X-Men (2nd series) #11

Issue Date: 
August 1992
Story Title: 
<BR>The X-Men vs The X-Men ! [Again] (1st story)<BR>Over ... Again (2nd story)

First Story : Jim Lee (plotter, penciler), Scott Lobdell (scripter), Bob Wiacek (inker), Lois Buhalis (letters), Marie Javins (colors), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Second Story : Scott Lobdell (writer), Mark Texiera (artist), Mike Rockwitz (colors), Lois Buhalis (letters), Bob Harras (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description: 

First Story :

Mojo 2 the Sequel asks Dazzler to help him overthrow Mojo. The plan is to get higher ratings than Mojo by broadcasting Dazzler and the rebels fighting Mojo. She agrees and the two of them head off through the Mojo Gardens sub-corridors to try to reach Mojo. While inside Mojo’s Dome the X-Men begin to fight against one another. During the battle though Xavier is able to break Psylocke’s mind control and she in turn helps Cyclops free himself from Mojo’s controls. Cyclops tries firing at Mojo through his shielding but to no avail so they change their plans and Cyclops shoots Rogue sending her through the Dome and out of Mojo’s range of control. Psylocke mentally informs Rogue that they are freeing the X-Men one by one and Jubilee is up next. Mojo figures out what Psylocke and Cyclops are doing and sends Gambit to make them break their concentration which he does. Elsewhere though, Jubilee forces Wolverine to break Mojo’s control, and he also tries to crash through Mojo’s shielding. The earlier attacks weakened the forcefield enough to the point that Rogue is able to break it. Although Mojo defeats Rogue, but that little bit of hope causes the rebels to fight Mojo. The X-Men come in also and Longshot gets mad after seeing Mojo killing more rebels. Longshot then picks up a sword, leaps, and plunges it into Mojo’s chest, apparently killing him. Xavier later tells Dazzler and Longshot that they both will soon be parents as he senses a child within Dazzler. Later Longshot suggests to Dazzler that they name the baby Shatterstar and the X-Men agree to leave with Lila Cheney after a short celebration.
Second Story :

Maverick tries killing Warhawk but finds that his skin is made of Omnium and the bullets just bounce off of him. Warhawk sends Maverick through a wall and into a secret part of the lab. There Maverick hides behind some equipment, while Warhawk and Ryking search for him. Maverick notices a nail gun and jumps to reach it. He shoots Warhawk against the wall causing the liquid fuel in his body to leak out, which kills both him and Ryking, who was pleading to Maverick to save him because he did not know what happened to the Xavier file. Maverick walks away saying how he hates his job more and more every day.

Full Summary: 

First Story :

Dazzler sits in a chair with Mojo 2 the Sequel preparing her for her final battle with Mojo, or like he calls it “The Fall of Mojo !, starring Alison Blaire as Dazzler. Once that Mojo II the Sequel explains that the Mojoverse is ruled by whoever has the highest ratings, she agrees to help him and promises that she will star in his project and make Mojo lose audience.
In Mojo’s television Dome the X-Men battle each other with Lila Cheney attacking Longshot. Lila gets thrown against a tree as Psylocke is fighting Cyclops. Xavier mind links with Psylocke and tries to talk her into gaining control over Mojo’s influence and Psylocke says she is trying.
In Mojo’s citadel Mojo is trying to figure out what to do for a sequel to top his high ranking of the “Wizard of X”. Major Domo tells Mojo that he should perform a lobotomy on himself, Domo would even get the butter knife. Mojo tells Domo that then he would deprive the audience of his greatness. Xavier thinks to himself as Mojo still taunts him that he has to fight through the pain to help his X-Men.
Elsewhere in Mojo Square Garden, Dazzler and Mojo 2 the Sequel climb the stairs to the top of Mojo’s citadel. Dazzler asks Mojo 2 the Sequel why he is helping the resistance and he tells her that he likes helping the unfortunate. Which Dazzler says that she knows that he is lying.
Back in the Dome, Psylocke removes Cyclops‘ visor and causes him to fire his blasts towards Mojo who in the control booth, but because of his facility being covered in Mojonium the blast does not penetrate the window. Then as a change of plans, Xavier, who has taken over the minds of Psylocke and Cyclops, causes Cyclops to shoot at Rogue, breaking her shackles and sendong her flying through the dome they are all acting in. This causes Rogue to go out of the range of Mojo’s control and Xavier, Psylocke, and Cyclops mentally inform her of their plan to mindlink all the X-Men together and Jubilee is their next target. Then Rogue heads back towards the building Mojo is in.
Elsewhere Dazzler and Mojo 2 the Sequel battle their way through the sub corridors of Mojo’s citadel and Dazzler asks Mojo 2 the Sequel, if they defeat Mojo how will they stop him from just not airing his own defeat ? He tells her that it is already taken care of and the minute Mojo is defeated, his allies working for Mojo will set up a piggyback signal and broadcast it through their pirate station.
Back in Mojo’s citadel Mojo realizes that Psylocke is trying to break his control and sends Gambit to break Psylocke and Cyclops’ concentration which he does. Elsewhere Jubilee who apparently has been rekleased of Mojo’s control tries to help Wolverine break free by taunting him about being a scaredy cat. Wolverine looks as if he is lunging for Jubilee, but instead he tries to attack Mojo through the shielding he has around his base. Lila Cheney though shoots Wolverine in the back before he has a chance to make it to Mojo. Psylocke then calls Rogue to punch through the shielding to get to Mojo, which she does.
Meanwhile the spined people watch and pray that the X-Men have defeated Mojo but to no avail because the next scene shows Mojo standing over Rogue’s unconscious body. Even though, the spined people then begin to rebel and break through Mojo’s garden walls and start to attack Mojo. Just then the X-Men plus Lila Cheney, Longshot, Dazzler, and Mojo 2 the Sequel run into the room preparing also to face Mojo. Mojo shoots his laser beams at the invading resistance, killing some of them. Longshot picks up a sword and leaps at Mojo telling him that his days of ruling are over. Mojo though seems to want Longshot to stab him and just before he is punctured with the sword he cries out “yes, Longshot give them meeee!”
Longshot stands infront of the invading army, with them cheering for him, and Longshot asks Xavier why if he just won does he still feel still so empty. Xavier tells him that more often than not such is the price of victory. As Longshot and Dazzler embrace, Xavier informs them that they are going to be parents as he senses an unborn child within Alison. Dazzler believes that since they need to spend their time to raise the kid, then Mojo 2 the Sequel should lead Mojoverse and he accepts. Lila informs Cyclops that she can teleport them all back to Xavier‘s mansion anytime they want. Cyclops agrees though, that first the X-Men can celebrate a little before going home.
Later Jubilee asks the question if they might still be being manipulated by some outside force. Cyclops says to her that in life there are no guarantees. While in the background Longshot and Dazzler are discussing names for their child and Dazzler is surprised that Longshot wants to name the child “ Shatterstar !”

Second Story :

Maverick is shooting at Warhawk, but the bullets seem to just bounce off the his hide. Alexander Ryking says that at least his bio-genetic experiment worked. Warhawk then informs Maverick that his skin is made of Omnium before blasting Maverick through a wall. Behind the wall a hidden lab is revealed where Alexander Ryking was building a gene-splicing room. Warhawk tells Ryking that when Barrington wanted him for answers, Ryking stayed there to help him. So he will protect Ryking, because he owes him, yet he would kill Maverick anyway, just for fun.
Ripping the lab apart, Warhawk explains that he blames the X-Men for becoming the monster he is now. Maverick thinks to himself that he has only met the X-Men once and now this guy is mad at him for that. Ryking accidentally distracts Warhawk, giving Maverick enough time to jump for a nail gun near where he was standing. Picking up the gun he shoots Warhawk penetrating the already weakened spots where the bullets had bounced off earlier. Ryking begs him to stop; Warhawk is a walking power cell and if he penetrates his skin would kill them all, besides he really does not know how the Xavier file wound up in the possession of Charles Xavier. Maverick says it is not his place to make the decision and continues to fire. Energy leaks from Warhak’s body killing both him and Ryking. Maverick walks away commenting on how he is just doing his job and “hating” himself more and more for it.

Characters Involved: 

First Story :

Beast, Cyclops, Gambit, Jubilee, Psylocke, Rogue, Wolverine, Professor Charles Xavier

Dazzler, Longshot (former X-Men)

Lila Cheney, X-Men ally


Major Domo


Mojo 2, the Sequel
Second Story :


Dr. Alexander Ryking


Story Notes: 

When Dazzler is next seen in X-Men (2nd series) #47, she is no longer pregnant. They way that Jean prevents Bobby from asking about the child suggests that the pregnancy did not come to a natural end. X-Force member Shatterstar was stated to be from the Mojoverse, but a point 100 years later than Longshot, and the confusing lack of an origin in X-Force #60-61 does not help in the matter either.
Lila’s last name Cheney is mispelled Chaney in the issue.
The next issue reveals that Ryking’s son Carter sent Xavier the file.

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