Wolverine (4th series) #15

Issue Date: 
November 2011
Story Title: 
Wolverine No More

Jason Aaron (writer), Goran Sudzuka (art), Matthew Wilson (color art), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Jae Lee with June Chung (cover art)

Brief Description: 

In the Yukon, Logan brings a coffin to town. Inside the coffin is William Downing (Gun Hawk). With the help of a local woman, Logan finds Dolores Downing’s grave and buries her son next to her. That night, after getting drunk, Logan is confronted by Daken, Dog and Thomas Logan. Once the hallucination gives way to reality, Logan is attacked by some locals. Logan then calls Melita Garner and tells her to tell everybody to let him go. He then takes to climbing a nearby mountain, jumping off of it, healing and doing it all over again. As he does, a pack of wolves tear apart his Wolverine uniform.

Full Summary: 

In the Yukon, Logan climbs. Day and night. He doesn’t notice the difference anymore. He doesn’t know how long he’s been there. Or how many times he’s been up the mountain. He doesn’t know anything but the cut of the rocks on his hands. The taste of blood on his tongue. He doesn’t know anything but the need to climb. It takes hours to reach the top. Yet he pauses there only a moment. Just long enough to remember why he’s there. And then, he leaps off the top of the mountain, crashing into a multitude of rocks and trees below.

There’s a moment after he hits the rocks and his brain turns to pulp, a moment where everything goes black. And for three, sometimes four whole seconds… he is without pain. Without despair or shame. Without thought or feeling of any kind. But then his brain starts to reknit itself. His guts slither back inside his belly. His lungs fill with air. And he gets up. And climbs again.

Three days ago, Logan drug a coffin through the streets of a small town in the Yukon. Happening upon some locals, Logan told them he was looking for Dolores Downing. When one of the locals asks who he is, Logan tells him that he’s someone who’s traveled far. Does he know her? When the man asks what’s inside the coffin, Logan sneers at him and sarcastically asks him what does he think. Turning his back to Logan, the man states that there ain’t nobody around here by that name. Drag his troubles someplace else. Just then, the older woman with them pipes up and remarks that she knows Dolores Downing. With a softness in his eyes, Logan asks her to please take him to her.

In short time, the woman takes Logan to a gravestone. She adds that Dolores has been dead for nearly 30 years. When Logan asks how she died, he is told that she just got old. Did he know her? Logan replies that he did, when she was young. The woman says that he must’ve been just a boy. Logan replies that he doesn’t know what he was. But it sure wasn’t a man. Removing the lid off of the coffin, it is revealed to be Gun Hawk. Looking inside, the woman asks who that is. After Logan tells her it’s Dolores’ son, the woman asks William? Why, he disappeared from there not long after she died. She hasn’t heard tell of him since. If he doesn’t mind her asking, what happened to him? Closing his eyes and lowering his head, Logan informs her that he killed him. As the woman hurries off, Logan begins to dig a grave next to Delores and, eventually, buries William inside.

Later that night, Logan visits a local bar and asks the bartender for whiskey and to leave the bottle. A few hours later, Logan stumbles out of the bar with an empty bottle of whiskey in hand. Once outside, a voice from behind asks him “how does it feel, old man?” How does it feel to kill your own flesh and blood?

Popping his claws, Logan growls and asks who the hell said that. The voice tells him that’s right. Pop those claws. Stab something. That’s all he’s ever been good at, isn’t it. With that, Daken jams his claws through Logan’s throat. Kicking his father to the ground with great force, Daken tells him he helped them. The Red Right Hand. He helped them find his bastards. All those precious little bundles of joy he sired over the years. The ones he didn’t even know about, or just didn’t care about. Logan replies tell him he didn’t… Daken confirms that he did. He tracked them down. He brought them in and set them up. And then, he stood by and watched him kill them.

Enraged, Logan tells him “You.” Daken asks him yes, go ahead and spit it out. Logan tells him that he’s no son of his. Daken proceeds to ask Logan that he really thinks they’re all that different, doesn’t he. A brutally efficient killer who leaves naught but carnage and misery wherever he wanders. Tell him who he’s talking about. Me or you?

Just then, Logan is slammed against a nearby wall before he can retaliate against Daken. The voice of the man who did it tells him, James, to simmer down. What he gon do, kill the only kid he got left? Guess he’s ‘bout as good a daddy as he was a brother. Seeing Dog Logan’s face, Logan remarks that this isn’t real, this can’t be happening. Dog tells him he’d like to think that, wouldn’t he? But how ‘bout all them graves he been digging. Them’s awfully real, ain’t they? Logan begs them to please stop. Dog adds that it took him weeks, he bets. Dragging them coffins all over creation, retracing his old steps, just so’s he could put ‘em in the ground next to their mommas. Guess he figured it was the least he could do, huh?

Logan answers that he had to… had to be sure. When Dog asks him if he is, Logan answers yes. He asks if they ever even knew who they were, who he was. Dog asks what the hell difference it would make. Logan says he never knew about them. Maybe… maybe he never wanted to know. He just… he just knows that he’s sorry.

At that moment, another voice pipes in and says don’t none a’ this surprise him a bit. If there’s one thing he always been good at, it’s killin’ family. Just then, Thomas Logan emerges from the shadows with a staff in hand, Sabretooth’s head on the top of it. As the three stand over Logan, Daken says look at him. He does believe he’s going to cry. Dog asks is that right? He gonna squirt them a few, runt? Thomas says groveling like a woman. He’s a pathetic excuse for a Logan, boy, he know that? Logan asks why this happened. Hearing him ask why this happened, the three of them begin to laugh.

Logan begs them to stop laughing. Standing over him, three local men ask what the hell’s he saying. Nothing that makes sense. Must be drunk. Or crazy. Take his wallet. He ain’t got one. Ain’t got nothing but an empty bottle and some weird-looking underwear. Rolling over, Logan stabs one of the men in the arm with his claws and asks them to please tell them he’s sorry. Tell them… tell them he didn’t mean to kill them. Slashing him across the throat with his own knife, one of the men tells him to tell ‘em yourself, you crazy @#%$& and proceeds to leave Logan face down in the middle of the street.

Later, Logan calls Melita on the phone. Upon hearing that it’s Logan, Melita tells him that everyone’s been looking for him. Even Cyclops has been worried. Is he all right? Logan tells her no. Melita asks what happened. Where is he? What’s the matter with his voice? Logan then tells Melita to tell everyone. Tell them not to look for him. Tell them… just let him go. Melita begs Logan to not to, but Logan doesn’t hear the rest as he hangs up the phone and walks away.

Sometime later, Logan pulls himself out of a pile of rubble and goes back to climbing the mountain. As he does, a pack of wolves grab hold of his Wolverine uniform and proceed to tear it apart.

Characters Involved: 


Melita Garner

Various unnamed residents of a small town in the Yukon

William Downing (Gun Hawk, deceased)

In Logan’s visions:


Dog Logan

Thomas Logan

Story Notes: 

Dog’s last appearance was in the Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine mini-series, written by Jason Aaron. Before that, he was last seen in Origin #6. There has been a lot of speculation as to who Dog is. Some believe he is Sabretooth.

James Howlett (Logan) killed Thomas Logan after he popped his claws for the very first time in Origin #2.

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