Wolverine (2nd series) #56

Issue Date: 
July 1992
Story Title: 
We got Cylla, can Mothra be far behind?

Larry Hama (writer), Marc Silvestri (penciler), Dan Green (inker), Pat Brosseau (letterer), Steve Buccellato (colors), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

Inside the police station, Wolverine continues to battle with Cylla while Gambit and Sunfire continue theirs against the ninjas of the Hand. Eventually, Sunfire unleashes his power and brings the building down around them. The ninjas retreat as does Cylla when she is faced by all three of them. At the Tokyo docks, Reiko is recruited for a job by Hydra leader, Silver Fox, in return for protection. In another area of Tokyo, Yukio and Jubilee decide to work together to find Wolverine. They make their way to the damaged police station and discover Matsuo’s limo at the scene. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Gambit split from Sunfire and end up at the home of Clan Yashida. There, Mariko is speaking with the other members of the clan when she is interrupted by the Silver Samurai. He is interrupted by Wolverine but, before they can come to blows, the alarm is sounded – the palace is surrounded by the ninjas of the Hand. Also arriving at the palace are Jubilee and Yukio. Yukio informs Jubilee that they are at the palace of Logan’s true love much to the shock of Jubilee.

Full Summary: 

As Wolverine continues his fight against Cylla, he thinks to himself that this was supposed to be a piece o’ cake. Hop over to Tokyo, bail Jubilee out o’ jail and ship his bike home. No problem, right? Wrong. He gets ambushed by a cyborg who sent herself to him air-freight and stiffed him for import duty.

As he prepares himself for another onslaught from Cylla, he tells her to back off. He ain’t partial to slicin’ on ladies. Cylla sarcastically replies that isn’t he the gentleman. She then adds that maybe there isn’t enough original organic tissue left in her to qualify for that distinction. As she continues to slice away, Wolverine tells her that he said he wasn’t partial but he didn’t say he wasn’t willin’. Cylla tells him so much for the pleasant chit chat; it’s time to get down to some serious slash and bash. With that she connects with a slice to Wolverine, knocking him backwards.

As he is falling backwards, Wolverine asks her what her problem is, he doesn’t even know who her. He adds that she should owe Pierce for hot-roddin’ her up into a super-toaster. Cylla responds that he just doesn’t get it. Flesh and blood don’t need a reason to be alive. Machines are put together for a purpose. Ain’t no rapture more ecstatic than a machine/intelligence interface fulfilling its intended purpose. As Wolverine begins to rev up a chainsaw he asks her if she gets her jollies by killin’. He then tells her that she has to be one sick puppy. With that, he tosses the chainsaw at her and tells her to take that under the porch and play with it. Cylla is able to easily knock it away with one of her spikes. She says to Wolverine that if this were a cheap melodrama, she’d be telling him right now that she was “through playing with him” but the truth is, the fun’s just begun.

Up on the roof, the police begin to flee the police station. One of the cops calls out to the others that it is their sworn duty as policemen to protect helpless citizens. One of the cops informs him that Sunfire has the power to project solar fire, he is hardly helpless. He adds that the tall gaijin is no citizen. Another points out that if mutants, foreigners, and ninja assassins from the Hand insist on killing each other in their police station, more power to them.

Inside the police station, Gambit and Sunfire continue their defense against the oncoming hordes of ninjas from the Hand. As they do, Sunfire tells Gambit that he is insulted. They are not the objectives of the ninjas. They mean to get past them and to slay Wolverine. Gambit replies c’est vrai and adds that they spit on his “honneur.” He tells Sunfire to pay them back with some of that power he’s heard about. Sunfire tells him that he dares not. His plasma conversion beam would pierce the walls and endanger innocent civilians. Gambit replies “dommage collateral,” it is a matter of direction, non? He then excuses himself while he charges up a high straight and clears a patch o’ floor space for him. Sunfire replies wakarimashita (I understand). He realizes that he should create a trench deep enough to fling ninjas into.

Outside the police station, Tsurayaba Matsuo asks one of his ninjas inside what is taking so long. They only need to chop off one head. He asks didn’t he buy off enough policemen? One of the ninjas inside tells him that they ran into unexpected interference, so Matsuo orders him to show him. The ninja informs him to look at monitor feed #3 so he can see the tall gaijin and the mutant ronin. As Matsuo watches the monitor, he replies that he know the X-Man Gambit was there, but what business is this of Sunfire’s? He adds that mutants are so clannish. Matsuo then witnesses Sunfire using his power to create a large trench in the ground. Once he does, many of the ninjas fall into it.

Inside the police evidence room, Cylla tells Wolverine to come on. She says that adamantium may be the hardest stuff around but what about the little guy that’s wrapped around it? Wolverine tells her that he isn’t wrapped, he’s bonded and then charges and tackles her. As he picks up Cylla and slams her into the bars on the windows, Cylla calls out yessss, she knew he had a killer rage inside. She tells him to let it out, let it out. “Let’s rock and roll.”

Down on the street, Matsuo hears debris fall on the roof of his car. When he looks out the window, he sees Cylla and Wolverine doing battle. He immediately informs his ninjas that he knows where Wolverine is. He is in one of the back rooms. He orders his ninjas to get back there and harvest his head. The head ninja tells him that it shall be done. He informs his brothers that their Jonin waxes impatient for his prize. One of the ninjas tells one of his cohorts that Matsuo wants to make a teacup from the gaijin’s skull. That ninja replies then he will have it.

The first ninja says that, if you ask him, a teacup for a right hand is a bad trade. The second ninja tells him that if Matsuo heard that, he’d have his liver. The first ninja asks him if he’s going to report him. The second ninja tells him no and then orders him to follow him. With that, they each attach tiny hooks onto their wrists and begin to scale the wall. As he follows his “brother” the first ninja asks him if they are going to get above Gambit and Sunfire and drop down on top of them with their claws. The second ninja tells him not to be absurd. They are going to sneak past them across the ceiling and get their Jonin’s teacup.

In the evidence room, Cylla fights back with a kick to Wolverine’s jaw, knocking him to the ground. As she does, she tells him this is what her existence is all about. Every ounce of her that ain’t devoted to fighting is just there to get her to fight. As she pounces towards him, she tells him that just plain old killings don’t do it for her. She needs the challenge of an opponent with chops and heart. She needs a run for her money. She needs combat with an edge. Wolverine tells her that he know what she needs, but is cut off by Cylla, who lands with both feet on the back of his head, smashing his face into the ground. Cylla tells him to shut up. Shut up and get up. She adds that he still has a mess o’ fight left in him and she aims to get it all.

Inside the police station, Gambit points out to Sunfire that the ninjas are creeping past them ‘cross the ceiling. He adds “worse than cafards, non?” Sunfire tells him that what they call gokiburi, cock-roaches. Annoying, disgusting creatures but easily swatted. With that he unleashes his fire power towards the heavens above. Outside, Matsuo feels what he believes to be an earthquake but is informed that it is the adventurer Sunfire. His energy beam is piercing the sky. When it does, Gambit asks Sunfire if he knows what an interior load-bearing cantilever beam is. Sunfire tells him yes. It is used to create open spaces without pillars like the central booking room they are in.

When Sunfire asks why, Gambit informs him that he just burned right through it and that the whole police station is coming down on them. Sunfire ushers him to go towards the doorway. Gambit asks him if they are gonna outrun a fallin’ building. Sunfire tells him no, they are going to seek refuge in its structural strength. As the building begins to collapse, Matsuo says that, if he would have known this simple surgical strike was going to escalate to this level, he would have had the place blown up in the first place. He then orders his driver to get him out of there.

Amidst the rubble, Cylla asks Wolverine that they’re not going to let a little ol’ earthquake shut down their little rumpus, are they? She tells him to pop his claws so that can get down to… She is cut off by Gambit, who says “business?” As he and Sunfire stand before Cylla, he asks p’raps she’d like to deal them in for this hand, or is it a closed game. Sunfire adds that Wolverine looks hard-pressed. He asks him if he would like him to melt away some of her weaponry. Cylla, annoyed, leaps away and tells them that she will be back. Once she has left, Sunfire says that there’s nowhere for one like her to hide in Tokyo. Gambit adds that they can chase her down and… Wolverine tells them to forget about her. They came to find Jubilee. He asks if she disappeared into the woodwork, or what?

In another part of Tokyo, Jubilee and Yukio enter a building. When Jubilee asks her if this is her house, Yukio tells her that she has a room there and that they can hide out until they figure out exactly what is going on. She has heard that the Hand was looking for a free-lancer to put a hit on an American juvenile and she thought that she should look into it. She adds that an adventurer has to keep her eyes open Jubilation. To this, Jubilee tells her that everybody calls her Jubilee.

When they enter the room, Jubilee gasps and mentions that it is kinda cozy. Yukio tells her that she hates dissemblers and that the place is a dump and Jubilee knows it. She adds that adventuring doesn’t pay much in Japan. As she lounges on the floor and pours herself a drink, she asks Jubilee what her problem is, does she have a crush on Logan? Jubilee angrily asks what her problem is. She says that she bets that her and him used to be a thing but he’s not with her now, is he? Yukio takes a sip of her drink, looks at Jubilee, and recommends that they talk about something else.

Just then, some cop cars drive by the room they are in. Upon seeing them, Jubilee asks if she always has that many cop-cars speeding through her ‘hood. Yukio tells her that they are heading for Ropongi and that something big must be happening there. Jubilee exclaims that Ropongi police station was where Wolvie was supposed to pick her up. Yukio mentions that they better get down there and opens up a locker full of kitanas, num-chucks, throwing stars, and various other weapons. She asks Jubilee if she needs anything. Jubilee flicks her fingers together and tells her that she is already packin’.

At the Tokyo docks, aboard a ship Reiko tells Kojiro, a large gentleman that she checked him out through her sources and knows that he’s not connected to Hand. She knows that he’s a freelancer like her. She asks him if he can fix it so she can stow away on the ship. She needs to slip out of Japan unnoticed. Kojiro replies that it depends. How angry did she make the Hand?

Reiko tells him that she was supposed to kill an American-born Chinese girl for them. It turned out she is a friend of someone she is indebted to. She had to renege on the contract. Kojiro asks her if Matsuo offered her her eyes back. Reiko admits that he did and asks how… Kojiro tells her that he has his sources too and adds that she isn’t long for this world. He then tells her that she wants his money up front. Reiko unwraps a towel and tells him that this is all she has. Her mother’s pearls, some jade… Kojiro flings them away and calls them worthless trinkets. He asks her if she has any Yen, Swiss Francs, or Kruger-Rands. Reiko tells him that she has nothing. Kojiro replies that is too bad. If she had enough cash, he would have let her slide but times are tough and business is business.

As he opens the backdoor to a van, he tells them that she is all theirs. Reiko says to him that she thought he wasn’t connected to the Hand. Kojiro tells her that he’s not, but Hydra is a different story. With that, six Hydra agents pour out of the van and tell Reiko to come along quietly, they don’t want to hurt her. As Reiko pulls her sword out of its sheath, she tells them that they’re going to change their minds about that real soon. She is able to fend off the Hydra agents and is able to stab one of them in the stomach. The leader of Hydra tells them that she wants her alive but to be careful. Her sword is coated with blowfish toxin.

One of the agents that was stabbed calls out for the antidote but the leader tells him that there is none. She adds that if the dosage isn’t sufficient for instantaneous death, expiration can be prolonged and excruciating. Kojiro tells her that he will take care of this but that it will cost her extra. As he flings his chain with two spiked balls on the end, he says that he was just contracted for delivery, not for gift-wrapping. In short time, he has Reiko tied up, and defenseless. With Reiko secured he tells the leader that they also may have warned him about the blowfish toxin. The leader tells him to consider it a test that he passed. The leader tells Reiko to look at her and asks if she is late of the Dai-Kumo clan in Osaka. Reiko asks who wants to know? The leader replies Zora de Plata, Silver Fox to her. She has need of a poisoner of her skill. She adds that Hydra will be ever so grateful and who else but Hydra could help her evade the Hand.

In Ropongi, Jubilee and Yukio view the destruction of the police station from a nearby alley. Jubilee mentions that she guesses that, when they have a jail-break over there, they really mean it. Yukio tells her that Wolverine didn’t do this and that there were others there with extensive powers. Jubilee asks what side were the on and where Wolvie went off to.

On the other side of the alley, Yukio notices a limo pull up and tells Jubilee to get back into the shadows. Once the limo pulls up, ninjas descend upon it. One of the ninjas informs Matsuo that the two gaijin departed with Sunfire and that they were not in accord. Matsuo replies that, without the aid of Sunfire or the government, they will be forced to go to others for aid in finding the brat. He asks if they disposed of the brat. The ninja tells him that there were complications. From the shadows, Yukio tells Jubilee that she thinks that they better keep tabs on Matsuo.

On the streets of Tokyo, Wolverine rides his motorcycle while Gambit drives the car with the top ripped off of it. Sunfire flies above and tells them to stop. He tells them that they can’t just come barging into his country, destroy government property and blithely ride off into the night. Wolverine tells him to just watch him and Gambit adds that they didn’t start it. Sunfire abruptly lands in front of them, forcing them both to slam on their brakes. He tells them that somebody has to take responsibility. Wolverine gets off his bike, gets in Sunfire’s face and tells him that he’s the one who unleashed mega-bolts and trashed the place. He then asks him who asked for his help in the first place? Sunfire looks at him and then takes off. As he does, he tells them that they will settle this later. Once he leaves, Gambit asks Wolverine where they go now. Wolverine tells him that they need to go talk to somebody who has juice in this town.

At the home of Clan Yashida, Mariko Yashida is giving a presentation. She asks the gentleman around the table if they think that that the Yashida clan has so much power, that the Hand can’t push them around? She asks what is mere political influence against sheer ruthlessness and immense wealth? One of the men answer that the politicians who owe them favors have too much honor to betray them. Mariko tells him that politics and honor are mutually exclusive terms. She adds that they can’t just ignore the Hand. They have to come to terms with them or they will swallow them whole.

One of the men asks is she is suggesting making a deal with the Hand. Mariko replies no but is cut off. A man emerges from a hole in the floor and says that Mariko lies and that is exactly what this false oyabun suggests. Mariko recognizes him as the Silver Samurai and asks him how he got inside. Samurai tells her that Shingen was his father too and even though he denied him his birthright, he did bequeath him a few secrets. He tells her that he has come to save the Yashidas from the Hand. Name him clan leader and it shall be run as it should be, by a man. Mariko tells him that she is not buckling under the Hand. She is simply trying to fulfill her promise to divest the clan of underworld holdings. Samurai asks a promise to whom?

As Mariko looks away from him, Wolverine tells him that is a personal question. Shocked, Mariko turns to see Logan, Gambit, and one of her bodyguards standing there. Wolverine asks her if the creep is giving her a hassle. If he is, he’s gonna have to take his sword away from him and spank him with it. Samurai approaches Wolverine with his sword and says to him that he dare defame his invincible black blade? Wolverine pops his claws and tells him that that snickersnee can cut through everything except adamantium and for him not to forget that. Mariko stands between them and tells them both to stop. She will not allow the two of them to shed each others blood in her house. Just then, all present are informed that the Hand has them surrounded.

Outside the palace, Matsuo is flanked by a number of ninjas from the Hand. One of the ninjas tells him that they are sending in an envoy with his ultimatum. He asks if there is any personal message he would like to include. Matsuo tells him to tell Mariko that he know her will has been snapped by her stupid promise to the gaijin and that she might as well come crawling out with the nape of her neck extended for the beheading cut.

From behind a bush outside the palace, Jubilee mentions to Yukio that that is some palatial digs. She asks who lives there, Mr. Sony? Yukio says to her doesn’t she know, this is the home of Logan’s true love. Jubilee, shocked, asks his what???

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Jubilee, Wolverine (all X-Men)

Shuro Yoshida aka Sunfire

Tsurayaba Matsuo


Zora de Plata aka Silver Fox
Mariko Oyabun Yashida
Silver Samurai

Various members of the Hand (all unnamed)
Various agents of Hydra (all unnamed)
Various members of Clan Yashida (all unnamed)
Various Tokyo policemen (all unnamed)
Mariko’s bodyguards (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Yukio and Logan did have a “thing” back in Wolverine (1st series) #2-3.

Reiko killed Dai-Kumo back in Wolverine (2nd series) #33. Wolverine spared her life in the same issue.

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