X-Men 2099 #11

Issue Date: 
August 1994
Story Title: 
Crossed Signals

John Francis Moore (writer), Ron Lim (pencils), Marc McKenna (inks), Janice Chiang (letters), Tom Smith (colors), Joey Cavalieri (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description: 

La Lunática begs Tim and Xi’an for help against the trackers the Theatre of Pain have sent after her, and is allowed to ride along with them. Xi’an explains that they have to ride to El Paso, where they will get one step closer to find the Driver. Meanwhile, the remaining X-Men still can’t believe that the dream is over and try to figure out what to do, but none of them really know a solution. Victor Ten Eagles still can’t believe that Shakti is actually trying to find a cure for their enemies and angrily leaves, with Krystalin following him. Meanwhile, the runaway X-Men stash their bikes at a local parking lot and enter a huge mall. Xi’an departs from his friends and enters a place where he speaks to the Broken Haiku, who isn’t that happy to see Xi’an after everything he did to her. Tim lets his face done like Luna’s and they celebrate. Xi’an enters the Internet so that he can communicate with Haiku and asks her for a favor. Haiku is still angry for what Xi’an did to her and wants to bring Xi’an nothing but endless pain. Back at the mall, Tim and Luna are approached by Junkpile. Tim wants to make Junkpile pay for killing Serpentina, but Luna holds them both back, because… they are going to work together! Meanwhile, the Driver finds a dehydrated Frosbite and brings her to his base. There, the Driver teleports her into the Garage, where she and others will be safe forever.

Full Summary: 

Holding him, La Lunática asks Tim to say it again. Tim does so, and tells Luna that he is crazy for her, certifiably, psychopathically insane. Luna laughs seeing that how different Tim is after she touched him in the Dark Room. They dance, and Tim doesn’t know if he should kiss or kill her. Tim harshly grabs her, saying that he hasn’t forgotten what she did to him and tells her no to play games again, as he won’t be used once more. Luna pushes Tim away, claiming that everything she said is the truth. Xi’an shows up, telling Tim to tell his date goodbye, as they are moving. Tim introduces Luna to Xi’an, who recognizes the psychic vampire from Tim’s earlier description.

Xi’an tells Tim to move as they have business in El Paso, where they will get one step closer to find the Driver. Luna begs them both to take her with them. Xi’an wouldn’t know why he would do that. Luna explains that, for ten long years, she was a prisoner of the Theatre of Pain. Her touch triggers intense emotional reactions, trauma that the Theatre recorded for the sadistic entertainment for their clients. Luna hoped that she was free when she neutralized Controller Thirteen, but the Theatre has sent trackers after her. Luna says that she doesn’t know how much longer she can run. She begs for help. Xi’an isn’t much interested in her, telling Tim that it’s his decision. Tim agrees to have her tag along.

While she walks to Tim’s bike, Xi’an tells Luna that he doesn’t believe one bit of her story and tells her to better not play any games with him like she is doing with Tim. Luna agrees and whispers to him that, if he ever touches her again, she’ll kill him without doubt. Luna gets on Tim’s bike and they leave. Later, at dawn, Rose (the owner of the road house) is approached by a sheriff who’s looking for Luna. Rose claims to have never seen her before. The sheriff drops his guise and reveals his true identity: Brimstone Love! The scared Rose answers the question and shows Brimstone Love some video camera footage he has of her.

Meanwhile, at Zhao’s ranch, an impatient Meanstreak can’t believe that the dream is over. Shakti doesn’t really know an answer. At the back, Victor doesn’t like this situation one bit. Krystalin realizes that, one by one, the X-Men’s members are leaving on their own. They are being turned inside out. Victor tells Shakti that allowing Frostbite to leave with one of the bikes was a mistake. Shakti tries to explain Victor that, if he wants justice, he should be satisfied with that the genetic stability caused by Zhao’s experiments will eventually kill Frosbite, and most likely so will her teammates, if Shakti can’t find a cure. Victor wants them to die and wants to torch the place, were it up to him. Victor leaves, saying that he is going back to Sante Fe. Krystalin tells him to wait and follows Victor out. Shakti asks Meanstreak if he too is going to leave, but he just doesn’t know yet.

Les Animas County, Colorado…

Frostbite’s bike overheats and she is dehydrating. Frostbite falls down and is ready to die. Suddenly, she hears a loud noise. A man clouded in darkness steps off from his vehicle and tells Patrice Cahill that he is going to be her ride.

El Pablo…

Xi’an, Tim and Luna arrive at a mondoplex, where they stash their bikes for a while. Xi’an makes it clear to the worker that he doesn’t want anything happening to their bikes while they are gone. The man promises nothing will because he runs a respectable parking lot. Tim’s glad to hear it, but demonstrates his not so nice powers to the man just to make sure what’s going to happen to him in case something does happen. Xi’an departs from Tim and Luna, who enter the mall. Luna is bothered by a man who hits on her. Luna isn’t interested and makes it very clear to the guy by pushing him hard away to the back.

Xi’an enters a place that’s for employers only. Once inside, he is attacked by a little guy with a very big gun. They fight and Xi’an destroys the man’s gun. Suddenly, a more computer like voice tells her servant Ulysess to let Xi’an pass. That it’s nice to see another old friend. Meanwhile, Xi’an lets a guy paint his face white, like Luna’s. His face is now a mask that is an osmiotic synthetic, which will allows Tim’s face to breathe while covering it completely. Tim likes it and leaves the place. They don’t notice that they are being watched by a scary familiar face.

Xi’an enters a computer room, and greets Haiku, saying that it’s been a long time. Xi’an also tells her that she looks different. Haiku tells Xi’an that she has nothing to say to him here. Xi’an suggests going somewhere else then, at least, if Haiku can still move now that she’s wrapped up in her neurocircuitry. Haiku doesn’t say anything and gives Xi’an the silent treatment. Ulysess reveals that, ever since the Domino, Haiku conducts business exclusively on the Internet and Xi’an will have to go on-line if he wants to talk to her. Ulysess hands Xi’an special sunglasses (called cybersim shades), which will provide him the needed ways to enter the net.

Xi’an enters the Net. Haiku isn’t pleased with seeing Xi’an and tells him that he has got nerve to come there. But Haiku notices Xi’an’s astonished face by the sight of the weird area, and shifts into a body more human like for Xi’an’s comfort. Xi’an thanks her. Haiku says that they haven’t spoken since the Lawless disbanded and wants to know why Xi’an is there. Xi’an reveals that he needs a favor. Haiku calls him a fool if he thinks she is going to help him. After what Xi’an did to her, Haiku doesn’t want to give Xi’an anything but endless pain.

Meanwhile, the Driver has brought Frostbite to his secret base. He brings Frostbite to the Garage, a place inside the computer databases where she and others like her will be safe. The Driver remembers that he has sworn to protect them all.

Back at the mall, Tim and Luna are kissing. Tim stops, realizing that Luna is holding something from him. Luna replies that everything she told Tim is true, but she has brought him there to meet someone. Tim asks who. “Me,” a voice from behind answers. Tim can’t believe it: it’s Junkpile! Tim powers up and attacks Junkpile, wanting to kill him because he killed Serpentina. Junkpile doesn’t get damaged by Tim’s blasts, however, and fights back. Luna stops them, saying that they shouldn’t be fighting each other, because… they are going to be working together! What?!

Characters Involved: 

Cerebra, Krystalin, Meanstreak (X-Men 2099)

Victor Ten Eagles

Desert Ghost, Junkpile, Skullfire (former X-Men 2099)

La Lunática

Brimstone Love

Frostbite, One Eyed Jack, Psycho K (all Zhao’s X-Men 2099/The Chosen)

Broken Haiku


The Driver

Rose (owner of Atomic Rose)

employer at El Mercado Grande (unnamed)

various people at the mall (unnamed)

Story Notes: 

Junkpile killed Serpentina in X-Men 2099 #3.

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