Wolverine (4th series) #5

Issue Date: 
March 2011
Story Title: 
<BR>(1st story) Wolverine Goes to Hell: Part 5 of 5<BR>(2nd story) Scorched Earth: Conclusion: How It Started

(1st story) Jason Aaron (writer), Renato Guedes (penciler), Jose Wilson Magalhaes (inker), Matthew Wilson (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Jae Lee with June Chung (cover art)

(2nd story) Jason Aaron (writer), Jason Latour (artist), Rico Renzi (colors)

Brief Description: 

(1st Story)

In Hell, Logan’s father tells him how proud he is of him. At first, Logan doesn’t know what to say but, after he defeats Sabretooth and takes possession of the Soulcutter sword, and his father congratulates him, Logan turns on him and dispatches of the sword. Joining Puck in his battle against the demons, Logan and his friend begin to make their way out of Hell. As they do so, Puck is drug back into Hell and gains control of the sword, becoming the new ruler of Hell. Reaching the summit, Logan is greeted by a bright light and finds himself back in his body inside a church. As he rushes out, those trying to help him, Daimon Hellstrom, Melita Garner, Mystique and two Ghost Riders give chase. Outside the church, they find Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Namor. Melita remarks to Mystique that she thought this was over, but Mystique tells her that this is only the beginning. In a separate location, the old man leader of the Red Right Hand smiles at what has transpired.

(2nd Story)

Before Logan was sent to Hell, he was tricked. He was supposed to meet Melita for drinks. When he saw her being accosted by a bunch of thugs, he leapt into action. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t Melita but Mystique in disguise. Once he was inside the van, the old man leader of the Red Right Hand put him under a spell which sent his soul into Hell while his body was taken over by an evil spirit. With Wolverine’s soul gone, his body became Hellverine. After the old man and Hellverine have a short discussion, Hellverine departs to take care of business. Once he has left, Mystique tells the old man that Hell won’t be able to contain Logan and that he’ll be back. The old man informs her that sending Logan to Hell wasn’t the endgame, it’s just an appetizer. Wait until she sees the main course.

Full Summary: 

(1st Story)

There’s always screaming. And the scent of burning flesh. And from all around, an endless amount of blood. The ground is a thick bloody muck. The air rough and jagged, like breathing in shards of glass. Every day there are new torments and tortures. Sometimes they boil you in the river until you think your eyeballs are going to melt out of your skull. Other times they drag you down into the deepest of caves, so cold your blood freezes into icicles as it’s spilled. Sometimes they make you watch an endless parade of your own sins and regrets. Your failed loves. Your friends you couldn’t save.

Other times they lock you in a seclusion so complete, you become convinced you’ll be alone for the rest of eternity. Then there are the meat gardens and the fields of submission. The gore bogs and child kennels. The forests of steaming viscera. The flesh feasts and scream choirs. The pig-faced fly keepers. The pub babies. The skin sculptors with their switchblade tongues and corkscrew fingers. The lepers who lug the face-sacks filled with rats. The sad little girl with the pliers and the basket of fingernails. The women who give birth to rabid dogs. The men who put the maggots inside you. There are the things the demons do to you, the tortures both physical and mental. And also the things you do to each other.

Omega Red comes by routinely to spritz himself with his blood, like a lady at a perfume counter. Ogun and Shingen take turns cutting him open and stomping on the things that fall out. White Ghost unleashes streams of well-placed bullets and barely decipherable profanities. Sabretooth festoons the walls with his innards. All the torture and torment, all these things he expected to find in hell. But this… This just never occurred to him.

Standing in front of Logan, Thomas Logan tells him “hello, son.” Thomas proceeds to tell James that he’s waited a long time for this moment. Ever since, well… Ever since he gutted him with them claws a’ his. Defiantly, Logan tells the man in front of him that he’s not his father. Thomas tells him to look at him. He knows that he is. Logan says to him that he killed the only father he ever knew, John Howlett. Thomas remarks that man was raising him to be a soft and pampered little turd. But that ain’t who he is, is he? He showed him that. Hell, he showed the whole world. When he first sent him down there, all he could think about was revenge. All that kept him going was the hope he’d see him again, and get his chance to pay him back.

But then over the years, he started to see the evidence of the man he’d become. He heard the stories from all them poor saps he sent down there. And by god, there sure been a lotta stories. He realized he couldn’t be mad at him, not for what he done to him. It was his fault, for not seeing him for what he is. He’s a Logan. Through and through. There’s generations of Logans down there, and every one of ‘em walked that same path, but none of ‘em ever walked it the way he did. All of this, he made happen. Just so they could have this moment. Just so he could finally tell him, face to face. He’s proud of him, he truly is.

Back on Earth, one of the Ghost Riders with Mystique on the back of his motorcycle drags Hellverine behind him via a chain. After Mystique mentions to the Ghost Rider that they have to get him to the church, the Ghost Rider tells her not to think, just because his skull’s on fire, that there’s not a brain inside. Shut up and let him drive. Jamming his claws into the street, Hellverine is able to put the brakes on and pulls the motorcycle to a screeching halt.

Standing over the fallen Mystique and Ghost Rider, Hellverine says to them a bony little slave of heaven and a duplicitous blue-skinned sow with a can of mace. This is almost insulting it’s so pathetic. Spraying him with the can, Mystique says to him that he can tell her, jackass, if it tastes like mace to him or holy water. After Hellverine is sprayed with the holy water, the Ghost Rider joins the fray and punches him and follows up with a headbutt. As he does, he says to his foe that the things of hell always talk a good fight but he’s yet to see one of them back it up. Lopping off the Ghost Rider’s head with his claws, Hellverine asks him how that is for backing it up, you arrogant bundle of bones.

Tossing the flaming head at Mystique, Hellverine asks her if she has any more holy water up her sleeve or maybe a crucifix to wave around. Stabbing Mystique in the chest, he continues that Logan could never quite bring himself to kill him. Looks like they freed him of that particular compunction. Standing over the fallen Mystique, Hellverine tells her that they are not the Logan she knew. They are an improvement in every conceivable way. If she would wish perhaps to weep or soil herself, he suggests she does it quickly. Weakly, Mystique tells him that he may be stronger and faster than Logan, she’ll give him that. But he’s still just as stupid.

With that, the other Ghost Rider arrives on the scene, grabs hold of Logan’s ankle and drags him into a church. After he tosses Hellverine into the church, he ends up on the ground in front of Daimon Hellstrom. Hellstrom proceeds to tell the demon that he knows the deal, it’s time to send his ass back home.

In Hell, Logan tells his father that he can’t believe he’s saying this. Thomas tells him to believe it. He’s done more for their family than he ever could’ve imagined. He’s made theirs a name to be feared and respected. He’s made him proud. He just wanted him to know that. Looking down at the ground, Logan remarks that he doesn’t know what to say. Before he can say anything else, Puck calls out to him and tells him to get off his ass. They need him out there. Tapping his hand on his son’s shoulder, Thomas tells him not to say anything. Just go be the man he was born to be. With that, Logan rushes to join the fray.

During the battle, Sabretooth manages to grab hold of the Soulcutter sword. Once he does, he exclaims to everybody to kneel before him. Just then, Logan arrives on the scene and proceeds to kick him in the back. As he does, he says to him so he’s the new devil, huh. And he’s still the guy who kicks him in the ass. Just then, Sabretooth rushes towards Logan. After a vicious, albeit brief battle, Logan is able to grasp hold of the Soulcutter. Standing over Creed, Logan tells him that the sword is a Soulcutter. For the wounds it makes, there is no such thing as healing. Ever. With that, Logan severs Creed’s head from his body and walks away.

Once the Devil and Puck see that Logan now bears the sword, they both say no. Thomas Logan, his father, however, is pleased. Just then, the demons in Hell all kneel before the holder of the sword, the new lord of Hell.

On Earth, Hellverine is encased in chains by the two Ghost Riders, one sans a head. He proceeds to snarl that they will all burn in the fires of hell. He swears by the horns of the beast. They will boil in a river of blood with the souls of their mothers and scream themselves raw for a billion years. Do they hear him? All of them will burn. Reading a spell out of a book, Hellstrom tells the unclean spirit that he casts him out and all his legions, all his congregations of the kingdom. He who commands him is Hellstrom, son of Satan, heir to the abyss. He charges him solemnly under unholy penalty, be uprooted and put to flight. In nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excels! Begone, you impious lackeys. You ambushers and inbred hellspawn. Return this flesh to its rightful owner. Return to him his mind and strength. Return to him his immortal soul.

In Hell, Thomas makes his way over to his son and tells him he’s done it. Hell is his. Theirs. Now, they’ll rule them all… together. After peering angrily over his shoulder at his father, Logan proceeds to toss the sword into the crowd, much to the dismay of his father. After calling him an idiot and a damn fool, Thomas continues that he had it all and he threw it away. He calls him a pathetic little coward and tells him that he’s no son of his. Slashing his father across his face with his claws, Logan says damn right and walks away. As he does, Thomas calls out to him that he’s a bastard. He adds that he should’ve killed him the day he was born, you worthless runt. He should’ve bashed his brains out on the floor. He would’ve been doing the world a favor. He then tells Logan that he’ll be back there someday and he’ll be right there waiting. Does he hear him? He’ll be back!

Surrounded by a bunch of demons, Puck tells them to come on, you buncha dog-faced bums. There’s plenty of him to go around. What are they waiting for? Just then, Logan joins the fray and whips one of the demons with a barbed wire whip. Once he does, Puck tells him that it’s ‘bout damn time. After Logan asks him if he’s ready to get outta there, Puck asks him if one-legged ducks swim in circles. Let’s go. As they begin to engage the demons in battle, Puck mentions to Logan that he maybe coulda held on to that sword for a bit longer. Logan quips now he tells him. Puck then points out to Logan that he’s going the wrong way. They gotta head for the closest wall and climb like crazy. Logan says not yet. He has one more thing to see first.

Making his way over to Mariko Yashida, who is stuck behind vines with needles on them, Logan tells her that he’s gonna get her outta there; they’re leaving. Mariko tells him that she wishes him speed on his journey but she cannot come with him. After Logan tells her not to be crazy, he’s not leaving without her, Mariko tells him yes he is. She had her time. They had their time, precious as it was. There’s nothing for her to go back to now. Perhaps someday, in another life, she’ll have a chance to redeem herself. Until then, she is where she belongs. Logan begins to protest but Mariko tells him that he still has a life to live. Please, go live it. And if he should remember her, all she asks is that he remembers her as she was. Not as she is now. Please, just do her that honor. After touching her hand, Mariko begs him to go and to not look back.

As Logan and Puck begin to scale the walls, Logan asks his diminutive friend what they do now. After Puck tells him they climb, Logan asks what then. Puck answers damned if he knows. He’s making this up as he goes. He, Logan, still has a body to go back to at least. His probably ain’t looking so good right about now. As they continue to climb, the people in the walls call out to them to help them, take them with them.

Just then, one of them grabs hold of Puck’s ankle and pulls him back into the pit. For a moment, Logan stops and turns towards his fallen friend but Puck tells him to keep going. Once Puck lands, he is able to gain control of the sword and in doing so, becomes the new ruler of Hell. Watching Logan make his way out of hell, the Devil remarks that he’ll come crawling back. Yes, he will once the Red Right Hand is through with him. He’ll come crawling right back to him.

Continuing to scale the wall, Logan thinks to himself about the man down there who called himself his father. He can’t shake the feeling that he’s right. That he is every bit his son – a killer, a beast, a walking, talking tragedy. A Logan – through and through. He’s there in hell in part because he was wronged, because someone tricked him, sent him there before his time. But he’s also there because he deserves to be. Part of him knows he deserves to be down there with the sinners, with the worst of the worst. Doesn’t matter how many times he saves the world from Galactus or Kang the Conqueror or anybody else. Seems like more killer than hero. More destroyer than savior. Someday he knows, he’ll be coming back there for good, and he can accept that. He can live without hope and without any chance at salvation. So long as he gets just one little thing in return – revenge. Against them that sent him there. That attacked his loved ones. Against every last damn one of ‘em. He deserves hell ‘cause all he ever been good at is killin’ folks. And that’s what he’s coming back to do. You hear me, you buncha cowards? I’m coming for you. Whoever the hell you are, I’m coming…

Just then, Logan sees a bright light at the top of Hell and he finds himself back in his body at the church. Looking at his steaming body, Melita Garner asks Hellstrom if it worked. Hellstrom states that something has happened, yes. He could sense a soul returning. Leaning down, Melita calls out to Logan and says to him that if he’s in there, say something. In a rush, Logan leaps up from his kneeling position and rushes out of the church. Hellstrom states that Logan’s mind is still in turmoil, don’t let him get away. As Hellstrom, the two Ghost Riders (one reattaching his head), Melita Garner and Mystique exit the church, they are confronted by Cyclops, who is flanked by Emma Frost, Magneto and Namor. Cyclops proceeds to say that he doesn’t know what the hell’s happening there but it ends now. After Melina mentions to Mystique that she thought this was about to be over, Mystique tells her she doesn’t understand, this is just the beginning. Simultaneously, on a monitor, the old man leader of the Red Right Hand smiles at what has transpired.

(2nd Story)

They were meeting for drinks. Logan saw her waving from across the street. His blood quickened. There was something in the way she, Melita Garner, smiled though. And he was just starting to get that ache in his bones, the one he gets right before things go bad, when… When Melita was accosted by a group of thugs, he knew instantly what it was. What it had to be. Someone coming after his girlfriend to get to him. Just like he’d always feared. No matter who they were, no matter how many, he knew right away, he’d have to kill them all.

Popping his claws, Logan rushes forward. He’d have to wipe them out in such a way that it’d send a message to anyone else out there even considering coming after her. Do this and he will end you, as completely and utterly as anyone can. He knew he’d have to make that point, right there and now. He’d have to put the fear of god into them all. Only they had plans of their own and god wasn’t part of the deal.

Reaching the van, Logan makes his way inside it and discovers a bunch of dead bodies and Melita standing behind an old man wearing a cloak. Just then, the old man says that at long last, it begins. As Logan begins to slash the walls of the van, the old man recites from a book and says from the blood of his sacrifice, come forth, ye gods of the pit. Ye spawn of the abyss. In nomine dei nostri satanas luciferi excelsi. Come forth, ye sons of the unholy. Ye knights of the fallen. Come forth, ye despoilers of souls. Come forth! Come forth and claim thy tribute of flesh.

Just then, a flame emerges from the old man’s book and engulfs Logan. Logan yells out in pain and exclaims get! Out! Of my damn head! The old man tells him that there’s no use in fighting. At long last, his infernal reward awaits. Don’t worry, they’ll take good care of his body while he’s gone. With a solemn look on his face, Logan tells Melita that whatever happens, he’s sorry. Melita tells him not yet he isn’t. But he will be soon enough. Just then, Melita reveals her true form – Mystique! Enraged, Logan tells them that he will kill them all for this. He’ll kill them all.

In a flash, Logan is replaced by Hellverine. Hellverine informs the old man and Mystique that it’s done. He’s falling now. The body is theirs. The old man tells him to enjoy it, his brothers from below. But see that he fulfills his end of his agreement. Hellverine tells the old man not to worry. They will play his games. They will squash his maggots for him. Just know that in the end, he will conquer all.

As Hellverine disappears with a “bamf,” Mystique tells the old man that it won’t work. Not even hell will contain that man. He will find a way out. And he will come for him, he can count on it. The old man says to her that he would be disappointed if he didn’t. What she witnessed there today was not the endgame in his quest for vengeance, not in the least. Having Logan roasted in the fires of hell, that’s merely a sweet little appetizer. Just wait until she sees the main course.

Characters Involved: 

(1st Story)

On Earth:


Two Ghost Riders

Daimon Hellstrom

Melita Garner

Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Namor (all X-Men)

Unnamed leader of the Red Right Hand and the Mongrels, his agents (specifically Cannonfoot, Fire Knives, and Gunhawk)

In Hell:



Thomas Logan


The Devil

Various unnamed demons in Hell

Mariko Yashida

(2nd Story)


The leader of the Red Right Hand

Mystique. She also used the disguise of Melita Garner to lure Logan into the trap


Various unnamed members of the Red Right Hand

Story Notes: 

James Howlett (Logan/Wolverine) killed his father (Thomas Logan) and the man he thought to be his father (John Howlett) when he was a young boy as depicted in Origin #2.

This issue marks the second time Logan has lopped Sabretooth’s head off. He previously did so in Wolverine (3rd series) #55.

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