Wolverine: Origins #47

Issue Date: 
June 2010
Story Title: 
Reckoning: Part Two

Daniel Way (writer), Will Conrad (art), Andy Troy and Rob Schwager (colors), VC’s Cory Petit (letters & production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Simone Bianchi and Simone Peruzzi (cover art)

Brief Description: 

In Ankara, Romulus comes out of hiding to check on Daken, who was taken away in an ambulance after being stabbed in the chest by Wolverine. He is then confronted by Skaar, who hesitates for a slight moment. Six days ago, Romulus visited Skaar in Iceland and tried to convince him to come to his side. There on the streets of Turkey, Skaar tells Romulus that he is not some weak-minded individual. Before he can attack Romulus, however, the Kurds arrive and blast a missile in between them. Skaar goes to confront the Kurds and is stopped short of killing them by Cloak. On the streets, Wolverine has the opportunity to confront Skaar or save civilians. He chooses to save the civilians. Daken then shows up behind Romulus and informs him that he wasn’t stabbed by the Muramasa blade and that Wolverine is playing all of them. He adds that if Romulus is exposed, there will be nothing to be scared about. Romulus adds that means there will be nothing for him to inherit, to which Daken says that is why he is joining him. With that, they turn around together to face off against Wolverine and Skaar.

Full Summary: 

In Ankara, Wolverine stands over the fallen body of Daken with the Muramasa blade jammed into his chest. One of the on-lookers calls Romulus and tells him h-he killed him. Romulus asks him who killed whom? Be clear. The man answers the… the one with the sword… he just stabbed the one with the Mohawk in the middle of the café.

Romulus tells the man to describe the sword. The man says it’s a… y’know, a samurai sword but shorter. Watching the happenings on a video screen, Romulus quietly remarks that this wasn’t part of Wolverine’s plan. The man then tells Romulus that when he agreed to keep an eye on the Mohawk guy, he didn’t expect…

Just then, Romulus mentions that he hears sirens. The man confirms that they’re there. Anyway, like he was saying… Romulus cuts the man off and asks if Wolverine is gone. When the man asks “who,” Romulus tells him the man who stabbed the other man. The man looks over and says yes, he is gone. Romulus then tells the man that they’re going to load the body into an ambulance. He wants him to follow it. The man says no way man, he’s done. Romulus tells him he’s done when he says he’s done.

In his car, looking at a picture of his wife and kids, the man follows the ambulance and when he sees it turning off and heading to Gazi instead of Haceteppe, informs Romulus of such. Romulus tells him he’s done well. The man asks s-so that’s it, he’s done? Romulus tells him yes just before a van slams into him, causing a giant explosion.

In the ambulance, the medic in the passenger seat tells the driver to turn around. When the driver asks what about the man in the back, the medic tells him that he’s beyond their help, they must go back. Perched atop a nearby building, Logan, in his blue and yellow costume, asks everybody if they’re ready. As soon as Romulus is out in the open, they go. Just then, as Romulus makes his way towards the ambulance where Daken is being held, Skaar explodes from within the ambulance. Taking a step backwards, Romulus utters “Skaar…” Skaar asks him why he looks so surprised.

Six days ago, in Iceland, Skaar was cooking his meal over a fire out in the woods. As he did, he asks the man behind him if he is going to speak or just stand there in the shadows. Emerging from the shadows, Romulus asks Skaar if he knows who he is. Skaar tells him yes and asks Romulus if he knows who he is. Romulus tells Skaar that he does. He knows all about him. More importantly, he knows what he wants, and how to get it. Skaar tells him what he wants doesn’t exist. Romulus states that it doesn’t exist yet.

The Hulk was the result of an accident, Romulus continues. Accidents happen all the time. And he’s usually the cause. Skaar says that others have tried to recreate him and have failed. Romulus replies they didn’t know what he knows. Skaar proceeds to ask Romulus what he knows. Romulus tells him that he knows he’s working with Wolverine. His plan is inspired, he’ll give him that. It’s not what he would have done. Skaar remarks that he thinks that’s the point. Romulus says yes.

He then says to Skaar there’s a reason why he’s compelled, driven, to test himself against his father, the Hulk rather than Banner. Does he know what that is? After Skaar answers yes, Romulus tells him so does he, because he feels the same way about Wolverine. His desire to battle Wolverine to the death is unmatched, no one wants it more than him. But his approach, this scheme of his – smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand. It’s unworthy; it’s not how their kind settles things. Skaar asks “our kind?” Romulus answers predators. When the dominant male lion has grown too old or infirm to lead the pride, the other males tear him to pieces and then turn on each other. The surviving male then kills all the other male cubs, even his own. That is how it must be. That is what this world has forgotten. There must be blood. There must be brutality. And at the battle’s end, there must be only one left standing. He tells Skaar “help me and I will help you.”

Now, in Ankara, Wolverine is watching what is going on between Skaar and Romulus from a rooftop with Cloak standing next to him. Wolverine mutters son of a… Cloak asks what he, Skaar, is waiting for. He was just supposed to grab him and… Wolverine tells Cloak to be ready to abort mission.

On the ground, Skaar tells Romulus there’s a reason why he’s driven to test himself against the Hulk, rather than Banner. Does he know what that reason is? It’s because he’s already Banner’s equal and more. Peering at Romulus, he asks him if he really thinks he could manipulate him like some weak-minded fool. After Romulus answers yes, a missile is fired at Skaar from a nearby building top.

Looking over in that direction, Wolverine recognizes the men firing the shot as Kurds. Immediately he knows Romulus is gonna turn this place into a $%?@#* horror show. He must a bribed ‘em, promised ‘em somethin’. Cloak asks why and Wolverine says for the body count an’ to pull him outta position. Romulus knows he won’t stand by an’ let civilians get hurt. Cloak states and neither will he. Wolverine tells him no. He needs him to contain Skaar.

Facing off against the Kurds, Skaar goes to destroy them but is stopped by Cloak. Skaar exclaims they thought they could… Cloak cuts him off and says they thought they could but they were wrong. He’s shown them that by knocking them all down with great ease. Just then, one of the Kurds presses a detonator and blows himself up along with the building they were on top of. Standing on the street, Wolverine sees the flames shooting from the building.

At that moment, he is approached by Romulus who tells him to make a choice. Come to him or go to them. As Wolverine runs off towards the citizens, Romulus remarks “disgusting.” Standing behind him, Daken agrees. Romulus starts to ask Daken how but realizes that it was a fake blade. Daken tells him no, the blade was real; it just wasn’t the Muramasa blade. Romulus says he should’ve seen that, it’s exactly… Daken cuts him off and says what he would’ve expected him to do. He adds that he knows he’s playing him, right? He’s playing all of them.

Rushing into the burning building, Wolverine tells the man inside that he has to get outta there, the place is gonna come down. The man tells him no. His sons are still in the… Just as soon as Wolverine ushers the man out of the building, the gas line explodes. Turning around, Wolverine sees Skaar exiting the building carrying the man’s sons. The family reunited, Wolverine asks Skaar where Cloak is at.

Daken tells Romulus this ingenious “plan” of Wolverine’s is a ploy. Romulus asks to what end. Daken asks that he really doesn’t know. He asks Romulus where all his power comes from. He’s going to expose him. He’s going to show the world the face of the monster that hides in the darkness. At first, they’ll recoil in fear because he’s exactly what they thought he’d be. And then, they’ll get over it. Because he’s exactly what they thought he’d be. Romulus says if he does that, Daken will have nothing to inherit. He’ll just be another one of them. Daken replies he knows. That’s why he’s going to help him.

With that, Daken and Romulus turn around to face off against Wolverine and Skaar.

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Various unnamed residents of Ankara

Various unnamed Kurdish military personnel

Story Notes: 

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.

This story is continued next in Dark Wolverine #86.

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