Wolverine (3rd series) #69

Issue Date: 
November 2008
Story Title: 
Old Man Logan part 4

Mark Millar (writer), Steve McNiven (artist), Dexter Vines (inker), Morry Hollowell (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines and Morry Hollowell (cover), Joe Sabino (production), Jody Leheup (assistant editor), John Barber (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine rescues Clint from his deranged daughter, Ashley, before setting off in the Spider-Buggy. They are pursued by several vehicles and people riding dinosaurs and, as they drive, the ground opens up beneath them all and they drop into a crevice. Two hours later, Logan wakes up and uses a snap-stick to see what’s going on. He sees Moloids feasting on their pursuers, and helps right the buggy which Clint was still strapped into. They use the buggy to drive out of the crevice and head across country, passing Paste Pot Creek, Electroville and South Dakota. They finally stop for a drink at Millar’s in Des Moines. There, they discuss Ashley, and Clint beats himself up for what’s happened to her. At least Logan is a little like his old self. Logan tells him that’s what he’s afraid of. Unfortunately, he isn’t the guy he used to be. He likes his new life. A guy approaches and begins to speak to them, but Logan isn’t in the mood for idiots, and he is on the guy in a heartbeat. Clint manages to get him off, and they head outside. Clint asks what they did to him. Logan asks him to take a seat. He’ll explain everything.

Full Summary: 

(Fisk Lake City)

Ashley prepares to batter her father, Clint Barton, but fortunately for the blind archer, help is on its way. Logan accelerates the Spider-Buggy to high speed as Clint tells his daughter that she doesn’t have to do this. Ashley replies that she’s doing it because she wants to. Before she strikes, the buggy comes crashing through the window, catching everyone by surprise. Logan leans out of the vehicle and grabs Clint by the arm, dragging him to safety. As the buggy exits through the opposite wall and into the building, he pulls Clint into the car and asks him to stay inside and keep his head down.

A security guard sees them coming but, by the time he’s pulled his weapon out and ordered them to stop, the Spider-Buggy is already crashing out of the other side of the building. Glass shatters and falls to the ground as the buggy drops all the way to the surface. The suspension holds out and the buggy lands on its wheels. “Jesus, Logan,” gasps Clint. Logan replies that he has a nice kid there. Clint tells him to just shut up and drive. Logan does as he is asked and heads out into the desert.

Ashley watches them disappear through the hole in the wall. She turns to the two thugs standing beside her and asks what they’re doing just standing around. “Get after them!” she orders, and they rush out through the door.

As the buggy heads into the desert, Logan checks the mirror and can’t believe what he’s seeing. Clint asks what it is. Logan informs him that they are being pursued by what appears to be at least fifty cars, and they’re gaining fast. He thinks that there are guys on dinosaurs, too. Where the hell do they get dinosaurs?” he wonders. Clint informs him that they’re imports from the Savage Land. The Mid-West is covered with them. Clint feels a rumbling and thinks they must be right behind them. Logan says it’s not them. It’s an earthquake!

The road begins to open up underneath them, and the Spider-Buggy descends into a deep, dark crevice. The pursuing vehicles and dinosaurs follow, helpless to change direction quickly enough. Logan calls for Clint to strap himself in quickly. The crevice is deep. This is gonna hurt.

(two hours later)

A snap light is broken and a green glow pierces the darkness. Logan looks around at the rubble. He reckons they’ve just been mugged by the Moloids. He wonders how long he was out. He feels like he popped a couple of joints, but doesn’t remember anything. He asks Clint if he’s okay. Swinging the light in Clint’s direction, he sees several faces staring back at him. It’s not a pretty sight. Several Moloids are crouched over the mutilated bodies of their pursuers. All are dead, and in the process of being devoured.

Logan waves the stick and the Moloids shrink into the darkness. Clint’s tells Logan that it’s okay. He’s alive but upside down, strapped into the Spider-Buggy. He informs Logan that he should use his light-stick. It blinds ‘em as their eyes aren’t used to the light. They won’t be able to see a thing. He adds that the Moloids have been scratching at the car for hours trying to get in. He heard people screaming, and asks Logan what happened. Logan asks him to take it easy. He has his back. He grabs a twisted metal fender and uses it to get the buggy upright.

Clint hears something and asks Logan what it is. Logan turns to see several Moloids approaching. He swings the metallic fender at them and they disappear back into the blackness. Logan jumps into the driver’s seat and tells Clint that he’s gonna put the headlights on. He warns Clint that he can smell what’s up ahead, and it ain’t too pretty. Clint realizes what’s happened. The Moloids have eaten those who were after them? “Yup,” comes Logan’s succinct reply.

The headlights snap on and the Moloids feast is shown in its full nasty glory. Clint asks Logan what he’s going to do. They could be hundreds of feet underground… maybe even thousands. Logan reminds Clint that they have Parker’s old car. It does whatever a spider can. He accelerates and the car climbs the crevice’s wall and onto the surface.

(later, Paste Pot Creek, Wyoming)

Clint and Logan drive across the wasteland, past herds of free-roaming dinosaurs. Logan asks how many of them there are. Clint reckons that there are hundreds. They were all the rage a few years ago, but expensive to keep. A lot of ‘em got dumped. He thinks that Logan will be fine as long as he wears the spray he gave him.

(later still, Electroville)

The buggy passes a massive skeleton lying on the ground. “What the hell is that?” exclaims Logan. Clint replies that if it’s a huge skyscraper lying on top of a huge big guy, that’ll be the Baxter Building. The guy underneath it is Loki. Logan missed a hell of a fight that night.

(South Dakota)

The buggy passes through the mountains, watched from a distance by a Venom symbiote. They two men chat. Clint says he always wonders what happened to Reed and Sue. They know what happened to Ben and Johnny, but Reed and Sue are still a mystery. Somebody said Kang beat them up and dumped them in the time stream, but they heard this third-hand from the Shocker, of all people. Logan wonders if they’ll come back some day and save the world like in the old days. Clint reckons that it’s a little late for that. The buggy passes Mount Rushmore, now with the added sculptured face of the Red Skull next to Abraham Lincoln.

(Des Moines, Idaho)

The two men stop at a small diner named Millar’s, which sits underneath an old water tower. Several other vehicles are parked outside. They enter and grab a drink at the bar. Logan asks Clint if he’s still shook up about Ashley. Clint tells him that he was the first thing she ever saw; the first human being she ever laid eyes on. How much of an honor is that? He says that he’s helped so many people leave this world over the years, it was so damn cool to watch someone arrive. “How the hell did I screw things up so bad?” he wonders. He turns to Logan and tells him that at least he seems a little like his old self. “That’s what I’m afraid of,” replies Logan. Clint asks what he means. Logan says he knows what he means.


A bloody and battered Wolverine stands over the fresh corpses of Lady Deathstrike, Mister Sinister and Omega Red. He spits blood from his mouth and closes his eyes, reflecting on what just happened.


Logan says that he isn’t that guy anymore. He loves his wife and kids and he loves the little life they’ve carved out for themselves. He’s doing this job so that they can make rent. Clint has got to believe that. He isn’t excited about death anymore. Clint asks him to take it easy. Nobody said he was.

Nearby, two men are looking in their direction, and one of them walks over to Clint and Logan and says, “Well, excuse us, ladies. I didn’t realize tonight was…” Before he finishes his sentence, Logan is out of his seat and on the guy. He pushes him to the floor and places his fist underneath the man’s chin. He asks him to go ahead. “Just try to make a joke!” Clint shouts at Logan to stop, so Logan storms out of the bar. Clint follows and asks what happened. What did they do to him? Logan pauses for a moment before turning to Clint. He asks him to sit down, and he’ll tell him.

Characters Involved: 




Two thugs

Security Guard


Moloids and the Spider-Buggy’s pursuers

Loki (skeleton)

Venom symbiote

Bar customers



Lady Deathstrike

Mister Sinister

Omega Red

Story Notes: 

Logan’s comment that the Spider-Buggy can do whatever a spider can, is a nod to the theme tune to the Spider-Man cartoon series theme song.

Considering the Baxter Building was in New York City, it appears Thor may have carried it all the way to Wyoming just to dump in on his half-brother.

The Shocker, in the present, is Herman Schultz, predominantly a Spider-Man villain.

The diner appears to be named for Mark Millar, the issue’s writer.

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