Wolverine (7th series) #13

Issue Date: 
August 2021
Story Title: 
What They Did in the Shadows

Benjamin Percy (writer), Scot Eaton (penciler), Oren Junior (inker), Matthew Wilson (color), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Tom Muller (Design), Adam Kubert & Frank Martin (cover artists), Simone Bianchi (variant), Ryan Benjamin & Alex Sinclair (Spider-Man villains cover) Phil Jimenez & Marte Garcia 8Pride variant), Russell DAutermann (Kate Pryde Design Variant), DAutermann & Wilson (connecting variant) Nick Russell (production), Jonathan Hickman (Head of X), Chris Robinson (assistant editor), Jordan D. White (editor), C.B. Cebulski (editor-in-chief), Joe Quesada (chief creative officer), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer)
X-Men created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Brief Description: 

Sage calls the rest of X-Force, warning that the Terra Verdean ambassadors are out of control. Their programming has failed. The other X-Force members try to stealthily take out the Terra Verdeans without any party guests noticing, with Domino getting some help from Deadpool and Wolverine learning what Beast did to the Terra Verdeans. Beast wants to reprogram them. When Sage forbids it, he accuses her of being behind the failure. Eventually, she succeeds and the Terra Verdeans are freed. Elsewhere, Christian Frost, who is transporting the Shi’ar logic diamonds on his yacht, is attacked and left for dead by a stranger.

Full Summary: 

The Hellfire Gala:
10:04 PM:
The Security Biome from which Sage contacts all members of X-Force, requesting immediate response:
Combat plan, she announces. Wolverine and Domino reply waiting for orders. Announcing he hopes he misheard her, X-Force leader Beast, currently mingling with the guests, responds.

Kid Omega, who is standing at the entrance, smirks it’s about time something interesting happened.

Sage explains there is a terrorist cell loose at the gala. The Terra Verdean ambassadors have gone rogue.

11:01 pm:
An elderly couple, the wife gently drags the drunk husband away and they go in the direction of the restrooms. In the restroom, he ignores the men strewn on the ground and the one man groaning “help.” When he washes his hands, a green arm shoots from the water and grabs his throat. The telefloronic creature takes him first and then the other men in the restroom, until Wolverine attacks, announcing the restroom is closed for service.

Beast walks through the party, while Sage informs him that she is scanning for all geo-trackers associated with the Terra Verdeans. They appear to have gone dark. Ambassador Gabriela Gomez last pinged near the western edge of the dancefloor.

Beast sees her dancing and then steer her partner near the curtains, where she disappears with him. Beast warns everyone via comm that no one may die tonight. Also, no one can know what is happening, he orders as he gives chase to Gomez. He finds her about to infect her partner with her telefloronic tentacles. He tackles her, while trying to calm her. Gomez hisses that he used them. He programmed them as allies in his cause! Krakoa stole their country and identity right from under them. She accuses him of being the worst kind of colonialist.

Beast assures a shocked bystander that everything is alright. She’s had too much to drink. That’s all. The man gets ready to flee. Kid Omega quickly changes his memory.

Elsewhere, battling the telefloronic being Wolverine remarks he thought Terra Verde and Krakoa had made their peace. The creature replies he doesn’t know if he is mocking him or if he actually doesn’t know what Krakoa has done to them. Clawing him, Wolverine asks what he is talking about. Terra Verde signed the treaty, didn’t they? The other being replies they had no choice - the telefloronics were compromised. Krakoa programmed them as their allies. And then, just a few minutes ago, the programming failed. After months of being shackled inside his own body, he woke up in control. He might have come here as a political prisoner. He slams Wolverine into the wall. But he is acting here as a revolutionary!

11:20 pm:
Fifty kilometers south of the Hellfire Gala:
Christian Frost is steering a yacht carrying the Shi’ar logic diamonds, musing that right now all hell is breaking loose at the Gala. Behind him, a voice tells him to scream all he wants. No one will hear him.

Soon, Christian floats unconscious or dead in the ocean and the stranger takes control of the yacht, announcing they won’t even notice Christian is missing until the next day. By which time he will be long gone.

On Mykenes, Domino battles the telefloronics while Beast warns her that she cannot let the ambassadors leave. If word gets out what happened here, they will have a diplomatic conflagration on their hands.

Domino burns one of her two foes with her Krakoan tech glove. The creature grabs and threatens her, only to be in turn threatened by Deadpool and his very big gun. Domino asks where he got that. She’d be amazed what he can fit up his butt, is his reply. Is his genius plan to kill them both? she demands. Why not, she was super mean to him earlier, he retorts. She points out that makes about as much sense as what Terra Verde is doing here. One minute they are allies, the next enemies. What do they all want?

One of the telefloronics fires at Deadpool. He adds they have a symbiotic relationship with the cities of Terra Verde. That’s what they want of Krakoa: A mutually beneficent relationship!

Elsewhere, Beast carries the unconscious ambassador Gomez into Sage’s control center, announcing they can fix this. They can fix her by rebooting the telefloronic system. Sage forbids it. This was a mistake! They should rectify it, not make it worse. Beast demands to know if she is behind all this. She tells him not to be a bastard, which convinces him even more of his suspicion. How would anyone else access their system or know the biocoding? Don’t think he hasn’t noticed her tiny sighs and stubborn silences. Sage slaps him. She announces that he is going to fix it. Now get the #*&% out of her office!

1.07 AM:
After the terraforming of Mars at the bar:
Logan talks to one of the Terra Verdeans. He knows a bit about losing control… about someone else staking a claim to his mind and body. What was done to them isn’t right. Tonight, they were supposed to change some minds… he didn’t think it was going to be his own.

That moment, Deadpool, supported by Domino, enters the bar, happily announcing himself an honorary member of X-Force.

Characters Involved: 

Beast, Domino, Kid Omega, Sage, Wolverine (all X-Force)
White Queen

Christian Frost
Ambassadors from Terra Verde


Story Notes: 

Text pages:

Sage’s logbook detailing how they worked out an armistice with the Terra Verdeans, including Krakoa paying one billion US dollars, retreating from the country, Terra Verde will be silent about the coup.

Deadpool begging to be let into X-force

Further notes:

Part of the Hellfire Gala crossover running through the August 2021 titles.

X-force messed with the Terra Verdeans' minds in X-Force (7th series) #10.

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