X-Men 2099 #1

Issue Date: 
October 1993
Story Title: 
The Gathering

John Francis Moore (writer), Ron Lim (penciler), Adam Kubert (inker), Ken Lopez (letterer), Tom Smith (colorist), Joey Cavalieri (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

Drifter Timothy Fitzgerald arrives at a building in the Nevada Desert, where a large number of people is gathered by Xi'an Chi Xanh, an charismatic man who preaches equality between people. Some of his X-Men free the eco-terrorist Bloodhawk from his imprisonment in the Synge casino, hoping that he will join
them, but Bloodhawk refuses and leaves. The leader of the casino, Noah Synge is found dead, murdered in a way that resembles Xi'an's mutant power. A sniper tries to kill Xi'an, but Fitzgerald notices him and shoots him. The sniper still hits Xi'an and the Synge syndicate enforcers attack the X-Men base. Most of the gathered escape, while the X-Men bring the injured Xi'an to an escape vehicle. Xi'an invites Timothy as a member of his X-Men.

Full Summary: 

The Nuevo Sol Arcology lies abandoned in the Nevada Desert, designed to be a self-sufficient, non-polluting working and living environment. It has turned into a place of redemption for the chosen who are brave enough to travel there. A large X marks the door. A man arrives, thinking about the reasons he came here and whether he should go in or not. He inserts a small card in the lock and the door opens. A giant armoured man comes into view. The armoured man asks him, why he is here and he shows the giant a small card with an X inscribed, telling him that an Indian woman gave it to him. The giant asks him
why the Indian woman, whose name is Shakti, gave the card to him; is he a fighter ? The man tells him that he doesn't want any problems and the giant, whose name is Junkpile, tells him to go inside. The man whose name is Timothy Fitzgerald enter the building where a great party is being held. Tim is very confused: Nuevo Sol's supposed to be deserted. While he wanders around he meets a girl, who calls herself Serpentina. She immediately identifies him as Fitzgerald and that he's a mutant. Tim denies
being a mutant, but Tina tries to calm him by showing him that she is a mutant too: her arms become longer and wrap around him. Tim asks to be released and Serpentina complies. He then asks whether everybody there is a mutant. Most turn out to be nomads, fringers, corporate drop-outs and discards
and a few degens (degens are genetically manipulated humans). They have all come to Nuevo Sol to enjoy the freedom it offers. She then shows him another mutant: Eddie, who can mimic metals and is also a gifted musician. Timothy is very impressed, but Tina says that he will be even more impressed with Xi'an, who will change his life.
In the security room, Junkpile is worried about Xi'an's absence and tells Shakti so. Shakti tells him that Xi'an can take care of himself and that Junkpile should know that, since both have been members of the Lawless. Junkpile says that Xi'an has become another man since he returned from Saigon and has messianic delusions. Mutants have power and they should use those powers, Shakti shows Junkpile the limitation of his powers by using her telepathic powers against him. She then tells him to get back to work.
In Las Vegas, Xi'an confronts Noah Synge, head of the Synge syndicate and casino and warns him not kidnap nomads anymore for his amusements. Although Synge has used a lot of his money for security, his security is inadequate to detect the entrance of Xi'an who is also known as Desert Ghost. Synge tells
Xi'an that he will not obey a mutant and that Xi'an should leave before he calls his Ratpack to escort him out. Xi'an reveals his left hand, which is green and looks decayed. Xi'an then gives Synge a last warning: he turns a wall to dust with but a touch his hand.
In the casino, the execution of the mutant terrorist known as Bloodhawk has been turned into a game-show. A variation of a slotmchine is used to determine his way of execution. Bloodhawk resists and is blasted by some enforcers who activates his neural restraints. Lytton and Desdemona Synge witness the trial and Bloodhawk threatens them. Lytton injects himself with some drug called Shriek and then kicks Bloodhawk. Desdemona questions his courage and kisses Bloodhawk. Lytton asks her what she's doing and she tells him that Bloodhawk will go to the grave with her kiss on his lips. Lytton lectures her, but
Desdemona turns the tables on him by threatening to tell Noah that he deals with Alchemax, obviously an enemy of Noah's. The enforcers throw Bloodhawk into his cell, impressed by the fact that he's still struggling. When they want to close the door, something moves along with incredible speed, opening
the cell door again. When they want to take their guns, they are encased into a crystal. The mutants Krystalin and Meanstreak appear and they take Bloodhawk with them. They remove his restrains, but stop him when he wants to kill the guards. On the roof, Bloodhawk shows why he's called Bloodhawk by turning into a dragon-like creature. The two X-Men tell him that they want him to join them, but Bloodhawk refuses. Meanstreak points to his debt to them, but Bloodhawk says there is no debt.
In the Synge stables, Noah Synge arrives on his horse, but he isn't alive anymore. He seems to have decayed within several minutes. Desdemona doesn't seem to be very shocked, but Lytton accuses Xi'an and orders his death.
Shakti observes Fitzgerald and Serpentina on the monitors when Xi'an arrives. Xi'an tells Shakti that Fitzgerald doesn't know it yet, but he will make their group strong. Shakti asks Xi'an whether he has seen Synge, but Xi'an is dismissive and tells her that he has to address the gathering first. Eddie introduces Xi'an, which is the cue for a man to access the roof and disable one of the cameras. Shakti notices and asks Junkpile to check it out. Junkpile obviously sees the man, but tells Shakti that everything is in order. While Xi'an is talking to the gathering about unity and individuality, the man on the roof takes a gun. At the same time Krys and Meanstreak arrive, arguing who should tell Xi'an that Bloodhawk took off. Xi'an tells the gathering about the Great Purge during which a whole generation of mutants disappeared. He tells them about Xavier, Magnus, Del Ruin and Sao, all great men in the history of mutants, who taught them to fight for their future. At that moment Tim sees a gun on the balcony. Terrified by the idea of Xi'an's death, he powers up and discharges a bio-electrical beam unto the sniper. The sniper is hit, but manages to his Xi'an in the chest. Eddie runs over to Xi'an, when the Synge enforcers arrive to arrest everyone. Shakti has lost contact with Junkpile and tells Krys and Meanstreak to protect Xi'an. Eddie turns into adamantium and Krystallin unleashes a rain of crystal shards to keep the enforcers back. Tina takes Fitzgerald to the stage. The stage then lowers with the X-Men and Fitzgerald on it. Shakti orders them to get into the van. Eddie thanks Fitzgerald for saving Xi'an and despite his injury Xi'an asks him to join his X-Men.

Characters Involved: 

Cerebra / Shakti Haddad, Desert Ghost / Xi’an Chi Xanh, Timothy Sean Fitzgerald, Krys Porter / Krystalin, Meanstreak / Henri Huang, Metalhead / Eddie van Beethoven, Serpentina / Tina (all X-Men 2099)



Noah Synge, boss of Las Vegas

Desdemona and Lytton Synge, his children

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