X-Men (2nd series) #112

Issue Date: 
May 2001
Story Title: 
Eve of Destruction - part 2: A Call to Arms

Scott Lobdell (Plot), Leinil Francis Yu (Art), Dexter Vines (Inks), Liquid! (Colors), RS Comicraft (Letters), Pete Franco (Assistant Editor), Mark Powers (Editor), Joe Quesada (Editor in Chief)

Brief Description: 

Wolverine and Cyclops aid human refugees off Genosha and into Wakanda with the aid of Polaris. However, before they can continue, they must clear out the tunnels to the exit point. The two men search the tunnels for enemies and Wolverine takes advantage of the solidarity to ask Cyclops is he is okay after the merging with Apocalypse. Cyclops tells Wolverine that it was horrible but assures him that he is fine now. Wolverine sniffs out Blob and Random, waiting to ambush them, but, before he can attack, Cyclops stops him and shows off a double ricochet optic blast, which worries Wolverine as it is uncharacteristic of Cyclops to show off. The two reach the rendezvous point, but are ambushed by the Homo Sapiens Liberation Army. Cyclops cuts loose with his powers and defeats the group before Wolverine can even move, which once again troubles Wolverine. Elsewhere, Magneto delivers a speech to his army in front of the chained Xavier, while Amelia Voght watches and wonders if war has truly finally come to her doorstep.

Full Summary: 

Her name is Amelia Voght and, once upon a time, she was in love with Charles Xavier. He professed to love her in return but, in truth, his heart belonged with his dream and that of his X-Men. Long before Xavier started his school and his dream, Amelia tried to dissuade Charles from pursuing his quest. She never felt mutants would be accepted by humanity. Charles would only draw attention towards them and will make himself a target. Clearly he didn’t listen, thinks Amelia, as she looks out at the massive Genoshan army assembled in front of their leader, Magneto, who stands before them on a balcony where Charles Xavier is chained to a post, closely resembles a cross.

The crowd cheers on Magneto, who gloriously tells them that he has brought to them his call to war. He tells those assembled to look into the face of their enemy, Xavier, who is worse than any human, for he would rather see them submit to genocide than to stand up against those who seek to destroy them. Xavier sought to sell them a fantasy dream in which mutants would have to conceal in the shadows. Today, Magneto shall awaken everyone from that dream. Today, they shall take charge of their own destiny. Today, they shall forge a world where mutantkind shall rule.

Amelia had no clue that at the time she would be right. Of course, Xavier knew; he had confided into her his fear of Magneto, an old friend with his own agenda. Amelia left because she did not want to be involved. She didn’t want to choose sides. She didn’t want there to even be sides. However, things have changed and Amelia Voght now realizes that war has come to her doorstep. She covers her head with her hood on her cloak and realizes that today is the day she must make a choice. She can only pray that she is not too late.

Nearby, the man known as Cyclops holds a giggling baby in his arms. Though most would not realize it, Scott Summers may be one of the most powerful mutants alive. It isn’t just because of the optic blasts, but also due to his innate leadership skills. He sees the world as heroes win, villains lose. Wolverine himself admits that he has given Scott a hard time more than once, but even he knows a leader when he sees one. Wolverine would follow him to Hell if Scott said that he needed him. Though, of course, Wolverine would be the first to admit that Cyclops hasn’t been himself lately. Scott has been compassionate but, mostly, he has always been stoic. He is the one of the last people Wolverine would think of voting for if there was a contest for an X-Man “most likely to comfort a bunch of human refugees in a sub-basement below the streets of Genosha.”

However, that is exactly where Cyclops, Wolverine and their old teammate, Polaris, find themselves. Scott continues to comfort the baby, while Wolverine and Polaris tend to the injured humans in what seems to be an abandoned storage hangar underneath the Genoshan streets. Aside, Wolverine, who has his mask down, tells Polaris that Cyclops is a different man. Polaris looks at Cyclops and mentions that Scott had to hold back his whole life for fear of hurting others. Imagine what that would do to a person. Wolverine agrees and explains that Cyclops has changed after his merging with Apocalypse. It is as if he has come in touch with both the good and the bad parts of him that he never allowed himself to feel before. Wolverine does not know if he can trust a Cyclops who charges with his gut instead of his head.

Polaris disagrees with the last statement and reminds Wolverine that, as X-Men, they all make their choices. Right now, she is worried about the innocent people being persecuted for being born on the wrong side of a war. Cyclops hears this last part and agrees with Polaris, while reminding Wolverine of the task at hand. Wolverine tells Cyclops that they should be fighting Magneto. Cyclops pulls out a map and tells the other man that they will, but only after they have helped the people. Wolverine looks at the map and sees that they only safe passage for the humans is through the city’s sewer system. Polaris adds that Wakanda has agreed to take in any refugees who didn’t flee in the initial exodus. She herself will stay with the sick and dying until the two X-Men give her further instructions. Before Cyclops and Wolverine leave to clear out the sewers, Polaris asks them if they can take on an entire nation. “Pfft,” says Wolverine, as he pulls his mask over his face.

Soon in the sewers, Wolverine comments that Genosha used to be called green and pleasant. Cyclops explains that was the case before everyone found out that Genosha was built upon a mutate slavery. Revolt was inevitable, but the coming of Magneto was unforeseen. This war that is on their doorsteps is understandable. Shocked, Wolverine asks Cyclops if he is on their side. Cyclops says no, but he is just saying that mutates and mutants gathered are just acting out of fear. Wolverine asks if that is really right of them to start a war. Once again, Cyclops says no, but explains that it gives them a reason.

As the two reach an intersection, Wolverine stops and Cyclops realizes that there is someone at the intersection, waiting to ambush them, though the smell of the sewers is messing with Logan’s heightened senses. Wolverine pops his claws and tells Cyclops that there are two big guys five feet down the hallway. Cyclops stops Wolverine, who questions him, but Scott simply puts his finger to his lips to shush the other man.

Over the years, Wolverine has seen Cyclops do many things but double ricocheting of his optic blast around the corner to nail both hidden attackers is the first time Wolverine can say that he has seen Cyclops show off. Wolverine complements Scott, who replies with his own “pfft.” Wolverine checks to see who the attackers were and discovers the Blob and, more surprisingly, Random. Cyclops looks at Random and tells Wolverine that these are dangerous times to be a mutant; strange bedfellows and stuff like that.

Wolverine looks out of a sewer grate at Magneto’s army and comments that they look like mindless zombies. Cyclops points out that it is ironic that Magneto would be doing this, for he lost his family in Nazi death camps. He was persecuted for being different. About fifty years later and he has turned into the monster with an army, prepared to cleanse a race off the face of the planet. He is what he has hated. Wolverine tells Cyclops that it isn’t ironic, it is human nature. He pops out his claws again and tells Cyclops to cover him. He only counts a few thousand and he is going in. Cyclops puts his fingers to his visor and tells Wolverine that he is ready. Wolverine does not move, then eventually pulls back his claws and tells Cyclops that he was kidding. Cyclops tells him that so was he, with a smile. Wolverine asks Scott if he doesn’t find that a little strange, but Scott does not understand what Wolverine is talking about.

The two men continue through the sewers. Wolverine tells Cyclops that he knows that they have never been close but, if he needs to talk to someone about what happened with Apocalypse, he can talk to him. Cyclops asks Wolverine how long he has been with the X-Men but, before Wolverine can answer, Cyclops continues and points out that not once has he asked about Department H or how his skeleton was laced with adamantium. Not once has he asked, even when the team was in jeopardy. He never asked, because he trusts and respects Wolverine. Wolverine asks Scott what he is angling at. Scott asks Wolverine why he would, all of a sudden, ask him to reveal his thoughts and feelings. “You ain’t me,” says Wolverine, plain and simple. Scott looks at Logan and tells him that it was horrible but he is okay now. “Trust me,” says the man.

Cyclops and Wolverine reach a large circular room and Cyclops tells Wolverine that this is the rendezvous point Polaris directed them to. The two are about to double back, but Wolverine tells them that they aren’t going anywhere just yet. Cyclops asks Wolverine if he is picking up another scent. Wolverine confirms and says that he smells a heavily armed person, as well as gun oil and sweat; must be human. A man heavily armored and toting a large weapon jumps in front of the two men and tells them that he is proud to be a human too. He is part of the Homo Sapiens Liberation Army and, while his group appreciates their efforts to clear the way for refugees, the truth is that the sick and injured are dead weight and will increase the chance of the rest of them being caught; survival of the fittest is the way they see things.

Wolverine tells Cyclops that he recognizes the weapon as a Roxxon Model Hot Cell that doesn’t stop once if targets a specific bio-signature. Cyclops tells Logan that it sounds like bad news for anyone who decides to aim one at them. “You mean ‘anyones’?” asks a voice from up top. Wolverine and Cyclops fully enter the circular room and find themselves face to face with a large group of heavily armed humans. There are even some behind them. Cyclops tells the Homo Sapiens Liberation Army to back down so no one gets hurt, but Logan tells him that they have to do better than bluff.

Cyclops tells Wolverine that he isn’t bluffing and unleashes his optic blast on the unsuspecting men and women, who are easily defeated. When all is done, Wolverine tells Cyclops that he hopes that he wasn’t in his way. Cyclops tells him that it wasn’t a problem. The men and women drop their weapons and raise their arms to surrender. Wolverine sarcastically tells Scott that he hasn’t changed a bit. Confused, Scott asks what he did wrong.

Simultaneously, half a world away, the Blackbird exits from the X-Men’s hangar at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. On board is Phoenix, who has assembled a last-notice team of novice mutants to serve as interim X-Men. Phoenix and Northstar pilot the jet. Northstar tells Jean that he wants to get a few facts straight. They are an untested team, composed of several members who have barely used their powers and they are flying off to battle an entire hostile nation led by the most powerful and ruthless mutant alive. Jean confirms all of this. Northstar asks her if she realizes that they are all about to die.

Phoenix, confident in her team, tells Northstar that, if he carried on like this all the time, than it is no wonder that Alpha Flight never lasted. From behind, Paulie asks if there are going to be any peanuts served on the flight. Wraith says hi to Dazzler, who tells the young boy to go away. Frenzy, who is knitting, asks anyone if they would like a sweater during the flight. The arrogant Sunpyre asks if there is a specific reason as to why she has to fly in the Blackbird with the rest of them. Northstar hears all this and mutters something under his breath. “We’ll do fine,” says Jean reassuringly, “Trust me.”

Characters Involved: 

Cyclops, Phoenix IV, Professor Charles Xavier, Wolverine (all X-Men)
Dazzler, Frenzy, Northstar, Paulie Provenzano, Sunpyre, Wraith (all Interim X-Men)

Amelia Voght (Acolytes)
Polaris (former X-Man)

Blob, Random, and various members of the Genoshan army

Various members of the Homo Sapiens Liberation Army
Various sick and dying human refugees

Story Notes: 

This is part two of Eve of Destruction, which continues from Uncanny X-Men #392 and continues into Uncanny X-Men #393.

Xavier was kidnapped in X-Men (2nd Series) #111.

The history between Charles and Amelia can be found in Uncanny X-Men #307.

Cyclops merged with Apocalypse in X-Men (2nd Series) #98 and was freed in X-Men: The Search for Cyclops #1-4.

Random was a former ally of X-Factor, which explains Wolverine’s surprise.

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