Wolverine (4th series) #8

Issue Date: 
June 2011
Story Title: 
Wolverine vs. the X-Men: Part 3

Jason Aaron (writer), Daniel Acuna (artist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Jared K. Fletcher (designer), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Nick Lowe (group editor), Axel Alonso (editor in chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Jae Lee with June Chung (cover art)

Brief Description: 

Inside his mind, Logan is assisted by Melita Garner, Emma Frost, Rogue, Jubilee and Kitty Pryde in an attempt to defeat the demons that are trying to take over. Eventually, Nightcrawler and Jean Grey join the efforts. After Jean sends the ladies away, Cyclops gives the order to Dr. Nemesis and Fantomex to take Hellverine out. With that, the duo unloads their biological weapons into Hellverine. With him weakened, Cyclops prepares to finish him off. Before he does, however, Wolverine utters the word “Jean” and Cyclops hesitates. Inside Logan’s head, Jean unleashes a fire and destroys the demons inside. With Logan now free from demonic possession, he bids Melita Garner and his teammates adieu. He then embarks on a quest for revenge.

Full Summary: 

After watching Storm hold Hellverine captive inside a tornado over Angel Island in San Francisco, Dr. Nemesis remarks to Fantomex that is a woman. Any gal who can bludgeon you with a tornado is one he wouldn’t mind taking home to his mother.

Fantomex says that perhaps he could focus a bit more on the task at hand. After all, they do have a friend of his to kill. Nemesis tells him to trust him, he’s not thrilled about this either. But he wasn’t the one who told Wolverine to go and get himself mind-controlled for the 500th time, now was he. Fantomex then states that he wonders if he might go ahead and volunteer to be plan B for the next time he gets mind-controlled. Readying his weapon, Nemesis tells him to keep dreaming, Frenchie.

Turning to face her two teammates, Storm orders them both to stand down. She has this under control. Interfere at their own peril. To Fantomex, Nemesis says never mind. She’s too bossy, it would never work. He then proceeds to fire his weapon and hits Hellverine with a direct shot to his face.

After Storm asks him what he just did, Nemesis answers that he shot him in the face. When Storm asks with what, Nemesis tells her that he believes it was the bubonic plague with a side of mouth cancer and just a dash of flesh-eating bacteria. Storm calls him a monster. Nemesis apologizes bust says that there really is no other way. Getting in his face, Storm tells him that if he raises that gun again, she’ll run a lightning bolt through his insides. Nemesis asks her if she’s flirting with him. That seemed a tad inappropriate given the circumstances, wouldn’t she say?

Storm informs them that a battle is being waged inside that man’s mind. Nobody touches him until her friends have a chance to see it through. Fantomex asks her friends? There are other X-Men inside there? Nemesis tells her that this is happening whether she wants it to or not. The decision has been made. His advice to her is to get her friends out. Get them out now.

Inside Logan’s mind, Logan, Emma Frost, Melita Garner, Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Jubilee continue to battle against the demons trying to take over. As they do, Logan tells Melita that she shouldn’t be there. Melita replies that his body is raging out of control, Cyclops wants to kill him. Logan retorts all the more reason she shouldn’t be there. Melita states that she’s sick to death of just standing around, felling helpless. Stabbing things is a refreshing change. It feels good; she can understand why he likes it so much.

Just then, Logan grabs Melita and kisses her. While they do, Jubilee says she’s got an idea. Let’s all stop in the middle of the fight and make out with each other. That oughtta be a big help. Kitty adds that the demons are tearing the place apart. What happens if they bring it down? Emma answers that they’re standing in the innermost sanctum of Logan’s mind. If it falls, he falls. Kitty says then they have to push them back. There has to be a way. Rogue states that they’re giving up too much ground. They’ll never…

At that moment, Logan yells at them all to get out. This isn’t their fight. Before the ladies can begin to protest, the ground begins to shake violently. Emma informs her teammates that it’s all coming apart. She implores them to stay together, they don’t want to get lost in this place.

As they dive deeper into Logan’s mind, Emma adds that there’s no telling what you might… Upon seeing a door marked “sexual fantasies,” Emma says she just knows she’s going to regret this. Peering inside the door, Emma sees herself, Mystique, Squirrel Girl, Spiral, and Melita inside what looks to be a bondage room. Closing the door quickly, Emma asks where, those demons are when you need them. She must die this instant.

In another area, Melita sees a door marked “hopes and dreams.” Looking in, Melita sees Logan and Jean Grey sharing a tender moment together. Closing the door, Melita says note to self, don’t look behind any more doors. No telling what you might find. After seeing doors marked “reasons to hate myself” with a note spray-painted that said Dr. Rot was here and “Secrets of Weapon X,” Kitty says oh Logan, god help you. Looking inside a door marked “X-Men I’ve had sex with,” Jubilee remarks that’s definitely not what the Danger Room was meant for. In another area, Rogue looks inside a door labeled “how I cheat at cards,” and exclaims that she knew it.

Continuing his battle against the demons, Logan tells them c’mon you sons of bitches. They want this place so badly, come and take it. As he begins to get overtaken by the demons, Nightcrawler suddenly appears and joins the fray. After dispatching some of the demons, Nightcrawler grabs hold of his friend and tells him not to go dying on him yet. His mind still has a few tricks up its sleeve. In shock, Logan sees Kurt and begins to say that he’s… Wearing pirate gear and brandishing a sword, Kurt replies dashing. Yes, he knows. And more importantly, he’s not alone. After seeing the other person, Logan remarks that it can’t be…

On Earth, Hellverine spews flame at Storm. Once she falls to the ground, Fantomex says to Nemesis that this would usually be the moment he commences firing copious amounts of bullets. Nemesis tells him that they’re only cleared to kill one X-Men today, not half a dozen. They’ve got to evacuate that man’s head. Fantomex adds that they might want to evacuate the whole city while they’re at it. Hellverine makes his way towards them, chanting kill! Feed! Burn! Raze! Defile! Before he reaches is quarry, however, Cyclops arrives on the scene and blasts Hellverine away. After he does, Cyclops telepathically calls out to Emma and tells her that she has to abort. She’s got to get out of there; they cannot hold their fire for long.

Inside Logan’s head, Logan and the ladies look at the figure before them in complete shock. Jean Grey then tells them there is no time for talk. They must flee back to the safety of their minds, all of them, immediately. The only thing that can save Logan’s soul is the fire of the Phoenix. Walking up to her, Emma says not bad, not bad at all. She fooled her for a second but she’s just a tad too pretty, isn’t she. Too perfect. When Jubilee asks that isn’t really Jean, Emma replies that it’s a chunk of Logan’s subconscious that thinks it’s Jean. But no, it’s not really her.

Looking at her, Jean tells her there’s no time for this. Looking over at Nightcrawler, Jubilee says bummer. So then she guesses he’s just a chunk of subconscious too. Kurt replies no. Actually, he’s the real… Logan interjects and says that’s enough. She then tells Jeanie to get them out of there. With that, Jean raises her hand and tells the ladies that this is for their own good.

Just then, the ladies wake up on the beach. Emma informs Cyclops that they’re out. She threw them out. With that piece of information, Cyclops tells Fantomex and Nemesis that they’re out – take him down. Fantomex then asks Nemesis that they’re shooting now? Nemesis replies that he’s got the head, he take everything else. Fantomex says that he supposes that’s all the eulogy he’s going to get. Au revoir, James. With that, Nemesis and Fantomex unload their weapons into Hellverine’s body.

In his mind, Logan says to Jean that he’s dying. On the inside and the outside, all at once. Jean tells him to not worry about the outside. This is all that matters now. When Logan asks Jean if she’s really her or not, Jean replies that she’s real enough. She’s the part of Jean he’s been holding on to for all these years. What he’s got to do now, if he wants to live through this, if he wants to salvage what’s left of his mind, is finally let her go. As she begins to be engulfed by demons, Jean asks him if he heard her. There isn’t much time.

On Earth, Fantomex and Nemesis continue to shoot at Hellverine. Fantomex state that he’s never shot anyone with fancy bullets made of cancer before, so maybe he’s missing the point. But shouldn’t he be falling down? Nemesis informs him that the point is to short out his healing factor. After that, all they have to do is…

Before he can finish his thought, Hellverine spews fire from his mouth and knocks them both to the ground. When they fall to the ground, Fantomex tells Nemesis that they should never do that again. Nemesis agrees and says that he’ll drink to that. Just then, Hellverine doubles over and begins to vomit. Cyclops asks Nemesis if it worked. Nemesis tells him that his healing factor is overloaded. At least temporarily. He’s as vulnerable as he’s ever going to get. He’s all his.

Inside his mind, Logan stands stoically while Nightcrawler and Jean fend off the demons. Kurt tells him that just because he is already dead it does not mean he’s fine with being torn apart by a demonic horde. Whatever he’s going to do, can they perhaps do it with a bit more haste? Jean asks him why he hesitates. All he has to ask himself is do I want to live. So, does he? Looking at a door marked “people I have to kill before I die,” Logan states you bet I do. Jean replies good, then live. She then unleashes her power and destroys the demons in his mind.

Back on Earth, Cyclops readies to blast Logan. Before he does, he hears Logan weakly utter Jean’s name. Nemesis yells at Scott that he’s only got one shot at this. He lets him live and he’ll kill them all. He then proceeds to call Scott an imbecile. Scott quietly notes that he said Jean.

Inside his mind, Kurt bids Logan adieu and tells him that heaven has the greatest beer ever. Jean then tells Logan to live and not look back. She tells him to let go of his rage. Let go his thirst for revenge. The things of hell have no hold on him anymore. The only demons who can threaten him now are his own.

At that moment, all of the demons escape Logan’s body. After all of his friends ask him to tell them it’s really him, Logan weakly replies that he could sure use a drink. His throat feels like it’s been on fire. Immediately, Melita rushes over to him and gives him a big hug as the others look on pleased.

On Utopia, Logan meets Colossus in his hospital room and apologizes. Melita then tells Logan that he doesn’t have to do this. Logan tells her to just stay there until he gets back. Holding a six-pack of beer, Scott asks Logan if he’s got a minute. Walking away from him, Logan tells him not to worry. He doesn’t blame him a bit for what he did. Scott tells him that’s not what he wants to talk about. Did he see Jean? He said her name, right before he came back. If he saw her, he needs to know. Walking away, Logan tells him that now ain’t the time, not for that. Scott asks him what time is it then. Logan replies something he doesn’t want no part of, bub.

Inside Logan’s mind, Kurt sees the various Logan doppelgangers standing around the damage. Kurt then says you never listen, do you, Logan? God help you, you never listen. The Patch version asks what they are doing. Why are they just standing around? They’ve got lots of rooms to rebuild. The young James version answers that he said they had to do this one first. He insisted. When “Patch” asks who did, “young James” points over and says him, the berserker. In blood, the “berserker” writes the word “revenge.”

Characters Involved: 

On Earth:


Melita Garner

Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, Namor, Dr. Nemesis, Fantomex, E.V.A., Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Jubilee, Storm, and Colossus (all X-Men)

In Logan’s mind:


Various variations of Wolverine throughout time – Team X, Weapon X, Patch, feral Wolverine, Death, and a number of others

Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Jubilee, and Rogue (all X-Men)

Melita Garner

Nightcrawler and Jean Grey

Squirrel Girl, Spiral, and Mystique

Various unnamed demon entities

Story Notes: 

Logan was brought back from hell in Wolverine (4th series) #5. He is now battling the demons in his head.

Wolverine was one of the Horseman of Apocalypse (Death) around Wolverine (2nd series) #145.

Dr. Rot messed with Wolverine’s head back in Wolverine: Weapon X #6-10.

Hellverine gutted Colossus back in Wolverine (4th series) #4.

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