Wolverine: the Jungle Adventure

Issue Date: 
December 1989
Story Title: 
The Jungle Adventure

Walter Simonson (writer), Mike Mignola (penciler), Bob Wiacek (inker), Ken Bruzenak (letterer), Mark Chiarello (colorist), Daryl Edelman (assistant editor), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief), Mike Mignola (cover art)

Brief Description: 

Gathered around a fire, a Shaman recants a tale to his fellow tribesmen of the time Wolverine came to the Savage Land after he was attacked in New York by a cyborg that had the scent of the Savage Land on him. Once he lands in his gyroplane, and defeats their chief, Logan took over the leadership of the tribe. Turns out the chief he defeated was a woman by the name of Gahck, who took Logan as her mate. Over time, Logan gained their trust and taught them how to hunt. One day, one of the tribesmen returned from their outing to inform another member of the tribe that his son, Chakel, was captured by the giant honker. Leading a search party out into the jungle, Logan happened upon the large T-Rex and, after being swallowed by it, learned that it was a robot, designed to transport. Determined to finish this, Logan lead another search party out to where the T-Rex emanated from. Going into the volcano alone, Logan learned that there was a large laboratory inside with a number of containment tubes inside. He also discovered that it is run by Apocalypse. Initially captured, Logan managed to free himself with Gahck’s assistance and was ultimately able to defeat Apocalypse. In truth, however, it wasn’t Apocalypse he has been facing, but a robot of Apocalypse. With the robot destroyed, Wolverine is contacted via hologram by the real Apocalypse, who reveals that he had orchestrated this whole ordeal after learning that one of his robots went rogue. Enraged, Logan proceeded to destroy the laboratory and, after doing so, departed the Savage Land. The Shaman, continuing his tale, tells the members of the Tribe of Fire that, even though Wolverine has not returned since then, he will not be forgotten. Also listening to the tale are Chakel (who survived his ordeal) and Gahck, who is now holding a baby in her arms.

Full Summary: 

Inside a cave, a Shaman tells the gathered members of his tribe a tale. He tells them listen, O’ people of the Tribe of Fire, as he sings the coming of the son of heaven. How he dropped from the sky, touched his chosen people, and flew back to his home again. The tale of his bravery is the heritage of his clan and it shall never be forgotten.

It began at the stone of silence. Once again, we had gathered before the gift of the gods (a lighter) in silent meditation to pray that our burden might be lifted from off of our shoulders. Yet the gods have ever turned a deaf ear upon the supplications of their servants. How could we have foreseen the end of silence, when our prayers would be answered?

As a gyroplane appears suddenly appears in the sky, one of the tribesman raises his hands to the air, gasps, and exclaims that the gods have spoken. They have sent a flying honker to destroy them in their pride. But it was like no honker we had ever seen. From its belly came… a man… thing. There was silence as the son of heaven approached the stone. And, of a sudden, all our hopes and fears were realized.

Exiting the gyroplane, Logan walks up to the rock, grabs the lighter with a S.H.I.E.L.D. logo, reads the inscription “To Logan from Nick,” and proceeds to light his cigar. As he does, he asks the tribesman “what’s happening, bub?” Holding up the lighter, Logan states that he’s been lookin’ fer this fer weeks. Mind tellin’ him how he came by it? When the tribesman points up to the sky, Logan asks yeah and tells him “much obliged” for keepin’ it handy for him.

Just then, a large member of the tribe chief with a mask appears, flanked by other members of the tribe touting spears. They exclaim that this is madness. No child of the gods could be so… short. Logan replies that’s getting’ a mite personal, doesn’t he think? The large person says that Logan wears strange raiment and speaks with strange accent but he say he is no god. Stand your ground… or die! Removing his jacket, Logan tells his foe that he’s seen ever Tarzan movie ever made, bub, twice. He gets the picture.

The chief tells him he talks like a mad demon and proceeds to backhand Logan across the face. With a bloodied lip, Logan starts to pick himself up off the ground and says that was miscalled for mister, ruined a good Cheroot. I oughta… Clenching his fist, Logan reminds himself to hold it and go easy. He doesn’t wanna freak these guys out all at once. Play it cool. ‘Sides, he might need somethin’ in reserve later. Besides, the bigger they are…

After Logan punches the chief in the chest, the chief responds with a punch to his face and tells him that he has a good punch. Firing back with punches, Logan says “you’re not bad yourself, bub.” So listen up and he’ll give them a little boxing lesson. Lead with yer left. Jab, feint, jab, jab, and whamo. Recovering quickly from Logan’s barrage, the chief asks him why he talks all the time and not fight; and then proceeds to nail him in the gut with a strong punch. Rearing back, Logan exclaims that does it, they’re wrappin’ this up right now. With that, he knocks the chief of the tribe out cold. Dropping to their knees, the other members of the tribe bow to Logan and exclaim that Gahck is defeated, Gahck is defeated. The son of heaven is now chieftain o the Tribe of Fire. Gahck’s cave is now his cave. Logan says he thought it might work like that and then asks them to give him a hand with his plane.

Standing in the cave, Logan looks around and thinks to himself not bad as caves go. And it oughta do nicely while he’s tryin’ to find out some answers. Just then, he senses that somebody’s comin’. Turning around, Logan sees Gahck approaching and tells them no hard feelin’s, he hopes. Gahck answers none and asks if the chieftain has a name. After Logan states his name, Gahck tells him that his arrival is well timed. The tribe’s medicine has become weak. Without strength, they would have turned from Gahck soon now, no matter what. And they are worried because they did not recognize the son of heaven quickly enough. They fear he will leave.

As they remove their costume, Gahck states that the other tribesman have sent them as both questioner and offering. Though they are no longer chief, these are not his people, but theirs. And they will protect them from any enemy, if they can. Revealing “himself” to be a woman, Gahck informs Logan that she has come seeking answers. Standing up, Logan says well, yo ho ho and blow the man down, darlin’. He thinks he just forgot the questions. But don’t worry, he’s still got some cigars left, and he hardly ever accepts sacrificial virgins anymore. ‘Sides, he’s come lookin’ for something, and now that he’s found it, it wasn’t exactly what he was expecting. So he’ll be stayin’ on a bit, even without an offering.

Picking Logan up, Gahck tells him that he is so short. She always thought the gods would be so solemn. Though she does not understand much of what he says, she hears laughter behind his words. After planting a big kiss on Logan, Gahck states that she still lives. So it is true; he is no god, but a man. Smiling, Logan replies that even a god might be a little more human after that, and he never claimed he was one. But he is the toughest mother in the valley tonight, and don’t be forgettin’ it. Sitting down, Gahck says she will not. No one before has bested Gahck. But if he is not a god, or a son of a god, who is he? Where does he come from? Logan answers that it ain’t exactly heaven, probably closer to someplace a little warmer. But it’s still a long way from there. He’ll tell her a little story. It won’t make much sense to her, but that doesn’t matter. It may help him think clearer.

He got a ticket to a Broadway premiere, care of Patch, which was a surprise. He likes surprises, so he went. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. But it wasn’t any surprise, either. Just a show. Then, during intermission…

As Logan digs through his pockets, attempting to find his lighter, a man comes up to him and tells him that is he is Mr. Logan, this note was left for him at the box office. Taking the note from him, Logan tells the man swell but he’d better ditch that phony Brit accent fast or he might have a great future as a waiter. As he reads the note, Logan sees that it says “Logan, I need your help urgently. Behind the theater – Jean Grey.” Logan can tell immediately that somebody’s gotta be kiddin’. This doesn’t even smell like Jean. There’s still a few minutes before act II. Maybe this’ll be more interestin’ than the show. It was.

When Logan gets behind the theater, a man covered in the shadows acts him if he is Wolverine. When Logan asks who wants ta know, the man raises his hand and says it not matter now. With that, he raises his hand and unleashes a blast from the hole in his hand. Realizing the situation, Logan determines that he needs a shield fast and proceeds to slice up a chunk of the pavement and hides behind it. As the barrage continues, Logan sees that the bricks’re startin’ to melt. He has to nail this guy now. Carving out a chunk of the pavement, Logan flings it at the man and lodges his hand blaster. Seeing that the man is now on fire, Logan rushes over to him and slices off the top of a nearby fire hydrant to save him but it is too late.

Kneeling down at the side of the smoldering corpse, Logan thinks to himself that the cops’ll be all over this place any second. Let’s see what kind of flame thrower he was packin’. Funny, it ain’t comin’ off. How can it… Examining the man’s hand he sees that it’s built in. He’s some sort of cyborg. And the rock he threw broke the nozzle on the discharger. No wonder he went up like a torch. Growling, Logan says the scent, metal, hot, pain. He can feel it somehow, like it was… him. But there’s somethin’ else. Somethin’ far away and familiar, too. Earth, damp, lizards, jungle. He knows that smell. The Savage Land.

This Johnny came from the Savage Land. He got passage on one of the supply ships to McMurdo Sound. And brought along some stuff to help him reconnoiter the territory. It took a while, but he wasn’t in any hurry. And eventually, he caught the assassin’s scent… and his. Her tribe, who aren’t cyborgs… and his lighter. So he still hasn’t found any answers. Gahck proceeds to tell Logan that he was right. She understands nothing of what he says but she understands enough. With that, she extinguishes the candle that emits light in the cave.

So it was that the son of heaven made his home with the Tribe of Fire. Living after our fashion. Eating our meat. Joining in our hunt. And he was good. The best. But he spoke little, and his thoughts remained hidden from us. Such is the way of gods. Thinking to himself, Logan says a guy could get used to this kind of life. Simple, rugged, no worries. He hasn’t been in shape like this in a long time. Or maybe at peace with himself.

So the time passed. Walking through the jungle, Logan tells Glumph to stay behind him and to keep the rest of ‘em back, too. He smells trouble. Just then, a spinosauraus emerges from the jungle and begins to attack. Engaging the beast in battle, Logan is able to break its neck in short time. As he growls, the tribesman exclaims that the Logan has killed with his bare hands. He has been reborn to the tribe. Send a runner back to camp. Let the sacred ochres be prepared. Tonight, they celebrate his rebirth!

As he stands before the rest of the tribe, Gahck paints Logan’s body with paint. When Logan asks why the war paint, Gahck informs him that, though he is the son of heaven, many of the tribe have been waiting to see if he was truly worthy. His victory over the spiny honker has won their acceptance. They will celebrate his feat and from this night forth, he is one with the Tribe of Fire.

Just then, another female approaches Logan and tells him that she will help Gahck complete his decorations. Standing up, Gahck punches the other female out and tells her to “get away dog.” Touch him with those ochres at her peril. The Logan defeated her in battle, not her. She is his alone. Turning back towards Logan, Gahck tells him that it is time for his initiation. The ceremony lasted long into the night. None sang louder or danced more furiously than the Logan and Gahck. And he took a new name, as was fitting, smiling as he spoke it. He called himself the Wolverine.

But in the morning… As Logan rests in his cave with Gahck by his side, Glumph comes rushing towards them in a panic. Glumph exclaims that the hunting party returns and they bear the smell of death. One of the tribesman, Kaffkal, informs Falke that it is true. He son… does not return with them. They have only his spear. He… is sorry. When Wolverine asks Kaffkal what the problem is, he informs him that the honker of doom has returned. And this time, he has taken Falke’s son.

Wolverine asks what happened exactly and Kaffkal tells him that they had just entered the edge of the great green wood. When they heard the birds, his scavengers, and knew that doom was upon them. And so it was. They fled. But Chakel was younger… or maybe braver than the rest. He chose to stand his ground, to fight, and die. He did not cry out when the large Tyrannosaurus Rex swallowed him whole. Pointing at Wolverine, Falke yells that it not fair. It not fair that the gods send him among them and still want sacrifice. His child dead and the child of the gods lives. Is this justice?

Wolverine tells him to hold his horses. Before they go any further, he wants to know exactly what’s going on. What’s this honker of doom, and what’s it got to do with the tribe? One of the tribesman says strange questions from a god. Falke adds that maybe Gahck was right in the beginning. Maybe he is a demon. His son’s blood cries vengeance! Vengeance! With that, Falke jams a spear through Wolverine’s gut. Standing unfazed by the attack, Wolverine asks him if he’s done. Dropping to his knees, Falke asks that he still lives? He is magic after all. His life forfeit. Chakel, he joins him now. Pulling the spear out of his gut, Logan tells Falke that he’s lucky. In a different time and place, he’d be horse-meat right now. He then tells him to get up and don’t ever try that again. He doesn’t always keep his temper.

Turning towards the Shaman, Wolverine states that he is the eldest of the tribe. Tell him about the honker of death. And make it short. Shaman replies that he is a great, rogue honker, always alone. He comes, he goes, he takes their young men… and returns for more. Sometimes he is gone for months, once for a year, but he comes back. He evades their traps, shrugs off their spears. He is the nemesis of the Tribe of Fire. They have prayed mightily to the gods for deliverance from their tormentor. They thought Wolverine was the answer to their prayers. Logan states that it doesn’t work like that. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Even gods know that. But now that he understands what’s happening there, maybe he can manage to put a stop to this business. Summon every able-bodied man, woman and child in the tribe. It’s time they showed the honker of doom a little tribal hospitality.

The Wolverine led us into the forest until he found a great clearing along one of the animal trails. He showed us secrets and bade us work. We dug a great pit and carried away the earth in blankets that none should spill upon the ground and betray us. We set fire-hardened stakes in the belly of the pit and closed it over with green saplings and cut sod. And then we waited. Or, perhaps, the son of gods called out to the great rogue, for it is said that the gods speak even the tongues of animals. Whatever the case, the great rogue came. And word went down the line like fire.

Upon hearing one of the tribesman call out that the beast is coming, Logan wonders to himself how something so big can move so quietly. He can’t be more than a quarter mile away now, but there’s still nothing. Just then, Logan hears its birds and suddenly, the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex is upon him. As Logan runs through the jungle with the T-Rex giving chase, he thinks to himself that nobody said anything about him being bigger ‘n Mount Everest.

As they near the pit, the T-Rex suddenly stops. Logan remarks that he can’t believe it; it must be running on telepathy. It pulled up short of the pit and now… Standing behind a nearby tree, one of the tribesmen gathered says “uh-oh.” The great beast has seen them. Run for your lives! The demon’s magic is stronger than the gods. Gahck tells them no. They cannot shame the Tribe of the Wolverine. They shall stand their ground and die if necessary. With his claws extended, Logan leaps at the T-Rex and tells Gahck to forget that stuff, get outta there, and take the rest of those bozos with her. When the T-Rex chomps down on Logan’s arm, Logan tells Gahck to run. In short time, the T-Rex swallows Logan whole. One of the tribesman utters he… he’s gone. Just like Chakel… and all the others. Looking solemnly, Gahck thinks to herself gone, and her heart with him. But she swears on the secret burial ground of her ancestors, that he shall be avenged.

Just then, the gigantic T-Rex stops in its tracks and falls to the ground. As one of the tribesmen exclaim that the great beast… is dead, Wolverine emerges from its stomach and remarks that it must have been something he ate. Give him a hand, will they? He’s bushed. Pulling apart the flesh of the dinosaur, Logan states that he’s startin’ ta find the answers he’s been lookin’ for. This lousy thing’s a cyborg. Designed to swallow and capture.

When the tribesmen give him questioning looks, Logan says forget it, just tell him this. Do any of them know where this thing comes from? Falke tells him not to seek that place. When the beast first appeared, several of their tribe followed it into the night. Shaman adds that only one returned, two months later, and he was mad. He spoke of the land of giants and the mountain of thunder before he, too, died. They have never returned to that evil land. Logan tells him they won’t have to. He can fly there in a matter of a few…

Looking into his cave, Logan states that his ultralite is missing. When he asks what in blazes, he turns to Gahck (who has a tear in her eyes) and asks her if she did this. Think maybe ta keep him from leavin’? As she leaves, Gahck pushes one of the tribesmen out of her way and states that she does as she pleases. And no one, not even a true son of heaven, tells her what to do. As Logan calls out to her, Shaman tells him to leave her. She has ever walked her own way. Not even he could change that. Logan replies that he thinks he’s right. An’ he doesn’t suppose he’d have it any other way. Better get some o’ the boys together. Looks like they got a bit a’ walkin’ ta do. It’s a long way to Tipperary.

As with much of what he said, we did not understand him. It seemed strange to us that the son of heaven could not fly without his machine but it had pleased him in the past to share our dangers and we could do no less than share his. Three of our strongest warriors, including Falke, went with him. And thanks to his skill they were all still alive when they reached the mountain of thunder.

Upon reaching the mountain of thunder, Logan tells his friends that they’ve done their part, now it’s his turn. So get outta here and when they get home, tell Gahck… just tell her… he’s sorry about the way everything worked out.

Alone, Logan remarks that this place stinks and it’s not just the volcano. The whole cyborg scene seems a lot less like a Savage Land set-up an’ a lot more like somethin’ the X-Men might run into. An’ that bein’ the case, he expects he’ll be more comfortable as himself (in his brown and tan costume). So, let’s start with a little cautious reconnoitering around the mountains here an’ this lava tube oughta be a good place to begin. He doesn’t recall any geology about machine oil bein’ used to keep volcanoes lubricated. Bingo. Artificial. Just like the cyborgs. One thing on the outside. Somethin’ different on the in. That smell. Same thing he caught off the dead cyborg. Like pain an’ fire. Uh-oh! Wasn’t paying attention.

Just then, Logan falls through a trap-door and lands with a thud. When he comes to, Logan reminds himself to be careful and not to move. Play it cool until he knows the score. He’s caged, bound hand and foot. Scent of heavy machinery and there’s something else.

At that moment, Apocalypse tells Wolverine that he may as well open his eyes. He already knows he’s awake. Welcome to his humble abode. And if he’ll forgive him, he is required by law to say this. How nice of him to drop in so unexpectedly. He has been monitoring him since his arrival in the Savage Land. They haven’t met before, but when they are finished there, Apocalypse will be his confidant… and mentor.

After Logan snarls at him, Apocalypse tells him well said. A strong enemy. An unforgiving enemy. If anything his stay there has only increased his natural savagery. He will be perfect. For though his resources are virtually unlimited, it takes even him time to perfect each individual cyborg. There are so many different and powerful mutants, that each cyborg must be constructed from his cavemen with the greatest care in order to insure the destruction of their target. As he can see from the condition of his latest arrival (Chakel), he has been able to increase the speed of the process but his fortuitous arrival will change everything. He will make a wonderful cyborg. A perfect assassin! Of course, he had his aircraft removed there as soon as possible. He couldn’t very well have him leaving again before he had a chance to make his acquaintance and there’s so much to…? Who’s there?

As he flings machinery around, Apocalypse yells out to the intruder to come out. Eventually, he finds Gahck up against a wall. After she throws the pipe in her hand at Apocalypse and connects, Apocalypse proceeds to pick her up and tells her well thrown, but who…? Ah, now he recognizes her. She is Wolverine’s large lady-friend. As he holds Gahck captive, Apocalypse asks Wolverine if she is his ace-in-the-hole, a hidden partner.

After Logan yells out Apocalypse’s name, Apocalypse retorts that he thought not. Too noble, too self-sacrificing, and too worried that she wasn’t a professional. Not that that helped him, either. Gritting his teeth, Logan tells Apocalypse to let her go. Let her go… and he’ll do whatever he wants. Apocalypse tells him that even if he believed him for a second, which he doesn’t, it isn’t necessary. As he carries Gahck away, Apocalypse tells Logan that when he’s finished with him, he’ll do whatever he wants in any case. He shall keep the young woman alive. She will become his first lethal test.

As Wolverine yells out Gahck’s name, she tosses Logan’s lighter towards him. After catching the lighter with his feet, Logan thinks to himself nice goin’ darlin’. The sound of his shout covered the noise of the lighter as it landed. Getting’ his feet free isn’t so tough but he’s got his arms so hog-tied he couldn’t get a blade on the ropes. An’ now he doesn’t have to. Using his claws, Logan is able to slice the bounds off of his feet. Then, using his toes, he removes his boots and uses his toes to fire up the lighter and uses the flames to sever his arm bonds. As he does, he recants that his people call themselves the Tribe of Fire. How many coincidences do ya get in one lifetime? Free, Logan exits his cage and tells Apocalypse that intermission’s over. It’s time for the main event!

Turning from Gahck, Apocalypse tells Wolverine to get back into his cage or he shall kill the woman. Logan tells him nice try but there’s already too much at stake. Maybe none of them will walk outta there. But it’s a lead-pipe cinch none of his cyborgs are gonna do anymore killin’ after they’re through tonight. As he stands next to one of the containment tubes, Logan says this one looks pretty ripe and jams his claws into it. Once he does, Apocalypse angrily calls Logan a fool and tells him that he’s destroyed thousands of hours of work in a moment.

As Apocalypse leaps at him, Logan tells him that he thought he might see it that way and jams his claws into Apocalypse’s neck. Holding Apocalypse at a stand-still, Logan can’t believe that he’s still strugglin’. Turning his attention to Gahck, Logan tells her to get the heck outta there while he’s got ‘im pinned. And take the kid (Chakel) with him. Forget the rest of ‘em. They’re too far gone already. As Gahck grabs hold of Chakel, who is still alive, and starts to run away, Gahck calls back to Wolverine that she loves him.

Once Gahck has departed, Logan senses that Apocalypse is starting to break free and decides to see if they can do some real damage on the way out. As Logan slashes away at him, Apocalypse tells him that he misjudged him. He is too intransigent. Landing a heavy blow, Apocalypse states that he shall have to slay him now and return to using his less rebellious cyborgs.

Enraged, Logan snarls at Apocalypse that when they’re done there, he won’t be needin’ any cyborgs. He’s gonna be needin’ an undertaker. Continuing his vicious assault, Logan says to Apocalypse that he doesn’t get it. From what Cyclops told them ‘bout him, he tests mutants to weed out the strong who will inherit the earth, he doesn’t kill ‘em. Apocalypse exclaims that the earth is the birthright of ordinary humans, not a prize to be usurped by late coming sports of nature. His sacred trust is to make the world safe again for humans. Mutants shall be destroyed, starting with him!

Just then, Logan exclaims that this isn’t really Apocalypse, it’s a robot. Attempting to fight back, Apocalypse calls Logan a liar. His blood is as red as his. Continuing to slash away, Logan tells him they’ll argue about that later after he cuts him up into little pieces. When Apocalypse is able to connect with a strong punch to Logan’s head, Logan feels his head spinnin’. He’s got ta move fast before he follows up. Just then, Apocalypse’s voice begins to break-up and Logan can tell he nailed the voice chip but that his foe isn’t halting his attack. Upping the intensity, Logan is able to destroy the robot and leave it in a heap of scrap metal.

As he looks around the complex, Logan says to himself that he thinks… that sucker… cracked a rib… but he’s through… takin’ this tribe. Still, it doesn’t make sense. They don’t know much about Apocalypse. Maybe he was a robot all the time. But what was he really after? And look at this set up. All the dust. Most o’ this stuff looks like it’s been here for eons.

Just then, Logan picks up a skull that looks like it was made out of adamantium. Once he yells “no,” a voice behind him tells him that he should learn to relax more. It’s a wonder he hasn’t had a heart attack by now. But, of course, he has special advantages over most people. Twirling around, Logan exclaims that voice. It can’t be! Hovering above him, a hologram of Apocalypse asks him why not. Every artist likes to sign their work. He then tells Logan that he sees he has succeeded in the task he set him. And most impressively, he might add. Well done.

When Logan asks what he is talking about, Apocalypse tells him that, unknown to his former servant, he monitors every outpost of his domain. Perhaps the high radiation level of the laboratory destroyed his higher logic functions. In any case, his robot subverted his original programming, constructed a logical framework for the salvation of ordinary humans, and put together a plan of action. He was quite proud of him. But, of course, it was not possible to let him continue. He might have become rather a nuisance in the end, working against him in that way. He knew Logan would be his next target, and arranged to have him meet his would be assassin in a most public place. The deaths of a few innocent bystanders always seems to spur the hero on to greater and greater heights.

As Logan reacts in angry disbelief, Apocalypse continues and tells Logan that it’s a pity he missed the second half of the show. He, himself, thought it was rather better than the first. But he appreciated the critique. He shall work on his British accent. After Logan asks what if the robot had killed him, Apocalypse tells him that the world is wonderfully supplied with all manner of powered mutants. Sooner or later, his former servant would have fallen. And, of course, he would have weeded out many in the process.

Logan angrily asks Apocalypse what about him. Is he afraid to go up against his own robot? Laughing, Apocalypse replies that there is too much to be done to deal personally with every minor administrative matter that comes across his desk. And supplying his lighter to the cavemen was, if he may say so, a stroke of genius. The cavemen recognized a machinery of the gods instantly, and he lived up to their every expectation. The future indeed belongs to mutants. Logan says the future, maybe, but they’re sharing the present. Which is why he’s gonna take this place apart, piece by piece. As his hologram starts to dissipate, Apocalypse states that he built this laboratory longer ago than he can imagine. It is not for him to destroy. Logan tells him to guess again, bub. That’s what he does best.

Just then, Logan senses that the complex is starting to fill up with gas. Figures Apocalypse wouldn’t want him walkin’ out alive to spill the beans about this place. And his hologram’s gone. But his healing factor’ll keep him alive long enough to finish this little job with the help of brother Fury’s memento, the lighter. The perfect gift – good for a light, good for a bang. He hates to lose it, and with the old S.H.I.E.L.D. gone, he doesn’t suppose he’ll be able ta get a replacement. But he’ll have ta thank him next time he runs into him, if ever. Just then, Logan opens up the lighter and tosses it into the gas, causing the complex to explode.

Outside, members of the tribe asks Gahck can’t they go home. Not even the Wolverine can survive the mountain. Gahck answers that they will stay until the gods tell them that they must leave. They will not desert the Wolverine. When another of the tribesman points out that the ground is shaking with thunder, the volcano explodes. The tribesmen tells Gahck that the gods have spoken, they must return home now. Seeing the mountain explode, Gahck says so be it. When Chakel asks about Wolverine, Falke tells him that the Wolverine is gone.

As they start to walk away, Chakel asks about the evil he sought to overcome. Gahck answers who can say. Only in time will they… Just then, Wolverine appears in the sky in his gyroplane. When Chakel points out that he sees them and asks will he not return home with them. Watching the gyroplane fly off into the distant sky, Gahck tells him that Logan will be returning home.

And so the Wolverine’s great singing bird carried him beyond the dome of the sky, into the dawning sun to live among the gods again, and, perhaps, to remember us, his people, at times. The days have come and gone since his departure and we have never seen him again but he came to us in our hour of greatest need. The Tribe of Fire will honor his memory and his sacred trust until the end of time and he will dwell in the hearts of his people.

Amongst those gathered listening to the Shaman tell his tale to the tribesmen, include Chakel, Falke and Gahck, who holds a baby in her arms.

Characters Involved: 

In the present:

Shaman, Gahck, a baby, Chakel, Falke, and various other unnamed members of the Tribe of Fire

In the past:

Gahck, Glumph, Falke, Kaffkal, Chakel, Shaman, and various other unnamed members of the Tribe of Fire

Apocalypse robot and hologram

In flashbacks:


Various unnamed patrons of a Broadway show in New York

Unnamed cyborg

Story Notes: 

The biggest controversy to come out of this comic is the name of the baby Gahck is holding at the end of this issue. Neither the name nor the gender of the child was revealed in this issue. When “The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe – X-Men 2004” was released, under Wolverine’s entry it states that he had a son named Erista. This name has not been confirmed in any comic anywhere (besides Handbooks) and “Erista” has not been seen since.

Issue Information: 
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