Wolverine / Gambit : Victims #2

Issue Date: 
October 1996
Story Title: 
Victims Part 2: In Deep

Jeph Loeb (writer), Tim Sale (pencils), Gregory Wright (colors), Digital Chameleon (separations), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine and Gambit are surrounded by the C.I.D. and other London police officers. Gaining some unexpected help in the form of Martinique Jason, an apparent agent working for Interpol and Nick Fury. As the three use Martinique’s car hoping to escape the officers, Logan realizes there’s only one way out. He drives the car off a bridge! The officers all believe that nobody could survive such a fall, but Inspector Andrews thinks otherwise. He orders everyone to dredge the river, refusing to leave before he has found the car, the bodies, or both. Gambit and Wolverine emerge in some alley, but only to find Martinique… dead? With Logan holding his claws out, Gambit immediately suspects his teammate. Logan defends he didn’t kill Martinique, or any of the other women. Logan also believes somebody is messing with his senses. Gambit suggests they investigate, and blows a hole in the wall behind them, so they can walk through it. They fall into a sewer, where after beating a rough current, the two X-Men emerge back at the same spot they started from? And, Martinique’s body is gone?! Logan has had enough of this game. Meanwhile, somewhere else, a mysterious foe tells Martinique to join him and watch the show, and also says her daddy would have been proud of her right now. Martinique thanks her companion, Arcade, for the compliment, admitting he’s right about what he said about her father. Somebody had to carry on the twisted tradition of Mastermind!

Full Summary: 

London, where it has started to rain…

Police officers have both Wolverine and Gambit at their gunpoint. Gambit, holding charged up cards ready, tells Logan he’ll take the cops on the left, leaving the rest for Logan. That’s fine by him, Gambit replies.

Suddenly, they hear a car approaching. None of the officers know who the driver is. A brown-haired woman wearing black leather and holding a gun in hand tells the two X-Men that help has arrived. The woman drives between the two fighting parties, not giving the officers a clear shot at her. Gambit asks Wolverine if this is a friend of his, but he denies that, joking that he would remember her. The woman thinks she better puts it in another way, and orders the two mutants to GET IN THE BLOODY CAR!

The woman opens fire on the officers so Gambit and Wolverine can jump in her car. Gambit smirks that she sure knows how to use a gun, and Logan admits that she’s a piece of work. The woman jokes that she wishes the boys could move as fast as they blab. As the officers defend themselves and return fire, Logan gets in the car, but still isn’t sure about this. But, they need an out, and the woman is their ticket. As the woman gets in as well, the car suddenly becomes crowded. Logan jokes that she could have brought a bigger car. Gambit smiles that this looks cozy to him.

The woman claims that Gambit is every bit as charming as Fury said he’d be. Starting the car up, Logan tells the woman she’s got a lot of explaining to do if she works with Fury. The woman introduces herself as Martinique Jason and says she works for Interpol. Logan’s friend, Nick Fury, wanted her to pluck the two X-Men out of the C.I.D. mess and give the two a chance to breathe. Logan wonders how Fury could possibly know about this.

Suddenly, the back window of the car gets smashed in. Gambit realizes it’s more C.I.D. attacking, and tells Logan that those officers are very good. He almost regrets what he is about to do to them.

He puts his head out of the window, charges up some playing cards and throws them at the police cars following them. As the explosion causes the pursuing cars to flip over, Logan, sitting behind the wheel, wonders if this plan is to keep joy riding all night. Martinique, with a serious look in her eyes, orders Logan to turn right now. Logan quickly does, and they emerge into the heart of Piccadilly Square. Unfortunately, the C.I.D. are still on their trail. Gambit mocks that if it’s all the same to his two companions, he’ll get off on the next corner.

Logan threatens that the Cajun isn’t going anywhere. He tells Martinique to take over the wheel, as there comes a time when you’ve got to take the bull by the tail and face the situation! Wolverine pulls his head out of the window as well, snikts out his claws and shreds through one of the police cars. He realizes that won’t hold the cops for long, but at least it will buy them some time. The officers lose control over their car and slam into a bus. The other cops stop as well to help their comrades.

As they continue their drive over a bridge, Martinique reminds the boys that she doesn’t need to tell the boys they’re in pretty deep. It’s bad enough half the world is terrified of the Legacy Virus and Muir Island being quarantined. Now, Scotland Yard thinks it has a mutant serial killer loose. Martinique notices a lot of police cars up ahead, forming a roadblock! As she steps on the breaks, Gambit remarks that it looks like London has half of their force on them!

Logan also spots more C.I.D. coming in their back door. Wolverine tells Martinique to hold on to something. Gambit warns Logan not to do this, fearing they won’t make it. Logan smirks that, in that case, he hopes that the Cajun wasn’t planning on living forever. Logan takes back control over the wheel, and drives the car off the bridge, diving it into the river below!

The astonished officers step out of their cars, believing that nobody can survive a fall like that. Inspector Andrews doesn’t entirely agree. He thinks that, maybe, that is what the mutants want them to think. He wants every available boat from Harbor Patrol down there now. They’re going to dredge that river, until they find that car, or the bodies. Preferably both. Andrew sighs deeply, knowing that a very long night just got a world longer.

Later, at an unknown location…

Gambit calls out to Logan, who lights up a match. Remy asks him if he knows where they are but Logan replies that he doesn’t. Remy charges up a card, so they can get more light and hopefully they can find out where they are. As Gambit looks down, he finds Martinique… dead?! And Logan has his claws out!

Gambit angrily pushes Logan against a wall, demanding to know why he did it. He wonders if Logan is that much of an animal that there is nothing left of the man. Logan points one of his claws into the Cajun’s face, warning him not to push his luck. Logan checks Martinique’s body out, admitting he doesn’t know about the others. But this woman seems to be dead. Gambit asks Logan what he means by “seems.” Logan believes that something… or someone… is messing with his senses.

Remy asks Wolverine if he can trust his senses. Logan thinks he has to. Gambit charges up another playcard, admitting that all he knows is they’re not going to be sure of anything if they sit tight and wait. He throws the card at the wall behind them, and blows a hole in it! Remy asks Logan if he wants to go first. Logan can hear water twenty, thirty feet down. It smells like a sewer line. Remy says that Logan is sure about that, to which Logan asks Remy if he’s asking him that question, or just telling. Gambit jokes he’ll go first, and they both jump through the hole, into the unknowing.

They really fall into a sewer flow, and land in a fast current. Wolverine quickly gets up and, after coughing and catching his breath, he calls out to Gambit, asking if he’s okay. However, as he finds the Cajun, he’s unconscious and Logan panics a bit. Logan grabs Gambit’s coat, saying that this isn’t going to end in a sewer under London. He’s going to bring Remy out, if for no other reason than to prove he didn’t kill those women. Every muscle, every tendon stretches beyond its limit as Wolverine fights the raging current, gripping to what is tantamount to Gambit’s dead weight.

Logan pulls them up to a catwalk, and Gambit wakes up, having caught his breath. Logan jokes that at least one problem is solved now: the Cajun won’t be needing mouth-to-mouth. The two X-Men walk down the catwalk, and Gambit asks Logan if he knows where they’re heading. Logan jokes they’re just heading into some direction and, if Gambit needs more than that, he’s welcome to take the lead.

The two suddenly stop walking, as they both recognize the place they’re at now: they’re back from where they started! This doesn’t make a lick of sense! They also find a spot of blood, but the body of Martinique is… gone?! Logan believes if the body was ever really there. He thinks somebody has been running them around like rats in a maze.

A voice believes the boys are referring to her. It’s Martinique! Gambit is stunned. Martinique, holding a gun ready, admits that she doesn’t work for Interpol, but knows all about Wolverine’s victims, and she’s just out for a little justice. Wolverine angrily growls at Martinique, and uses her claws to slice right through her neck! Gambit tries to stop him, but is too late. As “Martinique” falls down, Remy notices all the robotic parts hanging out of her “body”. Remy wonders how long Logan knew this about her, but he doesn’t think it matters.

Elsewhere, at a mysterious headquarters…

The mysterious foe has observed everything on his monitors, including the second “death” of Martinique. He laughs that this is truly rich. He hears Wolverine telling Gambit that they’ve played this game long enough. The foe disagrees with that statement. He tells the real Martinique, who’s standing behind him, that she really has to come and enjoy the show! Wolverine has gone and killed her again. The foe has to say that Martinique’s daddy would have been proud of her right now.

Martinique steps out of the shadows, and walks over to… Arcade?! She agrees with what the villain just said about her daddy, as that’s why she took his name. Somebody had to carry on the twisted tradition of… Mastermind!

Characters Involved: 

Gambit, Wolverine (both X-Men)


Mastermind II (Martinique Jason)

Inspector Andrews and several other London police officers (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

First appearance of Martinique Jason. Her father really is Jason Wyngarde, aka Mastermind I, a former member of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Hellfire Club. Before this issue was released, Wyngarde was already killed by the Legacy Virus in Uncanny X-Men Annual #17.

This issue reveals that the mysterious, laughing foe from last issue actually was Arcade.

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