Wolverine: Xisle #5

Issue Date: 
June 2003
Story Title: 

Bruce Jones (writer), Jorge Lucas (artist), Studio F’s Oscar Carreno (colors), David Sharpe (letters), Nova Ren Suma (assistant editor), Mike Raicht (associate editor), Mike Marts (editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Bill Jemas (president)

Brief Description: 

Logan has another dream of him chasing Amiko through the carnival. He wakes up on the beach again to find the waitress there. She remains as elusive with her answers as before, until Logan starts to become angry. He tells her his dream and she suggests finding the young boy. Logan heads off into the jungle and comes across the inn, which is looking a lot more rundown than last time. He enters and it is deserted. After flicking through some books, the boy enters and starts being as cryptic as the waitress. He tells Logan that the only way off the island is to finish the monster off. After becoming angry, Logan asks for help and the boy gladly gives it. He turns on the jukebox so that it plays carnival music. Logan starts remembering what really happened. He was at the carnival with Amiko and he wouldn’t let her see the freak show. He dragged her away and they went to play some games. He took part in a knife throwing game but he kept missing. He got angrier and angrier and he lashed out at Amiko when she suggested they leave. Logan then hurled another knife that missed the target but went through the fabric curtains around the stall. The knife ends up hitting one of the people in the freak show. Logan goes over to him but he’s already dead and the crowd starts to lash out at Logan. He wakes up on the beach again with the waitress next to him. He realizes the young boy is his inner child and she must represent his fear of Amiko hating him. The woman tells him that the only way to get off the island is to face the monster in the jungle. Logan decides to let it kill him because it is his guilt, so he races off to find it. When he finds the monster, it attacks him and quickly beats him. Just as he is about to be killed by it, he has a change of heart and he stabs the monster through the chest. With the monster dead, Logan thinks he’s failed but the waitress tells him he won. He defeated his guilt. She bids him goodbye as she, along with the jungle, fades away. Logan is left on an empty beach with a helicopter heading towards him.

Full Summary: 

Logan throws a knife at a target behind the counter at a carnival stall. He misses, so he throws another. Amiko tries to calm him down but he yells at her, causing her to run off. He chases after her as goblin-like creatures follow him. They leave the carnival and run onto a beach. Amiko runs into the water but, when Logan goes after her, a giant, hairy monster rears out of the water and attacks him.

Logan picks himself up out of the water and finds himself back on the island again. He wearily says he’s dying and this is what it must feel like. He looks down into the sand on the beach and sees the message “get out of this wiseass!” The waitress comes up to him and says that all things die under Heaven and Earth. It’s just a matter of how. She turns around, walks towards the jungle and says that she just came to say goodbye. Logan yells after her and says she’s the only good thing about the island and he doesn’t want her leaving him. She looks at him and says she was saying goodbye but it doesn’t mean she’s leaving him. He grabs her and says she’s talking in circles and he’s sick of it. He demands that she tells him who she is and shouts for her to talk. She asks about what and he asks if it’s all a dream or not. She asks him how he feels and he replies that he is angry and in pain. She tells him that it’s a start but he shouts at her to knock off the double talk.

He asks her where the kid is that saved his life. He said the night beast had him and it was about to deliver the killing blow but the boy appeared, said “NO” and it vanished. The waitress walks over to a pile of rocks and asks Logan to tell her about his dream. He tells her it doesn’t make any sense but she gets him to tell it anyway. He explains that he is with his foster kid, Amiko, at a carnival.

Suddenly, the waitress starts running from him as if she’s scared or something. Maybe him. He would never do anything to hurt her, so why does he keep dreaming that? He continues and says he chases her down the midway and then the night beast appears and attacks him. He thinks it kills him. The waitress asks how it does it and Logan says it rips out his heart. She says she bets it hurts. With that, she gets off the rocks she was sitting on and tells him she has to go. Logan tries to stop her but she tells him she’s done all she can do for him. He needs to look to the boy now. Logan asks where he is and the waitress replies that he is at the carnival.

Later on, as the sun begins to set, Logan walks through the jungle. He comes across the inn again, only this time it’s looks a lot older and disused than the last time he saw it. He walks up to it and wonders how it aged so quickly. He looks at the name of the inn, “The Risposte,” and realizes it’s definitely the same place. He enters and goes to the bar. He swigs some drink from a bottle and picks up a book which was lying on the bar. He opens it to see it’s “The Coney Island of the Mind,” the same book he picked up the day before. He reads a note written on the first page that reads “To Logan, seek and ye shall find, your companion.”

A voice comes from behind him and says it’s Latin. Logan turns to see the young boy standing in the doorway. Logan asks if he meant the book but the boy says he meant the sign over the door. The boy looks at Logan and says they never understood Latin. Logan picks up on the plural and asks where everyone is. When the boy asks who he means, Logan takes another swig out of the bottle and says he was talking about the patrons and the guy who runs the bar. The kid asks what bar he is talking about, but Logan points to him and tells him not to start. He then thanks him for saving him from the monster the previous night.

Sitting on the bar, the boy says that it wasn’t him alone. Logan asks who else saved him and the boy asks if he has read the inscription. Logan picks the book up again and looks at it and then guesses the waitress. The boy sighs and tells Logan he isn’t very bright. Logan takes another swig of drink and tells the boy to speak for himself. The boy tells him that he’s waiting. Logan asks who and then guesses the yeti-man. The boy says yes, he has to finish the fight. It’s the only way off the island. Logan unsheathes his claws and slashes at a wooden pillar in the middle of the room. Logan shouts to bring him on and the boy asks if he means now. Logan says he does, to which the boy says he will lose before he’s even begun.

Logan swipes at the kid and lifts him off the floor by the scruff of the neck. The boy calmly asks if it’s him Logan really wants to kill. Is it him he really despises? Logan puts him down and says no. He then grabs his head and asks the boy to help him if he can. The boy tells him that’s all he needed to say.

The boy goes over to the jukebox and puts on a song. Logan recognizes it as the carnival music and he turns to see the barman behind the bar. The barman yells for him to hurry. Logan walks behind the bar as the man tells him to step this way. Logan turns to see the barman is now dressed as the owner of the freak show from the carnival. Behind him is a stage full of freak show people. Logan is now standing amongst a crowd and Amiko runs from it. Logan calls to her but she ignores him. The owner of the freak show yells for people to see the Lobster Boy of Paris and the Yeti-Man. Part-human, part-monster, all FREAK.

Logan grabs Amiko by the arms and pulls her away. He tells her to get out of there, as he doesn’t like the scene at all. As they leave the freak show, they walk through the game area. Amiko says they are just people like him and her. He tells her he said no. A stall owner gets his attention and so Logan goes over to win a prize. He pays some money and then starts throwing knives at a board. He misses and gets angry. Amiko suggests they should go on the Ferris wheel but Logan ignores her and continues to throw knives. When he misses again, the stall owner mocks him. He grabs the man and demands another knife. Amiko suggests they should go but he yells at her to leave him alone.

Logan grabs another knife and hurls it at the target, but it misses and goes through the sheet at the back of the stall. A scream rings out and everyone goes to see what caused it. They head to the freak show stage to see everyone crowded around it. Logan sees a man with hair all over his body lying on the stage with a knife embedded in his chest. The stall owner comes up and points to Logan and says he did it and that he tried to stop him. Someone checks the pulse of the hairy man and confirms he’s dead. Another person yells for someone to call the police. Logan turns to Amiko but she runs off. The crowd starts calling him a murderer and a freak killer. Logan gets distraught and says it was an accident. The taunts and the carnival music start to drive him mad and he grabs his head.

When he opens his eyes, he’s lying on the beach again with the message from earlier scrawled into the sand next to him. He looks at it again and realizes that he wrote it. He also realizes he put himself on the island. The waitress, standing in the distance, asks him about the boy. Logan says the boy is him. The woman adds that it’s his inner child trying to keep him on the path. Logan looks at her and asks what metaphor she stands for. She says he seems to be doing well for himself and asks what he thinks she is. Logan puts his hand on her check and suggests maybe his mother or and old love. Or maybe Amiko trying to tell him she doesn’t hate him. She asks if that’s what he fears and Logan says yes, as a tear rolls down his face.

Logan says it’s over. It was a fight with his subconscious and he won. The woman asks if he did. He says he did and then tells the woman no more games. She says the games have all been with himself. If his guilt has really eased, then why is that thing lurking in the jungle. Logan unsheathes his claws and says if it’s revenge his subconscious wants then he will let it finish the job. No more inner child to interfere. He rushes off into the jungle to let the thing kill him.

Once the sun has set, Logan stands in the jungle and yells for the monster to come out. He gets angry and shouts that he’s waiting. Suddenly, some claws come from behind him and slash him across the back. He turns to the monster and says that it’s found him and now it’s time to finish him. The monster swipes and slashes at him until Logan is bent over and ready for the killing blow. Logan yells for it to kill him as the monster rears its arms up high. Suddenly, Logan changes his mind and remembers who he really is. With that, he lunges forward and thrusts his claws through the monster’s chest.

Standing over the monster’s body, Logan thinks he’s failed. The woman appears and says that he’s won. By coming to terms with his guilt, he has forgiven himself. Logan says he killed it again though. She tells him he has slain the real enemy… the fear of being like him… a freak. He looks at her and says all these years he thought himself a freak. She says the mind retreats from what it cannot face. She bids him goodbye and says to never forget who he really is.

With that, she and the jungle begin to fade away until they are gone. Logan is left standing on an empty beach. He hears a sound in the distance and he sees a helicopter heading towards him. As he flies away from the island, he says he remembers now.

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Young Boy


Hairy Monster

Carnival tourists

Carnival stall owner

Freak show owner

Freak show exhibits

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