Wolverine (3rd series) #38

Issue Date: 
March 2006
Story Title: 
Origins & Endings: Chapter 3

Daniel Way (writer), Javier Saltares (penciles), Mark Texeira (finishes), J.O. Smith (colors), VC’s Randy Gentile (letters), Kaare Andrews (cover), Virtual Calligraphy (production), Michael O’Connor (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (executive editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine enters Department K. After searching through it, he realizes it has been completely covered up, probably to hide certain things. Logan finds a wall, and slashes through it. He finds a door and opens it. He enters a room, which is actually a laboratory. Logan remembers the painful experiment he underwent at Weapon X, which resulted in his adamantium skeleton. He also finds some dead bodies. After searching through them, he finds clues that, when he managed to escape, he didn’t do it alone, but apparently had some help. Logan also remembers a time when he was a Samurai. A Samurai Master called Muramasa had him tortured. After having enough, Muramasa claims he has more plans with Logan, but at that moment wanted Logan dumped. He was confident that, if Logan’s memory was still complete at the time, Logan would find him again. When Muramasa’s followers were about to dump Logan, a stranger appeared who killed them all, including Muramasa. However, before Logan could see the stranger’s face, he fainted. After leaving the Department, Wolverine contacts Captain America. Cap wants to talk to Logan about what he’s doing. Logan agrees, but doesn’t want to talk, not right now, claiming he’s too busy. Instead, he wants to know if Cap knows where he can find Bucky. Elsewhere, at an unknown location, the Winter Soldier enters a lab which stores Wolverine’s Weapon X file. He notices the alarm, and sets it off.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine has made it to the entrance of Department K. As he walks towards it, he notices that his brain feels swollen and bruised, like it has been stretched to the point of tearing. He knows that’s probably because of all those many memories of his passing through. However, Logan knows for sure that he hates the Department, and the memories. He snikts his claws out. He remembers that for so long, he wanted his memories back, wanting to know what his life was like before the adamantium. It finally happened. Today, Logan agrees with the old saying “be careful what you wish for… you just might get it.”

Logan is about to use his claws to open the door, but notices he doesn’t have to. He can simply push it open. As he does, a painful memory of him being operated upon by the Weapon X Program returns. He lies on an operating table, and angrily demands to know what has been done to him.

Logan enters the base, but starts to feel a little uncomfortable, and finds it hard to breathe. He notices that everything that used to be there is gone and covered up with other things. But the smell of blood is still here. It’s rotting. Logan believes it’s like the smells are decomposing under a few coats of lead-based paint, and layers of hastily poured concrete. He notices a wall, and stares at it. Logan snikts his claws open, and other memories return.

He hears scientists screaming, as the adamantium claws reveal themselves for the very first time. They freak out by the amount of blood coming out of Logan’s arm due to the claws’ unsheathing and people begging for help. Logan stares at the claws, and walks out of his holding tank. He notices a scientist lying dead on the floor.

Wolverine angrily slashes through the wall. He feels guilt. He wants to try clear away all of the gutter. He wants to strip it down. He knows there’s something behind it. Logan keeps slashing, until he eventually finds a door with claw marks on it.

Logan remembers how he originally cut himself through the door, back when he was a prisoner of Weapon X. He overheard the Professor crying for help to Dr. Hines and Cornelius, without getting a response. Logan remembers how furious he looked that day.

Wolverine finds some stairs. He decides to descend them, and does so. He feels like walking into his own grave. After making it to the final step, he finds a laboratory, with lots of dead bodies lying around! Logan realizes that these were the people who tortured him, and burned away the man and leaving only the animal. These people isolated the bad thing he got inside himself. The distilled it. They were boiling it down to its essence so that they could forge the animal into a living weapon. And it worked. Both times.

Logan remembers the painful experiment he underwent upon receiving the claws. He notices another tank with the same material poured into it. He starts to remember another unpleasant memory.

Wolverine was tied up against a tree. His Samurai master, Muramasa, ordered his followers to stop doing it, as he believed it was enough. The other Samurai’s agreed, and cut Logan’s bounds loose. He fell down into the ice-cold snow. The Samurai asked their master where to take Logan, but he didn’t care, believing that the process which he has begun will take years to complete. Muramasa suspects that once he has finished, and if Logan’s mind will still be full by that time, he is confident Lgoan will find him. The Samurai’s started dragging Logan away. On that moment, he fainted. After waking up a few moments later, Logan found all of the Samurai dead!

He tried to reach out to a sword to protect himself, but someone kicked him. Logan started fighting the man, but he was much stronger and defeated Logan. Ninjas fell out of the sky and started attacking the stranger. Logan began losing consciousness again, but could still hear the battle noises of the ninjas being killed. He tried to have a better look at the stranger, and could see he wore some military outfit. After Logan saw that even Maramusa had been killed, he fainted again.

Wolverine stares at the dead bodies in the lab. He doesn’t like it but, since he needed proof, he’s glad that at least he found some. He knew that the Silver Samurai wasn’t lying to him, but reminds himself that doesn’t necessarily mean much. The way Logan remembers it is that he escaped this hellhole because the dead people here got careless. They were so focused on turning him into a dumb animal that he actually had a dumb brain. Logan searches through one of the bodies’ clothes. He realizes that apparently, he was wrong. It turns out that he got some help. Logan leaves the Department.

Avengers Tower…

Tony Stark is working on his Iron Man suit. The phone rings. Tony walks towards it, but suddenly starts to panic. He remembers that the phone hasn’t rung since a very long time ago. He even has trouble remembering the exact time. Cap interferes, and takes the phone out of Tony’s hands. It’s Logan. He says hi to Cap, mentioning that he had been meaning to call him to talk about old times. Cap agrees, thinking they should probably talk about that.

Logan wants to talk, but not right now. He’s too busy. Instead, he wants to hear from Cap if he wouldn’t have any ideas where to find his old pal, Bucky. Logan claims he’s got some questions to ask him.

Elsewhere, at an unknown location…

The Winter Soldier has entered a lab, which stores Wolverine’s Weapon X file. He sets off the alarm…

Characters Involved: 


Captain America, Iron Man (both Avengers) P>

Winter Soldier

throughout Wolverine’s flash-backs:


Winter Soldier (the stranger)

Muramasa (Samurai Master)

Samurai’s (all unnamed)

dead soldiers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Dr. Hines, Dr. Cornelius and the Professor were the main operatives behind the Weapon X Program, and responsible for the adamantium feed onto Logan’s body, as seen in Marvel Comics Presents #72-84.

Due to the adamantium experiment, Logan has lost most of his memories prior that fateful moment. Recently, due to the altering effects of the Scarlet Witch’s powers during the House of M, Wolverine’s memory was finally fully restored and he remembers everything: both his good and bad memories, and everything else, as revealed in House of M #8.

Wolverine confronted the Silver Samurai last issue. This issue reveals that apparently he asked the Samurai for directions to the location of Department K.

First appearance of Samurai Master Muramasa.

The mystery of the Winter Soldier began in Captain America (6th series) #3. Captain America suspects the Soldier could be his former partner, Bucky Barnes, revived, though the exact circumstances are at this point still blurry at best.

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