Wolverine Annual 2001

Issue Date: 
December 2001
Story Title: 
<BR>The Watch (1st story)<BR>Red Snow (2nd story)

First story :
Frank Tieri (writer), Matthew Marsilia (penciler), Llamas, Perrotta and Elmer (inkers), Avalon’s Raymund Lee (colors), RS and Comicraft’s Oscar Gongora (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)
Second story :
Matt Nixon (writer), Kilian Plunkett (artist), Avalon’s Raymund Lee (colors), RS and Comicraft’s Oscar Gongora (letters), Mike Raicht (assistant editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

(1st Story)
In New York, homeless people are disappearing without a trace. After intervening in the beating of a homeless man known on the streets as “Squeegie Man,” Logan strikes up a friendship with him. Going the next day, Logan discovers that he is gone from the shelter but left behind his prized possession, his watch. Logan catches a scent and stays there for that night. He then comes face to face with Bloodscream and battles him for a short time. Following a mysterious master, Bloodscream visits a psych ward and unleashes Vermin. The next night, Logan fights Bloodscream and Vermin in the sewers. There, Logan slices off Bloodscream’s hands, which causes him to lose control over Vermin. At that moment, they are transported away by Mauvais, who takes control of Vermin himself. He then informs his cohorts that their plan will continue; he will just have to make due with the nourishment from the murdered homeless that he currently has to build up his strength.

(2nd Story)
Logan receives a call from a friend that their brother has gone missing. Heading up to the town of Holly, near Medicine Hat, Logan investigates his friend’s disappearance. Eventually, he meets up with a Father Braun, who is held up in a church. Braun informs Logan of what happened. The town’s people had been worshipping a creature for over 40 years and led by their patriarch Thomas. When Braun made it to town, he was attacked by the townspeople but was saved by Logan’s friend. After that, he freed the monster that destroyed much of the town. Together, Logan and Braun make their way to a large house where they find a Plodex-infected bear, Thomas and his grandson, Peter. After time, Logan is able to kill the bear and save Peter and Braun from the ensuing fire. The next day, Logan calls his friend and tells her the bad news but adds that her brother died saving a priest.

Full Summary: 

(1st Story)
In New York City, the city that never sleeps, three homeless men have convened around a fire. They begin to discuss how they got where they are. One of them says that he used to own one of those dot.com companies and they can probably guess how that turned out. He adds that he misses driving in limos, eating in the best restaurants, and flying around the world. He did it all but now… Putting his hand on the man’s shoulder, another tells him that he hears him. It’s tough enough gettin’ adjusted to this as it is, it must be ten times harder for him. He doubts anybody’s all that disappointed he wound up there; he used to work for the IRS.

As they begin to laugh, they suddenly stop when they hear a loud crash. Turning around, they wonder what the sound was. The man that used to work for the IRS tells his two friends to relax. It was probably just a rat. One of the others say to him that he doesn’t know, has he been followin’ the news lately? IRS quips yeah, he always catches it on his big screen TV. His buddy tells him that he’s serious. Homeless people have been disappearin’ without a trace for weeks now. Dot com adds that he’s right. He heard the same thing and nobody knows why. IRS states that of course nobody knows. Probably ‘cause they ain’t even looked. Ya think anybody gives a hoot if some hobos go missing? Puh-leeze. He wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all part of that damn “quality of life” program.

After another crash is heard, two of the men prepare to leave but IRS tells them to sit down. He’s never heard anything so ridiculous in all his life. So, if it makes the girls feel any better, he’ll go check it out himself. As IRS walks off into the darkness, Dot com tells him better him than them. Before long, IRS’ severed arm is tossed back at them from the darkness. The other two men begin to freak out when but, before they can leave, something emerges from the shadows, instilling absolute fear into the men.

The next morning, a young man is driving his fancy car through New York traffic. While he’s talking on his cell phone, an older African American homeless man comes up to him and tells him that he’s going to get his windows all spiffed up for him mighty quick; he doesn’t have to worry. Perturbed, the man hangs up the phone and yells at the homeless man to get away from his damn car. The homeless man replies that he didn’t mean anything by it; he’s just trying to make a buck is all. The man asks by filthing up his car and proceeds to grab the homeless man by the collar and punches him.

As he knocks him to the ground, the homeless man’s watch flies off of his wrist. He then tells him that he’s so sick of having to deal with homeless trash like him every time he comes to the damn city. The homeless man says to him that he’s sorry but the other man tells him that “they” are on the train, in front of restaurants, in the park, and now they’re dirtying up his car. Calling the homeless man a waste of life, the man angrily asks the homeless man if he has any idea how much that car costs.

Just then, Logan arrives on the scene, grabs the man’s wrist and pins him up against his car. As he does, he tells him to go ahead and fill him in. The man informs Logan that he has no beef with him, just with… Logan asks the old man? Go ahead and say it. Say he was beatin’ up on an old man. The man says to Logan that he knows how it is with the homeless. He just got his car cleaned and he… Punching his fist through the window, Logan asks him ‘does he mean this car?’ Rearing back, the man goes and punches Logan in the face. When he does, he breaks his hand and proceeds to ask Logan what the hell his head is made of. Logan tells him “adamantium” and then rips the steering wheel out of the man’s car and tosses it at him.

Making his way over to the homeless man, Logan asks him if he’s doing okay. The homeless man states that he’s fine and thanks Logan. As they walk away, the man laments over the damage to his car. The homeless man remarks to Logan some world they live in. It’s a crying shame when people treat their material possessions better than each other. Logan replies that he can say that again. The homeless man adds that ‘course some material possessions are worth possessin’ more than others. Picking up his watch, he says that it was his pappy’s and his pappy’s before him. He planned on giving it to his own son, but ya know. He don’t want nothing to do with him on account a’ how he turned out. He ain’t never thought ‘bout sellin’ it though, not even when things got tough. He kept it for him all these years, just in case he finds it in his heart to take it.

Logan says to him no offense, but if things ain’t tough for him now, then what the hell are they. The homeless man tells him that it ain’t so bad. He gets by squeegieing windows. It ain’t like back in the days when the booze had its hooks in him somethin’ fierce. Logan offers him some money for a room, some food, but the homeless man tells him there’ll be none of that. He ain’t one to be accepting handouts. ‘Sides, he don’t need no room. The shelter there is ‘bout the closest thing he has to a home. Logan tries to get a word in but the homeless man tells him thanks anyway, he’ll be seein’ him. Walking away, Logan utters damn.

The next day, Logan makes his way back to the homeless shelter. It’s been buggin’ the hell outta him all night. He doesn’t care what the old man said, he’s gettin’ his help whether he likes it or not. Entering the shelter, he says to the young lady working there that there was an old man he brought in there yesterday… The lady says to him that the shelter is upstairs; she’ll be with him in just a sec. Once he enters the room full of cots, Logan thinks to himself that’s funny. He ain’t there; he can’t sense him.

Coming up behind him, the lady asks Logan if it was Squeegie Man he was looking for. Logan asks Squeegie? He thinks so. She then tells him that she hasn’t seen him since last night, he must’ve left already. Logan states that he doesn’t think so, not after he went on how this was his home an’ everythin’. She tells him that they do that sometimes, pick up and leave for whatever reason. It happens all the time. She then tells him not to take her word for it and points the cot he used to sleep in. Looking over the cot, Logan sees that it looks like Squeegie Man is gone alright. It makes no sense. Lifting up the pillow, Logan sees Squeegie Man’s watch. That settles it, no way he’d leave this behind. Somethin’s up an’ it ain’t just a missin’ old man either. He’s pickin’ up a familiar scent yet somehow different at the same time. The lady then asks Logan if he found what he was looking for. Clutching the watch, Logan tells her ya might say that.

That night, at the shelter, Bloodscream enters the shelter hidden in the dark. When he does so, Bloodscream mentions that there is something else here, a presence he had not sensed in quite some time. Lighting a match, Logan tells Bloodscream yeah, he missed him too. Pulling out his swords, Bloodscream tells Wolverine that his appearance is unwelcome there and shall surely not deter him from his task. Logan asks him what that might be. Snatchin’ up old homeless folks, that’s low even for him. As they battle, Bloodscream tells Logan that ‘tis no concern of his. Logan replies that he begs to differ. Slashing away, he asks that he thought he was pretty slick, didn’t he. Countin’ on bein’ able t’ swipe people no one would either notice or care if they went missin’. But then again, he didn’t count on him.

With that, Logan slams his boot into Bloodscream’s face. Picking himself up off the floor, Bloodscream tells Wolverine that was a costly error but his kick hath felled him towards his salvation. Reaching out and grabbing two homeless men, Bloodscream asks if he has forgotten his power to siphon the very life’s blood from humans and turn them into zombies to do his bidding. As the zombies begin to attack Logan, Bloodscream bids him farewell. He’s certain his compatriots shall keep him entertained whilst he’s gone.

Slashing away at the zombies, Logan notices that no matter how many pieces he cuts them into, they just keep comin’. He hates doin’ the whole claws routine on ‘em but the poor suckers died the second Bloodscream touched ‘em. Any human aspect of them is long gone by now. An’ meanwhile, ol’ Whitey’s free t’ make his escape. That scenario alone seems fishy t’ him. Bloodscream’s a pseudo-vampire, one who’s been tryin’ t’ kill him fer years. Somewhere along the line he got it into his sick head that his “immortal” blood could free him from the curse that makes him the monster he is. But instead a’ tryin’ t’ spill the blood like he usually does, he hightails it outta there the first chance he gets. Which tells him somethin’ bigger than him is goin’ on there. Somethin’ he’d rather he didn’t find out.

In a building across town, a man in the shadows lifts Bloodscream by his neck off the ground. While he does, he tells him that he sickens him. He knows of his interest in Wolverine, yet he ‘as chosen to flee like a coward instead of bringin’ ‘im to him. Choking, Bloodscream tells him that he thought it best not to risk him uncovering their plans. The man tells him that he thought wrong. He cannot stop them. Au contraire, he can be of use to them, of use to him. Bloodscream tells the man to unhand him; he will not endure this treatment any longer. Releasing Bloodscream, the man informs him that he will endure what he sees fit for him to endure. The moment he tied himself to the spell that originally turned him into a faux vampire is the moment he belonged to him. Yet because he is merciful, he will give him a chance to redeem himself this night and he ‘as just the ‘elp he might need in mind.

At Ravencroft Institute, Bloodscream enters and kills two guards in cold blood. After doing so, he makes his way into the institute and enters a padded cell where a man is locked up in a straight jacket. When Bloodscream puts his hand on the man’s head, the man tells him that he knows what he wants. He wants him again, doesn’t he? Bloodscream informs him that a call has gone out for his services and with but a touch of his hand, he shalt have no other choice but to heed. Tearing apart his own straight jacket, the man continues to transform his appearance and states he doesn’t want to be him again. He doesn’t want to be Vermin!

The next night, Logan walks the New York streets looking for the old guy. After he hit all the usual homeless haunts, he still doesn’t have so much as a scent on Squeegie Man. Passing a nearby building, he catches a scent fer the second time in as many days, one he doesn’t much care fer – Bloodscream. As Bloodscream attacks Logan with his sword and Logan blocks his attack, he says to him well met. Bloody Francis Drake could not have done much finer. Logan asks that he ain’t gonna go on again ‘bout how he used t’ sail with him, is he? Departing around the corner, Bloodscream apologizes for boring him. Allow him to make things a bit more exciting. Giving chase, Logan comes face to face with more a’ Bloodscream’s answer t’ “Night of the Living Dead.” Slicing through the zombies, Logan realizes that this is just the prelims. Whatever it is Bloodscream’s got in store fer him, it’s waitin’ fer him in the sewers. With that, Logan leaps into the sewers.

Once he reaches the ground, Logan calls out to Bloodscream that he might as well come out. He picked up his scent, so he knows he’s down there. Logan then recognizes that Bloodscream ain’t the only one, somethin’s behind him. Just then, Vermin emerges and attacks him. Logan doesn’t know how he’s mixed up in all this but he seems t’ recall the nasty rat mook; he used t’ tangle with Spider-Man. While in combat with Vermin, Bloodscream takes the advantage and stabs Logan in the shoulder with his sword.

Using Vermin’s weight against him, Logan knocks Vermin into Bloodscream and mentions to him that he finally came outta hidin’, figured the odds were in his favor? Good, he likes it that way. At that moment, Bloodscream and Vermin begin to laugh. Confused, Logan asks if he misses something. Vermin hisses that he’d ssssay sssso. He doesn’t think he truly underssstands jusssst how much the odssss don’t favor him. With that, Logan is attacked by hundreds of rats, all under Vermin’s control.

While Logan attempts to knock the hording rats away from him, Bloodscream and Vermin attack him. As they do, Bloodscream tells Logan not to take it personal. For these doings are not entirely of his design. ‘Tis a new master he is forced to serve, one who wishes to see Wolverine dead. Logan says he sees. So they are really just swell guys at heart, aren’t they? Slashing out with his claws, Logan slices off Bloodscream’s right hand and proceeds to tell him not to take it personal. Dropping to his knees, Bloodscream calls Logan an impudent wretch; he’ll have his heart for this!

Logan then rushes towards the sword and grabs hold of it. Once he has it, Logan mentions that he used t’ be sort a’ handy with these back in the day. Armed, Logan thinks to himself that this sword might be just what the doctor ordered. Slashing Vermin with it, Logan sees that it works fine on Vermin and while Bloodscream can’t be harmed with metal forged from mortal man…

Standing before Bloodscream, Logan asks him if he forged this sword himself. While Bloodscream begins to stammer, Logan says he thought so and slashes him across the chest. Undeterred, Bloodscream raises his other sword and calls Logan a scraggly dog and that he’ll swim in his blood when he’s through with him. He’ll… After he slices off Bloodscream’s left hand, Logan quips that he’ll lose his other hand.

At that moment, Vermin comes out of his haze and says that he feelssss different. Bloodscream then yells out to Logan and asks him what has he done. Without his hands, he cannot control the beast. With that, Vermin begins to attack Bloodscream and tells him that he will make him pay for bringing back the beast. Logan replies that’s too bad. Maybe, now he’ll be more willing t’ fill him in on… Just then, Logan witnesses Bloodscream and Vermin disappear before his very eyes. Without ‘em, there goes his chance a’ gettin’ t’ the bottom a’ this mess.

Three days later, Logan thinks to himself that he has searched high an’ low an’ nothing to show fer it. No Bloodscream, no Vermin, an’ no Squeegie Man either. He hates t’ admit it, but it looks like he failed the old-timer. But there is one least thing he can do. Knocking on a young man’s door, Logan introduces himself as a friend a’ his father’s an’ he’s sorry t’ have t’ tell him this, but it looks like he may have passed on. Holding out Squeegie Man’s watch, he informs the man that he wanted him to have this. Holding the watch, the young man shakes Logan’s hand and tells him thanks, but no thanks. His old man was enough of an embarrassment to him as it was. He’d rather not have anything that reminds him of him.

Perturbed, Logan growls to the young man that he’s gonna take the watch. It meant somethin’ to his father an’ it means somethin’ t’ him. An’ he best believe it should mean somethin’ t’ him. As he walks away, Logan adds that some material possessions are worth possessin’ more than others an’ this is one a’ them.

In an abandoned building, a shadowy figure reminds Bloodscream and Vermin that he told them to keep ‘im under control, n’est ce pas. Bloodscream replies that he cannot. He fears ‘tis his touch which tamed the beast and without his hands… Sighing, the shadowy figure grabs Vermin by the throat and asks if he must do everything himself. He then tells the primitive creature to look into his eyes, for he, Mauvais, is his master now. Although he’s not sure why he even bothers, they both failed in bringing him Wolverine and, as a sorcerer whose powers are derived from ‘uman flesh, the special properties of Wolverine’s would ‘ave served him well in the task that lies ahead.

Bloodscream asks if they are still going ahead with the plan. Mauvais replies oui, but he is afraid he will just ‘ave to make due with the nourishment at ‘and. Turning around, Mauvais is surrounded by the dead bodies of a number of homeless men and women.

(2nd Story)
40,000 years ago, a spacecraft crashed into Earth, releasing a number of “eggs.” By chance, one of them landed in a quarry of rocks.

40 years ago, two men are out hunting. The older man mentions to the younger man, Michael, that he thought he said he got the beast, where is he? Michael replies that it’s out there somewhere. The older man then says to Michael that he wants him to appoint him sheriff of his town? First he takes his daughter, then he wants a job. Now he expects him to track his kill?

Michael tells the older man, Thomas, to please be quiet. He hit the bear all right, it’s out there. Thomas replies that of course he’s out there. He adds that he hopes his grandson, Peter, is a better woodsman than he’s proven to be. Maybe he’ll get lucky and take after the Grants. Thomas then tells Michael to watch for him. If he’s in that stand of trees like he thinks he is, they have him cornered. He’ll be angry and unpredictable so…

Just then, an enraged gigantic brown bear emerges. Two rifle shots later from Thomas and the bear falls off the cliff and onto the rocks below. Michael then asks Thomas if he saw that; the bear fell right down the crevasse. Thomas states like he said, “unpredictable.” Looking down into the crevasse he adds that the bear looks dead but wonders what that is next to it. It looks like… Michael finishes his thought for him – an egg.

Today, Logan rides his motorcycle in the direction of the town of Holly. About a week ago, he heard from an ol’ friend of his, Gus. Fella owns a bed and breakfast in a small town outside o’ Medicine Hat. He says he’s foldin’ up shop and headin’ to his sister’s place in Vancouver. He said something wasn’t right, sounded spooked pretty bad. Then his sister, Gert, calls him and says that Gus ain’t showed at her place yet and told him that she had a bad feeling. Reaching the destroyed bed and breakfast, Logan sniffs the empty rifle shells and believes that he thinks she’s onto something. You couldn’t find more obvious signs of foul play this side of a hockey game. He guesses he should start at the top.

Making his way to the police station, the policeman tells Logan again. His fath…, er, the sheriff is out on a call. Maybe he should just move on. Besides, Gus left town a couple of weeks ago. Logan states that he spoke with Gus not three days ago and he was still in town. He was just out to his place and it was burnt to the ground… Grabbing his rifle and pointing it at Logan, the policeman tells him that he doesn’t care why he’s there or what he wants but he’s an officer of the law and he wants him out of the station house in three seconds.

Upon leaving the station house, Logan thinks to himself that ol’ boy is shook up by something and it ain’t him, so he cut him some slack. ‘Sides, he can find his pop on his own. Scents are like fingerprints and the good sheriff left his all over the place in there. That means if the wind works with him, he can pick it up out of there and follow that signature scent like a radio beacon right to the source. But first, he has to see where that gnarly funk is coming from. It lingers in the air like a misting o’ the worst puke you’ve ever been unfortunate t’ get wind of. It makes it tough to pick up anythin’ else.

Entering a boarded up church, Logan says that it smells like somethin’ very bad, but somehow familiar. Tossing a piece of rubble down a pit, Logan wonders what happened there. At that moment, a priest emerges from the shadows and tells Logan that there’s nothing down there anymore. He then introduces himself as Father Braun and says not to have any fear; the beast has gone on his way. Logan asks what it was; it smells like hell down there, beg his pardon. Braun replies that actually, it is a demon straight from the depths of the inferno. The people of this town have been led astray. They held services and worshipped the shackled fiend like a god. When he arrived there two weeks ago, he found an entire town sunken in darkness and now they must face judgment for he has unleashed hell upon them for their transgressions and… Logan asks that he means t’ tell him that he turned a horrible thing like that loose? What would he go and do that for?

Leaving the church, Logan asks Braun that he said that the town patriarch, Thomas Grant, had everybody worshipping some sorta’ monster or ‘demon’ for the better part o’ 40 years – why would anyone listen to a nut job like that? Braun remarks that, when he met the sinister fellow, he too witnessed his strange charisma. But he saw through it. He recognized him for what he truly was and, from what he has been able to piece together, he not only founded the town but he sired most of the residents. He’s quite mad, he can assure him.

When Logan asks about the rest of the town, Braun tells him that they are dead for the most part. He’d been trying to save their souls since he first arrived but they wouldn’t hear of it. They were lost forever. In fact, two nights ago they came to the lodge at which he was staying. They wanted his head and when the proprietor wouldn’t let them at him, they shot him and burned down his establishment.

Immediately, Logan knows that it was Gus. Braun tells him that he’s sorry but fear not for Gus’ soul. He was doing the Lord’s work and thanks to his sacrifice, he managed to escape. But those heathens will not be so lucky in the end. In the dead of night, he unchained the beast and unleashed him upon those who had turned away from the Lord. The unspeakable horror rose from the pit, free at long last. It visited hell’s wrath upon all those who had contributed to its captivity those many years. Logan asks about the deputy back at the station. He seemed fine to him, maybe a little paranoid, but… Braun remarks that is indeed curious. The sheriff and his son never seemed to involve themselves in anything. Not the beast, not the fire, nor prevention of his friend’s murder – nothing. They behave like ghosts.

Logan replies that he don’t get it yet either. But he can smell where the thing is and he thinks the sheriff is there too, up the road. Braun says ah yes. The road leads towards the Grant’s manor house. Soon, the demon will finish its work and it will then fall upon him to send it back to the bloated bowels of hell. But let it finish its task first. Logan asks that he’s a mite blood thirsty for a man o’ the cloth, ain’t he? They can’t just let it go and slaughter any more people, no matter what they did.

At the Grant Manor house, Logan informs Braun that it might get pretty dicey in there. Maybe he should leave this to a professional. Brandishing a sword, Braun tells Logan that he is a professional; he and his sword are an instrument of the Lord. Inside the house, Logan and Braun discover the dead bodies of the sheriff and his wife. Upon seeing them, Logan says to Braun that by settin’ this thing free, he’s responsible for the deaths of these people. He better pray that it can be stopped. Braun responds that he forgets. These are the selfsame people that killed his friend. Either by action or omission, they are accountable. The sheriff and his wife were guilty and now they have paid.

Just then, Braun and Logan hear screams of NOOOOO and a loud roar emanating from upstairs. Once they get upstairs and see a monstrous mutated bear with sores and a number of eyes covering its body, Logan knew that the scent he picked up in town was a Plodex. It is an alien creature that mimics the characteristics of whatever it absorbs. One of ‘em used to run with Alpha Flight – Marrina. She was a lot easier on the eyes and nose than this creature here, a lot…

Just then, the old man in the room, Thomas, pleads with his grandson, Peter, to shoot the thing. Peter replies that he’s the one who wanted this thing around. He should let it tear him apart for how he treated him and dad. Now dad’s dead and he’s next. What does he think of the town’s god now? Taking a shot at the creature, Peter tells his grandfather that they can die together. Jamming his sword in the bear, Braun tells the deputy to redeem himself. With a mighty swat of its paw, the creature knocks both Braun and Peter away.

Facing off against the monster, Logan tells it that he’s sorry he’s gotta put it down, but it’s just way too ugly to live. After the creature cracks Logan in the face and bloodies him, Logan proceeds to pop his claws and viciously attacks the bear. After killing the bear, Logan thinks to himself so much for not-so-gentle Ben and realizes that the fire is spreading fast. He also notices that it looks like Braun and Deputy Pete are in a bad way. He could also use a drink and wonders if Father Braun has a nip o’ the Irish on him.

While he carries Braun and Peter out of the burning house, Logan lets the house burn. He’d burn the whole stinkin’ town if he thought it’d do Gus any good. The grandfather’s dead, but he’ll have to drop the deputy and Braun off at the hospital. Then he’ll have to take care of the bad news in the morning.

The next morning, Logan calls Gert and tells her the bad news. He then tells her that Gus went out on the side o’ the angels, protectin’ a priest of all things. With his mission over, Logan heads on back down the road on his motorcycle.

Characters Involved: 

(1st Story)


Squeegie Man and his son
Various homeless in New York City (all unnamed)
Various residents of New York City
Unnamed female worker at a homeless shelter

(2nd story: )

Father Braun
Thomas, Peter, and another unnamed policeman
Various residents of the town of Holly

A Plodex-infected bear

In the past:
Michael and Thomas

Story Notes: 

The homeless man’s reference to “quality of life” program refers to the still-controversial series of “Broken Windows” approach by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, which tackled the small, every-day annoyances of city life in order to affect the larger, more seemingly intractable problems. Significant to this story, part of the program attacked “squeegee men,” who wiped the windows of cars stopped in traffic and then demanded money as payment from commuters who had not asked for the service, an act viewed almost universally as a form of extortion. Though viewed controversially by some, the programs were widely accepted and credited with a significant drop in crime and increase of quality of life for the city during Giuliani’s two terms in office, which ended the year of this issue’s publication.

The last time Wolverine faced off against Bloodscream was back in Wolverine (2nd series) #123.

Vermin’s alter ego is that of Edward Whelan.

Sir Francis Drake was an English sea captain, amongst other things alive during 1540 and 1596.

“Night of the Living Dead” was a zombie film first released in 1968 directed by George Romero.

Mauvais first appearance was in Wolverine (2nd series) #165.

Mauvais’ vendetta against Wolverine is continued in Wolverine (2nd series) #170-172.

The Plodex is an alien race that are shapeless blobs in natural form. They have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. Marrina, formerly of Alpha Flight, is a member of the Plodex race.

“Gentle Ben” was a television series that aired from 1967 to 1969. It was about a boy and his adventures with his pet 650 pound black bear.

Father Braun is next seen in the pages of Wolverine (2nd series) #177-178.

Written By: