Wolverine (4th series) #316

Issue Date: 
January 2013
Story Title: 
Covenant: Part Three

Cullen Bunn (writer), Paul Pelletier (penciler), David Meikis with Cam Smith (inkers), Rain Beredo and Wil Quintana (colorists), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jennifer M. Smith (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Mike Del Mundo (cover artist)

Brief Description: 

In Logan’s dreams, he remembers leaving the Dreaming Maiden in a cave at the Isle de la Sombra off the coast of Morocco back in 1934. Over time, she morphed into a crystallized statue. In one of Logan’s nightmares, the Dreaming Maiden expresses her anger to Logan. When he wakes up, Logan finds himself and Elsa Bloodstone stuck inside a deep pit with no chance of escape. In New York, Vanessa Baker continues to tell Melita Garner about the Dreaming Maiden. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Melita makes a call to her friends – Seraph, Cassie Lathrop and Lynx to help her save Logan. With Vanessa’s guidance, they make their way towards a floating castle where they break Logan and Elsa out of their prison. After Logan puts on one of his first costumes, they are attacked by robots that look like Logan himself. Logan sends the ladies away and does battle with them. He is able to destroy them but, when they begin to re-materialize, Logan leaps out of a nearby window. Luckily, he lands on the hover car being driven by Cassie. After making a smart remark to her, Logan is thrown off the hood and lands on the ground below. Vanessa then appears to him and says she takes it that the Dreaming Maiden is not in the castle. Logan tells her no, but she told him where to find her in his dreams and nightmares.

Full Summary: 

In 1934, at the Isle of Sombra, off the coast of Morocco, Logan leads the Dreaming Maiden into a cave. As he does, the Maiden asks him where they are. Logan calls her “Aleena” and tells her that she’ll be safe there. But, she has to listen to him. She brought them down on her, the people who let him off the chain, and they’ll come for her again, unless she stops. When Aleena looks at him with a quizzed look on her face and asks “stop,” Logan tells her dreaming. What she can do, it scares them. There’s something about her dreams, something they won’t talk about, at least not to him, but you can tell, they’re afraid. They think she’s dangerous.

Aleena wraps her arms around Logan from behind and asks him if he thinks she’s dangerous. When Logan tells her no, she asks him if she scares him. Turning to face her, Logan exclaims “hell yes.” But if she stays there, if she stops dreaming, they won’t find her. And he’ll come back for her when it’s safe. As Logan begins to leave the cave, Aleena starts to cry. As she does, her tears begin to crystallize and cover her entire body. Stopping in his tracks, Logan turns around and says wait, something’s wrong. He wasn’t there for this. The crystallization would’ve taken years. He never saw…

Just then, a bright light engulfs the room and Logan begins to change from being in his casual clothes to his Wolverine costume. After Logan remarks that he’s dreaming, Aleena asks him is he. Is he certain that the life he knows is not a dream? Is he certain this is not real? And if this is a dream, why would he ever want to wake? Seeing Aleena wearing a skimpy outfit, lounging on a couch, Logan says to her that she reached out to them. She put the Covenant at each other’s throats. She knew they’d come looking for her if she didn’t keep quiet. Why didn’t… Aleena tells him that she waited so long, waited for him to return. She tried not to dream. But when she does not dream, she does not live. She was dead…inside and out. Only through dreams would her blood flow, her heart beat. She grew bored. And she grew angry. At that moment, Aleena’s eyes begin to glow brightly.

In New York City at a donut shop, Melita Garner tells the hologram of Vanessa Baker that she tries to keep the talk of elder deities to a minimum until after she’s had coffee. Vanessa replies that she understands. It’s a great deal to digest. The members of the Covenant hold vastly different ideologies. But they came together nonetheless to serve mankind. Each and every one of them believed he or she was best suited to lead the world through the darkness… with a gentle hand, or a conquering iron grip. They put ego, pride, and ambition aside to work in unison. Melita asks against what, a god? Vanessa replies not quite, worse. They have called it by different names. The Drifting Chaos, the Coming Shadow, the Creeping Ghost, and most succinctly… Doom.

Dunking her donut into her coffee, Melita asks about the Dreaming Maiden. Vanessa states that she is one of his progeny. Although she doubts she’s aware of her heritage, or her purpose. Under her breath, Melita says “good for her.” Vanessa continues that the Covenant came apart at the seams long ago. Each of them believed they knew how to best avert disaster. It tore them apart. Melita sarcastically remarks so much for putting ego aside, huh? She then asks now what. Some creepy crawler, this Dreaming Maiden, wakes up and it brings them all together like one big happy family. Vanessa replies again, not quite. As Melita pulls out her cell phone, Vanessa asks her who she’s calling. Melita tells her she’s the detective. Her guess is she’s already done a background check on her, or at least snooped through her contacts. She’s probably deduced who she’s calling. Logan’s in danger, because of her friends. So she’s calling on some friends of her own.

In a darkened pit, in an unknown location, Elsa Bloodstone tells Wolverine to wake up. As he does, Elsa informs him that he was making some disgusting noises. And then he was making some different, even more disgusting noises. When Wolverine tells her he was dreaming, Elsa replies that she guessed as much. She doesn’t need details. Logan then asks if anything interesting happened while he was out. Elsa says nothing other than some unpleasant clanking from up above. Robot sentries, she’s guessing. Not that they need much guarding.

Investigating his surroundings, Logan points out there are no doors and the walls are reinforced several feet thick. Even if he could cut through them, the walls are electrified. Voltage would cook him from the inside out. Elsa adds that they are in an oubliette. Prisoners are tossed in there to be forgotten. Logan remarks that Jefferson Chambers doesn’t want to forget them. He wants to gloat. Elsa states that he sounds dreadful. She’d enjoy pulling his spleen out through his nostrils. Logan tells her that the line forms to the left. Chambers is batnuts crazy. He spent his entire life exploring one alien world, one strange dimension, after another. He prolonged his life through steam technology and extraterrestrial DNA. Last he heard, he was vacationing in the Microverse, studying under a particularly nasty scientist named Baron.

Just then, Logan pops his claws and tells Elsa to be quiet. When Elsa replies that she didn’t say anything, Logan tells her to stop breathing so loudly. He then tells her to get ready. They’re about to have company. Someone’s there. Elsa says that’s bloody well terrific but they don’t even know where “here” is.

As Seraph’s Angels – Cassie Lathrop, Lynx, Melita Garner, and Seraph approach their destination in a flying car, Melita points out that it’s a floating castle. Can’t say that’s something she sees every day. Seraph tells her to trust her, you’ll get used to it. Seraph then tells the driver, Cassie, to take them in nice and tight and to hold it steady. Cassie tells her to smile when she says that. This thing handles like a floating tank. Power steering doesn’t do a bit of good with this kind of turbulence. Seraph tells her that the next time they steal a S.H.I.E.L.D. hover car, she’ll make sure she has time for driver’s lessons.

Just then, Seraph fires a grappling hook into the base of the floating castle. Making sure it’s secure, Seraph tells them that they need to get in there and get this over with. She then tells Melita that maybe she should stay in the car. This might be a little dicey. Putting her gloves on, Melita tells Seraph that she asked her to be a part of her “Angels.” An angel’s gotta fly sometime. Smiling, Seraph tells Melita that she’s got brass. She can see why Logan likes her. With that, Seraph, Lynx, and Melita Garner shimmy up the rope up to the floating castle. As they do, Cassie yells at them from the hover car to get where they’re going fast. It’s getting choppy out there. Using a laser to slice a hole in the base of the floating castle, Seraph reminds her that perfection takes time. Turning towards the hologram of Vanessa Baker, Melita asks her if she’s sure this is gonna get them inside. Vanessa replies that she’s quite certain, unless of course, they fall to their death.

Once inside the floating castle, Vanessa tells them to head this way. They can access the prison a little farther down the corridor. Seraph points out that she knows a lot about this place. Vanessa answers that she saw a detailed floor plan once, for five seconds. Handing Melita a gun, Seraph asks Vanessa why doesn’t she tell them what kind of opposition they’re gonna run into. Vanessa replies that she dare says they’re about to find out. Just then, a number of Jefferson Chamber’s robots descend on them. Turning to Melita, Seraph asks her if she knows how to use the gun. Readying it, Melita answers just like she showed her. With that, Seraph, Lynx, and Melita lash out at the robots.

Inside the deep pit, Logan sniffs the air. When Elsa asks what it is, Logan says Melita. He then wonders what the hell she is doing there. His memories of her are shot but something about this feels… familiar. Just then, the grate cover is removed, a rope is dropped down into the hole, and a female voice tells Logan to shake a leg. Some of them have better things to do than save his sorry ass. And they could use those claws of his. Logan recognizes the voice to belong to Seraph and he knows he’ never gonna hear the end of this.

Up on the surface, Seraph tells Logan that she brought some party favors, something to help keep his bits and pieces from being snagged on some robo-skewer. Seraph then tosses Logan one of his outfits and adds that none of them want to see him naked any more. The design’s a little out of date but he changes outfits more frequently than a runway model. Putting on his first costume, Logan asks hasn’t she heard? He’s the best there is at what he does. Why shouldn’t he look his best while doing it? As they make their way down the hall, Elsa asks if they’re a team of Wolverine’s former lovers. Seraph answers that if she keeps spending time with him, they’ll save her a spot on the roster. Elsa replies “ugh, no thank you.”

Just then, Logan tells them to pipe down. Upon seeing another group of robots, this time they all look like Wolverine, Logan exclaims dammit, Chambers. He probably thinks this is funny. When he finds him, though, there’s not a joke in the world that will save his ass. Lashing out at the robots, Logan tells the ladies that he’ll hold them off – go. Leading her group to the exits, Seraph says they heard the man. Melita stops and calls out to Logan but Seraph tells her that they got him out of the cell. He can handle himself from there. He’ll catch up. Continuing to engage the robots in battle, Logan remarks that Chambers, or one of his automated factories, pieced these knock-offs together quickly. They’ve got claws and speed and a killer instinct. But they ain’t the real deal. They ain’t him. After defeating the robots, Logan starts to walk away from the wreckage. When he hears them starting to reform, Logan says “aw, c’mon,” and proceeds to leap out one of the windows.

As Logan plummets through the sky, he eventually lands on the hood of the hover car Cassie is driving. When he does, Logan smiles at her and tells her thanks. Guess this time he fell for her. Shooting him a dirty look, Cassie turns the wheel suddenly, which causes Logan to fly off the hood of the car and onto the ground below. While Logan starts to pick himself up off of the ground, Vanessa Baker tells him that he has to admit, he deserved that. Looking up at the floating castle, Vanessa says that she takes it the Dreaming Maiden is not in the castle. Logan tells her no, but she told him where to find her. She told him in his dreams, in his nightmares.

Characters Involved: 


Elsa Bloodstone

Melita Garner

Vanessa Baker (hologram)

Cassie Lathrop, Lynx, and Seraph

Various robots under the control of Jefferson Chambers

Various residents of New York City

(in Logan’s dreams)


Dreaming Maiden (Aleena)

Story Notes: 

Marrakech is a major city located in Morocco, in Africa.

The Covenant, as a team, was first seen together in Captain American and Namor #635.1, also written by Cullen Bunn.

Seraph’s Angels were last seen in Wolverine (2nd series) #314, when Melita joined their team after her break-up with Logan.

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