Wolverine: Snikt #1

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July 2003
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Tsutomu Nihei (Story and art), Guru EFX (colorist), Cory Petit (Letters), Stephanie Moore (Assistant Editor), C.B. Cebulski (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in chief), Bill Jemas (President). Special Thanks to Mutsumi Masuda

Brief Description: 

Wolverine is walking through a park in New York when a girl named Fusa finds him. She tells him her people need help and then begins to transport him with a teleportation device. However, during the transfer, Wolverine is lost. Fusa ends up back at her base and her colleagues tell her that Wolverine made the transfer but he is somewhere else on their world. Wolverine ends up appearing on a dam in a barren landscape. A small sphere-like device soon gets his attention. It activates and a giant humanoid creature forms from it. The creature attacks him but he slices it in half. The creature begins to reform though just as he thinks he’s won.

Full Summary: 

Wolverine, dressed in his black leather costume, stands amongst the ruins of old buildings with his claws unsheathed. He stares out across a jagged alien landscape where giant stone outcrops rise above him. Along these outcrops hundreds of humanoid creatures stare back at him. Although they are far in the distance, Wolverine can see that they are not human. Instead, their bodies are made up of a mesh of black organs that twist and contort to form a humanoid shape. The creatures have no real face; instead they have a white mask with two eyeholes in it.

(New York City, earlier…)

Wolverine is walking through a park and makes his way up some stone steps. As he gets to the top, he sees a young girl stood in front of him. She’s has long black hair and is dressed in a simple red and pink checked dress. He ignores her and walks past but she calls out his name. She asks if he’s the Wolverine and he asks what it is to her. She tells him her name is Fusa and her people need his help. She explains that her people are being killed off and only he can save them. Confused, he asks what she’s talking about but she ignores him and tells him to take her hand. Warily, he takes her outstretched hand. As he takes hold of it, he hears a click sound and the world around him starts to blur.

Even more confused, he can only watch as the blur envelopes him. He starts to let go of Fusa’s hand but she tells him not to let go during the transfer. It’s too late though and he is separated from her and is drawn towards a bright light. Fusa materializes in a ruined room surrounded by other people. She is now wearing black leather from her neck down. A heavily armored man hunched in the corner asks if she lost him and she replies that it was somewhere in the transfer but she’s sure he crossed over with her. Another person speaks up, a young girl with white hair wearing a blue and white jumpsuit. Indicating to a boy who looks exactly like her, she tells Fusa that Yaa sense something on this side. Yaa tells her that something humanoid near the Shikishiro River still lives. He thinks. Fusa picks up on the last bit and seems worried.

Elsewhere, Wolverine materializes above a concrete slope. He falls and lands on the slope and begins to slide down it. He manages to stop himself catapulting off the narrow ledge at the bottom. As he gets to his feet, he looks out to see a barren landscape before him. In the distance, he sees ruined concrete constructs rise up out of the parched earth. He appears to be stood on a dam-like structure. An enormous chasm that probably once contained water stretches out before him.

He begins to make his way up the slope to the top of the dam. At the top, he sees that the other side of the dam holds much of the same landscape. The sun is now setting over the empty world, making the sky and earth reddish orange in color. Wolverine can only wonder where the hell he is.

Before he can muse on it for too long, he hears a sound behind him. Something comes bouncing down the dam from higher up. He sees it’s a sphere-like device with small tendrils coming from it. It comes to a stop a little way away from him and then clicks. He looks on as the device opens up and energy starts to swirl around it. The sphere glows red and rises into the air. The energy starts to take on a solid form and grows in ferocity. Wolverine unsheathes his claws as a giant humanoid form takes shape. The sphere is now placed in the chest of a being that is seemingly made from flesh and metal. It’s black body towers over Wolverine and he looks at its white mask-like face to see two blue glowing eyes come from behind the eyeholes.

As it finishes forming, it almost looks as if it’s grinning at him. The creature then swings its arm and sends Wolverine flying through the air. He lands a little way off so the creature jumps up to close the distance. It lands behind him and readies for another attack. It swings its arm but Wolverine slices it off with his claws. The creature attacks again and this time Wolverine chops it clean in half at the waist. It collapses on the floor but, before he can react, it starts to reform again. Tendrils come out from both halves of the body and link together. They pull tightly and start to rejoin. The red orb within the body creates more tendrils and uses them to lift the top half of the body onto the bottom half. Wolverine stares at the scene and rhetorically comments that it has to be kidding him.

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The Colonel

Yaa’s sister

Other members of group

Numerous Mandates

Story Notes: 

This issue takes place during the period where the X-Men primarily wore black leather costumes that reflected the costumes worn in the X-Men films that were popular at that time.

The other members of the group as well as the Mandates are identified in subsequent issues.

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