Wolverine: Origins #8

Issue Date: 
January 2007
Story Title: 
Savior - Part Three

Daniel Way (writer), Steve Dillon (artist), Dan Kemp (colorist), VC’s Randy Gentile (letterer), Michael O’Connor (assistant editor), Axel Alonso (editor), Joe Quesada (chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)

Brief Description: 

Eventually, Wolverine makes his way into the building where Jubilee was being held and where he faced Omega Red. After dispatching Red’s guards, he learns from Maverick as to what happened when he was gone. He also learns that Red knows where he can find the carbonadium synthesizer. In the meantime, Dum Dum Dugan is on the trail of Wolverine and learns that he is on his way to Berlin. In Berlin, Wolverine is able to get the information he requires from a local informant. With that information, Wolverine starts to head to where he needs to go. Not before, he thinks back to when him, Creed, and Maverick were on a mission to first steal the C-synth. He learned that Creed had his own agenda and orders, just like he did, and that Maverick was more of an innocent bystander. In the escape, Creed shoots and kills the C.I.A. informant they were supposed to rescue, just so he can keep Logan in line. When Wolverine reaches his destination in present day, he is met by Natalia Romanova - the Black Widow.

Full Summary: 

As Wolverine scales up the side of the building to get to where Omega Red, Jubilee and Maverick are located, his mind wanders to thoughts of Jubilee. She was like a daughter to him, but eventually he abandoned her. Right when she needed him most. All because that’s the kinda father he is.

Even as he inches closer and closer to his goal, a shadowy figure is crouched behind another building, watching Wolverine’s every moves. Once Wolverine gets to the open window, one of Omega Red’s guards spots him and opens up fire. Wolverine realizes that they must have been expecting him and that Red must already be up there - with her. At that moment, Wolverine swings around to the other side of the building and dives into another window, one floor beneath where he faced Omega Red.

Up on the top floor, one of Omega Red’s guards informs the other that Wolverine’s inside the building. The other guard informs him to cover both of the elevator and the stairs. One of the guards asks, if he comes up the stairs, should they leave him to... He is cut off by the other guard that informs him that the boss is busy and this is their prob... Before he can finish his sentence he cries out in pain. The reason - Wolverine has stuck his claws through his foot.

The other guard cries out that their assailant is below them and opens up fire at the floor, ignoring the pleading of the other guard. After he is finished opening fire, he believes that he think he got him. When he turns around, he discovers that he was wrong, as Wolverine is standing right behind him. At the next second, the guard is tossed out of the window. As Wolverine surveys the damage of the building, he looks outside to see a helicopter taking off.

From the corner, a severely injured Maverick informs Wolverine that Jubilee is gone and that Omega Red took her. He then apologizes to him. Wolverine asks him to provide him with the details. Maverick informs him that, once he and Omega Red got clear of the area, Red’s men opened fire into the crowd. Jubilee was smart enough to stay low, but the others... Maverick indicates that he tried his best to draw their fire. Eventually, he was able to disarm one of the men and took his weapon. He returned their fire but he couldn’t take out more of them, but... Wolverine finishes his sentence and adds that he came back - Omega Red. Maverick indicates that it exactly what happened and that he was so preoccupied with Red’s men that he didn’t realize that he had returned until it was too late and Red was able to wrap his coils around his neck.

Wolverine then asks him about the carbonadium synthesizer and if Maverick told Red where it is. Maverick smiles and informs Wolverine that he only told him what he knew - that he traded it away for safe passage to the states. Maverick laments that, ever since whatever happened to mutants happened, he’s been walking around with a target on his back and Europe is no longer safe for him. Furthermore, everything he - they - did back then, it’s all coming due. Wolverine responds that may be the case but they deserve it. Maverick replies that some do more than others. Wolverine just gives him a look and starts to get up to go.

Before he does, he asks Maverick who he gave the synthesizer to. When Maverick tells him, Wolverine is less than pleased. It isn’t good news and, with it, he realizes he’s going to have to take another boat trip. Before he leaves, Maverick informs him that, before Omega Red left, he grabbed Jubilee and told him that, if Wolverine should attempt to follow, the girl will die. Wolverine responds that she’s dead anyway and that Maverick knows that just as well as he does. Once Red gets what he wants, he will waste her.

When Maverick apologizes again, Wolverine tells him not to be and that he understands. He also thanks Chris for all he’s done for him in the past. With that, Wolverine makes his way over to the elevator shaft. As he opens it, he informs Maverick that fire trucks and ambulances are coming this way - about six block away and closing by the sound of it. He then wishes him good luck. Maverick whispers to him the same because he will need it more than he will.

Four days later in Port Elizabeth in Newark, New Jersey, Dum Dum Dugan is with other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. One of the agents informs Dugan that the guy is scared and refuses to talk, even after they have told him repeatedly that he won’t be charged with anything. Dugan asks where he is and the agent points over to the guy. Dugan asks if he is the one who looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. The agent confirms that it is. Dugan goes up to the man who is surrounded by a number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He indicates to the man that, four days ago, he was overheard in McConnell’s Irish pub saying that he was making the “easiest money” in his life. When questioned, he revealed that he’d been “paid to not sail to Europe.”

When the man indicates in a stammer that he did not say that, Dugan replies that the man was drunk so he may not remember saying it, but he did. The only question he wants answered is who paid him. He then holds up a picture of Wolverine and asks him if it was him. The man is in shock and says nothing. Dugan indicates that he will take that as a yes. The man cries out that he said nothing. Ignoring the man’s pleas, Dugan asks the other agent where the ship was heading. Barcelona is the answer. Dugan then queries as to what the containers were aboard the ship. The agent replies that they were designated for delivery via rail to either Paris, London, or Berlin.

In Berlin, a plain-clothes Wolverine is walking the streets. As he does so, he realizes that the place smells different and that things have changed since the last time. He then notices one of the men in the crowd with a headpiece in his ear walking his dog and thinks to himself that was quick. Upon seeing him, Wolverine ducks into an alley and waits for him to approach. He realizes that this guy is good - he didn’t even flinch. He’s also local, just what he’s looking for. When the man comes near, Wolverine indicates to him that it is quite cold outside today. The man indicates that it is and offers Wolverine to get some coffee so it could warm them up.

In his mind, Wolverine thinks to himself that is no good and that he’s not looking for an exchange. He then responds to the man that vodka would do the job much faster. With that, the man flinches and Wolverine realizes that Red is there in Berlin along with Jubilee. The man replies to Wolverine that it is much too early in the day for him to do that, for it would undoubtedly affect his daily work. As he walks away he adds that perhaps he could find someone else who is more willing to...

He isn’t able to finish his sentence when Wolverine puts his hand on his shoulder and informs him that they are going to get a vodka - now! In the alley, Wolverine is able to get what he needs out of the guy. When he’s done talking, he is sure to thank him with a punch to the stomach and to the chin. He doesn’t use his claws, but he doesn’t pull his punches either. If he used his claws the man would be dead. However, he needs to show that he didn’t give up anything willingly. As Wolverine stands there he thinks to himself that Berlin may have changed, but the game is still the same.

In Berlin approximately forty years ago, Logan didn’t let on about what he learned in Dallas and evidently, the scientist kept his mouth shut too. He went to his C.I.A. contacts and told them what he was supposed to tell them, that their mole inside the G.R.U., Janice Hollenbeck, was in danger of being exposed. It all went according to plan - the C.I.A. deployed Team X on the double. This was a sub-black op - a secret mission inside a secret mission. Though they didn’t know it, the C.I.A. was providing cover for whoever it was he was working for - “them.” What “they” didn’t know was that he was going in with his eyes wide open and his memories completely intact. He also knew everything about who he was going in with.

As Logan is standing there, Creed asks him if he’s still with them. Logan replies that he is and that there’s no reason to worry about him. Creed responds that it’s easy for him to say for the last thing they need is him zoning out on them at a critical moment. Logan replies that he won’t and that it was time to move. He remembers back that it took everything he had not to pop his newfound claws and gut him right and there. He also knew that Creed was just as involved with “them,” as he was but he figured the best way to get some answers was to keep his cover and wait it out, see if he could learn anything new. Like whether or not Maverick was involved too.

When Logan, Creed, and North (Maverick) reached their target, Creed orders Logan to grab the doohickey and for North to take care of the dame. Logan realized that it was a good sign - Maverick being put in charge of extracting Janice Hollenbeck, the C.I.A.’s mole. If North was just what he said he was - a freelance operator temporarily employed by the C.I.A. - it made sense that Creed would keep him away from their real objective, the carbonadium synthesizer. However, what Creed said next made no sense at all. He indicated that he was going to with Ivan a big happy birthday. At the time, Logan didn’t know what Creed was talking about until years later when he regained all of his memories and remembered all the times Creed came after him - on his birthday. To remind him of what he is and where he belongs.

Logan had his orders - find and obtain the carbonadium synthesizer. Creed had a whole other set of orders - “they” wanted Omega Red and sent in their number one recruiter - Creed - the same guy who brought him in - to get the job done. Like he said, he didn’t know that at the time. He was able to find the C-synth without much trouble and he would have destroyed it but he figured that, if it could put a hurting on him, he would’ve loved to see what it would do to Creed. However, he would need time to set that up, to get him alone. That meant hiding the C-synth until he got the chance to use it. To do that, he would need help, outside help. When Maverick showed up with Hollenbeck, she was out of it, drugged and probably in the middle of being interrogated. At that point, Logan realized that there was no way he was getting her involved in this.

Immediately, Logan asks Maverick who he is working for. Maverick responds that he is working for the same people that he is. Logan slams him up against the wall and asks him who that is. Maverick replies that it is the C.I.A. Logan realized that he was telling the truth based on the look in his eyes and the smell of his sweat. He also realized that he wasn’t one of them. When Maverick asks him what is going on, Logan replies that he needs him to do something for him. Maverick verifies with Logan that he wants him to do a favor for him. Logan replies that he does and goes to hand him the C-synth. He indicates to him that he wants him to take it and hide it - he doesn’t care where. Just not to tell anybody except him where it is when he comes looking for it.

Just then, a loud blast occurs. Because of it, it would take Logan thirty years until he finally handed it to him. All on account of Creed’s business with Omega Red hadn’t gone too well. As Logan, Creed, Maverick and Hollenbeck make their getaway, Hollenbeck asks what is going on. Logan grabs her by the arm and informs her to just keep her head down and they may get out of there alive. Creed informs him to stop his jawboning, they need to get to the...

When they get to the end of the hall, it is a dead-end. Creed realizes that this whole thing is a setup. There is no time to react as Omega Red’s talons crash through the floor. Logan decides that there’s no choice and blasts the window with his gun. From behind him, he hears three shots and turns to see Hollenbeck dead. Creed might not have known what he and Maverick had been talking about, but did know that they were talking about something. That meant that Logan was thinking on his own. With that, Creed did what they always do whenever he strayed from the programming - he reminded him that he was an ignorant, savage animal that needs to be led. When he’s not, pretty things die. This time it wasn’t his woman, but it was enough that she died because of him.

In present day, Wolverine has made it into a building. He thinks to himself that is his weakness - women. As soon as Wolverine enters a room, the smell hits him. Of perfume, thick, cloying, hers. Natalia Romavova, the Black Widow. She drops down from the rafters and welcomes her uncle and asks him what brings him to her web.

Characters Involved: 


Christopher Nord / North – Maverick

Omega Red’s henchmen (unnamed)

Shadowy figure (unnamed and unrecognizable)

Dum Dum Dugan

Various S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (unnamed)

Ship captain (unnamed)

Various residents of Berlin (unnamed)

In thoughts:

Jubilation Lee – Jubilee

Arkady Rossovich - Omega Red

In flashbacks:

Logan (Wolverine)

Creed (Sabretooth)

North (Maverick)

Omega Red

Janice Hollenbeck

Story Notes: 

Wolverine was a part of Team X in his early days. This group also included Silver Fox, Mastodon, John Wraith, Sabretooth and Maverick.

Many mutants lost their powers after the events of M-Dday. Among these mutants were Maverick, Jubilee, the Blob and Chamber.

Omega Red was born Arkady Gregorivich. Arkady Rossovich is one of his aliases. He was transformed into Omega Red by the KGB so he can be a Russian super-soldier. Years ago, Team X stole a device called the carbonadium synthesizer. It was a device that was used to stabilize Omega Red’s mutant power. Omega Red’s powers are as follows: he is a mutant with the ability to secrete bodily pheromones deadly to everyone in his immediate vicinity. This power greatly drains his energy, requiring him to absorb the life force of others. He also has superhuman strength gained from the KGB’s enhancement. Omega Red’s arms were implanted with long carbonadium coils that he can extend and retract through openings in his wrists. The coils serve as both a conduit and a stabilizing factor for his mutant pheromones.

This issue seems to indicate that Sabretooth was the one who brought Wolverine into the Weapon X program and how his bones became laced with adamantium.

This issue does work in continuity, as the next part to this scene can be seen in the Maverick one-shot “In the Shadow of Death.”

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