Wolverine: Origins #42

Issue Date: 
January 2010
Story Title: 
7 the Hard Way: Part Two

Daniel Way (writer), Doug Braithwaite (pencils), Bill Reinhold (inks and washes), Andy Troy (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters & production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Doug Braithwaite (cover art)

Brief Description: 

After convincing Bruce Banner and his son Skaar to join him in his quest, Logan heads back to Utopia. There, he asks Cloak for a favor. At first, Cloak is against the thought of helping but is soon convinced. Meanwhile in Japan, the Silver Samurai presides over Clan Yashida. Other members of the Clan want to join with the Hand but Samurai is against the idea. At that moment, a number of ninjas arrive. As they do, so does Logan who was transported there by Cloak. After engaging the ninjas in battle and beating them soundly, the alliance with the Hand is taken off the table so the Samurai can help his members. When the businessmen who wanted the alliance leave, they are executed because of the alliance dissolving by Romulus’ men. Over at Clan Yashida, Logan and the Silver Samurai do battle. Eventually, Cloak brings Logan the Muramasa blade. Upon seeing the sword, Samurai ceases to battle Logan, who then asks the Silver Samurai to teach him how to use the weapon.

Full Summary: 

So I got this plan. It ain’t mine but that’s the point. Anything I’d come up with, Romulus would figure out an’ use against me. Or worse, for him. All my life, I thought I walked my own path. I was wrong. I’ve been walkin’ his path – Romulus’s. An’ I don’t know no other way. That’s why I went elsewhere to find out what to do. If it works, I’ll catch Romulus off guard an’ kill the son of a bitch. But for it to work, I need to convince some people to… help me. Some of ‘em are gonna be harder’n others. Some are gonna be impossible.

Standing in the woods, Bruce Banner tells Logan that his son has problems. Logan replies that he thinks his son has problems, don’t even get him started. Bruce states that his son’s problems could potentially destroy the planet. After a brief moment of silence, Logan says well, he got him there. Bruce states that the Hulk was a part of him, a part he’s now left behind. But his son, Skaar, he doesn’t have that option. Unlike him, the power of the Hulk wasn’t grafted on, it’s integral. He wasn’t “made” like him, he was…

Logan finishes his thought – “born into it, without a choice.” Bruce says yeah, and now he’s on the verge of making the same mistakes he made, becoming the monster that he was. But he believes Skaar can rise above all of that. Provided he learns early on all that power can be used for something other than just smashing things. It can be used for good. Logan replies sure it can. Long as the target’s big enough an’ bad enough to justify usin’ all that power. Bruce asks that his, Logan’s, target fits that description. Logan answers if ever there walked or crawled a creature on this earth that deserved to feel that kinda pain, it’s his #$%*&# target.

Holding out his hand, Logan asks Bruce if they have a deal. Bruce tells him no. Not yet they don’t. If he finds out that he’s playing him, playing them. As Skaar lands behind them with a loud crash, Logan replies that he gets the picture. Bruce tells him then yes, they have a deal. What does he need them to do? Logan then thinks to himself two down, the rest to go.

The next day on Utopia, home of the X-Men, Logan walks into a briefing room where Cyclops, Emma Frost, Angel, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Cloak are gathered. Upon entering the room, Cyclops asks Logan where he’s been. Taking a seat, Logan asks Scott when he’s gonna learn not to ask him that. Perturbed, Cyclops stands up, puts his fist on the table and states they’re done there.

As the X-Men file out of the room, Logan calls out to Cloak and tells him that he needs to ask him a favor. Cloak tells him not to bother, the answer is no. What he, Logan, does in his spare time is none of his business. He wants to keep it that way. Just know that he doesn’t approve of it. Logan asks that he doesn’t approve, or…? He then informs Cloak that this ain’t got nothing to do with X-Force. When Cloak tells him that doesn’t matter, Logan states that he thinks it does, especially if Dagger were to ask him about it; which she never will, because she’ll never know. Cloak replies that he doesn’t like keeping secrets. Logan informs him that he ain’t askin’ him to keep a secret. All he’s askin’ for is…

In Yokohama, Japan, the Silver Samurai sits on a rug in a temple before 13 Japanese businessmen. One of the businessmen calls the council of the Clan Yashida to order and states that they shall now speak of new business. Samurai exclaims no, they shall not. They have unfinished business to discuss first. The businessman informs Harada that a council majority has been reached. The alliance with Tsurayaba will be honored. Samurai replies that an alliance with the Hand brings no honor. The businessman says that it does bring profit however. Samurai exclaims that the Clan Yashida is not a business. The businessman says to Harada perhaps not to him, but to them, it is very much a business – a business in need of new management. On this point, the council majority agrees strongly.

Just then, a number of ninjas enter the temple. The businessman tells Harada that unless he can give them a very good reason…

From behind, Logan pops his claws and asks how ‘bout he gives them six of ‘em? Wiping his mouth, Logan laments the fact that he puked on himself. So much for makin’ a badass entrance. Preparing to leave, Cloak tells him that he warned him. Logan thinks to himself for Cloak to keep smilin’, he’d be smilin’ too if he was leavin’.

As Samurai sits motionless on the rug and Logan begins to battle the ninjas, the Japanese businessmen ask him that he will not fight? Where is his honor? Samurai informs them that the council does not need his honor; perhaps they can use their profits against him. Continuing to fight against the ninjas, Logan thinks to himself that he’s heard lots o’ folks say otherwise but killin’ a man ain’t all that hard. An’ killin’ a man that’s lookin’ to do the same to you? Hell, that’s easy. What’s hard is lettin’ that man live. When one of the businessmen unloads his semi-automatic into Logan’s back, Logan believes that they haven’t figured out his strategy yet, but hopefully the Silver Samurai has. Hopefully.

As Logan begins to approach the ninjas, one of them calls out that they’re trapped. Logan is between them and the only exit. How do they…? Approaching Harada, the businessman informs him that the alliance is negated. Logan thinks to himself you’re welcome. The businessman then asks Harada if he will help them. Standing up, Samurai tells him no, but he will help them. He then tells the warriors of the Clan Yashida that they may leave with honor; the gaijin is his.

Coming face to face, Samurai tells Wolverine that he was foolish to come there so unprepared. Logan says that he came there to ask him a favor. Samurai asks that he wants him to do him a favor, to give him a hand, so to speak? Remembering back when he sliced Samurai’s hand off, Logan asks that he doesn’t suppose apologizin’ helps. Pulling his sword out if its sheath, Samurai angrily asks him what he thinks.

As Logan and the Silver Samurai begin to battle, Logan thinks to himself that the fact is, he does feel bad about what he did. But it ain’t like he left him any choice, kinda like right now. Punching Samurai across the face, Logan tells him dammit, he just wants to talk to him. After kicking Logan in the gut and then across the face, Samurai tells him go ahead, talk, don’t let him stop him. With that, he points his sword at Logan’s face.

Out on the street, the car filled with businessmen is stopped by local law enforcement. Rolling down the window, one of the businessmen asks what the meaning of this is, do they not know who he… The officers inform him that they know who he is and they know what he has done. Concerned, the businessman asks what they are… The officer informs him that much planning was involving in securing an alliance between the Clan Yashida and the Hand. He is not pleased that he has allowed these plans to fall into ruin.

Scared, the businessman asks who he is talking about. As the officers open fire into the car, killing all inside, the officer calls his master and informs him that it is done. In his castle home, his master, Romulus, tells the officer that for that he will be rewarded. Hanging up the phone, Romulus looks out the window and states that if his, Wolverine’s, goal is to destroy his empire, he’s going to have to do a lot better than just pecking away at the edges. Still, he wonders what he is doing and why he is taking so long.

Dodging the Silver Samurai’s sword strikes, Logan asks him if would *@#$&% hurry up. Samurai apologizes for delaying him. Does he have other plans for the evening? Logan replies yeah. Actually, he’s got a friend comin’ over. At that moment, Cloak suddenly appears behind Samurai. Raising his sword, Samurai tells him stand aside demon. Cloak asks “or what?” When Samurai goes to jam his sword through Cloak, Cloak disappears at the last moment. Holding the Muramasa blade, Logan tells Samurai that ain’t no way to treat a guest, ‘specially one bearin’ gifts. Logan adds that Samurai knows better’n anybody what this is an’ what it can do. He then asks him if he’s ready to hear that favor now. Good. He wants him to show him how to use this thing.

Characters Involved: 

Angel, Cloak, Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Nightcrawler and Wolverine (all X-Men)

Bruce Banner



Victor Hudson

Silver Samurai

Various unnamed members of Clan Yashida

Various unnamed ninjas

Various unnamed Japanese police-officers

Story Notes: 

Wolverine chopped the Silver Samurai’s hand off back in Wolverine (3rd series) #37.

The tip of the Muramasa blade was broken off back in Wolverine Origins #35.

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