Wolverine: Bloodlust

Issue Date: 
December 1990
Story Title: 

Alan Davis and Paul Neary (story and art), Michael Heisler (letterer), Bernie Jaye (colorist), Suzanne Gaffney (assistant editor), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

In Canada, Logan is in a bar when he experiences the same he does when killing. Unsure of where it’s coming from, he is approached by a young lady named Saskia who begins to take an interest in him. The other patrons in the bar don’t take too kindly and Logan becomes involved in a bar fight with them, almost killing one of them before he regains control. Departing the bar with Saskia, Logan begins to battle creatures that have the appearance of skinny Yeti’s. After killing five of them, Logan notices that Saskia has been taken. Once the creature he has bonded with kills an innocent family, Logan is distraught. He is then approached by members of the Neuri who tell him of their past and heal him after bringing him into Alshra. One of the Neuri, the Guide, tells Logan that some of their group have gone to the dark side after feasting on human flesh. Logan agrees to help them and begins his search. Eventually, Logan kills all the evil Neuri save one, the Renegade. Over time, Logan and the Guide face off against the Renegade in battle. The Guide doesn’t survive the fight but Logan manages to wound the Renegade. Giving chase, Logan enters a cave. There he finds Saskia and discovers that she is the Renegade. After she transforms, Logan battles the Renegade and is able to destroy him. With the job complete, the Neuri thank Logan for what he has done and leave him alone to his thoughts.

Full Summary: 

Running through a snowy wilderness, a frightened man is attacked by a shadowy creature that proceeds to lop his head off.


Blood and ice. As he holds a broken beer glass in his hand, Logan sees blood and ice. A red mist begins to clear and he sees splintered glass, but he’s only thinkin’ blood and ice. There’s no mistakin’ the surge ya get from the kill and he just got it. But from where? Not a memory. Slaughterin’ a scared old man ain’t his style. He must be hallucinatin’. The crushed beer glass in his hand tells him he lost control. That worries him. Blood and ice. He holds onto the image, tries to explore it. The feelin’ ultimately passes and he remembers where he is – Dawson City, in the Yukon Mudslide bar. It ain’t no tourist trap. If he’s crackin’ up, he doesn’t want to do it there.

When a raven-haired young lady comes up to him, she asks him if he’s okay. Looking at his hand, and pulling away the glass from the wounds, she points out that he has some bad cuts. Logan tells her they’ll heal in no time. His mutant healing factor’ll see to that.

At that moment, some of the local patrons of the bar make their way over towards Logan’s table. They mention that it looks like he doesn’t like their beer. Another replies “non,” but ‘e likes their women. Another tells them to take it easy, can’t they see he hurt himself. Logan tries to ignore them so they’ll go away. One of the men pokes him on the shoulder and says maybe he’s too small to be out alone. Logan asks himself who he’s kiddin’. He knows by ignorin’ them they won’t leave him alone. That’s not how it works. He lets his actions speak for him.

With that, Logan grabs the man’s arm and proceeds to slam him through the table. Next thing he knows, everybody in the bar wants a say. As they rush Logan, he states that it’s their mistake. As fights go, it’s friendly. No hardware, just man to man. After he has taken out all of the attackers with ease, the last guy rushes in. He’s a big sucker, too big. Logan drops down, sidesteps, swings his weight behind his, and lets the big man take the impact. He’ feelin’ good till he looks at the floor. He sees whisky an’ broken glass, blood and ice. Picking up a broken bottle, somethin’ stirs down deep – HUNGER. Grabbing the man’s long white beard, Logan holds the broken bottle to his neck and thinks RIP, BLOOD, FEAST.

Before he cuts the man, he fights it and just does regain control. Once he tosses the bottle away, the remaining patrons say call the sheriff, ‘e is a psycho. Just then, the young lady grabs his hand and says to him that he’s crazy drunk and they need to get outta there before the cops turn up. The sheriff ain’t too keen on outsiders. He better lie low for a while.

Once they make it outside the bar, Logan recognizes his head is fizzin’ like radio static. He’s gotta clear his brain. The lady tells him that her pace is real close, and real warm. Holding his head, Logan says that it still feels like he has a skull full o’ sarsaparilla, but his thoughts are comin’ together. Thoughts like what a big mistake he made comin’ there. The young lady says to him that it looks like the cold air’s soberin’ him up and asks him if he wants his things back. Logan takes his things from her and says thanks…

The young lady tells him her name is Saskia, her friends call her Sassy. Logan gives her his name and thanks her for what she did back there. Sassy tells him no problem. As they make their way through the town, Sassy informs Logan those guys are the town trouble makers. They get cabin fever in winter. It don’t take much to set ‘em off. Logan thinks to himself she has a sense o’ compassion. He likes that. He’s beginnin’ to figure her for a nice kid. Sassy then tells Logan that she likes the way he handled himself. It was good to see him put them down. The fight was exhilarating. Looking at her, Logan thinks that a guy can be wrong and a man should be ready to learn from his mistakes.

Just then, Logan senses that somethin’ is stalkin’ them. He senses it, through the static. But he can’t pin it down. No scent, no sound. It’s barely disturbin’ the air. When Logan turns around with a lurch, Sassy asks him what’s wrong. After Logan tells her that somethin’ is out there, Sassy says yeah, there’s somethin’ creepin’ up behind him – her. Logan’s blood begins to churn and his rage builds. Somethin’s out there, he knows it. He pops his claws and the kid screams, but far away, like in a dream. He’s losin’ control. He sees shapes congealin’ in the mist. He hears a roar, it’s his, joinin’ in with theirs.

At that moment, Logan is attacked by ape-looking white beings with long claws. As he begins to fight them, he thinks THIRST, BLOOD, KILL.

Before long, he stops fighting. He notices that his head is poundin’, his bloodlust is subsidin’. Looking around, he sees that he got five o’ them but the rest split. He’s hurtin’ and weak. He’s torn up bad. His healin’ factor’ll cope, given time. The damn buzz saw in his head must be swampin’ his senses. He can’t pick up a scent. But he can see tracks – his and the girl’s. Retracting his claws, he remembers Saskia. He was a damn fool, he let ‘em take the girl. Kneeling on the ground, he tells himself to cool it. He ain’t no good to anyone like this. He has to pull it together.

With his brown and tan uniform laid out on the snow before him, he centers himself, pulls his consciousness inside. He is calm. He tries to analyze the situation. What is causing this unreasoning bloodlust and playing havoc with his senses? And the creatures, why are they there? Where are they from? It can’t all be coincidence but he has no answers. All he knows for sure is they’ve got the girl and it’s his fault. After he puts on his uniform, Logan opens his senses and tries to ignore the static. He feels the cold, smells food cooking, hears distant music, and a snowflake. As it spirals down, it is pure, untainted, immaculate. Once it lands on the demon flesh, a cleansing fire erupts. He struggles to suppress a primordial fear and deep down, something bursts free. THIRST, BLOOD, KILL. With that, Logan stalks off as the demons bodies burn behind him.

At the Yukon Mudslide bar, the sheriff of Dawson City informs the men inside that they just found Axel Dubois’ body out there, and he should be investigatin’ instead o’ wet-nursin’ a bunch o’ brawlin’ hotheads. He tells them they had this comin’ a long time and now they’re there talkin’ busted noses and furniture while Dubois is lyin’ in the morgue, sliced to pieces and his murderer’s still out there. One of the men points out the guy they were fighting was crazy. Maybe he’s his killer. He nearly ripped out Moose’s throat with a busted bottle and he was growlin’. The sheriff replies that if he’s the killer, they’ll find him. This is police work, they need to stay out of it. The barkeep asks about the damage. Who pays for that? Standing up to the sheriff, one of the men tells him if he ain’t gonna…

Before he can finish, the sheriff tells him what he ain’t gonna is argue with him. It’s twenty below out there and it’s warm in there. Enjoy their drinks, he’s handlin’ this. The barkeep exclaims zut alors, will no one listen? The mess, it must be paid for. Once the sheriff leaves, the man who stood up to him remarks that kind o’ high handed behavior could make a guy mad. Another of the men sitting at a table nursing his busted nose states that it’s not the sheriff that makes him mad. It is the one who made fools of them – the half pint. Every second they stay ‘ere, the small one is out there and ‘e laughs at them. He says they wipe the big smile off ‘is face. The other men emphatically agree with him. They are going to get their guns and go huntin’.

At the edge of town, a husband and wife enjoy some wine next to a roaring fire. The man, Nelson, informs his wife, Jeanette, that the waiting’s over. The bank okayed the loan and they’re due to sign the papers tomorrow. Wait’ll she sees the final plans. The hot spring bath house’s great and there’s a Yukon gold rush trail, where folks can pan for gold. It’ll be the largest leisure complex in Dawson. As they toast to their future, a creature crashes through their window and brutally kills the couple and their two young children.

In the Yukon, Logan says to himself that he’s butchered an innocent family. He heard screams, felt the thrill of the kill, felt his claws, no – their claws rippin’. Was he there, or was he hallucinatin’? One glance at his claws will tell him. But he’s afraid. Big hero – afraid to look, afraid to know. Bloody or clean? Nervously looking down, Logan sees they are clean. Dropping to his knees, the relief hits him. He begins to understand that he’s pickin’ up on what the creatures are doin’. It’s gotta be telepathy. Turning around, he sees them and he’s gonna kill every damned blasted one of them. When he gets close, however, he doesn’t connect. One of the creatures gestures and he’s a leaf, floatin’ to the floor on a warm sunny afternoon. He slowly falls to earth as the warm glow turns to flame. The fire isn’t painful, it’s soothin’, takin’ away his rage.

Suddenly it’s gone. He feels cleansed, tranquil. His claws retract. The static is gone too. Looking down at his arm, he sees more fire? No, something different – iridescent, sparklin’, beautiful. It’s his mutant healin’ factor. He can see it workin’, healin’ his wounds.

When Logan looks up, he’s in wonderland. Every part of the landscape glows with its own vibrant life-energy. The sky shimmers and sparkles overhead and beneath the ground, dormant life pulses, ready to erupt in spring and he’s part of it all. He knew this must exist and at times he thought he was near to glimpsin’ it but how could he know it’d be this magnificent. Suddenly, he wonders how he got there. One of the creatures informs him that they have invited him, Logan, to witness Alshra, the spirit plane. Turning around, Logan sees the creatures. He had forgotten them but they seem peaceful, gentle. The leader of the creatures extends apologies for their form, should he find it unsettling. He might prefer to perceive them as they truly are. With that, the creature waves his hand and he and the other creatures transform from a Yeti appearance to a more human appearance. He then tells Logan to allow them to become known to him. They are Neuri.

Centuries ago, their ancestors flourished in the fertile valleys beneath the Ural Mountains. They lived peaceful lives, growing closer to nature with each passing generation. When they achieved harmony with the great Earth-Mother, she revealed the secrets of her life-energies to them. They avoided all contact with the rest of mankind, their warring ways sickened them. But the barbarian hordes encroached upon them and to survive they moved on ever northward.

Eventually they reached the great Siberian snowfields and found sanctuary. The barbarians could not survive in such a solitary, frozen place. But they were different for they drew upon the quiescent earth-energy to transform their bodies to a form more appropriate to sub-zero temperatures. They tunneled beneath the snow and sculpted the living ice. They nurtured new species of plants, in the glow of phosphorescent minerals. Under the ice, they made utopia. In this perfectly balanced eco-system, all their needs were cared for. They felt no need for competition or individuality. Over the centuries they evolved a group mind, each being contributing selflessly to one overall consciousness. While their bodies remained on Earth, their composite mind roamed the cosmos. Exploring, learning, unbounded by time or space.

Meanwhile on Earth, the barbarians had come of age. They had advanced from killing each other to killing the world. They called it progress, but progress toward what? They wandered across the arctic wastes, without shelter or food. They grew sick and began to die. Most accepted their fate with dignity while there were those who did not, those who in desperation broke away from the group consciousness. Renegades, who set out to attack, to murder, to break an old-age taboo. They feasted upon flesh, human flesh. When they did, they unleashed forces beyond their reckoning, beyond their understanding. Dark forces, evil forces, massively increasing their mystical power but totally corrupting their doomed souls.

Consumed by bloodlust, they fled in search of more victims. Preying on isolated communities, their power increased with each new kill. They followed their trail of carnage out of Siberia across Alaska, and now into Canada. They must be stopped. Their dark powers encompass primal forces beyond your very imagining. They cannot restrain them without invoking the same forces, they would become them. He, Logan, has been able to do what they cannot. He has fought with them, even killed some of their number. How can they ask him to do still more?

Logan tells him ya don’t need to ask, bub, he’s volunteering. They took a friend of his. Besides, he owes ‘em for messin’ with his mind. He doesn’t know how they did that, but he knows how to stop it. The leader informs Logan that his mind is resonating with the rebels’ consciousness, through the medium of the Alshra. While the rest of mankind has lost the ability to reach Alshra, he has not. But as they communicate, the rebels are draining the energy from the Alshra. The Alshra itself is under threat. His, Logan’s, empathy with the geographical area caused him to be subconsciously drawn there. Logan asks why his mind would resonate with the rebels’ consciousness instead of theirs. That ain’t flatterin’…

The leader informs him that it is the metal that lies within him. His healing factor is attempting to reject it, but it is so much a part of him that it cannot. He is an entity of conflict and he will never achieve the necessary harmony to enter Alshra unaided. He is only there now because they will it. Logan remarks that an adamantium skeleton is considered a bonus in his line of work, he ain’t never figured on the down side.

The leader tells him that time has become short, their conference must end. With that, the Neuri go back to their Yeti appearance. The leader tells him that the solution to their problem lies there, on the corporeal plane. Logan thinks to himself normal reality. It could feel good to be back, but it doesn’t. It’s grim, and it’s dull. The only faint echo of Alshra that remains is in the peace and serenity of the creatures themselves. Just then, Logan experiences the static, a tidal wave of it. It is worse than before. The leader tells him that the rebels’ mind-link with him increases in power. If this continues, he will join their number. He will travel with him to protect him from their influence, and be his guide. Even without the static, his senses may not detect the rebels, because of their complete harmony with nature.

As they take off across the snow-covered ground, Logan doesn’t doubt his companion’s word. He’s like a ghost. No scent, no sound. He’s running full tilt and he ain’t even breakin’ a sweat. He’s glidin’ over the snow, hardly leavin’ a ripple in the air. He’d be impressed, if it didn’t give him the jitters.

In short time, the duo rush by a cabin. When they do, Logan stops in his tracks. It’s exactly as he remembered it. The Neuri leader tells him not to go, there is no time, the rebels are near. Do not torture himself. Entering the cabin, Logan tells him that he has to do this for his own sanity. Seeing the dead bodies of the family inside, Logan states that he’s killed in battle, man to man, but this is something different. He always knew the danger of berserker rages, what might happen if he completely lost control. But they made him feel it, enjoy it. The Neuri leader tells him but he did not do it. Logan says but he felt like he did, can’t he understand. It’s in his memory, it’s part of him. He’s gonna make ‘em pay, gonna kill, kill…

The Neuri leader warns him there is danger there. The rebels’ close proximity is promoting his rage. As Logan runs off repeating KILL, KILL, the Neuri leader calls out to him to stay close to him. He cannot help him resist them if he leaves.

Close by, the members of the Dawson City hunting club make their way through the heavy snow. One of them mentions that the blizzard’s getting worse, they’ve lost his tracks. Another one says this is crazy, they’re all gonna freeze. The leader tells them that they are going to keep going. The little one is out ‘ere somewhere. Another one says to him they ain’t gonna find him in this. They gotta turn back. The leader informs them no. They keep going. And when they catch ‘im, he will tear ‘im limb from li…

Just then, a demented voice cuts him off and tells him it is him who will die. With that, one of the Renegades leaps at the men. When the leader shoots the Neuri, it explodes much to the shock of the hunters. Before they can ponder any further, they are surrounded by a gang of Neuri. They call them werewolves and notice they’re everywhere. They’re done for. As soon as they are attacked, Logan leaps into the fray and slices away at the Renegades. The hunters recognize him as a sooperhero, one o’ them Alfer Flight.

When the Neuri swarm on Logan, the hunters also see that there’s too many for him, they’re killin’ him. Just then, Logan rises up and slices the Neuri who have swarmed him. The hunters proceed to witness the Neuri running away. Some of them want to go after them and kill the suckers. Others in the group disagree, this is their chance to get out of there quickly. Sitting on the ground, one of the hunters informs the others that he cannot walk and they must help him. The others tell him that a cripple would slow them down so they are going to leave him.

Before they depart, one of the Neuri approach them. The injured one calls out not to let it get him – shoot it. Holding up his hand, the leader of the Guide tells them to have no fear. He comes to them in peace. Discard their weapons. When they drop their weapons, the leader of the Guide approaches the frightened and injured man and tells him to heed his words. Their way is not to harm, theirs is to heal. Placing his hands on the man’s injured leg, he tells him his injury is minor and easily repaired. Shocked, the men remark that the wound is gone, not even a scar remains. The Guide says to them that their own violence has drawn them there, they are not needed. Go. As the hunters rush off, the Guide heads off in the direction where Logan ran off. While he does, he states that man is still ruled by his base desires. Thank the Earth-Mother that true spirits such as Logan transcend such barbarity.

Farther up ahead, Logan continues to brutally attack the Renegades. As he hacks and slashes them, he thinks to himself “pain, kill, pain ignore, fight kill, not stop, finish kill, pain.” Once he has killed all of them, Logan is in severe pain and thinks “no more all dead. Hurt real bad. Pain too much damage. Healin’ factor can’t cope. Not find Saskia failed. Pain dizzy. Blacking out. Mariko… I’m dying…”

Approaching him, the Guide tells him that he will not die this day. He has fought their battle. It is their disgrace that it should come to this. He has sustained mortal damage, beyond the restorative powers of his healing factor. But not beyond the group power of we Neuri, channeling the energies of the Alshra itself, to fortify his mutant healing power, to regenerate each mutilated part of his being and restore him totally. Completely healed, Logan sits up and tells the Neuri that he fixed up his costume too, neat trick. If his healin’ factor could do that, it’d sure save on tailorin’ bills.

The Guide tells Logan that they must be swift. Although the elemental purity of the snow eradicates the remains of the demon rebels, still one of their number survives. As the duo rush off, Logan says he figured as much. The static’s still buzzin’ and through it he can feel the survivor’s desperation, hunger. The Neuri tells him the last is more cunning and devious than his brethren. He has inherited their combined power, but it is not enough to challenge him. He hungers for his indomitable spirit, but fears his strength, and has gone in search of easier prey.

Trudging through the snow, the hunters talk amongst themselves that the crazy wind is comin’ from everywhere, they’re bein’ driven in circles. The Renegade tells them not in circles, but to him. Driven like lambs to the slaughter. As the Renegade slashes one of the hunters and kills him, Logan stops in his tracks and feels a surge, smells blood, and tastes death. Noticing his pain, the Guide turns around and tells him that the Renegade’s growing power concentrates his psychic rapport with him. He must resist him.

Logan tries but he can see the roughnecks from the bar, cornered in a rocky cleft. The hunters, in a panic, call out for somebody to shoot. Realizing they threw their guns away, they all begin to scatter. Defiantly, Moose exclaims non, he runs from nothing. As he rushes towards the Renegade, Logan can see him rushing “him” again, just like in the bar. This time “he” rips out his throat. It feels good. No! It ain’t him killin’, it’s the Renegade. This one is warm and soft as “he” reaches in and pulls out his heart. NO. KILL. Kill, keep power growing as “he” drinks their souls. KILL POWER. Power… kill…

The Guide informs Logan they must hurry. The demonic powers of the Renegade challenge the natural order. As the rest of the hunters are slaughtered, the Guide calls out that the Renegade has dared to violate the Alshra.

Just then, the ground beneath them goes at a 90 degree angle and the duo fall to the ground. When they finally land, the Guide informs Logan that chaos reigns. The upheaval is but the first. The tremors will grow and spread if they do not stop the Renegade. Bestial, Logan begins to growl like a wild animal. Concerned for his friend, the Guide calls out Logan’s name but the Renegade tells him it is too late. He has freed his animal nature from the restrictions of civilized discipline, he is his.

With his head aflame, the Renegade tells his brother that so too is the power of the Alshra. Observe, the energy he reveres and worships is his plaything. Join him and together they will rule creation. The Guide tells him that he must cease this madness, he will not join him. The Renegade tells him to die and unleashes a blast that the Guide is able to deflect with a shield he is able to create using his magical power. Enraged, a bestial Logan leaps towards the Renegade. The Renegade laughs and says he reacts to his violent gesture. Such a wild spirit. He will enjoy devouring his soul but later. With that, the Renegade blasts Logan into the ground.

Turning his attention back to the Guide, he continues to blast away at him. He tells him to come, resistance is futile. He desires his death, but his beliefs demand he restrain him without harm. The Guide replies that he will not submit. The Earth-Mother will not suffer on his account. Fighting back, the Guide tells the Renegade that he cannot be allowed to win. The Renegade exclaims that he cannot lose, he is power. The Guide tells him that the group mind will support him. The Renegade informs him that it is not enough and continues his assault. Connecting with some blasts, the Renegade tells him that his powers mean nothing to him. Now he dies!

Emerging from the ice, Logan tells the Renegade not if he has anything to do with it. The Renegade remarks that he seems anxious to die. Blasting him, he informs him that he is not ready to give him his full attention. As the Renegade divides his attention between both the Guide and Logan, the Guide tells Logan that the Renegade has released his mind to battle with him. He cannot fight them both. The Renegade says that is a mere oversight. Logan tries to push forward, tries to fight, but he feels the Renegade’s mind touch his. Vile thoughts worm into his brain and feed the darkness he tries to suppress. The Renegade points out to his brother, the Guide, that Logan cannot deny the seduction of bloodlust. The Guide implores Logan to fight it. Logan, however, begins to weaken and lose control.

When the Renegade informs his brother that his willpower crumbles, his mind is his, he has won. The Guide exclaims never and unleashes his power. With the Renegade shaken, Logan takes advantage while he’s still dazed. Slashing away at the Renegade, Logan notices that he’s hurtin’ him but he’s got to hit somethin’ vital before he fights back. Before he can, the Renegade is able to knock Logan backwards and disappears.

Picking himself up out of the snow, Logan realizes he was too slow. He gave him time to come back at them and get away. Looking off in the distance and seeing a trail of blood in the snow, he notices that the Renegade is hurt, leavin’ him a trail he could follow blindfolded. But before he can start after him, he sees the Guide lying in the snow. It looks bad. Making his way over to him, Logan tells the Guide that they’ve changed places but he doesn’t have the power to help him. The Guide informs him that he is beyond help. His mortal frame was too frail to bear the full power of the group mind. He then tells Logan that he must wait for the other Neuri to arrive before he pursues the Renegade. He is too strong for him to fight alone. His life experience has been enriched in knowing him. Goodbye friend Logan.

As the Guide dies, his body goes limp. A faint ripple of warmth pulses outward. His spirit passin’ on? He hopes so. Once his body crumble to dust, Logan feels empty. He’s seen a lot of dyin’, lived with it, was ready to accept it, figured he knew what it was all about. Now he ain’t so sure. The wind scatters his ashes and it’s like he never was. ‘Cept he’ll remember him as long as he lives. Which may not be too much longer. The Guide was right; he’s no match for the Renegade. But he has more chance while he’s hurt and weak. There may be no stoppin’ him if he has time to recover. The trail’s in a dead straight line. He knows where he’s goin’. Logan knows he’s gotta move. The Renegade could be headin’ for new victims. No! He’s gone to ground. That’s good, it’s just me and him.

Entering the cave, Logan pops his claws. The Renegade knows he’s there. He can feel the tendrils of his mind workin’ into his brain. His berserker rage has saved him in the past but the Renegade is usin’ it to control him. He has to center himself, stay calm, disciplined. ‘Cause he’s workin’ blind, it’s pitch black dark and the static’s still screwin’ up his senses.

As he steps on bones, human bones, Logan ignores ‘em and stays centered. Mental worms are eatin’ into his brain. There’s light from above, water drippin’. He ignores, concentrates. There are scents – human blood, rock slime, and very faint bear spoor at least three years old. KILL. Logan tells himself to stay steady and not to lose it now. Behind him! KILL. Turning around with a lurch, Logan is surprised when he comes face to face with Saskia. Crying, Saskia begs Logan to take her away. They’re going to sacrifice her, she’s so scared. KILL. Logan feels the creature stalkin’ him. KILL. He tells Saskia to keep back against the rock. He has to concentrate, can’t let Saskia distract him. Saskia begs him to take her away but Logan tells her to stay back. KILL. He has to filter the sounds. Damn static fizzin’ in his head. He sifts scents; there’s gotta be a trace. KILL. Hearing the water dripping louder and louder, Logan knows it’s getting’ closer but there’s no scent. KILL. KILL.

Turning around, Logan jams his claws into Sasika’s chest.

Watching Saskia transform into the Renegade, Logan recognizes that the girl had no scent. He ignored it earlier, figurin’ the static was cloudin’ his senses. But when he could smell the three year old bear spoor, he knew she had to be the creature. The Saskia form was just to bait victims. He was careless, he thought he’d killed it, needs convincin’. As Logan begins to battle the Renegade he sees that it’s gettin’ bigger, metamorphosin’. Continuing to slash away at the Renegade, Logan notices that the static’s stopped. His mind’s clear, he can think.

So it is dead, or as good as, and it’s tryin’ to take him with it. No chance. It’s lost all physical coherence. All the power it absorbed, swellin’ it, ready to explode. Logan knows he could run for cover but he remembers the victims. Two infants, innocent eyes filled with terror. He remembers the slaughter, the pleasure he shared through the Renegade’s senses. It’s his memory now, his shame. He feels the agony in the creature’s psychic scream and he laughs. Energy churnin’ out of control, he has to get out before it blows. Unfortunately for Logan he is unable to get out before the Renegade explodes and causes the cave to collapse on top of him, burying him.

Sometime later, Logan emerges from the rubble. Once he reaches air, he recognizes it was a hard dig. He didn’t think he was gonna make it. He could use a beer or ten. He was lucky. He hung in there too long; just to inflict pain on the sucker. He coulda been crushed or buried alive but it was worth it. Just then, the Neuri appear behind him and call out his name. Logan is surprised. Even with his head clear, they snuck up on him like ghosts. The Neuri inform him that his intervention averted tragedy. They thank him and tell him they have healed the disharmony in the Alshra. All is as it was, they must now return to their homeland. Logan tells them that’s suicide. Stay there in Canada, it’s a big country. The Neuri tell him no. The Earth is grown small and the blight of mankind consumes it. Confrontation with humans would be inevitable. As they leave, they tell Logan that destiny cannot be denied.

Watching them leave, Logan wants to argue, to say that they can’t just give up. They’ve achieved so much – so much knowledge, so much power. Maybe acceptin’ destiny takes more strength than he has. The Neuri said he could be like them but for his adamantium bones and claws. Temptin’ idea – the beauty of the Alshra and a mind that could soar among the stars. But he ain’t too sure. He’s a fightin’ man and the way he sees it this is worth fightin’ for. Anyway, it could get really dull floatin’ around the cosmos without a beer.

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Various Neuri – some pure and good, led by the Guide and others demented and evil, led by the Renegade

Moose, Axel Dubois, and other unnamed inhabitants of Dawson City and patrons of the Yukon Mudslide bar

Story Notes: 

Mariko Yashida died back in Wolverine (2nd series) #57.

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