Wolverine: Origins #27

Issue Date: 
September 2008
Story Title: 
Son of X – Conclusion (Part 2)

Daniel Way (writer), Stephen Segovia (artist), Matt Milla (colorist), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer), Irene Lee (production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), John Barber (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Greg Land with Jay Leisten and Justin Ponsor (cover art)

Brief Description: 

Many years ago, the man known as Romulus took Daken under his wing and trained him. He even took him to the same facility that Logan was trained at. After almost a year, Romulus ordered Daken to destroy the facility. As he did so, he killed Frederick Hudson and all of the staff. Before Daken killed Silas Burr, however, Romulus stoped him. He had plans for him that included adamantium. Years later, after Daken killed soldiers in Afghanistan, Romulus lied to him and told him that his father, Logan, killed his mother while he was still in her belly. Now, in the present, in the caves of northern California, Logan is held prisoner by inmates he helped conduct sadistic experiments on many years ago. Eventually, however, Logan frees himself and kills the two inmates near him. When he makes it to where the other inmates are, he sees that Daken has killed them all. Upon seeing him, Daken asks him who he is… for he can’t remember anything.

Full Summary: 

As inmate #6 attempts to bandage up the leg that was severed by Logan’s claws, inmate #1 tells the captive Logan that they were men once, men with wives and children. He asks Logan if he was ever a man. Logan remembers back to his time with Itsu and says yes, once. But (with her death) it was all taken from him. #1 states just as it was from them by him. When they awoke, when they found that the tortures his people had subjected them to had put them beyond the touch of death, they went looking for their families. But they were nowhere to be found. He then grabs Logan by the neck and asks him if he knows where their families are. When Logan doesn’t answer, He tells Logan that they know where his family is.

Just then, five other inmates arrive, carrying the unconscious Daken. #1 then tells Logan not to say he is not his son, he heard him speaking to him. Dropping his eyes, inmate #1 tells Logan that he had a son. He asks Logan if he has brought his son to him to replace his own, is that why he has returned? Spitting in Logan’s face #1 asks Logan who would want a son of his.

In Japan – 1955:

The mysterious figure informs the frightened Daken that his name is Romulus. It is the name by which he is known to men. He tells Daken that his is not a man, nor will he ever be. Daken asks then what is he. Romulus replies that to this world, he is nothing. But to him, he is everything, he is his revenge. Romulus then tells Daken that in order to fulfill his destiny, he must first be trained. It may take many, many years but he will be with him always in the shadows.

Western Canada – 1959:

Watching Daken exit the car and walk up to the complex, Silas Burr tells Hudson that this better be worth his while ‘cause he was havin’ a real high time over there in Indochina. Hudson informs him that it is always worthy his while to heed his call. But something tells him it isn’t really the money that he’s interested in. Burr asks if he’s sayin’ he’s bein’ disingenuous. Hudson tells him no, he’s saying that he enjoys hurting people. And he’s saying that the fact that he pays him to do just that is merely the icing on the cake.

Later that day, Silas walks down the line of the new recruits. When he gets to one of the recruits, he punches the man across the face, almost knocking his head off, and killing him instantly. All of the other recruits are shocked with the exception of Daken, who stays completely still. Silas then asks the recruits if anybody cares to guess why he did that. When he asks Daken, the response is no and that he doesn’t care. Silas tells him good answer and asks him what his name is.

Inside his office, Hudson’s secretary walks in unannounced and calls him by his first name, Frederick. When Hudson replies “I beg your pardon,” the secretary apologizes to Mr. Hudson and says that after that night, she thought they… Hudson informs her, Ms. MacDonald, “that night” was meaningless to him as it should be for her. He then asks her if she finished writing the letter to his wife. Ms. MacDonald stammers y-yes… Hudson cuts her off and tells her very good. He then asks her if there was something he needed to ask him. At first Ms. MacDonald tells him no but then she says that there is. She needs to go to Vancouver to see a doctor. Hudson points to the keys hanging over on the wall and tells her that he can spare a truck but not a driver. He trusts she’ll be able to make the journey herself. Grabbing the keys, Ms. MacDonald leaves the office sobbing and calling Hudson a bastard.

Nine months later, Silas Burr tells the recruits that women are a lot more resistant to torture than men are, it actually toughens ‘em up in most cases. So beatin’ on ‘em is counter-productive. Fun, but counter-productive. He then notices that Daken is missing and asks where he has gone to. One of the recruits informs him that he disappeared last night. Burr asks the recruit so he’s a magician now and why didn’t he have that Intel. He then tells the recruit to form two squads. The squad that finds their little deserter gets liberties, the squad that doesn’t answers to him. In the woods, Romulus informs Daken that the facility and the men who run it have outlived their usefulness to him. He orders Daken to burn it from the face of the earth and to leave no man alive. With a wild look in his eyes, Daken tells him as he commands master.

Walking into Hudson’s office, Silas Burr tells Hudson that they have a problem. When Hudson asks how big of a problem, Burr tells him a little under six feet maybe. Looking out his window, Hudson sees Daken killing the other recruits and burning the facility to the ground. Hudson then tells Silas that he would like him to take care of this, his salary has just been tripled. Silas tells him nah, it’s like he said, he ain’t in it for the money. Pulling a pistol out of his drawer, Hudson calls Silas a traitorous son of a…

Turning his back on him, Silas tells Hudson that he’s gonna miss. Raising his pistol, Hudson tells him no he… Silas tells him yeah he will, he’s behind him. With that, Daken slashes Hudson across the face, killing him. When he does so, Silas begins to laugh. Stopping for a second he states that he doesn’t know why he’s laughing. Daken states that he does, it’s because he’s having the time of his life.

As the two of them begin to battle, Daken remembers Romulus asking him if he has ever noticed that he has the ability to alter people’s moods, to make them feel as he feels. Daken says no, but he heard his mother say something about it once. Romulus told him just as his body must be trained, so too, must his mind. Eventually, he will be able to make others feel as he wants them to, rather than only, how he, himself feels. He will be able to cast fear into his enemies and he will be able to mask his true intentions by lulling his enemies into a false sense of security. They are wolves, but he shall wear sheep’s clothing.

During the battle, Silas is able to get in a bunch of good shots but eventually, Daken is able to get behind him and shoot him in the back with Hudson’s pistol. When Silas is on the ground, Daken puts his boot on Silas’ face and points the gun at his head. Romulus then appears and informs Daken to wait, he has plans for this one. Defiantly, Silas tells him that his plan better include killin’ him. Romulus tells him that it’s just the opposite in fact. At least, in theory. He then asks him if he has ever heard of a metal called “adamantium.”

Present time:

Secured to the wall, Logan thinks to himself that he’s spent a couple o’ lifetimes trainin’ to get outta scrapes just like this. He could be free in less than a second an’ his adamantium claws would take care o’ the rest. Looking over at #6, Logan notices that his leg is healin’ at an accelerated rate but it ain’t regeneratin’, it’s just healin’ over. Tellin’ him that all he has to do is take a bit off the top an’ they are done. But he can’t bring himself to do it. For what he’s done to them and their families, he deserves every bit o’ what they got to throw at him. An’ Daken, it ain’t like he’s innocent either.

Herat, Afghanistan – 1977:

Inside a building, Daken has slaughtered a number of Afghan soldiers. Once he is finished, he leaves a note with a knife on the table. Romulus then tells him that he has done well, even his father would be impressed. When Daken hears that, he gets extremely angry. Romulus tells him that his father lives. Daken says that he assumed he was dead. Romulus replies and he, you. He then tells Daken that he killed his mother with him in her belly. Does he want to know why? Because he was afraid of what he would become. He was afraid of him. He adds that the world is theirs but it is sullied. It must be washed clean with blood and no one is innocent.

Present time:

Logan says no, they ain’t so what’s one more tear in the ocean. With that, he breaks free of his restraints and chops the head off of #6. When #1 sees what he has done, Logan grabs him from behind and tells him to go to his family now and leave vengeance behind. In short time, #1 is dead as well.

Putting his mask on, Logan runs down the hallway looking for the other inmates. He wonders where they are and notices that he can’t smell anything but the blood. When he gets to them, he finds them all dead by Daken’s hand. Daken informs him that they were going to… Daken then proceeds to ask who he (Logan) is and who he (Daken) is. Preparing himself for battle, Logan sees that Daken is awake but he doesn’t remember anything.

Characters Involved: 



Various experiments (unnamed but they have the numbers 1, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 18 etched into their foreheads)

In Logan’s memories:


Bando Suboro


In flashback sequences detailing Daken’s life:



Frederick Hudson

Silas Burr

Ms. MacDonald (Frederick’s Hudson)

Various recruits in a military training camp (all unnamed)

Various soldiers in Herat, Afghanistan in 1977 (all unnamed)

Story Notes: 

This issue reveals the fact that James MacDonald Hudson (Guardian) was the product of a one-night stand between Frederick Hudson and his secretary, Ms. MacDonald. The only other time that James parents were shown were in flashback sequences in X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #45. In that issue, it was revealed that he was named after his grandfather on his mother’s side. With this revelation, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense. His mother’s name was MacDonald, not Hudson.

This issue also reveals that it was Romulus who was behind Silas Burr gaining his adamantium shell, thus creating the future Wolverine villain Cyber.

As revealed in Wolverine Origins #14-15, Silas Burr was first brought to the employ of the man named Hudson by Sabretooth. It was then when he trained Logan (right around 1912).

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