of long distance, high-altitude motorcycle jumping.

The “Middle East brouhaha” no doubt refers to the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

Wolverine had a knock-down drag-out fight with Sabretooth in Wolverine (2nd series) #10.

Mario running around in his raccoon suit happened for the first time in Super Mario Brothers 2.

The turtles that have a pizza-warmer in their van are, of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Kitty Pryde was possessed by Ogun in the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine limited series. Specifically issues 3 and 4.

Wolverine’s reference to Alice and the rabbit hole no doubt refers to the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Wolverine’s statement that he’s got more moves “than Carters got little pills” might refers to the brand of laxatives named “Carter’s Little Pills.”

Issue Information: 
Written By: